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April 22, 2009



Perhaps, but whose ponderous rump is that in the background?

Tom Maguire

What kind of an internet are we running that a full ten minutes after I posted this there is still no monumental flood of traffic crashing the site?


TM, I took special care not to click on the link at the Hot Air post talking about some topless photo of O yesterday, and now here I am looking at this wretched photo thanks to you!


In the words of the Great Feldman - PHEH!

Charlie (Colorado)

At least they're not holding hands.


Lake Michigan looks a lot better than I remember it.


Guess what's his face has another tingle running up his leg..............

Nasty McFierce

Looks ripped to me.


Hmmm, let's see.... skinny guy with slight paunch, spaghetti arms and legs. No great muscle tone, and Boy! is Michelle's booty ever big! Wowzer! She must have lost some weight, because even though it is still quite generous, it was Shamu LARGE in this photo. I would recommend no more rear bathing suit photos for her, unless they do some photoshopping for her.


Is Obama crumpling up the Constitution in his left hand, or is it only his original Kenyan birth certificate? (Kidding!)


I think this is on the sand in Kailua, during teh one's vacation last year during the holidays.


Barry needs a little HGH.

bill ayers

He's so hot!


I don't see Michelle. The lady in the bathing suit doesn't have enough bow in her legs to be Michelle.


Bush could kick his ass any day of the week.
Laura that is.

Ronnie Coleman

obama needs a "bro" and michelle could play linebacker for the raiders.


So, now Putin and Bammy have even MORE in common.


BO looks like a bobblehead doll with that huge head.


I agree with Sue, the woman in the background isn't Michelle - she is too evenly proportioned. M is quite WIDE at the hips and bowl legged.


O doesn't have moobs in this picture.

Was it photoshopped?


Look again Charlie


except Putin actually knows how to kick ass and interrogate bad guys.


IN an interesting discussion on local talk yesterday, Senator Begich's spokesperson was going on and on about how wonderful the Stimulus Bill was for America. Host wasn't buying it, and asked the question, "Name a business in America thats doing better as a result of The Stimulus Bill's passage?"
Hemming and hawing went on until a caller called in and answered, "My business is doing unbelievably better."
"And what do you do?" asked the host.
"I run a gun shop!"

Thomas Collins

See LUN for a better Prez bathing suit photo.


"I run a gun shop"

Made my day!

Thomas Collins

Whoops! Maybe the web site doesn't LUN. Let's try again.


News at the top of the hour has fawning Press coverage of an Obama speech at a windmill power construction site.

So while we praise his initiative at solving our domestic energy needs for upcoming Earth Day, just a reminder that China, which also has energy needs, has just within the last month;

-signed a $300 million deal with GM to build a natural gas pipeline west to east across the country.

-signed a $25 Billion deal with the Russians to build an oil pipeline to China from Russia.

-had Westinghouse pour concrete for the most modern nuclear power plant in the world.

And by the way, on arrival at the new Shanghai airport from the South you fly over about a 100 state of the art windmill generating turbines. With all those windmills, producing all that energy, why in the world would the Chinese think they need energy options in Oil, Natural Gas, and Nuclear Power? I guess they're just not as enlightened as we are.


Gosh ... even wearing just swimming trunks, he looks just like the Marxist-Socialist, anti-American, anti-Western, anti-Semitic, Muslim-loving, terrorist-sympathizing, black separationist, wealth redistributionist, naive Carter-wannabee that he actually is.


I'm not surprised to see that Obama doesn't cast a shadow. Probably no reflection in a mirror either.


Is it me,or has the sun bleached his skin somewhat?


I've got a ten dollar bill that says Perez Hilton and Andrew Sullivan have both put the above photo on their PC's as screensavers.

Then again, we all know Sullivan desperately wants to have Obama's baby.



What's with this "Ken doll-ification" of the American male? Mattel introduced the Ken (Barbie's fictional boyfriend) doll in 1961. Barack Obama was born in 1961. Coincidence? I think not. ;)



I just heard Obama on the radio stating that "The policies of this Administration will put us on the path to Energy Independence". And, you just gotta go, Huh?


My goodness TM, post a new topic (even tho we don't need one). You've got to get this guy off the first page.


This must be his trip to Hawaii in winter 2006.


Charlie, love your president-in-a-bathing suit photo!



Consider the administrations actions to date on energy policy:

. Closure of Yucca Mountain nuclear waste site
. Banning offshore drilling in CA/FL
. Banning drilling in Alaska
. Threatening coal fired producers with
. closing off Wyoming/Colo shale oil

Now look what he did today. In a factory where 15,000 people used to build refrigerators, 90 people today make pylons for wind energy. In his address, he urged each of us Americans to replace one incandescent bulb with a CFL.He thinks that this, checking our tire pressure, and windmills are going to make us energy independent. This is this kook's energy policy. he is surely smoking crack.


Doesn't sweat, doesn't cast a shadow... Someone check his back for wings.

Sara (Pal2Pal)

So he is another skinny guy with the body of a 15 year old boy not quite done with puberty?

Sara (Pal2Pal)

If you have small children in your home and use CFRs, you should be arrested for child endangerment.

Changing a light bulb shouldn't require a Hazmat response

JM Hanes

Lesley: Ken doll, LOL!

"I guess they're just not as enlightened as we are."

If Obama hadn't been so blinded by the Olympic Village and the Hong Kong airport, surely he'd reverse course on energy policy and adopt the Chinese model.


"Is it me,or has the sun bleached his skin somewhat?"

Having just seen a picture of the newly bronzed over Rahm Emanuel, one might almost think they're trading places.

hit and run

If Obama hadn't been so blinded by the Olympic Village and the Hong Kong airport, surely he'd reverse course on energy policy and adopt the Chinese model.

OHHHH, JMH, what a great conflation!!!!!

Seriously -- if'n I had the gumption, that would make for the most wonderful line of thought...maybe I'll go back and see if I can dig up some old emails about the Olympic Village stuff and generate the gumption...

Arrrggghhh, I've been preoccupied with spring break stuff....what a great http://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/sets/72157616855298642/show/>tax day tea party slide show you put together. We were on the beach in Myrtle, but apparently there were over 3000 folks here in Greensboro. I'm as encouraged as I am impressed by that number.

And I'm just now getting caught up on http://www.quasiblog.com/>QUASIBLOG.

You know what? You're damn smart and a helluva writer.

I shield my jealousness most of the time, this one included, hopefully.

JM Hanes

hit! I was wondering what you were up to! I'd have been thrilled to see you back, even if you weren't positively making my day in every other way too. Hope all the greatest hits are in fine fettle.



You are exactly right about JMH's writing skills. The other day she was so masterfully dissecting some lamebrains argument, that the line that popped into my head while reading it was Howard Cosell screaming out "Down goes Frazier!, Down goes Frazier!, Down goes Frazier! (His classic call of Pro-Boxer Joe Frazier getting Knocked Out by George Foreman.)It was at the tail end of some thread late at midnight, so everybody probably missed it, but just wanted JMH to know how much fun it was to observe her verbal surgery.


She is fantastic..I am in awe!!

hit and run

You're no slouch yourself, Daddy. Your late night narratives on sometimes obscure but always fascinating history are simply sublime. And the more obscure, the better, for my tastes.

Go Tarheels!

James Carney

Fuck you


Voulez Vous?

JM Hanes

I'm going to check back in the morning to see if you guys really said all that stuff or whether it was just a waking fantasy. I'll fall flat on my face somewhere soon enough, but in the meantime, thanks for the kind words!


Heh! And I just complimented JMH on the last thread, not knowing of this fawning session.

Time to cut JMH back to normal size.

Native son

Doesn't impress me. He has a little muscle definition from weights but no real working value. Maybe he should fall some trees like Linclon and spend some time with a double jack hammer. I doubt he could handle that type of strenuous activity and get dirty and sweaty. He just likes to look pretty and fails at that. The country looks at him like a rock star but they need to look again at his mannerisms. something ain't right and he is not like mainstream America black or white.

JM Hanes


"Time to cut JMH back to normal size."

LOL! If I assist by noting what an instructor once characterized as my "turgid complex prose" and apologizing for passions that turn pompous on the page, will you consider suggesting that everyone else just carry on instead?


Michelle reminds me more of Stokely Carmichael in a dress.

Paul A'Barge

I think the white guy is better built.


Looks like half-melted Neopolitan ice cream without the strawberry.


It's photo-shopped. O's head is too big for his body........on second thought, maybe it's not.

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