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March 12, 2009



Sorry, Mel. I just didn't have a spare semi sitting in the garage. So your recipe for sprouts was unhelpful.

But, I should have been more delicate and am so sorry for hurting your feelings.

I intend to peek at any recipes you post (so there) and hope the equipment is more manageable. heh.


What kind of batterie de cuisine can you have with no semi?


Whoopee! I am so happy for you and your daughters, Glenda.


"But it destroys your asinine contention that...."

The only thing resembling an ass here is you, considering you are still misrepresenting my point and still making things up. For a guy who obviously doesn't do much thinking, or reading, you sure seem proud of your thought process. Nobody has more contempt for the MSM than I do, everyone who has seen my posts know that, so your contention that I am a tool for them is not only moronic, but false.

"..and here's the part you have trouble with -

Wrong again, I have no trouble at all with the fact you don't like Michael Steele and I did not dispute the merits of that feeling. I think Steele's performance so far is under par myself. I think his statement on Rush and his failure to defend Republicans from the Nazi comment were appalling. But for the last time, my point is that Steele is being subject to scrutiny and questions a Democrat would never be subject too, and that firing Steele at this point would be a huge bonanza for the MSM and the Daily Kos crowd. I think he needs more than a few weeks and a few interviews before he is crucified. Any other interpretation of what I wrote is introducing facts not in evidence.


I agree that firing Steele now would distract from the current Dem demolition derby. That buys him some time if he'll hush.


I have a post on my blog discussing Michael Steele's attempt to give the GOP a hip hop makeover. You can check it out at the link below:



Sorry, rico, Obama is the race baiter.

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