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April 21, 2009



Got to give them credit, TM. They've managed to repeal the law of supply and demand..If prices tumble when more of a product is available it's because the sellers are generous to their consumers and when they rise, it's because they're rapacious..Simple to understand.

BTW the times gave an over $5 million bonus to the CFO who manages the paper into even greater debt last quarter. How about writing Pinch and letting him know I'd run the paper into the ground for a LOT less?

Charlie (Colorado)

is the Times reading the same union accord I am reading?

They don't have to read it. Since they're the Times, what they say is automatically what right-thinking people think, whether it makes a lick of sense or not.


SEIU have become one of the most powerful unions in just a few short years. They have done this through unionizing custodians, hotel housekeepers, clerical staff etc. They are very heavily immigrant dependent.


Unions, like Democrats, are probably seeing more people added to their roles if they allow massive immigration and legalization.

It does show you that Unions have no clue as to how a free market works. The more workers, the lower the wage scale. If Unions keep a grip on production as they have at GM and Chrysler, the jobs will go overseas. There is nothing for unions to gain by allowing increased competition for jobs. Obama is relying on his media lapdogs not to tell this.


Since it takes 36 different permits at a cost of millions of dollars to dig an exploratory oil well, and since Environmental Judges have now forestalled any new Alaskan drilling and economically driven the oil companies out of the country, will Big Oil still be the boogie man when Oil prices rise at the pump, or will the media and Administration have to find a new boogie man to pin the blame on?

Fresh Air

Well, you're seeing a microcosm of the union way of thinking. Just get all us good guys on board the ship and then haul up the gangplanks. Unions do restrict others from working by their absurd journeymen/apprentice rules and wage scales, just as they plan to allow Jose who got here the day before amnesty and repel Jose's brother, who didn't.

Unions exist purely for the purpose of extracting above-market wages and benefits through cartelization of labor. The way they make this sausage, however, can't even be fully defended by the likes of Paul Krugman.


In March 2008, Obama told the Orange County rally:

"Number two, we do have to have control of our borders. Number three, that people who have been here for a long time and put down roots here have to have some mechanism over time to get out of the shadows, because if they stay in the shadows, in the underground economy, then they are oftentimes pitted against American workers. Since they can't join a union, they can't complain about minimum wages, et cetera, they end up being abused, and that depresses the wages of everybody, all Americans.

The SEIU is heavily pro-immigration.


The SEIU also once had visions of unionizing banks.


Charlie (Colorado)

will Big Oil still be the boogie man when Oil prices rise at the pump, or will the media and Administration have to find a new boogie man to pin the blame on?

That's a rhetorical question, right?


Nothing new. The US union leaderships have been endorsing illegal immigration for many years.

They don't call it illegal. But they clearly want unskilled, impoverished people pouring into the country. It is the best way to increase union power.

Illegals, as a group, view unions much more favourably than Americans. The reasons are both cultural and economic.

Given the chance the very poor will unionise first and analyse the long run costs to society rather later.


SEIU still has visions of unionizing banks.


I think we should encourage the Democrats to try to shove amnesty etc. down our throats. I think this is the one issue that really unites conservatives and Republicans and would galvanize so much opposition Obama might not be able to get anything else done like socialized medicine, etc. The blood letting inside the Democratic party itself would also be fun to watch.


SEIU still has visions of unionizing banks.

Judging by the reports coming from Marathon Pundit, the unions have a major push on right now that will allow them to use the govt bailout money to push unions on to the bank workers.

The Service Employees International Union, an organization with more than 2 million members, and Change To Win Investment Group, a union pension fund that owns BofA shares, are making the BofA effort a top priority for the next two weeks. Union reps will appear on TV news shows and produce YouTube videos, circulate "fact sheets" on the bank, host petitions and protests outside bank offices and offer to make disgruntled BofA employees available to reporters to push their message.
Why is SEIU picking a fight with America's largest bank?

Believe it or not, it involves the so-called Employee Free Choice Act, better known as card check

SEIU envisions dues-paying unionized bank teller filling its treasury

Now Marathon Pundit has a new post up showing AFSCME has jumped in also-AFSCME among groups calling for firing Citigroup board members


Timesworld advertising revenue is down 27%. At this rate, it will soon be worth what I pay for it.


More than 7 million illegal aliens are holding down jobs in the construction, manufacturing and service industries.

Those are the jobs being sought (yes, this is the same number) by more than 7 million unemployed American workers who have no more than a high school education.

Why would the unions turn their backs on unemployed American workers?

Because backing illegal foreign workers -- and foreign workers in general -- is where the money is. Even for unions.

The Ford Foundation -- the prime backer of higher immigration, more foreign workers and rewards for illegal immigration for 40 years -- has announced that it is pouring $30 MILLION into immigration efforts the next 18 months.

And that is just one of dozens of foundations who are pulling out all the stops to pass an amnesty this year.

The announcement today by the national union leaders is part of this coordinated effort.

What is the business of unions?

Union dues.

The mission of American unions may have been to improve the working situation for American workers but the BUSINESS is union dues.

About the only kind of growth in the union business for a long time has been in unionizing foreign workers. The unions made especially strong in-roads among illegal workers. Thanks to a loophole in the 1986 law that made it illegal to hire an illegal alien, it is perfectly legal for a union to provide membership to an illegal alien. But the unions are hopeful that they will be able to get union dues out of a lot more of the 8 million illegal aliens if an amnesty can be secured for them.

-Roy Beck, NumbersUSA http://www.numbersusa.com/content/nusablog/beckr/april-15-2009/why-did-the-unions-today-choose-7-million-illegal-aliens-over-7-million

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