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April 08, 2009



Oh, correction dear leader Tom - by denying it, they have given it new and more powerful life!

It was pretty much fading from view on a few die hard Conservative blogs. Now it is even making cable and Drudge.

Isn't there some saying about quitting when you are ahead?


They obviously think it'll stick.


It was just a Posture Malfunction.


When caught, Obama's first instinct is to lie. He described it in detail in his first book, and he did it all throughout the campaign.

- Barry, are you smoking weed? No Grams, I promise.

- I was in Church every sunday. I never heard Rev. Wright because I wasn't in church that much.

- Bill Ayers is just a guy who lives in my neighborhood.

Maybe people are actually starting to notice.


I don't know what happened to my AT blog of this, but a freeper names reaganesque freeze framed the video. It is clear that his left hand is free when he bowed so the claim that he dipped only because he is tall and was using both hands to shake the King's is demonstrably false.

We needn't wait for a blue dress to show up on this one.


Speaking of which, in her latest, Camille Paglia raises the transcript issue.

...the embargo on Obama's educational records remains troubling.

She's a little naiive, but I'm liking her more and more.


This would have been the proper response:

"It is well known that Americans do not bow before foreign monarchs, and it is long established in diplomatic etiquette that one head of state does not bow to another. Of course the President didn't bow before King Abdullah."

Instead they went Clinton.



AT blog.

I'm not sure anyone would, but it could be used for a devastating set of ads regarding his foreign policy, energy policy, and national security.

I'm a bit dumbfounded that anyone in the White House would want to even bring it back up and wonder if it might be Hillary getting in a dig.


No richard..that was the original post--I sent one in this afternoon refuting the WH denial. It will be up I'm sure--maybe the editor is writing an article around it..Obama was a fool--there was no real response to this and a denial was dumb. At best he could have said it was a protocol faux pas which had no special significance and gosh and golly we do so need to get a head of the porotcol office to help see us thru these things.


The polling on the bow must have been rough. Otherwise, why the denial?

But why deny what is so obvious in pictures and videos?

I didn't see anyone else in the video "not bowing" as deeply as Obama was shown "not bowing."


bad, apparently no one asked until the national review did. Pathetic, isn't that?


Ooops, sorry, I had that link open for the other thread and was trying to be too helpful.


Citizen Prosecutor Political Commissar General Ezra and his JournoListas will have to avert their gaze and pretend nothing happened, or even better, close ranks to renew attacks on Michele of Minnesota & do a full court press on Bristol & her two-timin' hockey dude!!


It's especially significant (the "not bow" thing) because Obama was so careful not to appear too respectful to Queen Elizabeth.

He is not an American in his heart. An American would know that we do not bow to kings or queens.


...the embargo on Obama's educational records remains troubling.

Next thing ya know somebody will realize we've never seen his birth certificate, either.


One week Obama is not bowing to a Saudi king.

The next week== he's not Jewish.



I think what happened was that the King said "hey look at what all my wives had engraved on my Rolex".

Rick Ballard

"The bow was a rookie mistake."

I'd class the denial as a rookie mistake. The muslim butt kissing is either as natural as sunrise or we can lay it off to Abner and Daisie Mae In London.

Never fear, the Yokum Family Players will be amazing crowds and stunning those capable of thought for years to come. Unless his handlers come up with an implant with a shock feature. Maybe integrate it with the teleprompter to give him a more "natural" persona.


Maybe the WH leaked this to distract anyone from Obama's amnesty plans for illegal aliens. Drudge has a twriling light up right now on it.

I can't really believe they are going to be this dumb, to push this right before tax day is really stupid.

Maybe they are afraid the Tea Parties will be overwhelming on April 15 and they want to turn them into "anti-imigration" rallies so they can call the people who go racists and ignore them.



He can bow to a Saudi King while telling the world we are not a Christian nation, host a seder and still not find time to find a church where he feels comfortable outside Reverend Wright's house of hate clingers.

Imagine that!


Sadly true, Ann.


The smart folks here have probably alread seen this paper

The Financial Crisis:
An Inside View


Warning 50+ page pdf

Charlie (Colorado)

The bow was a rookie mistake. This fantasy denial is bizarre ...

Actually it's not bizarre, it's perfectly consistent for a malignant narcissist.


I didn't bow before I bowed, uh, I didn't know I bowed before I knew I bowed...um...I voted for the bow before I voted against the bow...


Hot Air has a video of Lily Tomlin going after Sarah Palin for shooting wolves out of a helicopter just like her celebrity friend Ashley Judd. I truly find them despicable and will not link to their uncredentialed moron carp.

But have you heard of Marcus Luttrell, an American hero, author of the book LONE SURVIVOR. I think Glenn Beck is the only one reporting on the punks that killed his dog. Here: Punks Murder American Hero's Dog

The dog was given to him to help his rehabilitation and was named after this fallen friends, one letter for each guy that died for our country. Her name was DASY.

Read more at Glenn Beck. Where are these media whores? Where is PETA?

These punks new what address they were at when they killed DASY and they knew who owned her.

JM Hanes

The sound you hear is the screaming of an anonymous staffer being crushed by a bus. Last time I greeted a much shorter friend, my head did not land below her shoulders. What's almost as bad as the bow itself, however, is that he's not even looking up at the King, he's dropped his eyes to the floor. Even a dog would read that as submission. I'm glad the subject has resurfaced, because every time I see the photo, I think it's more outrageous.

LOL, Rich! Asshat politics. As usual, hit is way ahead of us, but thinking about future advertisements is one of the few bright sides to look on here.


the claim that he dipped only because he is tall and was using both hands to shake the King's is demonstrably false

Especially since he did not bow to the much shorter Queen of England.


Politico 44:

[[[Some email back-and-forth accidentally tacked on to White House guidance distributed to reporters shows the Obama administration is getting complaints about its Seder Thursday. One aide, Danielle Crutchfield, responded bluntly that "apparently Jewish here and in neighboring states are now calling wondering why they have not been invited." The dinner is only expected to include 20 people.

The email mistake offers a peek into how much thought goes into something as prosaic as the president's daily public schedule, with tiny political calculations weighed in the moments before it’s sent out the door.

Crutchfield, Obama’s director of scheduling, also raises a question about whether the White House could drop a mention of the Seder altogether - before another aide points out that the event already had been listed in the previous day's schedule.

But for all the rapid-fire emailing, no one noticed Thursday’s presidential schedule was going out with the wrong day – Wednesday – listed on top.]]]

DANG!!! Another mistake, or two....


Forgot about the "kick me" sign.

And to go with Obama's healthcare, environmentalist, and education agenda, he has decided to add amnesty for illegal aliens. Should be interesting when unemployment climbs to over 9.0% over the summer and Obama is lecturing us on how racist we are for not adding millions to the walfare roles and labor force.


Politico 44:

[[[[The White House announced four new nominations for subcabinet spots Wednesday, including former Bush White House ...

....counterterrorism expert Rand Beers.

Beers has been nominated for the position of undersecretary for national protection at the Department of Homeland Security. He had previously been appointed senior counselor to the secretary at DHS.]]]]

How freakin bipartisan of him.....


Seeing his trackrecord, being involved in the aviation interdiction program, that claimed that missionary plane over Peru, well it makes me feel all 'warm and fuzzy"


In the absence of a Caliph, wouldn't the King of Saudi Arabia, as keeper of the holy cities of Mecca and Medina, be the most important Muslim on Earth? President John Kennedy at least had the good sense not to kiss the Pope's ring.


Why the fuss? Muslims bow to each other all the time. Like the Japanese, the person who feels inferior to the other person will execute a lower bow.

Greg Toombs

When has Obama, the Global Zero, ever eaten Humble Pie?


Obama has blown presidential protocol all to hell. He is the worst in history in only 70 days. Gerald Ford has nothing on him. GWB is akin to the Duke of Buckingham in his propriety. This guy is a moron.

Fresh Air


Keeping up with Zero's disgraces, his lies and his unadulterated stupidity is getting to be quite a task. He has done exactly two things right in 70 days: He went to Iraq and he is pursuing the wiretap program President Bush put in place, apparently with some vigor if the reports are to be believed.

Every single piece of foreign policy, domestic policy and national security has otherwise been a disaster. Captain Hazelwood is back at the helm. He's drinking already and it's only nine in the morning.

Jimmy Carter looks like a model statesman and learned economist compared with this clown.


Not Rand Beers again!! Yipes.Can Richard Clarke be far behind?


I seem to recall this about Beers___

Rand Beers escaped being charged with perjury by a hairsbreadth when he was doing narco work for the WH or was it DoS?.The hairsbreadth was his last minute recantation of his original testimony.
Then he was promoted up to the NSC.He left to work for Gore, and persuaded Clarke to come along. IIRC he's also tight with Munchausen.


Their kids just went to school together.


Is it common for a non-Jewish man to hold a Seder and invite several non-Jewish friends and a few Jewish acquaintances?
Is that a tradition?

Perfect Sense

Dubious Claim: Obama did not bow to the Saudi King.
More Believable Claim: Obama's was bending over to read his floor mounted teleprompter.

Fresh Air

IIRC Rand Beers is one of those "transnational progressive idiots," who believes we should cede our sovereignty to the World Court and stuff like that.


Dating for the uniformed and emergency services or those seeking a date in uniform-www.uniformmate.com_


I never understood exactly how the Brits pronounced "Row", meaning "a noisy disturbance or quarrel."

But if it's like I think they pronounce it, is this episode the "How Now, Brown Cow, Kow Tow Bow Row?"

Verlaine Wheelock

Has no one ever had an embarrassingly out of context picture taken of them? I'm afraid that we are taking this photograph much more seriously than is necessary.


A picture's worth 1,000 words. Besides, look at the video.


The point is being missed,whence came that impulse to bow? It isn't normal in western civilisations,a brief nod of the head with the hand shake perhaps,but where would Obama learned to bow to potentates? Perhaps,as has been posited,kissing the ring of a Chicago don.Other than that bowing is a totally alien social mannerism off the dance floor or in the unlikely event of meeting the Queen.
It is worth pointing out that those who do meet the Queen are instructed on the protocol.

Soylent Red

The bow is not the issue here Verlaine. Anyone with a grain of sense can plainly see Obama executed an awkward, spur of the moment bow.

The issue is the lie that there was no bow. The greater issue is the sociopathy behind the lie.

Make no mistake about it...had there been no outcry, the Left would be telling us about how culturally sensitive Zero is, how wonderful it is that we have a Preznit who respects cultural mores, blahblahblah.

And on that point, Arabs don't regularly bow to each other. Certainly not like that (from the hips) and certainly not men of equal standing (remember it's an honor culture). To do so is an admission of one's lower status, which an Arab would never do, nor expect any other Arab peer to do (so as not to shame them). The bow just cost Obama a pretty hefty chunk of whatever credibility and command of respect he had with the Saudis.

Arab men do routinely hold hands, as a sign of deep friendship. SO when some yobbo suggests Bushitler holding hands with Saud was as bad or worse, point out that what Bush did was actually considered over and above respectful protocol in the Arab mind, and was viewed very favorably by those who understood the cultural reference.

Soylent Red

Oh, and...

Good morning Jane!

Captain Hate

I'm afraid that we are taking this photograph much more seriously than is necessary.

Who's this we Axelturfer?

Captain Hate

Barry, are you smoking weed? No Grams, I promise.

He may have been telling the truth because he probably was doing lines of blow at that specific moment.


" Anyone with a grain of sense can plainly see Obama executed an awkward, spur of the moment bow."

The three AM.phone call.

"President Obama"?


"President Barrack Obama"?


"President Barrack Hussein Obama"?




"Has no one ever had an embarrassingly out of context picture taken of them?"

"Out of context"? Obama was there,King Abdullah was there,world leaders were there,the press were there,the world and his dog was there.
Obama wasn't caught practicing bowing in front of the bathroom mirror.He didn't even have a wide stance,nor was he tapping his foot.He was making deep obeisance to a foreign potentate.


Morning PUK.
What does that poster mean "out of context"? What would be IN context at a formal ceremony among world leaders?


Morning Clarice.


Good Morning,PUK--in and out of context.



I thought Obama was picking some lint up off the floor.

[end sarcasm]


Just wait until Obama meets Putin.

His brown nose won't just be a product of his African heritage.


O/T, but if you believe that Gov Palin is a decent American, than this Article will not make your day.

Couric Rewarded for Political Result of Palin Interview

Jane's having trouble posting--let's take this opportunity to say nasty things about her. Me First!

MS really, really likes me better and was trapped into saying,"Jane won" by Caro and Jane's deceptions.

anonymous BO staff

News flash! Turns out that Barry caught his reflection in his shiny black shoes and just could not resist bending down to get a closer look.

It was just unfortunate that he was so close to King Abdullah at the time.
(How's that for context?)


Like many Americans, McCotter is outraged that some TARP recipients have been able to "double-dip" on taxpayer bailouts via the $100-plus billion of funds that went in the front door of AIG and out the back door to its counterparties, including Goldman Sachs and a number of European banks.

The Congressman is trying to prevent a similar "misstep" by pressuring the White House, Fed and Treasury to ensure GM bondholders don't have credit default swaps with AIG that would pay off in the event of a forced bankruptcy.

"If you didn't like subsidizing GM's survival, certainly you don't want to subsidize their bankruptcy," the Congressman says.

Except, McCotter is a Rep from Michigan.



Ya know, as long as the vilification of folks like Sarah Palin continues, I don't have much hope for this country. People like Sarah Palin built this country, and the slugs are gonna tear it down and leave a slime trail all over it.


Unfortunately, liberals still dominate journalism, the media, academia, and entertainment. They thus have the power to shape and mold public opinion by indoctrinating and brainwashing our youth in school, in papers and news broadcasts via the stories they do and don't cover and by the subtle ways they say things, and how they glorify or ridicule certain people and issues in movies, TV shows, and music.

As long as this situation continues, there is no hope for America. We reached a tipping point with the election of Obama, and it's downhill from here ... unless there's a major change in the direction we're going.


he did not bow all he did was try to shine
his shoe




What's the value of that prize, 30 pieces of silver, Although they should have given the prize to Richard Engel, or any of the cryers of the "Iraq Civil War" meme. Im not at that point, yet, fdcol. I really can't go there, that would be the success of the Alinskyite techniques, which I pointed out
earlier have distinctly Leninist roots.

Blaine Miller

I am suprised the white house did not say they had inherited the gesture from the previous administration.


Morning Soylent.

I would have said that earlier but I was in crisis mode.

I am suprised the white house did not say they had inherited the gesture from the previous administration.

LOL Blaine



I wish I shared your view. Unfortunately, I see the election of Obama as proof that 30+ years of liberal dominance of our educational system, media, journalism, and entertainment industries has indeed succeeded in brainwashing Americans into accepting the "fundamental truth" of their ideology.

We're seeing the fulfillment of Gramsci's "long march through the culture" strategy of destroying American and Western culture through their incremental undermining of all of our major institutions and values.

Just consider this headline:

Just 53% Say Capitalism Better Than Socialism

Did you ever believe you'd see this in America?

hit and run

The next week== he's not Jewish.


Have any lefties picked up on the fact that the url for Jake's post is:




Just 53% Say Capitalism Better Than Socialism

Yes, but only 20% say Socialism is better. 27% are "undecided." They key to keeping those "undecideds" from going over to the socialist side is to keep hammering that the recession we are experiencing is a direct result of efforts to impliment socialism. The Community Reinvestment Act was a clearly socialist policy intended to force banks to lend to the uncreditworthy. The "spread the wealth around" policies that are prolonging the downturn are socialism.

We need to use Obama's own budget numbers against him. He confidently predicted a recovery by the middle of this year and robust growth for 2010. If that fails to happen (and it will) we need to point out that the reason is Obama's own socialist policies, as evidenced by the Porkulus plan and the massive budget and tax increases he wants.


The 27% undecided are those who I bet are permanently undecided about everything--and couldn't tell you the difference berween capitalism and socialism if pressed.

Remember 50% of the country have !Qs under 100.

When I read comments people send in one news stories, I am struck but the level of total ignorance in this country about our government, the economy, international affairs...Anyone wishing to change the political picture must figure out not just how to appeal to readers like those here, but that totally unlearned, not very smart 27%.


For me, the real hope lay in the fact that a culture's youth often rebel against "the Establishment".

Now that liberals have in fact become "the Establishment", I hope to see them rebel against liberal dogma.

Ranger, I agree with everything you said and I'm not completely ready to throw in the towel yet. I think new media can help us get our message out to these youth and help stem the tide of Gramsci's "long march".

However, I think it's going to be a very difficult, tough slog uphill.

As I mentioned, liberals still enjoy their dominance of the institutions I mentioned previously, and they still hold considerable power in shaping and molding people's opinions and beliefs.

Most great societies rot and decay from within, and our Founders knew that democracies always implode when the masses discovered they could vote themselves largess from the public treasury by electing politicians who pandered and catered to their sense of entitlement. Thus, they created a republic, not a democracy.

Unfortunately, the Left has succeeded in convincing people that we live in a democracy, and they've succeeded in villifing Republicans and Republican values ... with some help from GOP leadership, admittedly.

Quite frankly, though, when I consider the adoration and idolation of someone like Obama this past election, and when I see such total ignorance and apathy about America and its founding principles, and when I see masses of Americans obsessing over such trivial things like "American Idol" and do-nothings like Paris Hilton, I'm not infused with much confidence about our long-term prospects.


The other interesting thing about tha poll is that it does show that the Democratic party is, at its core, a truelly socialist party. That 20% that prefer socialism are a majority of the 34% in this country that call themselves Dems. My guess is that if you can really make that clear to those who think they are Dems, but aren't socialists, they can be drawn away from the party.

My guess is that the 27% that are undecided are the same people who call themselves "independents" in all these polls. If that is true, then there are a lot of Dems that support capitalism, but are a minority in their party.


Now, that is an interesting observation, ranger!


Hit, I've been laughing about that since the story went up. Good eye!!!


The muddle is a tough nut to crack. Many voted for Obama because they wanted a tax cut [check] from him. Interestingly. some are now outraged about socialism. They are apparently unaware that socialism is what makes that redistribution possible.

I'm afraid many will stick with socialism if they find out that's how they manage to get those tax "refund" and tax "cut" checks.


Hit, so have I. Thought I was the only one to notice.


I'm afraid many will stick with socialism if they find out that's how they manage to get those tax "refund" and tax "cut" checks.

Posted by: bad | April 09, 2009 at 11:11 AM

Well, until you can point out to them that the check they get from Uncle Sugar never quite covers all the new costs the socialist regime imposes indirectly. Compare the value of the check they get to the increase in the cost of a car here due to safty regulations. Or compare the value of the check to the overall annual cost of federal gas taxes. Sure, they pay no income tax, and they get that check for a few hundred, or maybe even a cool thousend every year, but it costs them a hell of a lot more just to live in a socialist society.

Old Lurker

Good morning everybody.

I'm sorry to always be so pessimistic about money topics, but that Ras poll from Drudge (LUN for those who did not see it) has absolutely ruined my day...because it confirms the rot that has so worried me about my kids' future. Not unrelated I am sure (but Ras does not crosstab it this way), but another link from Drudge declares 50% of US immigration is from south of the border. Given their home countries and their long history of nanny-statism or pure socialism, of course polls will illustrate falling support for the American experiment. But I had no idea so many have already flipped. Anybody out there think that's going to change?

We are a bi-polar country now, and the other side is adding players by the day.

I am afraid we really are screwed. SBW's optimism from yesterday about the coming uprising is just wishful thinking.


For all of our lives we've anticipated that our children may do better than their parents, those who calim to want socialism do not realize what it's like to live in those static societies.


Ranger, I've been working on that sort of thing for a number of years. OK, LOTS of years but here's an example of what I'm up against.

"Confused" has a savings account paying 3% interest and needs a new car. The new car is available at 1.5% financing for three years. However, Confused won't finance the car because she dosen't want to waste her money on interest and would rather withdraw the money from savings. When I point out that she is losing money in that transaction, she is unable to see it.


All right--AT redid the blog into an article--see the freeze frames:



PS, that story is NOT about my mom or an elderly person.


Bad, ask confused if she listens to Dave Ramsey. It sure sounds like she does. He gives some of the worst advice I've ever heard re the use of credit.


SunnyDay, that story predates Ramsey by a lot of years but is indicactive of a lifetime of financial choices.


Clarice, I can't wait to hear the explanation for that freehanging hand. Good Grief!!


Speaking of socialism. Sort of OT, but:

My daughter's kindergarten class had a "Spring" Egg Hunt this morning. The teachers were concerned that some kids wouldn't get enough eggs, so they decided that after the hunt all the kids had to dump their eggs back into a big bin and they would be divided out so that each kid had at least six.

Well, then that got complicated because what to do with the leftover eggs? There were clearly going to be more than six for each child.

So the decision was made that each child would hunt eggs until he/she had six. Then they had to stop. Then when all the kids had six, they could go pick up more eggs.

Not sure how that worked out as I couldn't stay any longer and had to get to work.

But before I left I heard a few jokes about Obama and wealth redistribution among the parents, even though I live in a very heavy Obama voting neighborhood.


bad--and others have noticed that the claim that he had to bend to reach the king is belied by the frames showing the king held his hand high up for Obama.

Old Lurker

And Bad, your story there is all part of the problem. Exactly part of the problem.

Clarice, you are so right about the long standing tradition in this country of kids doing better than their parents. I cannot make the math work on that continuing anymore for two reasons: a) we have so borrowed against their futures for cash already spent and for unfunded promises about future spending that the kids simply will not be able to produce enough to fund it all, and b) socialisim simply cannot be as productive as the system it is replacing, and if we ever needed a kick in gross production, it is now. Ain't gonna happen.

Robert Altman (the Clinton money guy and always a good lib) spoke the other day and quietly spoke to these points. He was the first from the left that I have heard who predicts a "new normal" growth for our changed economy - when we eventually return to positive growth - to be but 1-2% long term. NOBODY can make the math work for the next generation with that puny growth. Not to mention making the math work on the idiot's budget.

Did I mention how screwed we are?


Porch, sharing the Easter egg hunt bounty is nothing new. Years ago, in 4 yr. old pre-K, my oldest was allowed to gather as many as he could but afterwards everything was divied up equally.

Many of the children simply didn't see the eggs laying openly on the ground. The teachers said the hunt took forever if everyone waited for each of the kids to gather a certain amount.

I was shocked. And very busy trying to keep my two yr. old from snatching up the eggs.

Fresh Air

This idiot Mediacrat in the sidebar says he is "Fighting for People, Not Corporations." Does he even know that legally a corporation is a person? Don't answer that.

Yeah, this country has been pretty much taken over by a combination of idiots, homegrown Marxists and imported Marxists from Mexico. I think we need an IQ test for voting.


The Arab school of protocol. Bowing lessons.


That's funny you had the same experience, bad. (Glad I didn't have my two year old in tow!) How on earth do the kids not see the eggs in plain sight?

We have egg/candy hunts every year at our daycare Easter party (which is actually called an Easter party not a Spring party) and the kids are all ages and it's a total free-for-all. It works out because the little ones are perfectly happy with five measly pieces of candy while the big kids clean up.

Pinatas are similar. My politically correct eco-mom SIL once put only toys in her son's birthday pinata, no candy. ALL the kids were wailing afterwards because they thought all the other kids got candy and they didn't. She might as well have filled it with toothbrushes, that's how unhappy they were. It was hilarious. She had the sense not to do it again the next year.


Clarice, Hot Air and Jake Tapper combine to point out another Obama lie,,,er === strawman.



ha ha Porch, that pinata story is priceless.

When our kids were little, many parents thought everybody should help the birthday kid open the presents at birthday parties. Stupid beyond belief!! At one kid's party, several who "helped" the birthday child open his presents threw screaming fits because they couldn't keep what they opened.

Some people are nuts.


Yeah--it's getting hard to tell who is crazier--Obama or the media.


It's tme for Scrappleface:



Sadly, Tapper's co-blogger Yunji DeNies tweeted that pretend question as straight news:

asked why skies didn't open and waters didn't part when potus came to eu, wh: "we"re investigating that"12:18 AM Apr 7th from mobile web

I don't understand what she's doing at Political Punch. Besides acting as Michelle Obama's PR agent, I mean.

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