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April 28, 2009




Yes, I remember that coming out in the trial. I also remember>this.

President Barack Obama has welcomed actor Brad Pitt into the White House for a secret meeting to discuss the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans.

On March 6, 2009, to discuss Katrina, a few year old disaster during Obama's first days in office. Yep, I'm buying it. ::eyeroll::


Someone on one of these thread posted a link to the AF liaison office and I requested info about the joyride on the Hudson but the website wasn't working--at least not to take my question.


Has anyone seen any other mention of the idea that the flyover may have been part of the Salt production?

I ask because a commenter on RightPundits (see comment #3 on this thread) noted it as early as Monday morning at 11 am. Not sure of the time zone, but it couldn't have been posted more than a couple of hours after the flyover concluded. That is awfully soon to have heard a rumor if one isn't privy to inside knowledge...


Someone mentioned it early on the Tapper thread, which is what made me start looking at it. I can't take the credit.

This was a scene from an upcoming movie. Angelina Jolie is in Albany NY filming an the movie 'Salt' where she plays a CIA Agent. They had the whole interstate upstate closed for a car crash scene as well. I wonder if they will scrap the scene now because of the uproar.

Posted by: Jack Frame | Apr 29, 2009 5:14:22 AM


Thanks, MayBee. Coincidentally, that exact comment from Jack Frame at Tapper shows up on the RightPundits thread, too. But it's dated 4/29, whereas the comment from "James" was on 4/27, within an hour or two of of the flyover itself.

Pretty weird if you think about it.


Michelle Malkin has filed two FOIA requests trying to find out who the passengers were.


That is interesting, Porch. I'm glad you found that comment.

In reading over the events of the day, I see the NYTs blog reported that after people evacuated, a man came along with a little megaphone saying it was a "test".


As I said Jack Kemp (not the politician) commented that he'd been in NY the day before (Sunday) and someone was filming the Staten Island ferry from a red helicopter hovering overhead--I am surer and surer this was for a movie and that was part of the Joyride on the Hudson, too.


a man came along with a little megaphone saying it was a "test."

Wow. Some test. This was all pretty meticulously planned if they had people on the ground covering the aftermath.

Another question that I'm sure many others have asked: Why did this need to be done on a weekday when everyone was in the office? Why not Sunday morning? Sure, there are lots of people living in lower Manhattan, but not nearly as many as are working there on Monday morning.


Somewhere I read where a man reported seeing filming of the ferry or the base of the statue during or right after the fly by. Was it Clarice here?


I hate typepad. I swear Clarice's post was not there when I posted mine.

Another question that I'm sure many others have asked: Why did this need to be done on a weekday when everyone was in the office? Why not Sunday morning? Sure, there are lots of people living in lower Manhattan, but not nearly as many as are working there on Monday morning.

That's why the sick side of me says they needed the panic response for the movie. That would be crazy, though.

Keeping it quiet makes no sense either, unless it was something someone would look into and not like (or they wanted panic, which would be crazy).


Since this whole thing seems to be turning into movie related stuff, I don't know what the darn fuss is all about. The">">The GhostBuster's were able to get Miss Liberty ("She's French you know") to tromp all over Broadway just by playing a little disco music, so for a chance to play Putt Putt with Obama and to swap sleeveless fashion tips with Michelle, I would think she'd happily jog all the way to DC for photo-ops, regardless of Air Force One.
We might even get this">">this guy to take her place while she's gone.


It sure would be crazy, MayBee. But I can't think of any other reason unless they just didn't have their pick of times. Maybe the VIP(s) on the 747 preferred a Monday schedule, who knows?


and to swap sleeveless fashion tips with Michelle

LOL, daddy!

Anyone know what the official status of the DC flyover is now? I think as of yesterday some of the reporting said it was still on schedule.


Plus Libby could then tell Obama,

"Monsieur President, Le sign on my pedestal reads "Give me your tired, your poor,
Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free," not "Make us your tired, your poor, your muddled masses yearning to be free."



I put the number, fax, and email to the AF Hollywood office on the other thread to see if you could reach someone that way. I'm still looking for some other information and will post it up if I find anything.

Since the Military Director is a Clinton crony, the likelyhood that he passed up an opportunity to rent out the White House, is ... about as likely as ... Clinton behaving himself at a strip club...Obama making it through a speech without saying um...



Commenter "James" from the RightPundits 4/27 thread shows up at 12:09 pm on 4/27 here at PrisonPlanet with the exact same comment:

Word is that this was filming for an upcoming Angelina Jolie movie entitled “Salt”.

Looks like James was making the blog rounds on Monday morning. Wonder why?


I found him elsewhere too, Porchlight, as "entertainment insider" or some such. Same comment, right away.


Haven't read all the comments yet today so don't know yet if you guys have brought this up, but vaguely recalled a White House Military Chopper landing at a DC area Golf Course early in the Clinton Administration so as to beat traffic to the links for White House Big Shots. (What is it with Dem Admin's and military aircraft. Maybe they honestly took Ron Silver's words to heart "Hey, those are our aircraft now!")

Anyhow, was surprised that searching for further info about that Clinton Helo escapade thru Google, the only mention I could find of it was in this linked comment:

" To: Dixie Yooper. Only if the President is aboard. ... Philip Lader, flew it to Holly Hills Country Club in Fredrick, MD for a round of golf."

That story is from PUK's Mail">">Mail online, where we find Taxpayers angry about Prince William flying a Chinook Helo to his girlfriends back yard at a taxpayer cost of 30,000 pounds, angering both citizens and reporters.

Perhaps we can get some Brit tabloid reporters over here to help us investigate Air Farce One.


This">">This is interesting. It is the official letter from the Clinton White House in 1994 letting us know that the top White House guy tied in with using Official Military Helicopters to travel to golf courses resigned.

"David Watkins, the senior White House official on the trip
to Camp David and the Holly Hills Golf Club in Maryland, has
submitted his resignation to President Clinton, and his
resignation has been accepted."

Standing by to see which Obama-ite bites the dust.


If it was for a movie, it didn't go thru the regular (AF liaison office) channels:

"Ms. Feldman,

Please be advised that this office had no involvement with the fighter escort of AF2 down the Hudson. This was a White House coordinated effort. As a courtesy, I have provided the URL for the press release on this matter. You should direct your inquiries to the White House press office. Thanks."

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