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February 25, 2009



DoD officials vow secrecy on budget

Under no circumstances will I disclose such information outside the Department of Defense and other government agencies directly involved in the defense planning and resource-allocation process, such as the Office of Management and Budget

Transparency be damned


And this memorable phrase ..

And a twilight struggle for freedom led to a nation of highways, an American on the moon, and an explosion of technology that still shapes our world.

What does it mean ?

twilight struggle for freedom
The struggle for freedom is over ?


Transfer wealth back to the wealthy would be more like it.

Still no good. How about "Slow the massive, forcible expropriation of wealth from the wealthy"?

In regard to your question, Yahoo headlined an AP "analysis", "Obama address renews audacity to hope". Seriously.


We may not have invented the automobile, but we did invent the UAW. That's gotta be worth something.

I want to know how many millions of jobs will be created "constructing wind turbines and solar panels." I've asked that question many times in many places, but no one ever has an answer.

I've heard a lot of people talk a lot of shit in my time, but this guy is setting new standards.


In the midst of civil war, we laid railroad tracks from one coast to another that spurred commerce and industry.....government didn’t supplant private enterprise; it catalyzed private enterprise. It created the conditions for thousands of entrepreneurs and new businesses to adapt and to thrive.

That's right, Obama's public-private partnerships are going to return the government to the role of disinterested, neutral arbiter it had during the Gilded Age.


A hidden goalpost? TM quotes Zero:
And if nothing is done, this recession might linger for years. Our economy will lose 5 million more jobs.

There's the baseline, I guess, for the infamous "create or save 3.5 million jobs". He's going to save 3.5 million of the 5 million that would have been lost otherwise.

Looks to me like the soft audacity of hopeless expectations.

JM Hanes

Here's President Bush's 1st address to Congress, Feb. 27, 2001.

The Presidency Project also has an interesting comparison of presidential activity during the first month in offfice.

Thomas Jackson

I love Obama! Who else could manage to talk out of both sides of his mouth with such ease? It was an amazing performance, the man ought to have his own comdy show.

I also love the lemmings on Capitol Hill cheering as they lined their pockets at the expense of some idiot taxpayer in some hick town.

People desrve the government they get, and Americans are going to get it good.


I didn't buy a single thing Obama said tonight, but unfortunately me, my kids, my grandkids, and my great grandkids are going to be paying for it for the rest of our lives.

Amused bystander

Well we have to get the GOP to stop behaving like a Junior Class, High School government. They need to hit them hard. Corruption, Lying, Neo-communism, Nationalizing big city machines, Anti-American Marxists, Incompetent and detached elites, etc.

They have to point out how miserable democrat states and cities are, how that works, and how now the Democrats want to nationalize these sort of political machines.

They have to point out how gutting the DoD is a recipe for disaster.

They have to call them on their patriotism.

They have to point out the whole evil power structure: Government, Unions, MSM, Academy, Courts,etc.

The have to get out there and show that these "business leaders on wall Street were "Democrats" and that the Democrat politicians are just saving their buddies at the taxpayers expense.

They need to get their most widely trusted figures out there, like Rudy, Fred, Palin, etc.

Let each of them speak to the audience that they can each move, just keep the message more or less the same.

A just keep working at it.

They need to stop using code words and euphemisms, the public does not understand what these soft words really mean.

Spelling out simply and in detail is crucial.

Stop saying things like "grow government" and "get government out of our lives". Start calling it a "neo-communist, totalitarian coup". Explain what a permanent, Soviet still Nomenklature really means to the average American's life and liberty and how what the Dems are up to is no is no different than the Soviet Nomenklature. Call them on it. Call them out as traitors. Call the MSM out too.

Stop talking about "special interests', and start taking about "entrenching themselves as a one party, totalitarian state" bring up Mexico and the USSR.

Fight them at every turn, each hour of each and every day.

And Steele should stop apologizing fro the GOP. When they are attacked, attack back. Offense. Set the agenda. Stop reacting.

If they cannot get around the media, go on the road and give stump speaches. Do not settle for one approach, do not try to have some "clever media strategy". End run the media. Stop being lazy. Work hard at it. Be creatives and fight, fight and fight.

Amused bystander


Amused bystander

still Nomenklature=style nomenklature.


Give credit where credit is due. Obama's speech was a remarkable tour de farce.


The key is the press. God damn that Mark Felt.

Amused bystander

I must say, we are reduced to deciphering Obama's words much as we were reduced to deciphering the words of the Kremlin once upon a time.

This should tell us something.


Orwell was off by 24 years.


Where was this "transfer [back] to the wealthy"? Look at Tables 5 and 6 in the LUN. The top 1% has done well in terms of share of income, but their share of taxes paid has gone up disproportionately, even under Bush. (Sorry if this table doesn't come out well.)

Share of
---- AGI taxes
1987 12.3 24.8
2000 20.8 37.4
2006 22.0 39.9


OT, cathyf noticed yesterday that the trollblocker/narcisolator was erasing more comments than it should - specifically, since comments from 'Don' were blocked, so were comments from 'Donald'. The easiest way to clear this up, for those inclined, is to edit the line

knownTrolls[3] = 'Don';


knownTrolls[3] = 'Don ';

That's the end of this morning's technobabble.


Reminds me of the scene from "Blazing Saddles" where the Sheriff addresses the townsfolk and they retort "Bullshit".

He says "You'd have done it for Randolf Scott Ronald Reagan".


bgates, was the audacity to hope speech written and released before the speech?

Another AP person, Ron Fournier?, or some name close to that, was mentioned as an early release at another site.

No joke by the way.

Amused bystander

Jimmyk: To belabor the obvious, we have no idea what he was talking about when he said "95% of working families". He is just pulling this statistic out of his back side. He did not say "95% of taxpayers".

It is tedious to note this, but note it we must.


HOLY CARP!! Check out this Politico piece, called "What Obama really meant."



Obama didn't "inherit" a deficit, he helped father it. What's happening now is simple parental responsiblity.


One question I'd lerve to ask Bill Moyers is this: Bill, as a former political hack who pried into the sexual lives of your opponents, what was your "Road to Damascus" moment when you realized that not only were you wrong, but you had to become an evangelical opponent to what you had been?

Me? I'd hum "Amazing Grace" as started to answer.



From Politico:

What he said: Now, if we’re honest with ourselves, we’ll admit that for too long we have not always met these responsibilities – as a government or as a people. I say this not to lay blame or look backwards.”

TRANSLATION: He said it precisely to lay blame right on top of George W. Bush. The entire speech was laced with shots, some more obvious than others, at the former administration. They were all harnessed to a single purpose: convince the public that every risk Obama takes or dollar he spends is to clean up the mess Bush either left behind or failed to address.

Maybe someone is actually paying attention...


bad, I didn't see the "analysis" until after the Epistle of Obama to the Legislators had been delivered.


I never realized how ruthlessly effective the Presidency of George W. Bush was until Obama started telling me about it.


I mean, hell, Obama had four years Senate experience, trying to "stand athwart" history - the last two while serving in the majority - and Obama was as nothing to the Dreadnought That Was Bush.



"They were all harnessed to a single purpose: convince the public that every risk Obama takes or dollar he spends is to clean up the mess Bush either left behind or failed to address."

This is exactly what Tony Bliar and the Nu Liebour Party did as they flushed Britain down the toilet of history.Nu Liebour still tries to blamr Margaret Thatcher even though it is nearly twenty years since she left office.
Socialists don't do governance,they do campaigning.


bgates, I didn't either. I can't remember where I read it.

Check out the comments at Tapper. Jake says:

Obama 2010 and Obama 2012 will be judged on what he promised tonight. And that will be tough for anyone to measure up to.

The parrots are saying they never heard Obama say "promise." He just laid out a vision for the future.



I can't watch him. I just can't. I watched Family guy and felt better.

Barry Dauphin

We Americans have become so accustomed to the benefits of a wealthy nation that we become apoplectic about a real recession. This is no where near as bad as late 1970s/early 1980s. Many policy makers know that. There are dangers, but many of the dangers result from today's bad policy decisions.

The economy will likely improve in the next year despite much of the government waste. The doom and gloom talk today allows the Administration to bask in the glow tomorrow of a weak recovery. The country breathes a sigh of relief while the Administration gets to do more of what it wants.

But the chickens come home to roost before 2012. It will be difficult to blame Bush for that.


Then I watched South Park and that's even better. Then I started watching something on the National Geographic channel and fell asleep.


Had I watched that fifth rate political hack proped up by the press like the leader of Il Paveau in Wise Guy, I would break, things incrementally, until I would not have a lot of cool things.

Amused bystander

bad: It is fairly obvious in the comments to the link at politico that the Obamabot cheer leading over there have no responsibility for anyone else but themselves.

Actually, I was surprised at the amount of negative reaction to this speech over there.

We must find a way to build on this.


Propped. Crimies. bgates, I'm not a troll am I? I like to think of myself as formerly athletic.

Amused bystander

cheer leading= cheer leaders


It's brilliant to put Biden in charge of accountability for waste of porkulous. As if he has a clue.

Then you make sure you set Biden up as an object of ridicule in televised events, thus sending the message that no one has to take SloJoe seriously.

Oh Yeah!! The oversight is going to be tremendous.


I was disappointed by the President's lack of seriousness. He insists 'we' can do nearly everything, that he wants to do, simultaneously.

He seemingly remains oblivious to the fact that everything that gets done is done by taxpayers, not by politicians, not by non-taxpayers, but only taxpayers. Politicians are not the locomotive force behind the economy, but rather they are part of the burden.

bio mom

Just can't take the man seriously. Always seems like a little boy playing grown up. Too bad he is so dangerous with total Dem control.


I was switching between "Magnum Force" and "House" while reading the heavy duty
snark, Recall though, that the leader of Ile
Paveau, was caught in some bizarre voodoo plot, the coup makers were apprehended, and
some kind of Communist regime took power, by the time of the next Washington arc of Wiseguy. So pretty prophetic all told, Then they went all CIA Cocaine conspiracy in the
Miami episode,


and yes, probably more than we’ve already set aside.

FWIW, we haven't set anything aside, we've borrowed it.


Market is starting down about 50pts.


To relieve the strain on our forces, my budget increases the number of our soldiers and Marines

Is he saying a pay raise will attract new recruits and retain more than the exodus of those unwilling to entrust their lives to CiC BO?

Amused bystander

bad: it maybe a so so day today in the US markets. it has more to do with banks stock than Obama's speech. Asian markets were not that bad last night.


Donald, it's not you, it's me.

And with the fix I mentioned, it's not either of us, it's Don. Which is as it should be.

Fresh Air

Holy cow! I just did the math on the healthscare quote: 1 million bankruptcies a year caused by inadequate insurance. Any of you guys know anyone like this? Filing bankruptcy because you can't afford to have your gall bladder taken out? I don't.


amused bystander-thanks for saving me from all the typing
ps-i'm as pissed as u be-go on offense-frame the narrative
there's a game going on- i wish my team would at least show up!

“In some cases we can withdraw the money we can hold them accountable. And in other places we’ll just use the television, the radio and the media to embarrass them for not doing what their’ supposed to do,” Biden said to Good Morning America’s Robin Roberts.

This is laughable. The administration's embarrassment is going to embarrass wastaroos.



A surplus became an excuse to transfer wealth to the wealthy instead of an opportunity to invest in our future.

Hummm...isn't this a disguised surplus value of labor. The wealthy expropriated the surplus labor (in the form of capital) from the workers for their own consumption when the wealth instead through confiscation should have been given to people like Obama to spend "for the children".

It's been a while since I've read the "sacred texts" and I didn't watch the speech or read much of the transcript so I might be off. The liveblogging on the other thread was pretty good however.


Ah, yes he was Narciso! My alliteration was of course to this over puffed up suit brimming with the entitlement of absolute power, while being completely clueless about the forces manipulating that void in his back. What a maroon.


Heh, chances are that simply by the action of random odds, that Obama shouldn't be able to do exactly the wrong thing time after time after time. That he is doing so cannot be by simple incompetence, or by luck, or even deliberately, since incompetence would allow even deliberately wrong action to be right on some occasions. QED, there must be the hand of some occult power at work. How else explain this chronic series of unfortunate experiences?


"I was disappointed by the President's lack of seriousness. He insists 'we' can do nearly everything, that he wants to do, simultaneously."

That is because he has never done anything.Western politics is full of "professional" politicians whose only claim to fame is the ability to climb the greasy pole.


Fresh Air, that "medical reasons for bankruptcy" study was debunked a long time ago. The study classified a bankruptcy as health related if gambling, drinking, or drugs were involved. There was plenty of other dumb stuff in the study as well.


Ahhh. Circumstances, not experiences. I blame Bush for that one.



In re: Obama trashing the previous administration. I had this in a comment last night:

From Obama's Handbook:

Law 3: Conceal your Intentions (plenty of doubletalk and Obamaspeak)
Law 35: Master the Art of Timing (late start)
Law 37: Create Compelling Spectacles (various applause lines)
Law 41: Avoid Stepping into a Great Man’s Shoes (trashed the previous administration)


Amused, don't hold me accountable to facts. That is like, so yesterday...


Whoa, I had a comment disappear into the void. It was just at page change. Clearly, Bush's fault.

Rick Ballard

The latest complete summary of total bankruptcies is published here. The total of 850,912 for 2007 does not support the President's outright lie. I have small expectations for this cretin but tossing numbers out that can be rebutted with less than a minute's research puts him in a Little League of his own.


we’ll just use the television, the radio and the media to embarrass them for not doing what their’ supposed to do

I can believe somehow Biden actually said "their'".

What if they come across someone who's beyond embarrassment? There aren't that many Cabinet slots still open.

Fresh Air

The study classified a bankruptcy as health related if gambling, drinking, or drugs were involved

Damn! This means everyone in Gary, Ind. qualifies for a health exception. Sweet!

Nice due dilly on the part of the Hope N Change Research Team, too. I'm sure Jennifer Loven will explain the mistake to us all.


Does that Kenyan witch doctor do house calls, or the guy that Jindal witnessed
doing an exorcism. Looks like they'll be no tape at the CPAC conference from Sarah, either, they have made no allowances on the schedule. What's the proper word, I'm so bummed out about the whole thing, And no food on the plane, either; I think it's the airlines customer alienation program. I think I'll take my own advice and drink in moderation


On the positive side, Liz Smith is being fired after 33 years, with all the snark
she's been throwing down lately. Now if
they can only follow through with Cindy

Rick Ballard

Should the Wall Street reaction to the Obabble be characterized as "thumbs down" or "finger up"?


Socialists don't do governance,they do campaigning.
Bumper sticker of the day.


Gambling, drinking, and drugs cause bankruptcy? Uh, Oh.


The comment that disappeared was about Obama's series of unfortunate circumstances. It is nearly impossible for everything he does to be exactly the wrong thing, yet, there it is. What marvelously occult force could be causing that?


The need to pack 'em high and tight is the antidote for that, Donald.


Bobby Jindal just TORE IT UP on the Today show.


Any of you guys know anyone like this? Filing bankruptcy because you can't afford to have your gall bladder taken out? I don't.

In short, no.


Will the realization ever kick in to the American taxpayer that they are gonna have to pay for all this?

Obama is talking about even more spending. I didn't think they could do to America what was done to Argentina, but they are certainly going to try.


If I was a Wall Street or CBOT trader I would be nervous. It won't be long before this administration comes after them for not being Patriotic.


The man should be mocked. Dave's flag pin from yesterday was a good start. Photoshops of him in a Fidel uniform with his cigarette hanging out of his mouth would be worth the imagery, too. Cartoons of him picking pockets and taking credit for spending the victim's money. Giving Mussolini type speeches. People's minds have long memories for images. Much longer than for words.


Well, Kim all of a sudden I'm nervous. I mean, the drugs? The drinking? That I understand. But I refuse to believe that my black jack addiction is anything less than an investment in my future.


I especially like the confusion between public and private. Is that genius Gibbs writing the speeches along with handling the pressers?


It was worth having Jindal do the speech last night just to get him on the TODAY show this morning (huge huge PR value in that show). He was fantastic.


Well, now. My comment has come back from the void and is now featured at the end of the first page. If these typepad eccentricities weren't so random, I'd start to get paranoid, but it looks more like incompetence than malice.

Thanks, Tom, for the effective threadenders. And thanks to Boris, cathyf, et all for the support during the whiner of my disconnect.


I don't know about black jack as deleterious. My brother used to be quietly asked to quit playing, because he could memorize the multiple decks.

Amused bystander

Bad: Ok, I will give it a a day (but only just).


Sue, your prediction has come true. Following last night's promises to bankrupt our company no one is going to care or ask questions because----- Michelle has announced the dog is coming in April.



DOH company = country


The Five-Year Plan is on schedule, Comrade....!!

Crisis, Crisis, Crisis


It was worth having Jindal do the speech last night just to get him on the TODAY show this morning

I'm glad you think so, MayBee. I was kind of bummed that we didn't have a stronger rebuttal last night. Far more people will see Jindal's appearance this morning.

Fresh Air


I think a lot of people turned it off last night after Zero finished speaking, figuring that Jindal was just an actor in a Dunkin Donuts ad.

“Oh, the names are really bad. I don't even want to mention it, because there are names floating around and they're bad," Mrs. Obama told PEOPLE. “You listen and you go – like, I think, Frank was one of them. Frank! Moose was another one of them. Moose. I said, well, what if the dog isn't a moose? Moose. I'm like, no, come on, let's work with the names a little bit.”

This should thrill the Franks of the world. Their name is really bad.

On the other hand, perhaps the constant reference to straightforwardness is more than the Obamas can bear.

Finally, the awful names children choose for a pet is part of the charm. I hope this doesn't turn into a poll tested exercise.


bad, your point about the parrots calling Obama's 'promises' merely 'visions' is reminiscent of the warmistas claiming the climate models' output is 'projections' not 'predictions'. It's disingenuous.

Amused bystander

The poor animal; Portuguese water dogs are fine, intelligent, loyal and affable dogs.

They need a lot of attention.

The poor thing will not know what to do.

bet O has nothing to do with it but photo ops.

What if MO finally get some love back whsn she interacts with the dog? Could be a shocker.

The O will really get steamed.



Should the Wall Street reaction to the Obabble be characterized as "thumbs down" or "finger up"?

How about the full moon? However, since Bernanke is being grilled by the House, the press can blame the sell-off on him.

I'm a bit surprised that the sell off isn't worse (trying to stay positive).

He'll get this thing to zero or use your last dollar to try.


Kim, there is a commenter at Tapper named Willem van Oranje. He posts often with much derision and accusations of lying but contributes nothing of substance.

Willem van Oranje of the 16th century was called "The Silent."

Go figure...



It isn't black magic, it is the Cloward-Piven strategy in action using the ACORN method of orgaizattion to pull it off.


So the Obama's Portuguese water dog is supposedly a rescue dog, eh? Remember our discussion a month or so back wondering which Obama donor would sneak a Portuguese water dog into a shelter for them to stumble upon?

I consulted with a dog rescue friend at the time and she said it would be highly unlikely to find a Portuguese water dog in a shelter, because the breed is both rare and expensive. Breed-specific rescue operations are not the same as standard shelters, but she said it was still not very likely that one would show up just when they needed it. It'll be interesting to see where they finally "find" the dog.


I'm like, no, come on, let's work with the names a little bit.

I'm like, so glad we have a First Lady who starts sentences with "I'm, like."

E. Nigma

I am amused at the notion of how magically things are going to be fixed, and that "we shall overcome", simply by force of will or personality.
Markets run on a lot of things, but unless there is some underlying value or logic, there will be no "faith" in growth and hence, no buying. The market will continue to go down. Where is the bottom? Nobody knows.
Suspend "mark to market" for 3 months, suspend or waive "Rule 157" and let the banks get their feet under them again. The whole pattern being woven is of short selling to drive down prices, much like the great "capitalists" of the "30's" did, ala Joseph P. Kennedy, Sr., before the SEC was organized and made them stop. And then Kennedy became chairman of the SEC. Like wow.

I would guess that Soros and friends are short selling US and European banks like mad, to literally make a killing while they can. Talk about the excesses of the wealthy; you would almost think this was planned, wouldn't you?


Portuguese prescience, Porchlight; promiscuously perplexing.

Amused bystander

Porchlight: Yes, the breeder is right.

they are also mid sized, quite friendly and out going, and easy to love.

They are extremely easy to train in the basics (house training, come, etc.)

(they are a distant cousin of the Labrador Retriever, or so I am told, and share many inclination and personality traits with them, though is a more subdued manner).

It would be quite rare to see such a dog in a pound. The dog would be acquired by someone that really knew what they wanted in a dog, and knew what owning a dog was all about. They would not easily part with it. I have never met an owner of one that was not exceedingly pleased with his dog.

Fresh Air

I don't know, guys. Pretty much every person I know who owns a water dog is a freaking weirdo.


Porchlight, that's when she's not starting sentences with "Me and Barack..."

Amused bystander

Fresh air: well, that will certainly be th case going forward.


I am amused at the notion of how magically things are going to be fixed, and that "we shall overcome", simply by force of will or personality.

It would be a whole lot easier to over come if they weren't simultaneously collaring us with hundreds of billions of $ of debt. Think of the payload a truck can carry, 50,000 lbs. Now, if that truck can gross 80,000, and it starts off weighing 79,000, there's not much left for payload. That's the problem the next president is going to inherit. It will make what Obama inherited look like nothing at all. I bet that the Heritage institutes spreadsheets are melting down.


Porchlight, that's when she's not starting sentences with "Me and Barack..."

I'd forgotten that, MaryD. Yikes.


Regarding Zero's introduction of Sec of Commerce Locke--Locke is one smart guy and a whole bunch smarter than Zero.
As a D--he's more conservative than a bunch of R's.

And the Chinese just love him.


E. Nigma-

Markets run on a lot of things

Three things are in short supply: trust, confidence, and rule of law. Those are the 3 things that Obama and Tax Cheat Geithner are attacking.

Suspend "mark to market" for 3 months, suspend or waive "Rule 157" and let the banks get their feet under them again.

Since it is part of Basel II and the treaty has a markup period which requires all contracting parties a comment period it is a nice sentiment but for the immediate future impractical. I think that the Comp. of the Currency has been in the comment period, but it won't be until the end of March that they'll be able to do anything definitive (don't quote me on any of that?)

And any guesses on who will leak results of the Treasury Department's "stress test"-Dodd, Schumer, Frank, or Reid-to help out their buddies in the trading pits.

Also, any sort of "public-private partnership" will create a market, which would force those entites so controlled by Basel II, but outside the partnership to also mark their books to what the market values them. This was Santelli's "price fixing" point (correct me if I'm going in the weeds here), which would be illegal if done in private practice-the only way for the "public private partnership" to work would be for the government to either absorb all the losses or for the partnership to greatly overpay for the "toxic assets".

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