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April 18, 2009



This is insane Flynn, who was manning this SNAFU of an investigation, charging someone with a law that wasn't yet on the books. Then again, I'm not surprised anymore seeing
the corruption of the ethics law, that has been used to aim a raft of ethics complaints
up there. Is this another Brenda Morris/
William Welch special?


So we have gone from a country that reveled in democracy, to a country so firmly ensconced in Chicago politics that democracy has been completely smothered.

People threw eggs at Norm Coleman's house today. The same sort got Ben Stevens to get to his father, and the annihilation of Sarah continues relentlessly.

We need to find that island soon.


(Isn't this the same stunt they pulled on DeLay--investigating him for violating a law not yet on the books?)

I think it's worse than that. The Austin DA charged him for raising money in exactly the same way Texas Dems were.


Believe you are correct Clarice.

Bad, Thanks for following that further link and posting it. And with Sarah on the anti-Steven's bandwagon, no wonder she had strong media and Dem support at the time. That does a better job of illustrating the anti-Steven's corruption bias that existed up here, and that we Republican's used to shackle the hands of our own elected official with, simply because of perceptions pushed by bogus, zealous investigators, and aided and abetted at every turn by our media mouthpieces. It always happens on our side, which is why we have DeLay out and both Steven's standing on the sidelines, while on the other side they've got their Dodd's and Jefferson's and Rangel's and you name 'em, but never ever are they pushed to leave until they're marched out in handcuffs.


And if it makes a difference, I'm sitting here in the office pulling Airport Standby duty due to our simmering volcano. My standby co-pilot is a new gal from Girdwood. She says her best friend there lives just down the block from Ted and has the keys to his cabin, and that she has seen it from the inside, and that even inside its a dump. "Why do you ask?" she wondered, and I just started shaking my head. If we're not launched, she says she's dining at The Double Musky tonight (the Girdwood restaurant where the owner Person's or Parson's is the guy Bill Allen lied about saying Ted didn't really want to pay the bills). She says, Maxine's is better and cheaper than The Double Musky, so keep that in mind for your next Girdwood visit. Just like a watched pot, a watched volcano never blows.



Heh, Verner. I've been thinking about that since Gov. Perry's comment.

I wasn't planning to retire to Texas, but I was wondering, if Texas goes, wouldn't Oklahoma, Louisiana, maybe Alabama, Mississippi, Georgia and some other states think about joining? Alaska?

I know Obama fancies himself a Lincoln reincarnation of sorts. Maybe he'd like to deal with a real secession movement.


People threw eggs at Norm Coleman's house today.

From Blackfive we learn that in NY Dist 20, the vote outcome would have probably been completely different if the Democrats had not succeeded in blocking most of the military absentee ballots.

Update on military voters in NY 20 District

As he rightly notes if they were taking votes away from minorities or another protected class there would be outrage all over the media and the chattering classes. But they are only screwing our troops on the battlefield and heck most of them vote Republican. What a disgrace.

From the HRO link cited in the article that I have put LUN.

. The resulting low voting rate among service members can be partly attributed to the failure of state and federal officials to carry out their responsibilities to comply with and enforce the federal statute that guarantees the rights of all military personnel to vote.
After the meeting, Chávez met with Secretary of State Hillary Clinton to discuss working meetings to soon be set up between the two countries.

"I spoke with the secretary of state. She thanked me for the references, which are not new -- every time I have been asked in
the past few years about the possibility of improving relations, I have replied with the Clinton era as an example. I have said it and I have repeated it here and she thanked me for it. I sent greetings to [former President Bill] Clinton, with whom we had dialogue as the human beings we are," Chávez said.

Chavez is a dufus but he's trying to play Obama and Hillary. He may succeed if they aren't careful.



Geraldo is beside himself at Rick Perry's secession discussion - calling it treason - Huckabee says the fringe on both sides is nuts.

I thought Perry made more sense last week than any other politician in this country. I guess we know what that makes me.


From Chavez:

In referring to Obama, Chávez indicated that "we have begun to speak and that in itself is a good start. I think we have started on the right foot. ... I think we should progress quickly towards a new relation with Cuba based on respect, without conditions, and I think there is a good chance that will happen."

The release of political prisoners is a ruse, and I imagine pre-planned.

Here's what I predict.

The Castro bros will release a couple dozen librarians and journalists, and Obama will relax "sanctions" making things wide open even though the "embargo" may remain in place for show.

Medea Benjamin and the Ayers will go down and develop beach front condos for their years of service to Fidel and make millions (and Soros is making money somewhere in there too...bet on it.)

Cuba will remain a totalitarian pit, and the Castros will use all the new Yankee dollars to infiltrate the US, and the rest of Latin America with "Community organizers"

The democrats will grant amnesty to the 10 million illegals who will be ripe for the picking, and will reinforce the HARD LEFT wing of the democrat party.

Mexico, now teetering on the brink, will fall, and elect a fidel/chavez friendly government.

Sure Obama is shaking hands with him. Are any of us surprised? He as much said he would--before he said he wouldn't during the campaign.

I just hope that Hillary, moderate/conservative dems, Christopher Buckley and David Frum are happy they've facilitated la revolution. Maybe we should send them all Che t-shirts and berets.



I here the weather in Barrow is nice this time of year for your coming duties in the Polar Bear Feeding and Receration Battalion.

Also someone mentioned "those who count the votes" up thread: Part of the play has been "The Secterary of State Project", which is as most could guess, funded by a Soros front. AT had a pretty good write up about Coleman's hearings on the Oil for Food scandal that put him in the New Left's cross hairs, which struck me as odd, seeing as how tame the hearing were.


I think we need to admit the possibility that this man means to destroy America.

It seemed pretty clear this was the case even before the election.


The world may be coming to an end, but my Mavs just beat the Spurs in the first game of the first series in San Antonio. Hoowa!!!!!


If you really want to freak yourself out, go read about Chavez and how he came to power and has remained in power. You will see the similarities between him and Obama.

Nighters, y'all.

Go Mavs!


And an update.... the daughter's HS girl's golf team won the region tournament and will be competing at Jekyll Island in May for the State Championships.... Woo-Hoo!!!

Boy's Region tournament is Tuesday....


Congratulations, Stephanie.


Way to go Stephette!!


Thanks, we're excited. A mini vacation at the beach just before school is out. The school actually springs for the kids' rooms and meals, and the coaches have lots of fun things planned including a kids v parents best ball tournament.



The left started their SoS project after Florida's SoS Katherine Harris cert of GWB as the winner of Florida's electoral votes to stand.

In Ohio, the SoS Jennifer Brunner delivered the vote for President Obama. Her office has been tied to ACORN, Project Vote, and Citizens Services Inc. And in Ohio, ACORN has 150 subsidiary organizations.

Considering the fact that the American public funds ACORN and the U.S. Census will be conducted by organizations linked to them, I don't think all the tea parties in the country will overcome what the left has put in place with the help of well funded Soro's groups.

Here is an example: ACORN IN OH

Notice there are no contacts, no web site and if you call the number it has been disconnected.
Est. Annual Sales: $230,000
Est. # of Employees: 5


Poo, try this: http://www.manta.com/coms2/dnbcompany_qz29d2


When I was a kid there was a general cultural consensus in the society of what constituted "Bad"; Hitler, Stalin, Mao, Mussolini, Castro, Kruschev, Karl Marx. They could easily be pointed to as object lessons of whom to loathe, whom to be cautious of, who's life lessons were necessary to battle against.

Fifty years later, after a generational onslaught of Leftist Media, Educational Brainwashing, and general cultural rot, I think a good case can be made that Adolf Hitler is the only one who still remains on that list, and that excepting Osama Bin Ladin, the Ortega's and Chavez's of the world that ought to be joining that list simply never will.



I am so happy for you. My daughter's Lacrosse coach has asked her to join the high school golf league next year. If you have any advice let me know.

My mom always tried to teach me the importance of golf in a man's world. Of course, I didn't listen and I realized to late that in the corporate world decisions are made on the green. Can't tell you the number of times I have wished I had listened to her wisdom. I think if she had made it more fun than instruction I would of taken to it earlier. Now I understand and I sound just like her with my daughter. Yikes :)



The short game is where the score is made or destroyed... practice the approach 70% of range work...chipping, pitching, sand shots...

Get lessons in the off-season, never during the season. There is nothing worse than an instructor changing her swing 2 weeks into the season and her score dropping resulting in her getting replaced on match rosters...

The short game is where scores are made or trashed...

Go to the range at least 2 times a week outside of organized practice and matches.

The short game is where scores are made or trashed...

Stay ahead or behind your daughter's group during matches and tournaments. We tend to stay ahead of them, so we can help track balls on drives, approaches, etc. It takes the pressure off, and you won't be accused of "coaching during matches."

The short game is where scores are made or trashed...

If the state allows, get her a walking cart for 18 hole matches and tournaments, but don't allow her to use it during practice, (she needs to build up leg and abdomen muscles and carrying the bag at practice is good for that).

The short game is where scores are made or trashed...

When you play with her, don't coach. I've found that the instruction the coaches give is applied best if you allow her to figure out what is going wrong on her own. She will ask if she can't figure out the cause of the troubles...

The short game is where scores are made or trashed...

Be prepared for her to demand family rounds be played under tournament rules with NO mulligans and no more improving your lie... including ALL rules and penalties applied... no Sunday rules... and no gimmes.

The short game is where scores are made or trashed...

Be prepared for continual updating of her clubs as her game improves. Taylormade is your new best friend - your $$, not so much...

Oh and did I say the short game is where scores are made or trashed?

Fresh Air


You are far too pessimistic and you overrate ACORN's effectiveness. ACORN activists are basically inner-city bums who can't get jobs. They fill out forms pretending to register voters who don't exist. Now, in some locales, like my hometown Chicago, nonexistent voters do turn out on election day. But in most precincts, that's a little harder to pull off.

ACORN will not be conducting the census. They will, no doubt, be attempting to pull some shenanigans, but the numbers they will need to generate of homeless, illegals, etc. to offset population losses in the north are severe. We need to be watchful for this crap and file lawsuits whenever and wherever it's noticed. But the census office is actually staffed with statistics geeks, not partisan hacks like you describe. They really don't take that kind of stuff very kindly. Imagine the kind of sensational stories that a couple of whistleblowers could create.

There are reasons for Americans to think about driving off the cliff. But ACORN is not one of them.


Say what you will about George Bush, he did not pander to our enemies or stab our friends in the back. He did not apologize for his country, nor did he make excuses for its past.

Obama shames me. He really does. I hope the GOP can come up with someone to run against him in 2012, because 4 years is way past long enough for this man.


Look at this way, maybe Obama will send those guys at Gitmo to Venezuela, let them spend some time in a prison down there and see what they think of that.


I think it's worse than that. The Austin DA charged him for raising money in exactly the same way Texas Dems were.

Let's have a Republican set up a website where anybody can donate from anywhere using anybodies credit card and see if the MSM deigns to do a story on it.


IMO, ACORN and it's joined at the hip sister, SEIU are far more dangerous than most conservatives seem to believe.

They have gone from harassing local banks, aided by lawsuits won by leftists against the banks that refused to loan money to people that did not meet credit standards to getting their funds to fight against America straight from the US Treasury. With the aid of Secretaries of State in locals like Ohio, they are able to make it impossible for a fair election to be held.
Anyone who wants to know how that affects countries should look at elections in Venezuela.
As for ACORN and the census, IMO, one only has to look at who has been put in charge in other areas. The Sec of Treasury can't do his taxes correctly. According to a link, I posted a few days ago, a leading fraud expert says he has never succeeded at any job he has held.Look at any of Obama's nominees, they are all the same. There is no way anyone competent is going to be allowed to run the US census.

Here is what SEIU and ACORN are up to this week.

SEIU wants Bank of America CEO fired

Why is SEIU picking a fight with America's largest bank?

Believe it or not, it involves the so-called Employee Free Choice Act, better known as card check, an issue that BofA has not taken a position on.

However, because of its high-profile, the bank is a fat target for the radical union--bankers are not exactly popular these days. Who better to single out than the Bank of America as SEIU seeks to advance class warfare...oops, I mean "leveling the playing field."

It doesn't stop there. SEIU envisions dues-paying unionized bank teller filling its treasury--which will allow it to further advance its expanding agenda.

There are no unionized banks.

There are thousands of articles on ACORN and FRAUD, SEIU and FRAUD.

Fresh Air


Well said...and please come around here daily. Just One Minute needs you.


maybe Obama will send those guys at Gitmo to Venezuela,

IMO, they would never spend a day in jail there, they think the same way Chavez thinks.

They would probably be given a new identity and on their way to the states the same day.


Hey, take a look at the video of Hugo and Barry posted on Drudge LUN

Maybe a few of our spanish speaking JOMers can translate.

It's worse than the pics indicate.

With all that shoulder touching going on...

Sully must be loving it.


verner, I watched that video and it seemed quite intense. I understood zero....


Ya know, this is pretty obvious, so probably not anything close to new. But, given that Barack Hussein's policies are undoubtedly going to increase the cost of producing energy, about the only thing they'll have to do to take over, especially the electricity sector, is introduce price controls. If your cost to generate doubles or triples, and you can only raise rates 5%, you're not gonna make it. In order to do that, he needs the EPA regs, and he needs them in place without further adieu. The learned folks at Watts up think this will all go through the courts first. I think we'll see the regs roll out in 55 days or so, "pending litigation" or some such.

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