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March 23, 2009


Toby Petzold

Who came up with this "legacy assets" term, anyway? It sounds like a euphemism intended to remind people that Obamachrist is just this terribly put-upon soul who inherited all these problems from Bushitler.

But his man Geithner is not new to this stuff. In fact, Mr. Indispensability was the head of the NY Federal Reserve when they gave AIG its first giant infusion of cash last year.

Why do any of these clown-asses have jobs today?


Summers unloads on Krugman.


I hope they don't know what they're doing--at least then there is only a 50% chance what they do hurts the economy.


The latest is Sen Dodd's wife was a director of an AIG subsidiary company.

These people are dirty.

All of 'em.

They make the Bushco folks look tame.


torabora, do you have a link?


Got your LUN... it's even worse than advertised. It's an offshore (demspeak: tax evading) division of AIG...



You RINO maggots make me sick. Let the zombies die. You jerks have taken a finance based correction and infected the entire economy now. Hope you like taking red state money to pay for millionaire Democrat voting Manhattenites. Fuckers. Communists. Idiots.


Thanks Stephanie.

TCO, take your meds.

Jack Yerkes

I got a question? How will they value the assets in question with a real estate appraisal or some model of cash flow?

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