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April 25, 2009


Thomas Collins

Eat a variety of fruits and veggies. Keep the steak and hamburger lean. Don't guzzle oat bran muffins, but have a measured amounts of whole grains in your diet. Don't flip out about whole milk or cream, but weave in some skim milk and fat free yogurt. A pat of butter doesn't hurt, but there is no need to be buttery 24/7. Moderate exercise. Do the things you like to do physically (walking, tennis, golf, bicycling, and the like). Don't be afraid of the sun, but do the blocking lotion thingie if you are going to be in the noonday sun on a day to day basis. Keep the use of tobacco and other inhalants under control. Get the sleep you need. Be continent in your erotic habits. Booze and unrefined sugar are wonderful in decent quantities.

In other words, practice common sense, and you won't need to obsess about whether you are getting enough Vitamin A or Vitamin D or Vitamin C or flaxseed or whole grain or alpha omega beta zeta blah blah blaha or whatever.

I acknowledge that those with specific medical conditions may need special diets or injections. But overall, if we practiced common sense and moderation, we would be just as healthy as we would be by following the latest health fad.


Open wide, cod liver oil incoming.


My 77 YO Mother was recently diagnosed with Vitamin D deficiency. She was prescribed a High-Dose Vitamin D supplement (not OTC), been taking it for 3 weeks, and is feeling better than she has in many years.

While walking from the parking lot to my daughter's soccer game on Thursday, my Mom was able to keep up with my normal walking pace which has been quite a while since that has happened. She wasn't even winded!


Vitamin D is a bit of a special case (in that deficiencies can arise on a seasonal basis even among healthy, active persons) and this very interesting article is not a blanket admonition to take supplements. For reasons not clearly understood, intake of nutrients through healthy diet appears far more effective than supplementation in most cases.

Thomas Collins

I don't know if it's Vitamin D, but The Boston Globe appears to need some type of vitamin stimulus. See LUN.

Charlie (Colorado)

It's threatening snow again here. Screw you, Tom.


The problem with vitamin D is that people live in latitudes which their skin did not evolve for.


It's 93 degrees here Charlie - It's a huge shock to the system. (A nice one of course) I spent an hour this morning trying to remember where I put my shorts.

Rick Ballard

"I spent an hour this morning trying to remember where I put my shorts."

Sounds like a rough night...

Charlie (Colorado)

Yeah, Jane, you have our hand-me-down weather from last week. You wait, it'll get cold and wet again for you about Wednesday.

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