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March 20, 2009



Remember the Movie American Dreamz? We're there folks.

Obama just needs to trade in the teleprompter for a little ear receiver.


But when you get a credit card, or you get a mortgage, there's no law on the books that says if that explodes in your face financially, somehow you're going to be protected.

SO if I go to Mohegan sun and put $1000 on #3 and #00 comes back, can I say the roulette wheel exploded in my face and I deserve protection?

YES I CAN in an Obama world.


One of the best nights of his *life*.

[What, no &gag; html character? Damn.]


JANE, Just tell the floor supervisor you weren't aware of all the fine print on the rules and you want to change your bet or you'll get Jesse and his Acorns to come down and stage a demonstration.


How do you think Obama came up with the toaster blowing up in your face analogy? And the simpleton language he uses to explain the AIG situation? I think that he is so clueless about economics and finance that this is the way his advisors explain situations to him and he doesn't understand any of it.


Only if you've already signed a contract which said it would come out #00, Jane.


Well that would be good for me cause I'm a meth level black jack addict. I'd be rich!


Dang, Jane picked up on the same passage I did. Talk about your poor analogies. Credit doesn't "blow up in your face."

Whaada buncha idiots.


If this is his level of understanding, we've got Special Problems.


Terence Corcoran, of the National Post, at RCP, has a good round-up of the circus news: 'Is this the End of America?'


I see our President Celebutard is now sending out videos of himself to foreign countries.

Hope the DVD Iran got is in the right format!


Pitiful he's offering them a 'fresh start'. They must be laughing their asses off, because to them it looks like a 'head start'.


Barney Frank wants to hunt down and prosecute anyone who contributed to the financial meltdown. The only question is, when will he arrest himself?


Heh, I'll bet he'd like to put an Embassy with staff over there. I'd bet they'd like that, too.


Oh, I know, Jane, Frank's hypocrisy is egregious, particularly considering how much he is at fault in all this mess. By the way, do you have any idea who pushed the phony Boston Fed study on red-lining?


A 'fresh start' when they are practically over the finish line. What a compleat idiot. I'll bet Hillary is putting that one in her little piggy bank.


Oh, she's positioning herself alright. What are the chances that Obama won't be so vulnerable, and the Republicans won't be mounting a fierce challenge by early 2012. It'll be 1968 all over again. Except Obama won't cave like LBJ; he's got two middle fingers, you know.


Guys, I don't know about you, but I can't believe what's happening. And when I watch how many people are buying this swill I feel like Ferris Bueller's sister.
I'm lost in a world of carnie scamsters and brain dead bozos.

hit and run

Barney Frank wants to hunt down and prosecute anyone who contributed to the financial meltdown. The only question is, when will he arrest himself?

This would be a good point to get Senator Grassley's considered opinion of the proper action Barney Frank should take.

Jim Ryan

Clarice, I feel the same way. I think the government is my enemy now. I cannot predict what they will do next. We now have a government of men, not of laws. Unfortunately, the men happen to be vicious fools.


I admit the Ferris Bueller's reference, hadn't occurred to me, he is kind of Ferris Bueller, from Chicago, full of snark and with no clear idea of where he's going, Technically you could say he's Cameron, trying to roll back the mileage on his father's sports car, and of course causing
it to crash into the trees. You're right it would be funny if it wasn't so damn stupid.


"One of the best nights of his life."

And the ONE didn't even perform a miracle or anything. Nobody in the audience threw their crutches away and shouted "I can walk!!!".

James D

You'd think that Obama might want to have that credit card conversation with his Vice President. You'd think that a guy who was a Senator from Delaware for 30+ years, and who's received probably millions of dollars in donations from credit card companies, and who's had a huge hand in writing legislation that impacts the credit card industry, might have some thoughts on the subject.

I'm just saying.

Old Lurker

Clarice, Jim, you know that pessimism has been my theme for some time since I abandoned my lurker status here. Every day brings a new confirmation of that point of view.

I'm redoing trust arrangements for my twenty something daughters, and Mrs. Lurker and I made the heretofore unthinkable decision to base them all off shore, and to (only with the best legal advice available for such matters in DC) complicate and obfuscate the structure hoping that over time the bread crumbs will be harder and harder to find. As DoT has opined from time to time, we are not concerned for ourselves in what years remain, but we are so sad for the kids and the families we expect them to start.

THIS government, and the one still rolling of the assembly line, is indeed our enemy and I believe that breaks the compact as to voluntary taxation. Perhaps not today...but coming soon.

Jim Ryan

OL, I'm not concerned for myself either, but what am I going to do about my boys of four and eight?

But we just want to make sure that there's enough regulatory common sense in place that ordinary Americans aren't taken advantage of, and taxpayers, after the fact, aren't taken advantage of.
Oh, you mean the way ordinary Americans and taxpayers were taken advantage of when scumbag lawyers sued the banks to force them to loan money to deadbeats, and the CBC forced the FMs to buy the deadbeats' loans on the secondary market?

where you and I who are doing pretty well pay a little bit more to pay for health care, to pay for energy, to make sure that kids can go to college who aren't as fortunate as our -- as my kids might be.

I hate this line above, and I know I've said it a million times.
Jay Leno and Barack Obama are multi-millionaires. But Barack Obama isn't proposing new taxes on multi-millionaires.

When Barack Obama was making $250,000/year under the Clinton tax rates, he pled poverty. They couldn't save for college, they had a junky car, they were trying to pay off their college loans, etc.

Now he's a multi-millionaire, and he uses himself as an example of the kind of people who can afford to pay more in taxes. Good thing he didn't use Daschle or Geithner as examples.

Also, I wonder if Jay Leno at $30,000,000/year salary is GREEDY.

Old Lurker

Jim, the best you can do is instill in them your moral and religous values, provide for them the best education you can (THAT is very very tricky) including, whatever their inclinations indicate, a good foundation in history, economics and literature, and then encourage them as they find their place in the world. The money part is not even secondary...it's pretty far down the list, and will take care of itself provided the other parts were accomplished.

At least that's my story and I'm sticking with it...

Ignatz Ratzkywatzky

You know 'water head' is a derogatory term for the mentally handicapped, referring to the hydrocephalic.

What a couple of clowns and I say that as one who has always founds clowns kind of creepy but seldom funny (except for Red Skelton).


We're a trillion dollars deeper in the hole than the administration knew.


Jim Ryan

OL, Thanks. You and I think alike, given what you wrote. The homeschooling my boys are receiving from us is deep and rich in the ways you mentioned.


I hate this line above, and I know I've said it a million times.

I hate it too, but more because it's such a straw man (surprise, surprise). People who are "doing pretty well" already have been paying a lot more, including under Bush. But you're right, these megamillionaires find it easy to tell people who are making $250,000 that "we" can afford to pay more.

Charlie (Colorado)

You'd think that a guy who was a Senator ... for 30+ years ... might have some thoughts on the subject.

I wouldn't.


Gosh, mixed messages from Barack

They should let him join JournoList so he can stay on message.

Old Lurker

Jim, congrats on the homeschooling. That is a great undertaking. If you stick with it as they get older, you will find lots of organized assistence out there.


Just a reminder a 'waterhead' is slang for a person with Down's Syndrome or retarded. And if you listen to the tape and watch Obama's hand movements he doesn't say 'dripping' he says 'tripping', as in he doesn't want a developmentally disabled dog tripping around in the WH

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