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April 11, 2009


Rick Ballard

NYT - Banks Resisting Fascist Takeover

I can't imagine why they don't want to be "partners" with Turbo and Zero. They must really lack imagination and a sense of history. After all, Krupp, Thyssen, Daimler and Bayer did pretty well.


Good to have you back, PD.


Then payment will have to be organised,cash ,presumably no cheques,BACs,into the pirates PayPal acount,direct debit,a sort of ongoing insurance.

UBS. And in consideration of their assistance in handling this delicate matter of international urgency with the utmost discretion...

Danube of Thought

"Jimmy Carter to this day thinks he did the right thing letting 52 of our embassy personnel be held hostage for 444 days, because the situation was resolved peacefully and no one got hurt."

Does Carter really believe no one got hurt? Recall that the fool sent a woefully inadequate, but very courageous, force by long-range helicopters to rescue the hostages. Had they reached their destination, there is a good chance that some of the hostages might have been killed, but he deemed it worth the risk. Unfortunately, there was a mid-air helicopter collison in the desert at a staging area, with a half-dozen or so US soldiers being killed.

So if today he claims to have waited patiently, and even worse that no one was killed. he's an even lower, more despicable, dishonest worm than I had known.


A very happy Easter and Passover to all you dear JOMers.

And here is a sweet and fun treat.

Danube of Thought

Eight guys were killed. LUN to read about the whole, sorry proto-Carterian fiasco.



Here's something I hadn't read before. From Atlantic Monthly, through NeoNeoCon:

******Another presidential directive concerned the use of nonlethal riot-control agents. Given that the shah’s occasionally violent riot control during the revolution was now Exhibit A in Iran’s human-rights case against the former regime and America, Carter wanted to avoid killing Iranians, so he had insisted that if a hostile crowd formed during the raid, Delta should attempt to control it without shooting people. Burruss considered this ridiculous. He and his men were going to assault a guarded compound in the middle of a city of more than 5 million people, most of them presumed to be aggressively hostile. It was unbelievably risky; everyone on the mission knew there was a very good chance they would not get home alive. Wade Ishmoto, a Delta captain who worked with the unit’s intelligence division, had joked, “The only difference between this and the Alamo is that Davy Crockett didn’t have to fight his way in.”******


Wow, same links, same exact minute!


Powerline has some thoughts on WH vs pirates.


Jim Rhoads a/k/a vjnjagvet

Congratulations to you and the stud, Glenda. Even though I have never met you, from the way you write, I figure you must have been a child bride;>)

Happy Easter and Passover to all. It is lamb and ham for us tomorrow to keep all bases covered.

Finally, bad's earlier post at 6:44 about the Justice Department's prosecutorial shenanigans are adding up to a pattern. The decision in that case is in the LUN. Notice the similarity to the activities of the prosecution in Libby and Stephens. Serial violations of Brady, Giglio, and the Jenks act.

Because the "Public Integrity" Section was willfully guilty of this activity, and that willful activity has filtered down to US Attorney's offices like Miami, it is pretty easy to argue that there is a pattern or practice within the Department to consciously disregard its constitutional and statutory disclosure duties.


Carter said this to Scholastic (for schools) sometime in the late 1990s:

President Carter: Before I left office as President, I had negotiated the safe return of every American who had been taken hostage in Iran. They had been held too long, and this had frustrated the American people. If I had taken the United States into war with Iran, the American people would have rallied behind me, and, I believe, I would have been reelected. But I also believe that the hostages would have been killed, and so would thousands of others. So, in retrospect, I would not have handled the crisis differently.


I'm with sbw and (if I read him right) PaulL. Close in on the boat with insurmountable force, and let the pirates know that they either surrender or die. We might lose the captain but we we'll save untold lives down the road.


Jimmy Carter speech in 2003: *****When I resolved the hostage crisis with Iran, during the last few hours of my administration, I also agreed to a process for determining what would happen to $12 billion in Iranian assets that had been frozen by the United States.*****


If Carter had a more honest picture of himself he'd be suicidal..his ideal self is probably the only way that putz can keep on going.

Yes, Jim. I think that's right and i think the office of professional responsibility has been acting with blinders on if our supposition is correct. (Do you think the transfer of the head of that section by Holder just now was a pure coincidence unrelated to the Stevens imbrpglop? It may be, but I'm suspicious.


*imbroglio* (Much easier to type when I'm not palying with my cat and her Da Bird toy in my right hand..


Were the OPI lawyers the ones who kept their yaps shut in Court when NBC filed the false Russert affidavit fighting the subpoena? (False becase while he claimed journalist privilege and that he could not testify, he'd already spoken to the feds and they knew it.)


This is going to be over very soon.


I hope you are right, but I'm not sure the President has had time to take a stand with all the partying going on. I bet the Navy is chomping at the bit.


I can't remember where I read a fairly recent statement by Carter to the effect that he was proud of his handling of the Iran hostage crisis. I think it was within the last year. So far I haven't been able to locate it with google.

According to the Post, those inside the administration who oppose attacking the terrorist camps say that doing so "would have negative diplomatic and political consequences far beyond the Horn of Africa. The Post doesn't elaborate, but it sounds like the concern consists of fear that U.S. will appear to the world at-large as "arrogant" and insufficiently reformed from the Bush era. The Post reinforces this impression when it notes that the Bush administration attacked Somalia at least five times and suggests that for Obama to order such an attack would undermine his efforts to distance himself from Bush.

If the Obama team is actually delaying an attack on terrorists based on this kind of thinking, then it is being criminally reckless.

The Post says that the main alternative to attacking the terrorists is "increased financial pressure and diplomatic activity, including stepped-up efforts to resolve the larger political turmoil in Somalia." If the Obama team is delaying an attack on terrorists because it thinks it can resolve the larger political turmoil in Somalia, it is being criminally stupid.

Had to post that from Powerline.

Thomas Collins

I hope everyone got to see Caro's peep pictures. The link seems to have disappeared. Luckily, I got to see them before the link got lost(perhaps it is just my computer and others still have access).

Thomas Collins

The link to Caro's peep pictures is back. Or perhaps it never left. In any event, it is guaranteed to put a smile on even the most dour face!


Rick, thought you might enjoy this:

Goldman Sachs is attempting to shut down a dissident blogger who is extremely critical of the investment bank, its board members and its practices.

The blogger should call Obama. Obama HATES bankers and he would tell them off and make them stop being bullies.



I haven't seen this mentioned on any of the recent JOM threads so if it has please ignore. For all you Mark Steyn lovers his new book Lights Out has arrived.

"Roaming from America to Europe to Australia, Lights Out is a trenchant examination of the intersection of multicultural progressivism and a resurgent Islam - and of the implications for liberty in the years ahead. And don't forget, when you order from SteynOnline, the Flagrant Islamophobe Steyn will be happy to autograph it to you or your loved one in his own disgustingly flagrant manner."


Thank you for your best wishes, all!
sbw-that was a brilliant tribute--we all should pause and count our blessings.
Capt.H-I'm with bad..you can turn a word!
and yes, Jim, I was/am a child bride-we were married at 3 and 7, respectively; an arranged marriage, between the FBI and Pirates.....I mean, really. What can the FBI do to stop piracy around the Horn of Africa? There is enough for them to do on US soil and sending them is a dodge, of leadership from Obama or Axelrod or Rahm, whomever tells him what to do...maybe, Greg Craig? Now, if he sent them to DOJ to investigate Morris, et al--that would be a plan!
And Peter, God Bless you and yours!

Rick Ballard


I've never seen GS make such a boneheaded PR move. The guys blog hasn't posted much aside from links to articles and an anti Paulson/Bush screed. He might at least mention the GS involvement in pushing oil to $147. That wasn't particularly helpful to the Republican Party with Paulson as Secretary of the Treasury.

Obama HATES bankers... Just the ones who aren't bootlickers. The Citi boys are welcome every day of the week.

Uncle BigBad

Well, SNL has solved the problem of how to make fun of Obama: Let Joe Biden stand in for him, and make fun of him instead.


"Justice Dept is considering filing criminal charges against the pirates."

Having failed to nail Ted Stevens, the pirates would do.

Jim Rhoads a/k/a vjnjagvet

But Allen, they will screw that up too. Back in the day, DOJ and offices of the various USAttorneys were some of the better places to learn how to be a very good lawyer.

Now, sorry to say, from the evidence we have been seeing on the public record, not so much.

I am glad I am not having any further professional dealings with them, and it pains me to say that.

And Glenda, that arranged marriage sure was successful.

JM Hanes

Did someone say the lifeboat is drifting? If an actual rescue is not in the works, why don't the Seals just attach a line and let the Navy tow the thing waaaaay out to sea? Why not do the waiting out where the pirates know that nobody will be coming to their assistance?

JM Hanes

"Justice Dept is considering filing criminal charges against the pirates."

The White House is probably trying to figure out how use this as a basis for pushing the U.S. to sign onto the ICC.

Jim Rhoads a/k/a vjnjagvet

How will they serve the indictment or information? It presents a sticky wicket. Can the Seals serve process on the bounding main?

Interesting. I've now experienced being locked out here. The "Post" and "Preview" buttons are present but disabled.
I had this happen earlier. What I did was

-- selected and copied my entire comment

-- hit the Back button on the browser to go to the previous page

-- clicked on the >> link at the bottom of the previous page in order to reload the last page

-- pasted the copied comment in the box and hit "Post"


Happy Easter, to those of you of this persuasion...

The boy played the trumpet at the Vigil tonight. He done good!

Fresh Air

For Daddy and any other of the pilots or frequent flyers out there, another gem from Gerard Van Der Leun, especially for Easter.


good deal, cathyf..my heart fills with pride!

now, I must go and get some beauty sleep-I don't want the eyes too puffy at Easter services tomorrow. In bright colors, I have been mistaken for P.Cottontail, by the kiddoes--heehee!

everyone is welcome for pork ribs, chick wings, potato salad,macaroni shells n cheese, baked beans, fresh bread, salad, bunny cupcakes and coconut pie,


awe, poor Jane Hamsher looks and is as stupidly possible and she's still trying to truther the tea parties as Fox News financed.

I'm sorry, but I never thought I would see the day that Jane Hamsher would have to buff up a zero attended truther protest AND pretend that said truther protest was legitimate and impressive AND START SPOUTING TRUTHER to cover for the lack of interest in her hastily planned and dum tea party copy cats.


"Justice Dept is considering filing criminal charges against the pirates."



I heard Kristin Powers on Fox pooh pooh right wingers worrying about Obama's and HILLARY's lack of dealing with the pirates as wingy because his deliberations should be shrouded in secrecy and not out for us all to consume - ahem. AND she said that it was arrogant for us to act as if this was an United States problem as usual

Then I heard some other lefty pundit say that in order for us to deal with piracy is to deal with and take care of Somalia's "problems" and nation build

OH, really hmmm

To Kristan Powers - that allah sweetheart doesn't realize that me as a huge right winger gives 2 shits what Saudi Arabi does to pirates to get their ships back.

And so, living in the US I actually DO give a shit ABOUT the crew of a US Ship sweetheart.

And I know I am not the only person kicking around Jimmah Cater's super successful embassy operations.

Sounds like KPow is already holder her fingers behind her back.




So, the mystery of unprecedented rude treatment of top Great Britain officials by Obama hacks and personally by Barry&Mitchy is solved.

What sends paralyzing chill up from my feet is realization that particular Harvard-educated Constitutional lawyer thinks that UK PM (and in extend he personally) is above the Law of the Land and can do whatever he pleased. Like overrun on the spot entry visa requirements to please other country leader.


"Justice Dept is considering filing criminal charges against the pirates."

It is going to be a trifle awkward arresting and indicting those who will simply kidnap witnesses and take more hostages to get out of jail.

"I heard Kristin Powers on Fox pooh pooh right wingers worrying about Obama's and HILLARY's lack of dealing with the pirates as wingy because his deliberations should be shrouded in secrecy and not out for us all to consume - ahem. AND she said that it was arrogant for us to act as if this was an United States problem as usual"

"Right wingers" are worried because they suspect Obama and Hillary have their thumbs up thir bums waiting for the results to come in from the focus groups.

Stupid bint,an American flagged ship and an American captain makes it an American problem.
These imbeciles won't last five minutes when the new dark age dawns.


I heard Kirsten Powers and geraldo the clown agree that the Tea parties are just a bunch of anti-Obama right wingers with sour grapes over the election.

I nearly spit.

Good morning everyone and happy Easter!


Good Morning,JOM. Beautiful day here in the nation's capital--home of your money..JMH, I think that tow em out to sea idea is cute.
We could also send some guys out in a boat pretending to be selling ganja or whatever they call it there..


Should there not be some indication that Obama is considering this in terms other than how it would reflect on him.Or is he cowering in the Obama Bunker,screaming "Make it go away Hilly,make it go away"?
A man can be judged by the way he handles the distractions in his life.
Word from the CiC,Nada!


Bumpersticker of the day, via Instapundit.


Happy Easter Morning everyone.

My prayers for an Easter rescue of the dear Captain. And, for the pirates . . . that they come face to face with their god.


Big news today splashed all over the WaPo front page--the new dog!


The new dog, the Easter egg hunt, the church debut. No time for the captain.

I see some new signs in the horizon.


"I see some new signs in the horizon."

Yes,Obama is in a complete funk.Well didums,you wanted the job,you were the chosen Leader,you are the CiC.Time to start earning your salary.


"Big news today splashed all over the WaPo front page--the new dog! "

Obviously the White House dog is more important than the Sea Dog.

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