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March 30, 2009


Lord Whorfin

Algores "people" respond- where the F**K is he? Please don't tell me that he WASN'T home, but still left the lights on?

"Change the Sacred Name of Arkansas"


Al Gore needed to keep the lights on to illuminate his Oscar.


There are just too many dim bulb jokes to choose from, I can't decide, so I'll leave it up to others. This is just more great evidence of his hypocricy. How is it not evident to everyone that Gore is just in it for the money?



Al is beyond shame. He just does not care about anything but the millions he has made over this man generated hysteria we call global warming. Deep down, he thinks the general public are a bunch of pathetic dupes.

Don't forget, while trying to champion the poor in the the 2000 campaign, his tenant house in Carthage didn't have a functioning bathroom.

On a much happier note, I saw George Jones eating breakfast at cracker barrel this morning. Nashville has produced some great things! Don't hold Al against us.


Al Gore did dim the lights! Don't flood ights count? It's lights dimmed not lights out.


Deep down, he thinks the general public are a bunch of pathetic dupes.

I used to think the same of him, but obviously he was right, and maybe I wasn't. The former VP is by far the most successful scammer in history. And that's saying something, and it isn't saying that he's dumb.

Thomas Collins

Forgive the OT, but I'm hoping that Larry Moss acknowledges to Jack Bauer tonight that Jack's methods are sometimes necessary.
Meanwhile, watching House tonight (the Fox show before 24), I'm thinking that the politician most like House is former Veep Cheney (abrasive, complete inability to suffer fools, but great judgment on the important things). Of course, House receives a lot more credit on the show than Cheney has received from his countrymen.


You're forgiven.

zim zim alabim

the lights are on but nobody's home

Thomas Collins

To think that Gore and Cheney both served as Veep, and Gore won the Nobel Peace Prize, while Cheney is deemed a warmonger for successfully advocating policies that have contributed toward keeping as much peace as could have been kept (those who disagree ought to be honest with themselves and think back to 9/12/01 and recall whether they thought we would make it to 3/30/09 without another major terrorist attack).


those who disagree ought to be honest

Is there a truer statement?


I'm repeating myself, but Gore is an inveterate huckster who figured out a while ago that it is a whole lot easier and a whole lot more financially rewarding to dupe the "elites" on the coasts, in the media, and in Europe (Rick's "credentialed morons") than the folks back home in Tennesee. Remember when Al was the conservative Dem candidate among the "Seven Dwarves" in '84 and 88, and Tipper was famous for objecting to explicit lyrics in popular music?


Al put the Gore into Gormandiser.


It doesn't get any better than Cheney's classic quote: "I have no doubt, none at all, that we are in the midst of a global warming, or as I prefer to call it, spring."


Well, except that would be hemispheric warming...

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