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March 17, 2009



I doubt Snowe knew before her vote that her amendment had been pulled. The MSM would be all over this amendment switcheroo if Reps were to blams. They'd be stalking those conferees and demanding answers. But, as usual, there's no interest in stalking Dems.

Glenn Beck's Fox gig shows great potential as a truth deciminator. He's on at 5 p.m., but starting Monday a replay of his program will run at 11 p.m. after Greta VS in place of a repeat of Bill O'R. Beck had a special show last Friday whose ratings were greater than the entire primetime lineup of CNN and MSNBC combined.


He seems crazy in his intensity sometimes, but having seen the whole picture, like Howard Beale before they shot him for bring
UBS's ratings down in Network



"Kudlow said on his show that the checks already went out, and that the majority of these 173 guys were working in AIG's London office, so don't PUK's Taxmen get their cut first?"

Later you aske that Brown "bring it on".

Well,Brown has a current mantr,"It started in America" and "This is a Global problem",both you will note are exculpatory."It wasna me".
Now legal action against AIG employees in Britain,who could very well be British,is going to put the cat amongst the pigeons.
It brings home the unpalatble fact that the Financial Services Authority FSA,a creature of Brown's creation, was out to lunch whilst all this was going on at Canary Wharf.
So the confiscation of the AIG bonuses is going to leave Brown with a face like a smacked arse.


obama stutters
teleprompter goes awry
coverup begins


Well P'UK, I will stay tuned, but I have to admit that the ulterior motive at the bottom of my black, black heart is simply a malicious desire to see CNN's Richard Quest high on upper's and back in the national limelight, trying to explain why guys in powdered wigs with wonderful accents are screaming at immoral Americans. It is a juvenile and dishonorable daydream I admit, but just the thought of it has the wife smacking me at odd hours of the day and saying "What the hell are you laughing about?"

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