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March 21, 2009



bad- where did Ryan C say that about you?

sbw:I can't believe people are still paying attention to Jay Rosen. I gave it up years ago.

I find his behavior fascinating.


I have a comment that disappeared from this thread.
bad- where did that happen to you (ryan c thing)?

sbw- I only occasionally pay attention to Rosen, and then because I am fascinated by his behavior.


Maybee, it was on the AHnold defends Obama on the Special Olympics thread.

Terry Gain

Why are you picking on Eastwood? He's pretty cool. For a white guy.


Terry Gain

That's the real BO we rarely see

We've already seen too much of the real B.O. He's the guy who thinks more government spending is going to get us out of this mess.


Ever notice that these Hobo families get money from the government and just won't stop. It's like Obama went to Harvard and that's his excuse for always using government money.

Soon, Americans will all be Hobos and then you can make his wife proud and then they raise the bar!!!!


We've missed you, Cryptic Cas.


Geithner and Summers teaching Obama about economics

Impossible. If anything it's Summers trying to teach Geithner and Obama about economics. And he's obviously having to dumb it down to eighth grade level.


Teddy Roosevelt---Walk softly and carry a big stick.

Barack Obama---Talk loftily and carry a big schtick.


Maybee, You may find Rosen's behavior fascinating, but I find it to mirror what is wrong with the country.

Because it is useful to see things more understandably, I repeatedly represent individuals, journalists, and society as concentric circles with shared traits. If you want to know what screws up society, or individuals you deal with, look at your nearest journo.

Replace fascinating with frightening. Journos bring us closer to Barakistan run by prog thugs inciting others to force you to order.

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