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April 14, 2009



24 has become this completely off the wall video game TV show. It has always stretched reality but this season it has truly gone off the rails. I actually forgot it was on last night and watched Top Gear instead. That's how important the show has become.

Thomas Collins

I agree with Harrison that 24 has become completely off the wall. But I have a different reaction to the off the wallness. I love it! I watch TV shows with an attitude of shameless escapism. If I want current reality, I have plenty of that with my job, family, friends, acquaintances, folks who don't like me, folks I don't like, mechanical problems with autos and household appliances, and peeling paint. If I want memories of reality, I'll reflect on past events in my life. But if I want escapism, I go to 24. I even forgive the show the BS green ads.

I also thoroughly enjoyed Perry Mason. When my litigator friends pointed out that Perry Mason's courtroom scenes were totally unrealistic, I said so what? I didn't watch Perry Mason to learn criminal trial procedure. Did anyone worry whether Gilligan's Island realistically depicted the interpersonal relationships of folks stuck on an island?

24 fan

my prediction--the weaponized toxin does not kill, it only temporarily incapacitates, hence jack's rebound in the next episode.

thus, the haliburton team was not trying to kill large numbers of americans but only trying to show the need for greater vigilance.

the real threat was not the toxin but the insinuation of uberpatriots into all levels of gv't and their willingness to subvert constitutional authority.


Hey to go shamelessly off topic, what do you think of me applying for this job as an arms dealer?

Jack is Back!


Day and Zimmerman is a good engineering and project management company but you'd have to live in Iowa and that means caucusing like its no tomorrow.


Following the trend the plot line has taken so far this season, I sense that the mastermind behind the nefarious conspiracy to overthrow and take over the government will turn out to be none other than President Allison Taylor. A clear indication the script writers are overworking themselves.

Thomas Collins

That's another thing I love about this year, Publius. No idea who the bad guys/gals really are.

By the way, who was that woman visiting Hodges in jail on the preview? Have we seen her before in the show?

Thomas Collins

And is Chloe still in detention? We are going to need Chloe to pull off another IT miracle before this season is over!


It's ok, Jack, I live close enough to IA to commute, but still get to enjoy the full drama of Illinois crooks.

(My husband's main concern was whether he was going to have to clean out the garage if I did this...)


Can't help you with the woman visiting Hodges, TC. I flipped channels as soon as Chloe started emitting her greehouse gases.


speaking of nefarious conspiracies, I read the Department of Homeland Security's report on "Rightwing Extremism" and on page 6 it mentions legislation that has been introduced to require the registration of all firearms, but does not attribute it.

One of the primary causes for alarm in the report, by the way, is the increased purchases of firearms and ammunition by people afraid of restrictive gun legislation.

The timing of the release of this report so close to the Tea Parties concerns me.


Cathy, I'd definitely buy all my arms from you. Definitely.


The timing of the release of this report so close to the Tea Parties concerns me.

As it should. Get a bunch of ACORN employees to start a riot, and the excuse to ban guns is there for the asking. Look for the "OBama is Hitler" signs. An ACORN rep can't be far behind.


Girl scout cookies and arms -- interesting combination, eh?

Tom Maguire

my prediction--the weaponized toxin does not kill, it only temporarily incapacitates, hence jack's rebound in the next episode.

Makes sense - maybe some was released in the writer's room...

Old Lurker

The guy who stole the last cannister was obviously working for Tony, and that guy did kill a couple of FBI guys to make his escape, so it's going to be hard to make Tony clean...even if he didn't really smother Moss. Then again, they brought him back from the dead once already, so...

Thomas Collins

My only hope for Tony is that he knows there are other conspirators still operating (as Hodges told President Taylor) and he is doing what he has to do to foil them.

As far as Jack's recovery goes, I'm certain that whatever procedure has to be done to use Jack's daughter's cells to cure Jack could take effect within a short time. After all, as Harrison noted above, 24 is stretching reality. Why not a little more stretching?


Tony is still trying to get to the others who are higher up. Moss isn't dead since he's in on it. Jack knows this at times (dependant on the # of active brain cells at any given time).

Jack will be okay after getting shot.

Hope the President's not involved....


Jack who?


Too bad they didn't teach the last FBI agent who got killed that he was

1) supposed to be out of reach of the baddie,

2) that baddie was supposed to be on his knees with hands over his head or better yet face down on the pavement, and

3) that he should not be jibber jabbering on a cell phone and looking in a bag while baddie is not secured.

I'm not sure I believe the FBI agent would have been quite that dumb. Of course he may have been thinking about something else, like the unrecorded interviews in the Stevens case. That would make three distractions.

Other than that everything was very believable. I can see that the explosion of the underground site wouldn't make Tony's ears ring. He's used to explosions.

Barry Dauphin

In the season finale Jack teaches Ezra Klein how to understand the relative burdens of the taxation among the quintiles. Klein's head explodes just in time to destroy the bio-weapons.

JM Hanes

A guy who watches Top Gear is reviewing 24 and finding it wanting?

"Besides, Tony's training enables him to break a man's neck (or leg) with one finger (Do you believe that?), so why waste time smothering Moss unless he is simply faking his death and really just knocking him unconscious?"

I was troubled too, Tom, till I asked myself if I were watching the real Tony Almeida and not a Starkwood clone, or a DARPA clone, or Almeida on weed, man. And how do we know that the bio weapon cannister isn't a fake, or not-a-fake, intended for a really black, black op? Because we've already been told that there are even blacker blackguards out there, haven't we? Or Jack could be hallucinating already. Or could have been hallucinating since Season I, Episode I, or dreaming. That probably deserves a Nah.

What a quandary for our poor hero! Will he stand by his man if he's really gone terminally bad this time? Or will Jack take him out, in a swamp of angst? Almeida obviously can't be terminated by anyone else. Where's the drama in that? Will it turn out he's a good guy after Jack dispatches him? That's my bet, because I can't believe that I'm the only one who has gotten pretty tired of the Tony story line, and if Jack is reunited with his daughter, he needs to be rebaptized in tragedy.

Anyway, if the object is pretending Moss is dead, of course, they'd have to cover him up to maintain the fiction, now wouldn't they? I was getting to like Moss, though, and he Would Be Missed if he's truly met his fictional maker. That little thing he was getting on/off with what's-her-name was kinda sweet. There's plenty of evidence that he was a secret bad guy though. Why did he keep trying to trip Jack up for so many episodes? Huh?

Old Lurker

So many questions, JMH, so many!

It's easier to study the tax distribution tables than to figure out 24...


A guy who watches Top Gear is reviewing 24 and finding it wanting?

Well, has 24 ever made fun of Gordon Brown?


JM, what if Jack kills Tony and finds out that he was really a good guy, as you say, and then Jack finds out that Kim and Tony were engaged. Kim snaps and becomes a rogue agent secure in the knowledge that her dad could never bring himself to hurt her.

I could also see that the President's daughter, Olivia, catches the secret service agent Aaron Pierce sexing it up with the President. In a jealous rage, she takes Aaron's handgun, kills the President with it, then shoots Aaron in the temple, making it look like a murder suicide.

Leading into next season, when Olivia campaigns for President and wins.

Kim discovers what happened, decides to assassinate new President Olivia Taylor, Jack finds out what she is planning and tries to stop her, but then, in the end, decides to help her, and they kill Olivia together.


Having grown up in DC I love what they do to the geography. I didn't know the White House sat next to a river.


Ot, but inadvertent satire, occurs when Glenn Greenwald, who tried to get a Nazi Klansman preacher like Matt Hale, a law license what could possibly go wrong?, lectures anyone on right wing extremism.


When a known character dies on 24 they usually end the segment with a silent clock instead of the ticking clock. This ep ended with a ticking clock. Maybe Tony was palming some chloroform or a kevlar-clad Moss was in on it and playing along.


Actually, the 24 hour clock stopped a long time ago and, in the final show, Jack suddenly appears on the island in 'Lost' and simultaneously, with red lipstick, in long black stockings, standing next to Janet as Brad says, "Lucky him." leading Magenta to laugh "I'm lucky, you're lucky, we're all LUCKY!" whereupon we all break into "Let's do the time warp again!"


Tsk tsk tsk! Tony was good, then he was dead, then he wasn't dead, but he was bad. Then he was good and helped Jack get the device thingy that would destroy every computer in the USA including the ones in planes, coffeemakers, alarm clocks and GPS navigation devices.

Then Tony disappeared for about 8 hours and got something to eat and some coffee because unlike Jack and everyone else on 24, he knows it's important to keep your blood sugar stable.

He was still good but Jack thought he might be bad but Tony persuaded him that there were more things going wrong, and they were. Unfortunately it was really wrong. Jumo and his gang of military guys wearing uniforms and marching boots swam under the WH and shot a lot of WH staffers, putting holes in the walls before meeting their maker.

Fast forward, Tony was still good and blew up the missiles carrying the Prion bio weapons. Unfortunately a bad guy has a canister of the stuff and kills 2 FBI agents so he can do something nefarious. What the nefarious deed is, is unknown to us.

Now Tony is bad again after trying to help Larry then maybe smothering him. (Or not...) Some feel his fingers moved away Larry's nose.. Next week according to the previews, Jack doesn't know Tony is bad again and works with him out in the field. So here we are, He was good, then bad, then good then bad. Maybe he's bi-polar.


When a known character dies on 24 they usually end the segment with a silent clock instead of the ticking clock. This ep ended with a ticking clock. Maybe Tony was palming some chloroform or a kevlar-clad Moss was in on it and playing along.

Posted by: Dave | April 14, 2009 at 11:54 PM

Yeah, well... maybe not.

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