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April 08, 2009



So ... how many kids, knowing they can't keep all the eggs they collect, will just stand there and wait until the teachers divide them up?


fd, my kid didn't know until after the fact that he had to "share." Neither did any of the others. It would have been interesting to note, though.


Geez Maybee. Tweet is sure turning out to be interesting.


fdcol--I'd like the name of those kids--Mr PUK and I want to hire them--out kind of folks.

Big Fur Hat is in on the fun:



Great cartoon from Big Fur Hat. LOL


That is what Iran means by "A more friendly attitude by America".


BTW Karl Rove tweeted me this morning to say he was following me. I was so flattered - I wish I had something interesting to say.


Very Cool, Jane!! Mark AND Karl....


I liked Russia's statement that Iran did not pose a threat to the US.

Yeah, that's a credible and unbiased opinion. LOL


If you haven't already, you should read the comparison of Kim jong Il to our president in the LUN.

It's a tough call who is greater!

Ignatz Ratzkywatzky

So ... how many kids, knowing they can't keep all the eggs they collect, will just stand there and wait until the teachers divide them up?

Our church would do the same thing every year when our daughter was tiny. I didn't notice any welfare cohort in the crowd waiting for their unjust deserts or any young Say's law adherants waiting for supply to create its own demand.

Not sure how strong the correllation of incentives applies to kids having fun.


"It's a tough call who is greater!"

Whichever can get their Dong to stay up.


RE: egg hunts--at Colin's school the kids pick a color out of a basket and are told to go get 6,7 or 8 (depending on what's available) it's hunting and counting and fun for the kiddoes. If Bullies try to fill up with more, they sit for a while. Then everyone gets to hunt for a few with their names on it(more fun and reading)

Clarice-you have been on the bootlicking bow since it happened! I think it was a sub-conscious level thing--he grew up with a muslim parent, and his Rev.Wright connection was cozy with Farrakhan--although his camp thinks most people have forgotten. Would love to see him bowing to Farrakhan in an old pic-not to prove he's of the Islamic faith, but that he is a constant liar and true narcissist!


There is a sizeable Muslim community in a nearby town.The men always shake hands with each other,they never bow!


glenda, I won't pretend to know why he did it. I know it is wrong and that it has negative consequences around the globe.

I also know the anonymous WH staffer who denied he bowed made a mistake. It just draws attention to the error.


He was trying to be cool in Europe. No ignorant American behavior for cosmopolitan Obama!!


The Hill:

[[["These acts of piracy off of Somalia’s coastline may seem surreal, but they’re all too real and a thorough policy debate is long overdue," said Sen. John Kerry (D-Mass.) in a statement. "When Americans, including at least one from Massachusetts, are endangered, you’ve got a complicated and dangerous international situation brewing, and that includes questions about a hot-pursuit policy on Somalia’s coastline."]]]

John Kerry is gonna get the pirates. Aaargh!!!


Yeah--that's an idea..Outfit him , stick him on a boat and have him patrol the Somali coast with his band of brothers.


Yeah well according to Don Surber, the President is voting "present" on the pirate thing.


Oops - LUN


Obama's bow has the potential of making a major impact politically.

A friend of mine, "lambi," had just posted a comment at a blog to the effect that "if it's not such a big deal, why are you going to so much effort to claim it didn't happen," when the White House denial came out.

Lambi has been showing the video to many people had it's had eye-opening impact on several Obama supporters who may not be moving rapidly toward the non-supporter category.

It's often hard to know what incident will have a major impact politically but this one is probably much more significant than the Washington "elite" wants to believe it to be.

The White House denial will only magnify that impact.


This just matches Obama's pattern of lying, it would seem. Whether denying Bill Ayers 3 times before the cock crowed twice or covering up his Columbia transcript or hiding his political views from the mass of the public before the election, the man just doesn't know how to call a spade a spade.....

JM Hanes

Of all the bandwagons John Kerry has tried to jump on, at least piracy is one that's worth pursuing. Whether he's willing to undertake the hard part once the headlines fall off the front page is another matter, of course.


On capitalism's favorables being down to 53% per cent: "Capitalists" have a particularly bad name right now. If you ask people whether they believe in free markets or government control, the numbers look much, much better.

"As long as this situation continues.... unless there's a major change...."

That sounds a lot like the passive voice Obama uses! I'm afraid the newly despondent fatalists among us face the usual three choices: Lead, follow, get out of the way.


One of the most egregious parental instructions I've heard came from an actual friend of mine who would send her kids to birthday parties, but make them promise not to eat the birthday cake, and ask the hosting parents not to give them any. Sheesh.


Surely I'm not the only one who sees a tragi/comic mental image of the junior Senator from Massachusets, the right honorable Herman Munster, with an eye patch, a hook for a hand and a parrot on his shoulder, the instant his name and 'pirates' appear in the same sentence.


Jeez, Ignatz, I just inhaled my soda. Too funny! Yeah, I can picture Herman just as you describe!

O/T: I see our pals DoT and Maybee over at Tapper's place doing a great job. The latest was Hilary and Bambi getting caught having a tete-a-tete at the girls' playground equipment.


My son had a soccer coach who always asked the kids to applaud for the other team after a loss. ("Yay, Roberts and Sons Plumbing and Heating!") Once, when they were up by about five goals, she told the forwards to stop scoring.

All the boys were pissed about both things, and judging by mine, they haven't forgotten this, years later. I didn't have to comment at all.

Old Lurker

JMH: "I'm afraid the newly despondent fatalists among us face the usual three choices: Lead, follow, get out of the way."

Hmmm not sure about those limited choices. Since despondent includes a degree of depression, that probably fits me since I am truly sad that the system that has worked so well for previous generations (and me) appears to be slipping away. But despondent, particularly coupled with the word fatalist, implies a certain resignation and inaction, and that is not the case at all with my crowd.

Since private property, contract rights, and particularly capital are not safe here now and not likely to become safe any time soon, we are simply moving it away from the line of fire. That's challenging, very challenging actually, and requires all the skills employed to accumulate it in the first place, so it's actually kind of fun to be so engaged. And since there is now a next generation of young adults at the table with us, it is additionally satisfying to build something offshore for and with the kids that will be beyond the reach of the looters (hat tip to Atlas since Rand was the topic earlier today) when they come looking for more money to spend.

So maybe that qualifies as "leading" at least a small group of like minded evil capitalists.

Would be happy to "follow" if one could point us toward a leader.

Or maybe it's just "getting out of the way" of the freight train rushing toward those who pay the bills for the 54% (and rising) who do not.

JM Hanes

Old Lurker:

I suppose I should have included optioin #4, which would be doing nothing. As long as you rise to the challenge, I don't really think it matters much how you do it (meaning "you" in the general sense). What worries me is hearing things that sound a lot like "we're lost and gone forever." That was my reaction when I read V.D. Hansen's Thoughts About Depressed Americans too.

JM Hanes

I'm not sure why my link didn't survive the preview:
Thoughts About Depressed Americans.

Old Lurker

Yes, I agree with you on that, JMH.

It is all sad, though, and I'm not happy about it, that's for sure!


Nothing would make me happier thatn to think something like the bow got thru the media's iron curtain protecting Obama.


I will leave you with this tought for Easter.If Jesus was a Community Organiser,was Judas a Whistleblower?



The image of the bow REALLY is having an amazing impact with people who are "not political junkies." The ones I'm referring are typically blue collar and often are Reagan Democrats, at least here in Wyoming. I really believe that will prove true around much of the country.

The fact that a lot of voters are unsophisticated doesn't mean that they lack a strong feeling of love and respect for this country.

Lambi and I have been so amazed at how powerful the reaction is, we're planning to burn the video(s) to a 100 CDs or so and pass them out. It's a bit of a contribution to a "viral distribution" that doesn't rely on the videos staying on YouTube.

We know a dozen or so over-the-road truckers who will probably react quite strongly to the image -- at least based on how the first three of them reacted --- and I expect them to want to carry a "few" of the CDs along with them. A LOT of truckers have laptops with them these days.

I don't mean to suggest that this is THE ANSWER to the Obama/MSM Cabal, but it is certainly part of the the answer. It's a powerful image that a lot of people can understand in seconds. Many of the other issues take "more than a bit" of explaining.

I think it's really important to get the videos distributed as widely as possible.

Any other efforts along these lines will, I think, be "in the right direction."

Terry Gain

The bow was a rookie mistake. TM


It was an irrestible impulse. Calling it a rookie mistake is a rookie mistake.

And it wasn't really a bow. It was more like a genuflection.


Thanks for sharing that , Ralph. It's nice to know these efforts are not falling on deaf ears.


The bow isn't having any impact here.

(she said sadly)


Kerry, huh. Goin' after another purple heart?

JM Hanes

I think purple prose is as far as he'll ever get again, sbw.


---every time I see the photo, I think it's more outrageous.---

every time I see the photo, I think it's more nauseating.

By the way, don't African Americans have a special alergy to being submissive? Don't they generally want respect? After being freed, you would think that they would be even more reluctant to bow. Especially when you think that Muslims did and still do slave trading.

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