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April 20, 2009



"It was published on April 7th so it must have been written on April 6th, right?


So basically Napolitano doesn't read any of this stuff, she just issues reports that appear to have been written from a google search. Regardless of when it was requested, the resulting report is nothing but political.

JM Hanes

Mike S:

It couldn't matter less who commissioned the report. And even if that were relevant, the left wing installment -- which actually had some specifics attached -- was published back in January, which is when the right wing version would have come out if they had produced it yet. The new one reads like they just spent a lot of time with Google.


um the atrios link is broken

JM Hanes

Funny, that we came away with the same impression, Stavros. My favorite bit in that vein was when they advised that a "prominent civil rights organization" reported -- back in 2006! -- that "large numbers of potentially violent neo-Nais, skinheads, and other white supremacists are now learning the art of warfare in the [U.S.] armed forces."

Large numbers? The "art of warfare"? 2006? Sure sounds like a Google hit to me.

Other "prominent civil rights organizations" have "observed" an increase in anti-Hispanic crimes over the past five years. 1/3 of the crimes consist consist of "Intimidation." Of course, only a right winger would assault an Hispanic.


"Funny, that we came away with the same impression, Stavros."


Well it was pretty obvious...lol

What's amusing is the way that the writer of this report mentions McVeigh four times in the effort to demonize the Right. What a bombing that took place 14 years has to do with "our first african-american president" is beyond me.


Last month GE was awarded a 300 million dollar contract to build a natural">http://www.oilandgaseurasia.com/news/p/0/news/4361/">natural gas pipeline across China.

Yesterday, ">http://westinghousenuclear.mediaroom.com/index.php?s=43&item=183"> Westinghouse poured the first concrete in Sanman, China in constructing the most modern Nuclear Plant ever built.

Today, Russia and China concluded a 25 Billion dollar deal to construct an ">http://ca.news.yahoo.com/s/afp/090421/business/china_russia_economy_oil"> Oil Pipeline from Russia to China to provide China with oil.

Last week, a 3 Judge panel in Washington ">http://www.adn.com/front/story/762894.html"> halted all Alaskan offshore drilling plans due to potential environmental concerns effecting our booming Polar Bear population. Jeff Jones, editor of The Alaska Journal of Commerce said on talk radio today that prior to this recent court action, Oil Companies in Alaska already had to get 36 separate permits for each new exploratory well, at a cost of ten's of millions of dollars, and now with such environmental lawsuits making the task that much more expensive and uncertain, he fully expects the Big Oil Companies to take their business overseas. He also mentioned that industry-wide the likelihood of environmental damage from oil spillage on tankers is 6 times greater than the likelihood of oil spillage and environmental damage from drilling platforms.

Anyone else seeing a pattern here?

Soylent Red

Busy place around here these days. Sure to get busier once the grammar schools break for summer and the Axlerod army mobilizes with juice boxes in hand. So many ugly little teeth gnashing faces to get to know, in between their soccer practices.

Does anyone think it's a little, erm...sad, that the average Iraqi or Afghan has is more positive about American Servicemen than the American President and his administration. Oh yes, yes, I know...We support the Troops, not the war! Support them enough to make them pay for their own catastrophic medical treatment. Support them enough to invade the privacy of their grieving families when they return. Support them enough to surveil them. I feel so...supported.

This is a replay of the Left's salad days in the 1970s, when you couldn't go 17 feet without hearing a breathless MSM story about a crazed vet, or seeing an ABC Movie of the Week depiction of some poor bastard whose life was ruined by that evil Nixon. Whole swathes of social programming were designed to gently fold these poor, poor fucked up bastards into the calming mash of social losers, freeloaders, professional victims. Ron Kovic bought into it so well he became a Democrat celebrity.

Obama better rethink his position on "bringing the troops home". Don't want all those crazy wingers over here stirring up trouble, becoming homeless or addicted, and generally creeping out the latte sippers and dimestore intellectuals running the show now.


"We warned you that the apparatus Bush put into place could be used against you when we got into power.

You didn't listen then; you've got no moral basis for complaining now.

All the big talk about principles and rule of law amounted to nothing while Bush was in office. Nothing but a bunch of hypocrites."

But the left are not hypocrites for using the alleged apparatus instead of removing it.

You are saying,basically,you cannot be trusted.

Cecil Turner

It was published on April 7th so it must have been written on April 6th, right?

Ummm, did you bother reading the thing? Thought not, or you might've noticed this little gem:

A recent example of the potential violence associated with a rise in rightwing extremism may be found in the shooting deaths of three police officers in
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, on 4 April 2009. [emphasis added]
So I'd suspect it was written after the 4th . . . but in any event trying to blame it on Bush is a bit of a stretch.

Are there any intelligent Republicans left, or are all of you as stupid as this dipshit.

Ah, self-parody, my favorite.

Make sure you watch that video, idiot. Meanwhile, I'll continue to laugh at idiots like you . . .

Hilarious. You've got a lefty CIA agent spouting the usual lefty talking points about righties:

Shep: so you're saying listen to views beyond the ones that are your own.

Baker: . . . if all you did was read one paper on the right, take the time to read a paper on the left. I have no idea what paper that might be . . . the NY Times perhaps.

Hmmm, ya think? The guy's almost a caricature of the Pew report on liberal press types who couldn't see any left-wing bias, but when they do, pick the Times.

The silliness by Cole is similarly flawed. As if the DOJ or CIA under Bush were bastions of conservative thought, and suddenly started going liberal under Obama. Some of us recall the actual particulars of the DOJ hiring scandal (where the Bushies tried to hire half non-liberals out of a nearly uniform liberal hiring pool), and the US attorneys who couldn't find any lefty voter fraud until years later. Or how the same crew managed to railroad Scooter Libby and Ted Stevens (but at least they got caught in that last). I can't get too excited about the DHS report, but pretending the inmates aren't in charge of the asylum is patent nonsense. As is the pretense that a lefty group wouldn't be whining if they were similarly "targeted" by the twits who wrote that report.

Captain Hate

You are saying,basically,you cannot be trusted.

Like anybody would trust these losers. Damn the place reeks of troll. Nick made it over right after the NAMBLA meeting ended. Not an original thought in the bunch. All those trolls and so little grey matter. Are these the people Meghan McTub is trying to attract?

Speaking of which, is anybody at least a little bit annoyed at the Log Cabin Republicans for inviting her to speak to them? As somebody at AoS posted, maybe she thought it was an all-you-can-eat pancake deal.

Old Lurker

LUN for this morning's story about the President's request that the US lend and additional $100B to the IMF, telling Congress that it does not amount to new spending since the IMF will give us notes back for our cash, making it a simple exchange of assets (!). Of course we have unlimited cash so who could have a problem with that? And it is so helpful to redistribute what's left of our nation's wealth to the poor in other countries after we are done redistributing it inside the US.

No problem.

Old Lurker

Incidentally, that $100B figure always gets my attention since as a teenager beginning to read the paper, I recall trying to imagine that much money when JFK proposed the first Federal budget of $100B, and the howls of protest were loud and widespread. That was then and this is now, I suppose.


Apparently the fix is in, Flynn, Judge Sullivan, wants to keep the evidence
submitted to the special counsel, Schuelke
secret, because there's still more poaching
of Alaskan politicos afoot. polar bears and wolves no. I still find the change of venue
the most curious part of this, which official presumedly in Alaska authorized this, and how much tar and feathers is in order.


I firmly believe in civilian control of the American military and I'm generally opposed to military coups, as well.

However, they've all sworn oaths to "support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic ...".

This bit precedes - and takes precedence over - the part that says: "... I will obey the orders of the President of the United States and the orders of the officers appointed over me, according to regulations and the Uniform Code of Military Justice ...".

So, this begs the question:

What should happen if the majority of the electorate suddenly comes to the realization that their popularly-elected POTUS - and perhaps a majority of the rest of their civilian leadership - are enacting policies that directly conflict with the US Constitution?

At what point, exactly, do they become "domestic" enemies?


$100 billion? What is that in Pelosi?

Old Lurker

A Rounding error, Clarice.


LUN for this morning's story about the President's request that the US lend and additional $100B to the IMF

Hey, it's okay. Remember, he's asking his cabinet to find ways to shave $100M off their budgets.

'cause $100B in expenses is cancelled by $100M im savings.

Old Lurker

Not expenses, PD, remember he said it's a simplae exchange of assets...

Old Lurker


Rick Ballard

"At what point, exactly, do they become "domestic" enemies?"

That's easy.

When, in the course of human events, it becomes necessary for one people to dissolve the political bonds which have connected them with another, and to assume among the powers of the earth, the separate and equal station to which the laws of nature and of nature's God entitle them, a decent respect to the opinions of mankind requires that they should declare the causes which impel them to the separation.

We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights, that among these are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. That to secure these rights, governments are instituted among men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed. That whenever any form of government becomes destructive to these ends, it is the right of the people to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their safety and happiness. Prudence, indeed, will dictate that governments long established should not be changed for light and transient causes; and accordingly all experience hath shown that mankind are more disposed to suffer, while evils are sufferable, than to right themselves by abolishing the forms to which they are accustomed. But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such government, and to provide new guards for their future security.

I'm surprised you asked.



I failed to finish my thought experiment for the lefty trolls to say:

What should be the proper role of the US military in correcting this scenario?

But your reminder is a great one:

We've been there, done that.


Close bold.

Rick Ballard

I've really come to hate SixApart and Typhuspad - may a plague of leftists descend upon their headquarters so that it is forever marked by the stench.

Old Lurker

Rick, what percentage of the current population do you think has read (can read) and understands that clear declaration? Back to that Ras poll last week detailing the lack of support for free markets.


Unbelievable, the leftists have found someone who is not scared.


When I saw this video, I thought it did a great job of explaining things:


John Dillinger

Someone needs to tell the Defense Department that it is safe to fail to keep an eye on extremists in the military and among veterans. After all, they can't possibly know more than right-wing bloggers about the subject.


Alinsky's rules of Tactics"

13. Pick the target, freeze it, personalize it, and polarize it. In conflict tactics there are certain rules that [should be regarded] as universalities. One is that the opposition must be singled out as the target and 'frozen.'...

"...any target can always say, 'Why do you center on me when there are others to blame as well?' When your 'freeze the target,' you disregard these [rational but distracting] arguments.... Then, as you zero in and freeze your target and carry out your attack, all the 'others' come out of the woodwork very soon. They become visible by their support of the target...'

"One acts decisively only in the conviction that all the angels are on one side and all the devils on the other." (pps.127-134)

Sorry Nick Honey, it won't work. We've read the book too.

Obama got elected because a willing press projected him as a "Pragmatic centrist" who would be fiscally responsible.

He is not.

Hope and Change is nothing more than tired old neo-marxist ideology designed towards taking the evil empire down a notch and stealing wealth away from those who earned it in order to redistribute it to those who didn't.

It will fail, just as it always has every time it has been tried.

Sorry if the American people appear to be catching on.

And since we've read our Gramsci and Lackoff too, afraid your slurs fall on deaf ears. They are just tired old tactics, and pathetically transparent ones.

But if George Soros wants to waste his money on the likes of you, I applaud.

I think I'll print out your little rant and use it as a recruiting poster for the next tea party.

Rick Ballard


Roughly 30-35%. Same as always. That would be the percentage which has a basic understanding of how things work and it's the same people who actually make things work.

Bernanke and all the "great economic thinkers" can push on the rope as hard as they want. They can postulate every type of stimulus imaginable and they can helicopter cash in 24/7/365 but they can't restore confidence in a system run by dirty socialists and bien pissants such as themselves.

I don't see that any military action is warranted or necessary at all. A capital and consumption strike by the productive will get rid of the dirty socialists - they haven't a clue as to how to actually make things work.


Rick quoting Jefferson! Tee Hee.


Barone says Americans are more knowledgeable than the media thinks and Republicans are far more knowledgeable than Dems per the latest Pew poll.http://www.washingtonexaminer.com/opinion/blogs/beltway-confidential/The-Knowledgeable-Public-43284262.html>Smarter

"I'd be more kindly disposed to you all if you'd stop perversely claiming to be following the teachings of Christ, and if you'd stop claiming that your twisted views of the human rights established in our republic were those of the Founders, and if you'd stop supporting policies which are clearly anti-American"
I'm afraid your stereotypes are preventing you from a clear understanding of your opposition, yutz.


The Declaration is an interesting document, it is said, it has no import in our system
of law. But I wondered for many years how can that be, since the Preamble of the Constitution, would assume those powers to secure those three goals, life liberty and property, but those are as some one pointed
out, the name escapes me right now,'negative
rights'. The Government cannot 'give away'
food, shelter, health care, income, without trampling on one or if not all three of the those goals. The Brits have no constitution,
the French had so many they called it
'periodical literature' as the old pre 5th Republic joke goes. Most occupants of the highest office have been mindful of the obligations incurred, to provide that balance. I can't say this is so, this time.
The Coleman and Tedisco races, indicate that
restoring the balance, maybe a harder thing than we first anticipated. The hunting of
the Stevens clan, however, personally odious
shows the franchise is not the only tool available to checkmate any office holder in the system.

Captain Hate

Like anybody would prefer that an ignorant moron like Nick be "kindly disposed" to them. That's like depending on a house pet to earn an income.

At least when this idiotic retro software is stuck on bold you can read everybody's name easier. I'm trying to stay positive about this dammit!!!


I'm afraid your stereotypes are preventing you from a clear understanding of your opposition, yutz.

Well said Clarice. But let him keep the delusion--it serves us well.

Bill in AZ

Holy crap, all these trolls came out of the woodwork because my "Average Right Wing Extremist" sign at the Tea Party? And I missed it? And now they've all nodded off at their keyboard in mommy's basement.

Well, I'll make sure to put /SARC on my poster for the next Tea Party, just in case any libtards dare to show up so they don't get offended.

And I see they are still recycling the tired old canard about the DHS report started under Bush. Sorry, libs - that's a tired old Alan Colmes trademarked misdirection play. You can't use it. Besides, it's nonsense. Gotta come up with your own canard.


Nick is the typical VICTIM. Notice all the VICTIM groups he mentions.

As A VICTIM, Nick is obviously unable to achieve anything on his own, and therefore must blame others for all his shortcomings.

So, in his mind, since he can't "make it", it must be someone else's fault. That's right folks, it's OUR fault!

Thus, in his own mind, Nick has a right to take what's ours away from us and give it to VICTIMS like himself.

That's what he refers to as the Liberal World View.

But there's nothing "liberal" about it.

Cecil Turner

Someone needs to tell the Defense Department that it is safe to fail to keep an eye on extremists in the military and among veterans.

A leftist who thinks DOD is in charge of domestic security, supports it, and claims they must know more than we do? Wow. That's the scariest thing yet.

Rick Ballard

"it is said, it has no import in our system of law"

It had no import in the British legal system either - except as a statement of treason.

When a "legal system" becomes a contemptible means of exercising power (vide Libby, Stevens, "emanations found resting quietly in the penumbra", et al) then a restive populace will find an avenue for radical change.


From the Barone Piece Clarice posted:

"So what do our surprisingly knowledgeable fellow citizens think the government should be doing about our economic problems. Pollster Scott Rasmussen reports that 52% of Americans now worry that the government will do too much to fix the economy. That’s up (insignificantly) from 50% in March and (significantly) from 43% in mid-February. Only 31% fear the government will do too little, down from 40% in March and 43% in February. To put it another way, Americans in April worry that the government will do too much rather than too little by a 52%-31% margin, while Americans in February were split 43%-43% on whether the government was doing too much or too little. That’s a significant shift of opinion over a short period of time."

Yep, no wonder Axelrod thinks tea parties are unhealthy! And it won't be long before these numbers are apparant in BO's popularity numbers.


Well, in Wa Po math that 52%-31% margin is a slim one when it reflects unhappiness with the policies of The Won.


Whenever these errand boys show up, I'm always amused their cartoon-character understanding of conservatives.

Where do people get these perceptions of cartoonish conservatives?

Hmmm. Pat Robertson and Jerry Falwell asserting that God allowed planes to be flown into the WTC because of liberals, gays and abortionists. Robertson suggesting that we nuke the State Department because they (gasp) are getting in the way of invading Iraq (very Christian of him, no). Leaders of the "Christian" right.

Dan Quayle, Sarah Palin, and George W. Bush, intellectual lightweights pushed to the first rank of our nation's leadership.

Rush Limbaugh, Michael Savage, Glen Beck-- clowns.

I just can't imagine where people would get a cartoonish view of conservatives.


Clarice, the most encouraging part of Barone was how much smarter Repubs are on issues than dems. Indeed I believe he said MUCH smarter.

But we knew that.


And it won't be long before these numbers are apparant in BO's popularity numbers.

Right you are, verner. Rasmussen approval index is at +2 today - dropping like a stone this week. Also from Rasmussen (my emphasis):

Overall, 54% of voters say they at least somewhat approve of the President's performance so far. That’s his lowest total approval rating to date.

So it looks like the MSM failed in their mission to discredit the tea partiers, despite heavy efforts. They will be doubling down soon, no doubt.


Has Simpleton read Conscience of a Conservative, has he read any of Reagan's speeches, any Buckley at all?

Posted by: Fresh Air
You stood by and cheered while Bush violated all the major conservative principles over the past 8 years. Why would anyone be interested in conservative rhetoric?

Small government? NOT.

Fiscal restraint? NOT.

Rule of law and constitutional limits on government exercise of police power? NOT.

Respect for human rights? NOT.

You blew your credibility. It's nice that you have statements of principles, but principles are useless when all you give to them is lip service.

It's like your claims to be Christians while almost completely failing to follow Christ's teachings.


Has anyone else noticed that no troll ever says anything GOOD about the Obama administration? In fact they attempt to avoid talking about the Obama administration at all.


I think most veterans, their supporters and families would appreciate just once seeing the left speak of them as adults, instead of these hapless, easily led children and victims.

Seems unlikely to happen. This type of person finds the idea of serving our country in the military completely incomprehensible (if not reprehensible) and concludes that anyone who does so must have been tricked into it and is thus a dupe.


Cracky wants it's crack.


Fascinating,... no, boring,... how Nick repeatedly tries to rope in the extraneous to label JOMers rather than deal with the legitimate ideas discussed here. He simply wants to Alinsky us - 13. Pick the target, freeze it, personalize it, and polarize it.

But he does it so badly! Every time he shoots himself in the foot he gets laughed at. Not even a cub scout level troll.


Janeane Garofalo, Rosie, Al Sharpton, Jeremiah Wright, Al Gore, Sarah Palin's fantasy gynecologist Andrew Sullivan, All the loons on Air America and MSNBS, 911 truthers,moveon.org, George Soros, LaRaza the "new" Students for a Democratic Society, the NYT editorial page, Chris Dodd and Barney Frank, all the left wing think tanks supported by the Ford foundation etc, Media Benjamin and Code Pink, Cindy Sheehan. Nation of Islam, Jessie Jackion, the Free Mumia people, the deadbeat students who wear Che t-shirts, the anti=globalizationanti-waranarchist protesters, Green Peace, GLAD, Act-up, NOW, the Sierra Club, the teamsters, Ward Churchill, Ayers and Dohrn, the CPUSA, the International Socialists, 99% of the clueless celebs in Hollywood, Ted Turner, Daily Kos, Democrat Underground, ACORN, the ten thousand little grant funded store front operations with names like "grass roots community organization to empower people" 99% of tenured university professors, John Edwards and his girlfriend, Dennis"UFO" Kucinich, Cynthia McKinney, the American Service Workers Union, Arianna Huffington....geez, my fingers are getting tired.

I could keep this up all day


Small government? NOT.
Fiscal restraint? NOT.
Rule of law and constitutional limits on government exercise of police power? NOT.
Respect for human rights? NOT.


"Has anyone else noticed that no troll ever says anything GOOD about the Obama administration? In fact they attempt to avoid talking about the Obama administration at all."

Excellent point Jane!!!!!!!!!!!


Verner I thought that the most interesting, too.

Nick, are youhere to berate and annoy or persuade?If the former, you should know that better trolls than you have dies on this thankless mission.

If it's to perusade perhaps calling names based on untruths and stereotypes is not your best bet--but that's your choice.

But just for fun let me suggest you pull away from the axelrod script sitting on your desk and read the memos the Administration stupidly released on enhanced interrogations and you'd be hard pressed to see a more agonizing detailed look at the relevant law and persnickety efforts to comply with it while meeting national security concerns. I ask you to compare this with the Clinton approach--renditions--where suspects were hustled off to jails run by people who could not care less about such niceties and clearly tortured the inmates.


"Yeah that's right folks, he pals around with Chavez, and refuses to meet with one of our oldest allies, the democratically elected president of Israel."

..and snubbed the Prime Minister of your closest ally.

On the subject of war crazed vets,Adolf and Mao come to mind.

"Nick is the typical VICTIM. "

Nick is a composite victim,straight out of the Acme Victim School.

Old Lurker

"Has anyone else noticed that no troll ever says anything GOOD..."

I have developed a great discipline in simply not reading them at all. I read the comments of the posters I know and love, and when they comment favorably on a new poster, I will go back and read those too so to expand my circle.

But trolls... life's too short and my wife worries about my blood pressure. I fear she will remove the laptop from the arm of my easy chair!


I ask you to compare this with the Clinton approach

Clarice, you forget that for leftists, appearance matters, not substance. That's why the Monty Python argument skit is so apt. The only sin to a leftist is to admit you are wrong. So what if it stands in the way of progress. To a leftist, this isn't about progress, it's about power and control.



Come September 11, 2009, Obama owns it. Whatever happened under Bush is off limits. You better hope Obama has it sorted out by then.


Overall, 54% of voters say they at least somewhat approve of the President's performance so far. That’s his lowest total approval rating to date.

Porch, he still has a slight reserve of "give him a chanceism" and the fear that if they criticize his worthless butt, people like Nick will call them bad names like "racist."

They also don't want to feel stupid for voting for him---SUCKERS!

But that is fading fast.

They've looked at that little $500 bribe of a tax rebate, and remembered that there's no free lunch.

And realized that the solution to Bush's budget deficit is NOT to TRIPLE IT on worthless "war on poverty" style programs.

Then there's the bow to the Saudi King, the flirty back slap to Chavez, sitting in a room for 50 minutes while Dannie Ortega spews his marxist vomit all over our nation, dissing Bebe, APOLOGIZING for our nation abroad, and saying that an enhanced interrogation program that garnered 60% of our intel on A-Q was a "mistake."

And That's not even getting started.

He's doing all of our work for us.


Well.... in a world where meaning is upside down Kwel means Kreepy; or rather, as the authority indicates in their Merriam-Webster dictionary 'crushing the US Constitution, freedom of speech and right-wing dissenters into oblivion'.


When Obamas poll numbers fall,Holder or Congress will start hearings on Bushes"torture policies" good way to take pressure off Obama


The way he's acting, I almost think Obama wants another 911.

If it happens, watch and see. He and his left-loon minions will blame Bush for not respecting Islam, and waterboarding three A-Q murderers.

Then he can socialize what's left of the market.

Then he can put the brown shirts on the Nicks of the world and let them lose with one of Janet's DHS papers.

Like Rahm said, never waste a crisis.


When Obamas poll numbers fall,Holder or Congress will start hearings on Bushes"torture policies" good way to take pressure off Obama

I honestly think they've shot the wad there.

Most people aren't dumb, and Cheney is already fighting back.

I hate to tell em, but when it comes right down to it, most people in this country could care less what happens to KSM.

It's going to backfire, big time. Especially if A-Q has a successful hit.


I just spoke to someone who said that lefty's are all conceding that we will be hit again.

I find that stunning.

"WE love Obama so much that America deserved another terrorist attack."


I'm posting this with a link to the live stream of FWDAJ at noon today.




Cam Winston

but not to my face

Of course not, he's a candy a$$ who takes advantage of (a) living in the boondocks adn (b) hiding behind his computer to trash talk. FYI, his students openly laugh at his laziness:


Wow, we're all surprised that he sucks at his job. All that was missing in the reviews was "wow, he cribs Andrew Sullivan a lot. I mean, a LOT."

That kind of thing tends to happen when you're not very bright.


I think they don't care if these hearings go anywhere.The intention will be to focus the press on how bad Bush was.I think the press will be happy to help out.There is an article in the NY Times about how pressure is mounting for Justice to look into all this .Hope Verner is right.


-It's like your claims to be Christians while almost completely failing to follow Christ's teachings.-

Really? You can tell that much about all the people posting in the comments section of a blog?
Guess Nick is a prophet.

As an aside Christ has a considerable body of teaching outside the Sermon on the Mount, including no small part about hypocrites who constantly claim, unlike their inferiors, they are truly following God's law, but inside are like tombs full of dead men's bones.
Been whitewashing many sepulchres lately Nick?


Yeah Jean, you're right, but as we've observed, no body really cares with the press says anymore. they are more a source of comedy and derision now.

As Barrone pointed out, for the most part, Democrats are dumb and don't read.

Ans somebody famously said--it's the economy stupid.


Rush Limbaugh, Michael Savage, Glen Beck-- clowns.

Okay, let's take Rush.

The last time you actually listened to him was when?

I mean as opposed to listening to sound bites predigested for you and spun so as to completely miss his point.


Well, when Barry has lost Krugman, he's way past losing middle America:

$100 million here, $100 million there “pretty soon, even here in Washington, it adds up to real money,” says the president.

Except, you know, really it doesn’t. Let’s say the administration finds $100 million in efficiencies every working day for the rest of the Obama administration’s first term. That’s still around $80 billion, or around 2% of one year’s federal spending.

Via Instapundit


he still has a slight reserve of "give him a chanceism"

This might evaporate if people can get away from the "how fair that sounds" aspect of it and think about it in terms of "If I am a passenger in a vehicle being driven by someone who's headed for a cliff, should I 'give him a chance'?"


I am going to hold those people who voted for Obama accountable if we get hit again. As my Israeli and Jewish friends say, NEVER AGAIN.
I had a bad feeling about his character early on and expressed these concerns widely.

He has exceeded my worst expectations. His trending is towards disastrous foreign and economic policy. He has no respect whatsoever for the Constitution. He is poll and utterly politically driven. There is simply nothing to approve of yet in his policy or administrative decisions. many of them are antithetical to the core principles upon which the country was founded.

And yet we have some drive by clown once again calling us names. Christian! Conservative! Homophobe! Fascist! How is it that these people project their worst images upon the very people who hold their society together?

There seems to be a hunger for a Road Warrior world where there are no rules, no morals, no charity. No basis in logic or fact. The teachings of Christ, who counseled chastity, self discipline, and morality are twisted by the simple "do unto others" passage. At the same time remember that he also was said to have gone into the temple and rampaged against the moneylenders and profiteers. There is a precedent for righteous anger.

Lastly, Napolitano owns the report. It was was released on her specific authority and hopefully she had the chance to read it before it was released. Further, it fits the liberal/left meme far too well to have been accidental. It was a warning shot across the bows of those who disagree with the political aims of the administration. And it was unconstitutional.

Spiny Norman

In Nick's obtuse interpretation of Christian doctrine, you should all just sit there quietly and let the Statist Democrats kick you in the face.



How can a Catholic support the abortion party? Hypocrites...all of them!

Fresh Air


It is quite obvious GWB was a Christian. Zero appears to be some sort of cross between BLT and Muslim, with a half cup of atheistic Stalinism for leavening. In short, a nasty, small, vindictive sort whose every action is informed by his pathological narcissism and deep-seated hatred of whitey.


Good grief! You're not making any sense, man. Make your points in a logical fashion. Begin with a premise and show your work. Airdropping talking points from helicopter is no way to cover the ground below you.


Generations of people were lured into smoking because the movies and ads and opinion makers (remember the white coated doctors in those ads?) led them to believe it was a smart and sophisticated and sexy habit. In much the same way dopes are lured into leftlandia by movie stars and opinion makers leading them to think that if they just adopt the party line they will be smart and sophisticated and sexy.


If the tea parties keep up, Axelrod and Rahm will open "torture" investigations.


You know, MayBee, I'm not so sure. There will be a defense, regardless of what Obama would like to happen here. And Cheney is planning on defending himself. Pelosi and other high ranking dems will probably put a stop to it before they get dragged in.

Danube of Thought

"Here is a link so you can see FOX actually report who requested the report."

I watched the video. It confirms to me that this oaf MikeS is as stupid--or as dishonest, or both--as MediaMatters. The report was "commissioned" by the Bush DHS, but written and published by the Obama DHS. An earlier bulleting by the Bush DHS specifically warned about the activites of left-wing terror groups like the ELF. It made no mention of returning veterans.

I suspect we won't see that moron around here for a while, but be assured I'll be waiting.


I think they'd be smart enough to just make it a show hearing. Haul Bybee and the rest of the legal guys in front of a Congressional panel and rant at them for a few hours. Picture Alito and Thomas's confirmation hearings.

I agree with you that they wouldn't really want to get any helpful information or allow a defense.


I don't think we've made the FBI's Most Wanted list yet.

http://www.foxnews.com/story/0,2933,517233,00.html>FBI Adds Berkeley 'Animal Rights Extremist' to 'Most Wanted' Terrorist List


O/T Jennifer Loven, AP and Jake Tapper pwned Gibbs yesterday at the WH briefing. LUN

O just told Jennifer at his presser that she gets no question today.



O just told Jake Tapper he isn't getting a question today.



The notion that "it's better to let 100 guilty go free than to unjustly punish 1 individual" used to be tolerable when the damage that one individual could do was somewhat limited.

Now, with the threats of nuclear, chemical, and biological weapons in the hands of a few individual terrorists, these few individuals could kill hundreds of thousands or millions. This risk is not tolerable.

If we're going to err - and we will, since we're fallible and imperfect humans - we must err on the side of caution.

Quite frankly, when the choice is the potential of unjustly incarcerating or torturing some anti-American, anti-Western, anti-Semitic, Islamist jihadist stuck in the 13th century who was captured on a foreign battlefield fighting American soldiers or, through our inaction, allowing the potential for them to slaughter thousands or millions of innocent Americans here in the US, I sleep soundly at night thinking of them being water-boarded at Gitmo.

To worry that we're creating more jihadists by confronting them ignores the consequences of not confronting them.

And it ignores the fact that 20,000+ jihadists went to train in Al Qaeda terror camps during the Clinton years, after we'd fought and died for Muslims in Quwait, Saudi Arabia, and Somalia, sided with them against Serbia in Bosnia and Kosovo, and supported them in Chechnya.


yeah, Jennifer and Jake in the doghouse.

Rick Ballard


Cheering news about both McClatchy and the Times.

It looks as if McClatchy will BK first but there is always the good possibility that the NYT financial numbers are as truthful as what they print in their rag. I'd say the SF Chronicle will shutter before the Globe.


First sentence of Janet's report:

The DHS/Office of Intelligence and analysis(I&A) has no specific information that domestic rightwing terrorists are currently planning acts of violence.

Damn, they are going to EAT HER ALIVE in court.


He really told them both they get no question today?


Sue, yes


Well, I could be wrong, I have been before.

Fox is headlining that Obama leaves door open for prosecution of Bush-era interrogations.


I really think he'll only do it if he keeps getting opposition like the Tea Parties.


If he does this and we don't march on Washington, then shame on us. Pitchforks held proudly in the air!!!!!


"No Soup for You" It's crazy, that a newspaper chain, already suffering from the problem of a 'much more selective' circulation, would think that writing about a 4 part series about those 'poor innocent
Gitmo detainees' would have lost them money.


A wiser way to "get back" at Tapper and Loven would have been to simply not call on them.

Instead, he tells Loven she always gets questions so none today.

A little later he says the same thing to Jake.

How stupid is it to call attention to the grievance?


MoveOn is calling for investigations, and I think they are part of the Plouffe info squad now.

How in the world can MoveOn have any credibility after their Betrayus thing? Why hasn't Obama been asked to denounce them?


Rick, Mr. bad likes his prefers his newspaper (McClatchy)to reading it on the web, but we are now paying for it every two months to minimize our loss if they belly up.

Fresh Air

How stupid is it to call attention to the grievance?

Score three for Evil, but two for Stupid. This is going to be a close one, but I do think Evil will squeak by in a whisker in four years.


How stupid is it to call attention to the grievance?

How would they know it was a grievance if he just didn't call on them?
*Anybody* can not be called on. Few people are told they aren't being called on.


Who was it he told, "Don't think we aren't keeping score."

A dem, I think who voted against something.

O is building quite a reputation as a bully who nurtures grievances.


O is building quite a reputation as a bully who nurtures grievances.

But he's not arrogant.

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