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March 24, 2009



If you like Nicole Kidman - why?"

She dumped Tom Cruz, plus she took off her clothes in a flick. Other than that, I give up.

As for horrible Australian movies, the sad thing is they really do have some fascinating stories worth telling, but you have to dig for them. A favorite to me is William Buckley.

If you say to an Aussie "You've got Buckley's chance, mate" it means you've got almost no chance at all. Buckley was a 6 foot 6 young Brit soldier, sentenced in London to be transported to Sydney for hard labor in 1802 for accepting stolen goods. He jumped ship in the Melbourne Bay area with 6 other convicts during a stopover foraging detail in 1803. No town or anything existed within 800 miles at the time, so his mates quickly were murdered by natives or starved to death. Buckley took a spear from a native burial mound and somehow became considered as the returned ghost of the dead Aborigine warrior, so he was adopted into the Clan, and for the next 32 years he went native---an original Mad Max! 33 years later, when some ships finally started returning to the Bay in prep for establishing the village of Melbourne, he stepped naked out of the bush, unable to speak any English, and only able to point to an old Army tattoo on his arm. The astonished Brit's gradually weaned him back to society and he became an invaluable cultural bridge between the tribes and the new colony. Ten years later he marries a nice Victorian gal, moves to Tasmaina, and luckily left us his dictated autobiography before dying a few years later. Its a fascinating read, but very difficult to find outside of the country. That'd make a decent flick.

Or Alexander Pearce, their infamous Irish cannibal in Tasmania, or the Black slave that I've never properly tracked down who somewhere is referenced as jumping ship and trying to establish a small kingdom in the western bush with him as king. Or the bio of shipwrecked Mrs Fraser on the Fatal Shore (1838). Even the hiker 15 years back in the Woolemi Canyon that discovered the Woolemi Pine, the single remaining stand of some ancient Pine, known only from 200 million year old fossil varieties in Antarctica. There's tons of fascinating stories they should be telling but don't.

Well anyhow, if nothing else, at least now when our Bill Buckley's son Kristopher comes up and tells us he was wrong on Obama and won't we please take him back as a Conservative spokesman, all we got to say is "you've got Buckley's chance mate."


HOw fun! I get to watch 2 movies at 7:00 AM without the rental fees.

Next up: Alan Bond brings the Amercia's Cup to Oz!


If you like Nicole Kidman - why?

Cold Mountain.

Also, she's now a local girl, and from all accounts, I hear she's very nice.


Also, agreed, Australia should have been 3 movies. But I did like the kid.


And everyone should know the phrase "... and Bob's your uncle" which means "and everything after that was easy".

Ah, Bob was big in Aussie government so junior managed to advance swimmingly. Of course, that could never happen in America where people advance according to their abilities.

Having lived a year in Parramatta, outside Sydney, Darwin, and Alice Springs, and having visited Brisbane, Adelaide, Canberra, Melbourne, Tennant Greek, and other places in the bush, I'd live there to escape the Progs.


It did run on a bit but I liked it.


daddy, you are a great story teller.


If you like Nicole Kidman - why?

She has the sexiest back in show business.

Gary Ogletree

Love, love, love, Nicole, and why not? I will watch the movie and pretend it's a travelogue featuring the one and only. After all, I'm the idiot who sat all the way thru There Will Be Blood and No Country For Old Men.

Patrick R. Sullivan

If you want to see a great movie set in Australia, it's 'The Sundowners', starring Robert Mitchum and Deborah Kerr (a far sexier woman than Nicole Kidman).


I thought this was going to be about Obama's very brief meeting scheduled with Rudd today.

Again, no press conference, no state dinner. Not sure about the CDs.


I mean DVDs of course.


I second "The Sundowners" but my favorite Aussie film is "A Town Called Alice" (the '80's) which has it all - heroism, sacrifice, romance, horror, and a primer on free enterprise. Why it's still not available on dvd is a mystery.


The Brit press seem determined to guage every US-visiting poobah's treatment with the shabbiness BO offered the Browns. Excellent.

Cecil Turner

OT: watched Knowing with the kiddos this weekend. They gave it mixed reviews, I thought the terrible ending ruined it. If you're on the rebound, I'd look for something a little safer (but at least the first part was entertaining . . .).



"After much to-ing and fro-ing we reach a critical juncture where the Japanese are about to bomb northern Australia starting with the Mission camp"

It's at this point I'm rooting for the Japanese to invade Australia and invite everyone to commit seppuku.


"If you like Nicole Kidman - why?"

Dead Calm

A stunning thriller, and she never looked hotter.

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