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April 29, 2009



Here ya go, cc:

MICHELLE OBAMA photo | Michelle Obama

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But whew! That is one fetching pic.


Hm, it was there a minute ago...


And there it is again. Go Typepad.


If I read that Bloomberg link on the GM situation correctly, it seems that part of the proposal involves the UAW also giving up half its pension claims. So that kind of explains (qualitatively at least) the discrepancy between the equity that the UAW would get vs. what the bondholders would get. But if the bondholders claims are senior to the pensions, they're still getting ripped off, and ought to reject the proposal.


Tapper has FOUR different posts up on Joe Bidens gaffe this morning and all of the WH spin to try to clear up his statement.

GOOD GRIEF!! It's Joe Biden!! No one takes him seriously. The WH is creating a bigger problem than previously existed.


Thanks Ex, but I will stick to simple comments.

Such as . . . does she look absolutely evil or what?

Beauty IS in the eye of the beholder. Maybe she would have looked "softer" if it had been in color?


Wow, that is one unflattering pic.


No, bad, they did that when they picked him, but they've accentuated the problem.
Did anyone notice, who People left off the list, even from stock footage.


narciso, she's against abortion for her Down's Syndrome child. She can't possibly be beautiful.


That's an excellent point, narc. Apparently beauty wasn't actually an important criterion in choosing the worlds most "beautiful" people, judging by many of the winners.

Captain Hate

Wow, that is one unflattering pic.

That's what happens when you take Lieutenant Worf out of uniform. Poor Bo must be traumatized being around that, although having dealt with the beautiful Kennedys.....

Old Lurker

Rick, two things:

That line "in their own interest or that of the country" makes my blood boil. The bondholders, in objecting to being raped, ARE acting in their own interest and ultimately for us all. But watch that line...we will see it again and again (Biden: do the patriotic thing: pay higher taxes.)

"deteriorating and a decelerating pace" reminds me of jumping off a 300' bridge with 275' (before stretching) of bungie cord. You are still dead, but your smashed body will settle 25' above the ground.


-Apparently Obama was incorrect about Churchill and the Brits. Gateway Pundit has a link to photos of Germans who had been tortured at Bad Nenndorf after the war was over.-

Not only that, but one of the most shameful, and little known, incidents in British history was after the war forceably returning several hundred thousand Soviet POWs and refugees to almost certain death, torture and imprisonment in the gulag.

Old Lurker

"and" = "at".

Call me Clarice


Operation Keelhawl, I know of it Ignatz, a future British Prime Minister, MacMillan, was involved in that. Nicholas Tolstoy, failed untimately in the libel suit, which goes to show you, the value of the truth in Britain; re; George Galloway. it even made it into the backstory of a James Bond film

Captain Hate


Not to sound like Bammers but we were complicit in that also, including sending back the Kulaks who Stalin couldn't wait to get his hands on. Some of them committed suicide rather than return.


Maybe she would have looked "softer"

It would have looked 'softer' with a dozen layers of gauze... or a wad of newsprint in front of the lens.


Thanks Rick for the link.

"Their failure to act in either their own economic interest or the national interest..." sets my teeth on edge. It is looking like the fight is going to get nasty. Wonder if Obama is going to announce at the press conference that they are going to inject more money into the company to keep it out of bankruptcy? Is the filing a done deal?


Oh, definitely with a "wad of newspaper," especially if it was the NY Times.


-The company would file for bankruptcy in New York under Section 363(b) of Chapter 11 of the bankruptcy code, which allows for a "quick rinse" or "surgical" bankruptcy.

The company's good assets would be auctioned -- likely purchased by the U.S. Treasury -- while the bad assets would be left behind in bankruptcy court to be liquidated.-

The above is from your link on Chrysler's demise. If accurate, I presume this is another case of bailout nation paying off bankers. The only reason for the Treasury to buy it that I can see is an effort to recover the value of what was already sunk into it via TARP. So the Treasury ends up owning the darn thing anyway but we get to pay for it twice; brilliant.
And we then have Twerpo Timmy and our crooked car czar trying to whip it into shape to resell or perhaps they'll just keep it?
Seems like the perfect job for this bunch; car salesmen.

Here's a primer on Section 363 BK's. Kind of interesting.


-Not to sound like Bammers but we were complicit in that also-

Yeah I know Cap'n. But as I recall, and I may be wrong, the vast majority were in the actual custody of the Brits who were adamant that we trun them over, while some of the US crowd was considerably more reluctant to.


Keep up the "analysis", conservative columnists. It is Teh Funny.

Captain Hate

Ignatz, you might be right but I read a book on the whole shameful episode a while back and yes, there were people from the US and also some Brits who were sympathetic to their certain plight. Maybe there were more under Brit control but I also think Churchill was more aware of just how evil and untrustworthy Stalin was. In both cases Stalin took advantage of politicians dealing with populations that just wanted the damn war over and done with. Kind of like what got us in our current wonderful situation....

hit and run

How's the job search going, BTW?

Impeccable timing. Nothing set in stone yet, but.

My sister in law and her husband came for a visit for spring break. While here, brother in law said I should look at his company for a job -- and he could wield whatever influence he could muster.

I found one that looked like a good fit. He did his wielding -- and just 20 minutes ago I got off of a phone interview with the company.

They haven't even seen my resume yet, nor have I applied to the job...it's just been the word of mouth thing. We chatted for 20 minutes, and they are bypassing the recruiter/screening process and having me come out for an interview. And while we were ending the call she said quite excitedly, "I'll owe your brother in law BIG TIME if this works out!"

We'll see.

Supergenius Biden, just told everyone not to ride the subways or do air travel

Actually, that came up. She was concerned about sticking me on a plane right now. Heck, I'd drive (it's Texas), but I don't know if they want to reimburse me $0.55/mile to do that.

Well. Thanks all for the thoughts and prayers.


Lots of luck, Hit! We would be thrilled to have you and your family here in Texas.

Old Lurker

"Thanks all for the thoughts and prayers"

Well Hit you know you have those from all of us.

But damn...food stamps...or owing your BIL bigtime. Not easy to do that math!


Hit, awesome news!! We'll continue praying for a good fit for you in a job and your family's adjustment to a new location, if need be.

Old Lurker

Porch, my TX contingent was in DC for the wedding. I told them that if you guys keep that tax revolt thing going, all my northeast pals are dumping our houses and coming your way. Look for your house prices to spike as TX becomes our tax haven. Can we get numbered bank accounts there?


I don't know about numbered bank accts but come on down, OL! The Lyle Lovett song is no joke - TX really is a welcoming place.

Rick Ballard


I'm not sure that it's bankers being protected. I find the dearth of analysis concerning the actual state of financial health of the big pension funds to be rather sickening. The Fed/Treasury shell game has given them a nice rosy glow since the collapse but I believe that people are finally beginning to ponder how Ben might accomplish a "quick turnaround" after having pumped out an ocean of cash. The Fed is buying longer maturities but the Treasury flood has overcome the Fed's efforts to tamp down yield.

There's definitely a light at the end of the tunnel but that increasing hum coming from the tracks is a tad worrisome.


-Well. Thanks all for the thoughts and prayers.-

More going your way, Hit.
Kind of a funny parallel with my family. A good friend and her daughter moved back here from North Carolina last fall. They've been staying with us the whole time as house guests while she looks for work.
After a couple of prospects fell through because of the economy she starts fulltime and permanent tomorrow, so maybe that's a good omen for you too.


-I'm not sure that it's bankers being protected.-

Rick, what I meant by that was why would the Treasury bid (per the article) except to ensure that a higher than otherwise price was paid for the assets.

An interesting excerpt from a CNBC story:

The bondholder group released a statement saying:

"As of last night’s deadline, we were part of a group of approximately 20 relatively small organizations; we represent many of the country’s teachers unions, major pension and retirement plans and school endowments who have invested through us in senior secured loans to Chrysler. Combined, these loans total about $1 billion. None of us have taken a dime in TARP money."

"We have a fiduciary responsibility to all those teachers, pensioners, retirees and others who have entrusted their money to us," the bondholder group also said. "Much as we empathize with Chrysler's other stakeholders, the capital is just not ours to contribute to their cause by accepting a deal that is outside the well established legal framework and cannot be rationalized as being commercially reasonable."

Old Lurker

"Much as we empathize with Chrysler's other stakeholders, the capital is just not ours to contribute to their cause by accepting a deal that is outside the well established legal framework and cannot be rationalized as being commercially reasonable."

Great quote, Ignatz. They must have followed our discussion here yesterday about Fiduciary Duty & Liability...

Old Lurker

Kudlow on RCP, speaking of the One's 100 days: "This looks very much like a war against investors, businesses, and entrepreneurs. Shareholder rights are being eviscerated. Political decisions are replacing the rule of law, the rule of bankruptcy courts, and free-market principles."

Do the phrases "bear market rally" and "dead cat bounce" come to mind?



Thanks for the BK link. I don't see how they can be re-structured and come out as an ongoing concern. This is going to collapse what few sales they were making. I'm also curious if the non-TARP fund managers are going to make an issue out of Chyrsler's TARP money and all TARP creditors. The powers that Treasury is aggregating to themselves via TARP (and the Administration through the Car Czar) haven't been tested in court, and I don't see how those issues can be cleaved off as the valuable parts of Chyrsler are bought up by the Treasury.

Seems like any auction the Treasury and Chrysler would hold would be riddled full of self-dealing and conflicts and the secured bondholders, outside of TARP and the UAW, would file an injuction to stop them. I'd also think that government's heavy hand would also start to spook Fiat or any other buyers that might be willing to buy the assets.



By chance, are any of your job hunting prospects in the Morehead City Area of North Carolina? If so, please let me know. Thanks.

hit and run

No...nothing there. RDU area is about all I've been doing/seeing in NC. But you have me intrigued...


That's good to hear, hit and run.

Here's some commentary I found on the President's putting,



I am so happy Tiger didn't let himself get sucked into a round with The WOn. I was worried I was going to have to adjust my adoration a bit.

Is any example involving blacks and Obama too fraught with emotion? Well, suppose white evangelicals supported Bush's adventures in the Middle East because, although the issues were over their heads, they trusted a God-fearing Christian to do the right thing. In such a scenario, neither McCain nor Romney could pick up Bush's banner, even if they backed the same policies. One might say that Bush's position was less popular than it appeared.

One might say that but one would be saying something silly. And I can recall a lot of silly things being said back then but I don't recall anyone saying anything like that. I'd like to have seen the reaction if some well known liberal blogger or columnist had made the argument in the lead up to the Iraq war that overwhelming support for it amongst white Evangelicals or any other group of white Christians meant that it wasn't actually as popular as the polls indicated. They would have rightly concluded that the author was discounting their opinion based on their identity and made a stink. Picture Bill Donohue losing it on O'Reilly if it had been said about Catholics. Actually, impossible to picture because as much as he likes to portray Catholics as victims such things are just not said in the first place. Nice try but this just doesn't make any sense and what York said was blatantly racist.


You're a coward for deleting my comment.


lawnguylander, no one is deleting posts except some defective software.

If your comments are disappearing try deleting everything from the URL box and eliminate all links.

good luck


You're a coward for deleting my comment.

You can take that back anytime, Lawnguylander, since your comment is clearly displayed above.


Ever time I refresh this thread I see that awful picture of Michelle. Scary cc!


"This looks very much like a war against investors, businesses, and entrepreneurs. Shareholder rights are being eviscerated. Political decisions are replacing the rule of law, the rule of bankruptcy courts, and free-market principles."

I thought this was said about the Chavez regime in Venezuela a while back.


You know Ann, it is one of those kind of pictures that get scarier with each new viewing.


"What could it possibly mean? Gosh - how about, on some issue black voters support the man rather than the position, and if a white Democrat takes a similar position he will find less-than-expected support. "

This is not what he meant. I know this because he wrote a follow-up post to explain what he meant. This is what he meant:

"I wrote my post because of the striking numbers in the New York Times poll. Those numbers raise a question: What if a president were wildly popular with one group, and only middlingly popular with another group and yet was often portrayed as being hugely popular with the whole group? It seems worthwhile to point that out that there are differences within the group -- something that is done all the time with political polls. The president's job approval ratings are what they are -- the Times had him at 69 percent approval -- but the numbers inside the numbers are striking."

"So I wrote that citing Obama's "sky-high ratings among African-Americans make some of his positions appear a bit more popular overall than they actually are." I thought the word "overall" conveyed the idea that there was a difference between the total job-approval number and the complexities of opinion of Obama on various issues. "

He is not talking about the difference between approval of the man and the difference between approval of the policies. He is using "Obama" and "his policies" interchangeably.


from now on, swine flu will be known as a contingency operation.



I looked at the post, and it notes that Biden is a member of Merion. Having caddied there way back when, it was the height of Episcopalian Main Line elitism. It was also very expensive and very exclusive in all senses. I wonder how Biden on his salary can afford it.

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