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March 18, 2009



Heh, bad, more circular firing squad. The silver lining here is that now Congress has had a taste of the Axelrod touch. It's an excellent lesson.

I think Obama is going to start running into trouble with his own Democratic majority, and soon.


Kim, I'm trying to figure out why Pelosi thinks it sounds good to say "we were clueless about the $800,000,000,000 bill we voted for."

But hey, Washington has its own traditions.


If you're in charge isn't it appropriate to READ the LEGISLATION Congress places on YOUR desk, BEFORE signining IT?
Or maybe, isn't it appropriate To PLACE the LEGISLATION, on YOUR TELEPROMPTER, to READ, before SIGNING it?
Or maybe, isn't it appropriate to PLACE the LEGISLATION on the WH WEBSITE for FIVE DAYS, like Obama PROMISED during his campaign and transition SO OTHERS could ALERT the President about alleged follies and corruption like the DODD AMENDMENT?


What particularly bugs me is that an effort was made to pass a resolution requiring 48 hours between the posting of the final copy of the bill and the vote, AND THIS DIDN'T HAPPEN. Furthermore, Obama didn't even sign it until FOUR DAYS LATER.

The good thing is that there must be dozens more such boobytraps in that bill. I'll bet people are looking hard for them now, not only those seeking to spring the booby traps, but those seeking to spring out of them. What fun! And Obama is out pleasuring himself with the morons of this world.


Here's a great joke for Leno. He should ask Obama if he's read the porkulus bill.


He's been phoning it in all his life. He should be able to phone in his signature. Watch him try to phone in the 3AM call. Heh.


The dirty little secret is no one reads this ginormous bills anymore..They are full of errors and booby traps.


**these ginormous bills***

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