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April 11, 2009



Clarice.........Translation, please! It sounds bawdy!

Captain Hate

rather from a "try to understand their root causes" standpoint.

I'm sure Bammers the Null is having a temporary crisis as he tries to sort out the inherent contradictions of regarding the Americans on the ship as "businessmen who've profited unfairly" and the pirates as "seafaring community organizers". Rest assured that this will be addressed promptly and effectively in a similar manner to those legal books he received advances for that turned into strange autobiographies.


It's a revenge song by Pirate Jenny in ThreePenny Opera (the original German version) She's describing a ship with eight sails and dreaming of the day they take a lot of hostages and kill them and she rides off having gained the "respect" or at least fear of those who think she's just a poor scrubwoman and look down on her now.


Looks like the Somali hostage business is in for a laong haul.We could make more money,er,trading off Hyannis Port.


Hoist the flag, PUK, we're off...Luckily we needn't worry about pesky windmills impeding our mission


Could Obama be having a crisis of conscience because these are Africans?

I don't think he thinks that deeply


Well he's starting Glenda but he is late. Hey! Happy anniversary!

Captain Hate

Luckily we needn't worry about pesky windmills impeding our mission

Bwak; Ted Kennedy, man of unsung strategic military and nautical genius!!


We've already given the pirates food. It wouldn't be fair to make them go hungry while in the middle of negotiations, now would it?

We don't need any more ships or show of power. What is lacking is will. Or more precisely, permission from Washington to exert that will.

Washington and most of Europe think that international laws must be followed, and that if none exist, let's take some time and have a committee study and discuss what laws should be written.

The civilized world also feels that the most important thing is that no one gets hurt in this particular instance. Thus we have paralysis.

Danube of Thought

Re Charlie's last two, um, points: Um,

(1) It is absolutely certain that each and every SEAL now on active duty could swim 300 yards--and a lot farther than that--covertly with no difficutly at all. (At age 55 I swam a mile in the open ocean on a number of occasions.) The SEALS used to do it (underwater) just to please the crowd on the 4th of July in Coronado, but in any event even in BUD/S training they are required to do swims many, many times more demanding than that. And they don't even have to be underwater for much of the distance; they need only submerge at a prudent distance depending on sea conditions and visibility. If 300 yards were too distant (and it is not), Bainbridge could easily station itself, say, 200 yards distant.

(2) I would never suggest that they could or should attempt to go over the gunwale covertly. If they get a flash-bang device detonated aboard that thing, everything they do in the next few moments is going to be covert in the eyes of those aboard the boat. I do not know why anyone would consider it a herculean task for a swimmer to get over the gunwale of a lifeboat. Keep in mind that these pirates came over the fantail of a 16,000-ton freighter. If you can't do it unaided successfully on each of a few practice runs, then you do it with grapnels.

But one can always find the Petty-Officer-in-Charge of Negative Replies.

Danube of Thought

Just for laughs, here are the requirements for Phase II of Basic Underwater Demoliton?SEAL (BUD/S) training:

2 mile ocean swim with fins 75 min

4 mile timed run 29:20 min

Obstacle Course 11 min

5 1/2 mile ocean swim with fins


"My guess, FWIW, is that this incident will be made to go away with U.S. dollars, and that our Preznit will go blubbering to the U.N. to put together a commission/task force/study group to solve the problem for us, multilaterally. Which we will then finance for the next umpteen years with more U.S. dollars, and back up with strongly worded memos addressing root causes and underlying cultural inhibitors. Forcefully. With firm resolve."

You forgot,with a respectful bow.

Either Obama will buy them off,or he will panic when the polls come out on Monday.In which case it would have been kinder to have killed the pirates and the Captain.


You know what, PUK? It's very hard to tango to
"Und ein Schiff mit acht Segeln
Und mit fünfzig Kanonen
Wird liegen am Kai."

I think we'd better get a move on and complete this mission under cover of darkness.

Thomas Collins

Happy 40th, glenda. And please pass along my congrats to that lucky stud who has had the fortune of being with you for forty years!


Glenn Greenwald, at Salon, is SOOOOOOOO pissed at Obama. The pirate "distraction" isn't distracting enough.



Thanks for the info, Danube.


Congratulations, Glenda!!


Clarice,If you are going to dance,we better use the "boat" with sprung dance floor.


Looks good to me, PUK.

Danube of Thought

For those who think visibility might be a problem, keep in mind that we are now in a waning gibbous moon (it was full just two nights ago). Tonight it will rise an hour or so after sunset, and will still be close to full. Each night for the next twelve nights it will rise later and later, and be smaller and smaller (always setting after dawn), but even five nights from now it will still be roughly half full and will rise in the middle of the night.


TC--That is exactly what I was telling him yesterday...to ----loads of laughter. Joy Joy!


The danger in all this is that unless something is done America will attract the same derision as Britain over the Amazing Adventures of Topsy,Flopsy Mop and Bucket and the iPod as hostages in Iran.


Clarice..@ your pirate ditty--it seems the more things change, the more they stay the same--ahem, pirates, that is!!

Actually, send in PeterUK and Clarice--show them what British/American knowhow can accomplish! (when it's the right people doing the job, all mankind wins) oh, and it'll save a seal, too!


If the President had any balls he would put the captain's life in context. He would anounce to Americans that while the captain's life is valuable... it no more valuable than the many future hostages pirates might take if we accede to the demands of these pirates.

Then, the President tells the pirates they have one hour to hoist a white flag to release the captain unharmed.

If they do, they get to keep their lives. If they don't, they, and all that they hold dear will be forfeit. They'll never know how, they'll never know when, but they will know we will hound them to the gates of hell.

And the president also announces that in the absence of a viable Somali government, he declares open season on pirates, their ships, their ports, and any haven they might think secure.

Cecil Turner

Just for laughs, here are the requirements for Phase II . . .

Yeah, getting there ain't the problem. Still a very high-risk op, though. (And no, snipers can't do it, either.) If the only concern is getting the hostage back unharmed, it isn't a viable mission. Which brings us to the next question . . . should that be the only concern?


FBI to question US crew in criminal piracy probe

WASHINGTON (AP) - FBI agents planned to interview the crew of a U.S. cargo ship Saturday as the bureau began building a criminal case against Somali pirates who attacked the ship and took the captain hostage.


...gates of hell.

He could never get away with McCain's line. The netroots' heads would explode.


Oh, gosj , SBW--that would be so.....uni-lat-er-al.

I could just imagine the judges in Spain drafting the criminal complaint against The Won if he did that.

Maybe we should just pay the CHINESE to do it--they have committed every sort of depradation in Africa with no word of concern by the rest of the globe.


He's probably looking in the mirror right now, practicing his mean face and saying "Arrrrgh, stop distractin' me you scurvy bilge-sicking sea dogs or I'll sic the FBI on your asses! Arrrgh!"


"If the only concern is getting the hostage back unharmed, it isn't a viable mission. Which brings us to the next question . . . should that be the only concern?"

Sadly,no.If you don't prevail on this every dickhead and his dhow will go into business.
This will be treated as a law and order problem rather than what it is dark age warlords doing what they have always done.


A political vacuum isn't empty. It draws thugs and brigands. In the absence of an effective international police force, others must assume the mantle.

Okay, O. Make a decision. Don't take all day.

Oh, and show your work. You get no points for hiding so you throw some minion under the bus.


Obama, floor of the senate 2006:

But as a parent, I can also imagine the terror I would feel if one of my family members were rounded up in the middle of the night and sent to Guantanamo without even getting one chance to ask why they were being held and being able to prove their innocence.

Obama got over the terror regarding Guantanamo and Bagram prisoners. The terror he used to feel for soldiers is gone, he sent a bunch into combat in Afghanistan. Why do we think he cares that much about a ship's captain?


Or someone who'll tell all those Somalis that when this over they can't come home to Minneapolis and go on the dole again.

Maybe that is the real complaint? They just wanted to drive cabs at the Hubert Humphrey Memorial Terminal but could not stand the fact that some heathen fares were bringing alcohol into their cabs? A Somali pirate can only stand so much humiliation after all!


Gmax, They can't be pirates if they don't drink rum. It's in the pirates handbook.

DoT, thank you for all of that info. I have a group of teen-agers who are digging it, big time.


Given that he has dispatched the FBI - whose job is limited to domestic stuff, I think, I'm confident he plans to bring the pirates back here where they can profit from the welfare system.

What's with that?


We need to know the root cause of the pirate's desperation, Jane. They're really good folks driven to this act in order to support their poor, sick, elderly mothers who lacked Universal healthcare benefits.


Didn't Gergen say Hillary was in charge of the pirate situation?

Obama Reaches Out to 'Moderate' Pirate Community


He's probably looking in the mirror right now

Nah, I'd guess he'll be seeking advice from a leading authority on piratical codes. Keira Knightley, check your inbox.


Congrats to you and your husband, Glenda.


Mark Steyn:

When all the world’s a “distraction,” maybe you’re not the main event after all.

Gotta luv it


Soylent Red

Keira Knightley, check your inbox.

Ha! That's funny stuff right there...

Just got off the phone with my bud Melanie, freshly back from Iraq. She and I have decided that if nothing is done this time around, it won't just be Somalia or Malaysia that we're going to be dealing with.

Anyone with a Zodiac boat, and AK-47, and a computer to read up on pirate TTPs and law will be able to open up a franchise.

With Mexico failing and Cuba and Venezuela actively being a pain in the ass, that pretty much could open up the entire Caribbean and Gulf of Mexico to high seas kidnapping. You don't have to look further than Colombia to see that kidnapping can quickly become a cottage industry.

So just like the Islamic Revolution and Carter's brilliant response to it, this seemingly isolated incident, if handled in a typically inept Obamic manner, could yield us years and years of things to discuss and ponder.


MS and I do seem to see it the same way, don't we?

Another federal judge has issued a sharp reprimand of the Justice Department for prosecutorial misconduct.

In a withering 50-page opinion, Judge Alan Gold of Miami publicly reprimanded United States Attorney R. Alexander Acosta, his top aides, and three other prosecutors for withholding evidence and violating procedures in a criminal case brought against a doctor accused of issuing unwarranted prescriptions for painkillers, Ali Shaygan.

Gold also ordered the government to pay more than $600,000 in attorneys' fees and costs incurred by Shaygan. He was acquitted, but it emerged at the trial that two witnesses prosecutors presented as neutral patients were cooperating with the government and had been authorized to make recordings of the physician's defense attorney and an investigator.

What is with these people...



Looks like we're making a move:
"Gunfire Erupts As Sailors Approach Lifeboat Holding Somali Bandits And Hostage; FBI Prepares For Piracy Prosecution CBS News Interactive: About Somalia NAIROBI, Kenya (CBS) ―

Pirates opened fired as a small U.S. Navy team approached the enclosed lifeboat on which an American was being held hostage in waters off the coast of Somalia, CBS News correspondent Kimberly Dozer reports.

A Defense Department official told CBS News that the Navy team was in a rubber craft headed toward the lifeboat holding the kidnapped captain of the Maersk Alabama when Somali pirates fired at or in the general direction of the Navy boat.

The U.S. official would not confirm whether they traded fire.

He told Dozier that the Navy craft did not retreat, noting, "It's an ongoing operation. Things change on the ground. Last update we had was a while ago."

The official did confirm that from this operation they have proof that Captain Richard Phillips is still safe.

Two Navy warships are in the vicinity of the lifeboat, with a third on the way, and they are working to not let the pirates reach shore. "



God Bless all the regular posters on this blog. Happy Easter.


Onew of O's half brothers denied visa to enter UK due to allegations of sex assault during last visit there.
http://www.newsoftheworld.co.uk/news/260464/Barrack-Obama-brother-Samson-Obama-refused-entry-to-UK-over-allegations-of-attempted-sex-attack-on-young-girl.html>But what does Levi say about it?


God Bless you as well, Peter. Happy Easter.

Charlie (Colorado)

why not Soylent Green

Hey, Soylent Red is people too.


Fatal Distraction.One of the elements that brought down the Roman Empire,te political elite withdrew into a bubble and Rome stopped defending the frontiers

Charlie (Colorado)

The life of a pirate girl is not easy.

Changing your name, eh?


Yeah, Chaco-Just call me Lotte. Thank you, Peter.

Charlie (Colorado)

We've already given the pirates food. It wouldn't be fair to make them go hungry while in the middle of negotiations, now would it?

I don't think so, Paul. Those things carry food and water for an extended time, like a week. If that's a 21 man pod, that'd be food for five for a month. (I've heard 10 days food left on the TV.)

You'd better like graham crackers, though.


Up the creek if the food on the boat isn't halal.

The former Federal Reserve chief President Obama tapped in early February to head up a board offering outside economic advice, Paul Volcker, doesn't sound happy that the panel has yet to hold a formal meeting..........Seven of the board's members met with Obama on March 13. However, some members of the panel said they were not told in advance of the session. The president described the event as a meeting of the advisory panel, but the White House later insisted it was not.

Why can't they all just get along...



Given that he has dispatched the FBI - whose job is limited to domestic stuff, I think

Yes, what's the basis for the FBI being involved here?

Captain Hate

But many on the national security team insist that it is their caution and willingness to consider all aspects of the situation that differentiate them from the overly aggressive posture of the Bush administration that they say exacerbated the terrorist threat.

This is just wonderful: The twatboy quibblers who can't wipe their asses without screwing it up and unfortunately are in charge of national security are blaming the situation of having a nancy-boy commie in the White House who hates the country and loves its enemies on GWB. This is just preliminary CYA because whatever they do is not gonna work out well (think Waco). I think it's time for GWB to end the nice-guy hands-off attitude and come back swinging because this is obviously a situation that isn't going to change anytime in the future. I think it's time to drop the "Marcus of Queensberry" and go Marquis de Sade on Preznit Caligula.

Oh and happy Easter to all.


Reports conflict about supplying the pirates with food. The one linked below says:

Officials say they were able to get food and water to Phillips.

I guess the captain could tell the pirates THIS IS MY FOOD! but probably they wouldn't listen.


The Obama administration’s stance in the case is aligned with that of the Bush Administration — and infuriating to detainee lawyers. The new administration’s latest arguments, that interference by the courts could aid America’s enemies, is provoking more anger.

An attorney for Bagram detainees, Tina Foster, said in a statement Friday that the Obama team’s action signaled “a particularly dark day in American history.” She said Obama was betraying his rhetoric about returning to the rule of law. “The time has long since passed for issuing platitudes about ending torture, rendition, and indefinite detention. President Obama today becomes complicit in the unjust and illegal detention of our clients — who deserve better,” Foster said.

Shocking!!! Obama changed his mind....



Apparently Obama will make his first visit to a D.C.-area church tomorrow for Easter.


And Tues a Portuguese water dog related to Ted K's Spash, will be "rehomed" in the WH..HEH

Charlie (Colorado)

DoT, look at a picture of the damn (type of) boat. Tell me that you really think someone could find the doors in the dark, from the water, covertly, with a standing watch. They don't have lots of openings: the whole point of those pod things is to be self-righting, unsinkable, unfloodable. They're practically short term submarines. (Hell, it even has a conning tower.)

Yes, IF they can find the damn thing in the dark, and IF there's an open hatch, and IF they can get a flashbang grenade in the door, and IF they then can levitate over the gunwale with knife in teeth and guns ready in their hands, and IF they haven't given themselves away, and IF they can identify Captain Phillips in the dark so as not to shoot him in the excitement, THEN I agree, SEALs could rescue him.

And man, if they pulled it off, nobody would be more impressed than me.

It's like Cecil's point: yes, this does all work on the assumption that we want Captain Phillips back alive. Not to be all numerical about it here, but there's only one good guy. If the rescue gets one good guy dead, it's not much of a rescue.

If we don't care about casualties, then yeah, we could just blow the thing to hell.

The Soviets would have; I suspect the Chinese would too. The US tends not to.

On the other hand, if they keep the pirates on the boat and cut off from their colleagues, there's no payoff to killing Captain Phillips, and every reason to think that waiting them out can keep anyone from getting killed.

So IF you think it's worth risking the lives of a half-dozen SEALs on a harebrained scheme like that with a pretty good chance that any slips would get Captain Phillips killed, instead of going slower in a situation where time is pretty much on our side, well, then you're certainly entitled to that opinion.

Its never happened to me, but my father talked once about having to write letters to the families of men under him who were killed in combat. Neither of us would have to do it with these SEALs.

But someone would.


I saw that PD. Do ya think he'll make it back to church before next Easter?

BTW, TMZ is reporting the dog arrives at the WH on Tuesday. The portugese waterdog comes from a breeder in Texas.

No shelter dog..shocker...

Captain Hate

Apparently Obama will make his first visit to a D.C.-area church tomorrow for Easter.

Part of his "deep and abiding faith" (or whatever fuzznuts description he gave it) to attend one of the hypocrite specials? Will the sermon contain biblical gems like "So the yellow may be mellow"?


I'm sure that the SEALs are ready, willing, and able. What they are waiting for is Obama to get the opinion poll results.


Captain, you bring me so much joy and laughter. May God bless you always. And all JOMmers.


Well, I think military preparedness and deterrence will be replaced by a touchy-feely sort of seminar discussion along w/atonement and discussion--woe is us!!!


Do ya think he'll make it back to church before next Easter?

Depends on how the polling goes.


Have a houseful of granddaughters in for Easter. Parents off having a round of golf and then cocktails before dinner here and I had to do a quick scan of the thread.

First, Happy Anniversary to Glenda and her main squeeze of 40 years!

Second, I am feeling really confident with Clarice and PeterUK patrolling the high seas and taking out the pirates. Could ya just do somethin' about Washington when ya have a break?

Happy Easter eve to everyone! Will try to see what you are all up to later.


Will the sermon contain biblical gems like "So the yellow may be mellow"?

Or perhaps, "You are your brother George's keeper ... right? Or are you leaving that entirely to the compassion fund?"



Greetings of the day to you;

one of the two was a HK flagged Japanese tanker and the other was a fishing boat released without any news. I stand partially corrected.

Now, where's my cutlass? Killick! some Welsh rarebit, if you please. Pullings, sound the beat to quarters!



Now we have a positive identification of one of the pirates we can swing into action.

Bill in AZ

I reckon Duh Won is finally making good on his promise of creating jobs. The FBI will need to hire scores to chase around after all these pirates. Seems to me there is already some other federal agency equipped to deal with pirates, with their own ships and guns - but can't deny Duh Won some headlines trying to turn the economy around.

Danube of Thought

Charlie, I don't think you're reading very carefully. You can go back and look at the part where I said I've seen pictures of the boat; I assume everyone else has. I'm familiar with boats of that kind, and have operated with them, as I have with SEALs.

I think I've more than addressed the issue of finding the boat in the dark. Suffice to say it would be a trifling matter; these guys have all done much more difficult night swims in training.

The whole idea is to disable everyone aboard before boarding. Although covered, the boat is not armored, and they are, after all, breathing in there--there are openings to the atmosphere. If they don't find the boat, or don't find a way to insert the device, they withdraw. No harm, no foul. Keep in mind that this boat has been under observation from close range for several days now.

As for finding and distinguishing Phillips, once they are aboard it won't be dark. The effect of a single M84 stun grenade is to disable people for roughly one minute.

It is amazing to me that you think these men are incapable of going over the gunwale of a lifeboat. You can save the part about knives in teeth for your own fantasies. I'm talking about very practical realities here, well within the scope of what these men have trained to do.

And as I have previously said, the question ofif and when you do it depends, in part, on your assessment of Phillips's likelihoond of survival at their hands as the standoff progresses.



That ain't no pirate, it's a whale.

Danube of Thought

P.S.--I know about the letters home; I have personally sent them. Doing so did not cause me to cease taking appropriate risks afterward, nor did it do so for anyone else I know. If you want to be sure you don't send such letters you stay home.



Nah! Too ugly for a whale.


In other news, apparently the Vatican has rejected 3 candidates for Ambassador from the United States because of their views on the teachings of the Church. Caroline Kennedy, among others, was turned down.

You'd think the idiots at the White House might figure that one out, but then their political base is so radically pro abortion I don't know if they have a single available candidate.


Okay here's how.

Thermal imaging. One sniper shot, take out one occupant. Pretty good odds it's not the captain.

Tell them, prove the hostage is alive or else all die now.

If the hostage is alive ... make them wait.



Jimmy Carter to this day thinks he did the right thing letting 52 of our embassy personnel be held hostage for 444 days, because the situation was resolved peacefully and no one got hurt.

That is what you get when you put the lives of individuals over the interests of an entire nation.

That is also why Europe is essentially useless for military purposes. Europeans are more concerned that ONE of them may get killed than they are in the interests of their own countries (or the EU, as the case may be).

Cripers, this is so obvious I hate to be saying it.

Captain Hate

Thanks bad; mutual appreciation society because I get a lot of pleasure out of your comments as well. We're having dinner with a couple other empty nester couples tomorrow. My oldest Hatette is in Brazil with one of her ex-roomies; she, her husband (otherwise known as my son-in-law) and my younger daughter will be coming out for Memorial Day; by then hopefully the national security quibblers will have figured out a course of action on dealing with the pirates assuming they haven't fed them enough to induce heart attacks.

Happy anniversary to Glenda; I'm always pleased to find somebody who's been married longer than I have.

Finally, is the entire Kennedy clan so braindeadedly aloof to not consider the complete insensitivity to the Kopechne family to name a dog Splash?? Even by the hideously grotesque substandards of boorishness exhibited by the Massachusetts Manson family of leches and soaks, that stands nearly alone at the bottom (keeping in mind the extended family contains rapists and murderers). Despite my loathing for President 666 and his spouse, I honestly hope the children enjoy their new pet; it sure took them long enough to get it. Is that breed possibly not considered haram?


It's hard to find expensive pedigree puppies in shelters so they had to dream up this rehoming gig I think.


A first hand experience with Somalia's boom industry piracy.
As Freeman says,if American hostages are landed on Somali soil,this could be the biggest hostage crisis since the American Embassy in Tehran.


Speaking of letters...

Tribute to a soldier

As one solid tribute to Marine Lance Cpl. Blaise A. Oleski, who has given all, let us salute the principles for which he stood and resolve that he shall not have died in vain.

Servicemen and women in Iraq and Afghanistan may wear American uniforms, but the work they do is not one country’s selfish attempt to extend power.

This great country is a brilliant achievement in the history of mankind. First, its citizen soldiers created a nation that believed in liberty. Then our constitutional founders created the single most brilliant written document in the history of civilization, a Constitution that set citizens as the source of all power, did not trust any one interest with that power, and codified the humility that citizens in power might be wrong. Then, over the last century, when the conscience of our nation would not let others remain under the heel of oppression, we helped liberate more people and lift them from poverty than any other nation in history. This country could have conquered the world, chose not to, and, in every hemisphere in the globe, returned home leaving liberated people with their own governments.

Even now, the only purpose for our troops to be in Iraq and Afghanistan is to fill a power vacuum. Where there is a power vacuum, it is not that government does not exist, but that thugs and brigands take the opportunity to misuse a population to threaten all civil society. The badness that happens there steals the hopes and hard work of individual families whose fathers only want to provide for their families, whose mothers only want to care for their children, and whose children only want to live in peace.

That power vacuum exists because the United Nations is impotent and misdirected. The UN has buried the International Declaration of Human Rights under a fraudulent bureaucracy that misrepresents its principles.

American principles are not exceptional simply because they are American, but because they humbly commit to forms of governance that support peaceful change in a never-ending process to try to do better.

A memorial service for Marine Lance Cpl. Oleski will be held Thursday at Fort Stanwix. He is the latest of our precious ones to have been lost, joining eight others from our county. We regret the loss of each one and profusely thank them for their support of liberty and justice for all.

Captain Hate

It's hard to find expensive pedigree puppies in shelters so they had to dream up this rehoming gig I think.

I'm sure you're right. Getting dogs from the shelter is a carp-shoot; you can find some purebred gems but a lot of times they're damaged goods. We found an airedale female who'd obviously been treated horribly (broken teeth, scars in the neck where the choker-chain had been too small as she grew until it had to be cut off); still her spirit was never broken and, even though we only had her for a short time, she was the best dog I've ever had. When I was walking my current airedale we ran into another rescue that a family has had for about 10 years; she still exhibits skittish behavior but she's a beautiful dog and obviously landed in a great situation.

Fortunately one impact of the economic woes has been people flocking to dog shelters locally; a friend who was looking for one said they're going fast these days.

sbw, that's a wonderful tribute.


Sbw, that is a beautiful tribute. Did you write it?

My son got a dog from a shelter who, too, had been abused. It took a great deal of medical care and attention to restore her to good health and she is a dear thing now. But it was quite a struggle.


Captain, Clarice. Yes, and thanks. It's the second funeral in two weeks. People need a countervailing message or they might think that upon hearing repeated MSM body counts that liberty is not worthwhile.

A member of the JROTC came in during the last one to buy 30 newspapers to send to his buddies in Afghanistan so they could understand how it was handled. We gave the papers to them. (and the next several days, too.) I don't need paid circulation in Afghanistan.

Interestingly -- and I appreciate the bikers who stand between protesters and the funeral party -- some Patriot Dudes harassed my photographers, who were graceful in their coverage, and bound to record the memorial for those who could not be there and for history.


Good for you. It must be gratifying to know that one can make such a difference in so many lives..that your words will be cherished for years by people you never met.

Captain Hate

Kudos sbw; I'd assumed you were reprinting somebody else's words but am pleased to have been wrong. Your words will provide comfort to his loved ones.

Case in point: My father served on the advisory board of the Catholic school in my home town in Maryland; when he died somebody wrote an incredibly touching tribute to him in the school's yearbook which somebody mailed to me. Twenty-nine years later I still pull it out of the bookshelf at least once a year to remember how he was regarded by other people.


Beautiful, sbw. My great uncle lost both of his sons at Pearl Harbor. He died believing their deaths helped achieve a better world.

Obama better not blow it.


Perhaps we should start a pool. How long before the Captain is released? Caro has guessed 400 days that makes me shudder.

Any takers?


Question: In the various G20/post-G20 pronouncements about how the U.S. has at times been arrogant, &c., did our President actually give any examples as evidence for his claims?

I don't recall hearing any, but I suppose that may be due to the sound-bite nature of the reporting. Anyone else know whether Obama buttressed his claims, or was he merely trading in sloganeering designed to make himself look good at the expense of the citizens he represents?


Odd--this began as did Black Hawk Down with a relief mission to Africa.


Interesting. I've now experienced being locked out here. The "Post" and "Preview" buttons are present but disabled. To post that last comment I had to save the page as HTML, edit out some "disabled" attributes, and use the resulting page in my browser for posting.


Sadly the issue isn't Captain Harris's safety exclusively. The point is to make sure there is as few interruptions of maritime traffic, anywhere on the seas. What we're dealing with the James Q. Wilson's "broken windows' thesis, writ
large, it started out small with that cruise ship assault, the saudi tanker. the ukrainian arms tender, but now it's reached
a crescendo. Can't he even go through the motions to show interest in this issue?


PD. As far as I can tell no one--not even O acknowledged the G20 conference took place on the anniversary of the Marshall Plan--you know that arrogant meddling in European affairs to get them back on their feet after they'd started a stupid world war for the second time in the same century.


"Perhaps we should start a pool. How long before the Captain is released?"

Depends on how soon Obama can get the money together.Nothing will happen until after the polls come out Monday.
Then payment will have to be organised,cash ,presumably no cheques,BACs,into the pirates PayPal acount,direct debit,a sort of ongoing insurance.
The main problem is what will make Obama look good with the least risk of him looking bad.
Too much of a distraction at this crucial time in the new dog's life.



This is going to be over very soon. There is no way that the American public will stand for this being drawn out. I'd bet that handling it the Jimmy Carter way gets about 15% approval.


re: Lockout. Appears to be JOM-specific. I normally use Safari, but it seems not a browser problem: Cleared cookies; nothing; tried FireFox: same issue.

Went over to Tapper (who also uses TypePad, I believe), no lockout there.


PD--I have figured out a few Typepad bugs.
(1) You must be sure the posting box is at the end of the thread or it won't post.

(2) You cannot simply paste in the box--you must add or delete something from the clip and paste item or it won't post.

There may be other weird features as well but those two I know.

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