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April 03, 2009



Don't let down your card. This is a setback not yet a defeat for the cap and tax crowd.

Max Power

If it's brown flush it down,
If it's green...um...something about a spleen?




Carp and Trade is the newest method of legal theft that the left has dreamed up and there is no chance, IMO, that the Left will give up this opportunity to steal from the American public. Like Clarice says, we must never let our guard down. They'll change the name, place it inside some other bill in the middle of the night, get ACORN to count the votes, etc, but they will never let go of another way to steal from America.

richard mcenroe

Thug explains new banking rules


Cap and Trade, taxes on CO2 producers. Whatever.

The courts have just agreed the the EPA can regulate (I thinks this is the word)CO2 emissions. With this power they can close down most of the power stations in this country.


In Supertrampese, it's Crisis, What Crisis? meets Crime Of The Century.

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