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March 24, 2009



From a reader at the Corner:

Jonah; I have never seen this point made: all of Europe, which has nationalized health care already, is also experiencing the current economic crisis. Why does Obama believe that bringing national health care here will in any way save us a similar economic crisis in the future? He keeps repeating that only if we get health care costs under control will we have “real” prosperity, but the countries that have already “tackled” this problem in the past were not spared their own economic meltdowns.

Excellent point.



my first experience with Fraises des Bois was here, LUN.

For Breakfast.

When your husband and you go again, stop here, during the week.

My wife and I stay, when we can, on the Rue de Borgogne, down the street from the Musee Rodin, and across the square from the Assmbly Nationale, very safe.


Bad, let's add, they are also much more GREEN than we are!

Capt. Love it! Your stories sound a lot like mine.

and as for this:
My older daughter and I walked across the mud flats during low tide to the adjoining small island but didn't make it all the way there before a local person fishing in the tidal pools urged us to return vitement!

If I'm not mistaken, there are spots that are like quicksand. Indeed more than a few pilgrams during the middle ages etc. quite literally "went to jesus" (if you get my drift) walking over the flats toward Le Mont.


I have been fortinate my last three or four trips to France to find out we had enough frequent flier miles to waulify for free or highly discounted rates at super grand hotels in the 3d..As our stays there were short, that location was perfect.

When my son was very young (abour 2 or 3) we took him to Fauchon's for an afternoon snack and got him a fraise des Bois tart. He was a fussy eater and began slowly, but as soon as he tasted a small bit of it, he devoured the rest quickly. "Une vrai gourmand," announced the elder lady sitting next to us with a smile.




Drat.It must be bedtime.



He is "selling" his point, not buying it. A big difference.

So, what's he selling?

Keep that in mind.

Oh, and the Obamabot spouse is so thoroughly disgusted with this "change" and knows now he can't carry a conversation. She wants to do great bodily harm to Rahm, whom she now realizes is running the show. Completely. Major change, if she gets it, now.

I knew she wasn't dumb, just watches too much of the Today show.

Gotta fade, writing a contract rider tomorrow.

Night all.

And Daddy, read the back of my biz card and drop an e-mail, I have a couple of questions that can take a 12 hour delay or so. Be safe.


Well, in your boy's case dear Clarice, it's most certainly in the genes. Who is it they call the best cook in DC? And no false modesty.

Jim Rhoads a/k/a vjnjagvet

Keep talking about France. I am dripping with envy. And besides, the prime time press conference sounds like it met my low expectations:>) More levitating lectures and no substance. Just like in Universitaet.

The overexposure is doing this lightweight intellect no good. We all should be sending him old cardigan sweaters like Carter and Mr. Rogers wore. We should be able to find some in any consignment store. It fits him to a T.

That's my new symbol for the former One.



best sinus clearing mustard at Fauchon, little clear glasses with the red plastic cap. We bring back that, and Epoisses (in about six zip locks per round), you should see the dogs when we come through customs, they KNOW somethings not right but keep going in circles.

Oh, and yellow ribbon Grand Marnier.

I'm going to have bad dreams tonight, I know it.

Jim Rhoads a/k/a vjnjagvet

BTW, the NIT games were pretty good tonight. From all your reports, better than the presser.

Captain Hate

If I'm not mistaken, there are spots that are like quicksand. Indeed more than a few pilgrams during the middle ages etc. quite literally "went to jesus" (if you get my drift) walking over the flats toward Le Mont.

That could well be; the mud/sand had a strange viscosity that *really* gave you a leg workout. The funniest thing that happened was my daughter was wading through a little tidal pool that was pretty close to Le Mont and either noticed or felt the small bait fish that were around her and gave a yell and jumped out, to much laughter around us. I guess during full moons the incoming tides are pretty severe; but having been to the Bay of Fundy there wouldn't be much to shock me with that.


I'm going to have bad dreams tonight



I'm watching a replay (I was out to dinner during the live presentation) and notice HE IS NOT TAKING HIS EYES OFF THAT SCREEN IN THE BACK.

Lord, bring back the TOTUS

Night all!


Sweet dreams, Verner.


Great story Cap., you'll get to embarrass her telling that to your grand kids.



You need a ladder to get out of that gutter, or a mountain rescue team?




Sweet Dreams Mel

Captain Hate

Night Verner; I got plenty more stories and the willingness to share 'em all. She's a good sport who can laugh at herself. She subsequently went back over when the World Cup was being held in France. The place was One Big Party every night. Emilie's father, Gaetan, at the time had the first Scottish bar in Paris, the Auld Alliance (he's since sold his interest in the bar, which I think still exists, and divorced his wife and now lives in New Caledonia in the South Pacific, but that's a whole 'nother story) so that place was going all night.

I'd better stop before TM needs a new server.


I always like to stop here: Maille Mustard.
They have marvelous mustards. The best thing is if you buy a big earthenware pot of their dijon, each time you return with the pot to the store they will refill it with the best freshly made dijon mustard for very little money.

That is, if you don't mind shlepping the pot back and forth across the ocean.I didn't. Wonderful mustard and a lovely shop.

Captain Hate

Clarice or anybody: Ever eat at Cafe Procope?


No, Capt. I don't believe I have, but it looks wonderful.


bad- you should twitter that point around.



Have you guys been getting emails about the Mesa AZ protest against Obama? Today I received my third. They all have pics of the protestors creative signs and they are hilarious.

The funny thing is -- I'm getting these emails from my Dem lib attorney friends from law school. And judging from their comments, they are simpatico. I am stunned. For thirty years they have toed the Dem party line. I guess Obama has liberated them. LOL I am sooo gonna attend our thirty year reunion this fall.

You can see some of the pics at LUN.


You guys will despise me completely.

Since we are fortunate enough to go to Paris so frequently, instead of taking great advantage of it and rushing to see this or that or to eat here or there, instead we basically wind up saying, "Ah we'll be back next month, so lets blow off interesting sight-seeing until then, and instead lets just go goof off at one of the regular joints with the usual suspects." So then when we do bump into one of us over there approaching retirement age, they are rushing around with their hair on fire at the last minute trying to take it all in and it simply causes big laughter. As I think Porch's hubby accurately described us up above, "Mor--ee--ons."

Its a wonderful city when 6 or 8 of us bump into each other in the Lobby and decide to go exploring all night, but when I'm solo, mainly I just hit a particular cafe' catty corner across the river from Notre Dame, and there I sit with a good book, slowly sipping vin rouge in one of the most delightful people watching spots on planet Earth. C'est La Vie, n'est pas?



The back of your business card only has a cell number, so I will send an e-mail in a moment from a different webmail site to your e-mail address on the front of your Business card, and will await your message. I don't work for another 48 hours or so.


On the middle of the middle street on the Ile Saint-Louis -- which is an island in the middle of the Seine, right in the very middle of Paris -- there's a place called La Taverne du Sergeant Recruteur, where it's said the recruiting seargent used to wine and dine the city's young lads downstairs in the rock-walled cellar until they were good and drunk, and sign them up for Napoleon's army. (Here's a pic.)

When you sit down, they bring out a basket of cured meats and hard-boiled eggs, and the first bottles of the house wine, which never stops from that point on. It's hard to remember if the food was any good, but I once took a young Iowa lad there, whom I'd just hired out of college. Later, while relieving himself in the Seine, he fell in, and I had to literally reach in, grab his belt, and fish him out.


Holly, great sign ideas, thanks! And that is the first time I have seen the "wreckovery.com" logo. Very cool.

I am enjoying the France memories, too.



Know Sergeant Recruiter's very well. A very fun place, especially if you've got a party of 4 or more as it becomes party central, what with talking with all the other customers etc. The basket of sausages and vegetables is the best part of the whole thing. The cooked food entree's are entirely mediocre, but as long as you know that going in, and that the reason you're there is for the party atmosphere, then you're bound to have a good time.

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