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March 20, 2009


Charlie (Colorado)

I'm guessing you've been savaged by TypePad now.


Time to recalibrate the Gaffeometer.




Well, here's HotAir on Sarah's response to Obama's Olympics comment.

Imagine a video of Sarah Palin, with her real-person eyes looking right into the camera...

"It's going to take a long time to reverse the damage these people have done to our country."

She is in position.


I think it was funnier with "black guy" than with "black man".


Yeah, bgates, that double post was a window into TM's mind.


He's being narcissistic, and looking back at his own posts, lovingly.


I'm having a hard time getting excited about this incident. Obama is not my president, but at the same time, while watching his performance on Leno he was mocking himself with his bowling score. Let's get with it folks, there are a lot more important things, like the inept handling of everything financial by the Democrats, to worry about. To me, this insignificant gaff isn't one of them.


Owwwww... Turf toe!

Fresh Air

I agree with Mescalero. Still, schadenfreude is delicious any time of day--especially when a Mediacrat gets hoist by his own damn P.C. petard. One must make allowances for 24-hours of joy at Zero's expense with each gaffe, irrelevant or not.


What kind of idiots are you people? Conservatives began destroying this country long before Obama took office. Everything we see now is the outcome of failed conservative ideology.

Tom In AK

Don't feed the troll!



At least Castro played baseball and Mao paddled a mean Ping Pong ball. But our guy's a 129 Bowler? Sheesh.


Viewer, you should go over and discuss this matter with TCO on the latest thread. You know, thesis, antithesis, and synthesis. We'd all be highly diverted.

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