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April 14, 2009


Thomas Collins

Iran or al-Qaeda or both may have nukes and delivery systems sooner rather than later, and the Obama Administration plans to cut back on missile defense systems and on our most effective aircraft. Brilliant grand strategists, those folks are.


One thing you can say about Iran, N Korea and al-Qaeda, they know weakness when they see it. And boy are they seeing it.

Patrick R. Sullivan

Hey, get with it! We're over our inordinate fear of jihad.


Have I mentioned recently that Zero sucks?


All the Taliban have to do is infiltrate Pakistan's nuclear forces now. The whole country is irreversibly screwed up and makes India look like Switzerland.


I don't know what you guys are talking about.

Jack Cafferty and Bill Schneider of CNN just said that a new CNN Poll has Americans believing the Obama Administration is making us more safe, not less, so everything is Kumbaya and you guys are all just being alarmists.

LTC John

Of course, the further they go from Afghanistan, the harder it is for them to get there and the longer they are vulnerable to being discovered by our ISR stuff. Unfortunately, this won't be much help to Pakistan, however. So much for their thoughts of keeping all this stuff on the "Frontier".

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