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April 15, 2009



6. My guess is that the sentiments revealed in the report I read are the tip of an iceberg that the DHS would prefer to keep submerged until it needs to reveal it. This iceberg is the heavy-hand of government; a government with large and awful eyes, in whose heart there is no love for freedom, and on whose face there is no smile."

Clarice, if that's what the bastards are willing to put into writing, just IMAGINE what they're doing under the radar.




Yeah, verner..I wonder how far they'll get the vets are on a warpath already.

I wonder how long it ia before Napolitano will be on a real hotseat? She said today she'd read it and stands by it.

Of course, it'll take a couple of days for the DHS report on the left is more widely circulated and they start banging on her teakettle.


Yeah, verner..I wonder how far they'll get the vets are on a warpath already.

Aren't they basically warning vets to not to speak against Obama?


Fred just twittered that she stands by it. I've downloaded the 10 pages of Stalinist crapola and read them carefully. If she stands by it,SHE NEEDS TO GO.

Captain Hate

The sleeping verner has been awoken: Consent of the governed bitchezzzzz!!!!!!


Well, gosh, there must be someone not offended by this who'll stand by her..HEH


Team America F-yeah!


Has anyone begun analyzing and comparing the DHS left wing extremists and right wing one?


Hmmmm. Who knew it was so easy to shut down the Obama White House:

http://www.washingtonexaminer.com/opinion/blogs/beltway-confidential/Flung-teabags-lock-down-West-Wing-43049647.html>Flung teabags lock down West Wing

I remember when lefties were saying that the way people evacuated the White House during 9/11 showed how poorly that administration was prepared for crisis. What does it say about this one that they are terrified of tea bags?


Teabags flung at d-bags....


Hot Air has a good comparison between the right and leftwing DHS reports: http://hotair.com/archives/2009/04/15/the-vaunted-left-wing-extremism-report/



Hey Clarice,

I posted the link to that and a summary along with my own take on it on the previous page of comments.


Note to Sully (and Mark), if there was no DHS, a report like this would still be generated by agency ______ (fill in the blank).



Tancredo was to speak at UNC last night:

Tancredo was escorted from the room by campus police.

About 200 protesters reconvened outside the building. "We shut him down; no racists in our town," they shouted. "Yes, racists, we will fight, we know where you sleep at night!"

The left is all non-violence and free speech, right.....



Ah, Ranger--so sorry--I was busy, then knocked off the IT and then couldn't get back in here.


Do you suppose Kerry will try to toss his/someone else's teabags/teacups over the White House fence just for old times' sake?


Well, I couldn't attend a tea party, but I stapled a tea bag on my antennae as an act of solidarity.

That'll show em.


Clarice- you are a jewel. Many people will never know about the leftwing extremist DHS report--the nuts at Obama's propaganda media (CNN,MSNBC,ABC,NBC,CBS,) only mentioned the tea parties with icy condescension...I wanted to jump through the TV screen and give Anderson Cooper a screaming wedgie, but then I realized he would enjoy it!
Verner-your tea party signs are brilliant!


Verner's the jewel, I'm just the diarist,glenda. Hmm, maybe we need to send out a search party for her come to think of it.

Fresh Air


This thread is too long. Please put up a new one dedicated to the Tea Parties. I think all of the attendees would like to compare notes.

Thank you for your attention!

Everyone else--

The Tea Party in downtown Chicago was very well attended, probably 5-6,000 people there, tons of homemade signs, lots of creative messages and NORMAL people. I see so many weirdos on a daily basis, it's always nice to be reminded that there are decent, normal and conservative citizens in my own backyard. The media will downplay it, but this thing has legs. The "Don't Tread on Me" flag is becoming the semi-official standard of the Anti-Zero/Reid/Pelosi forces. I'm going to go buy one.


Hi All!

After party report from Franklin TN. It was a picture post card evening. The rally was held in the square--which looks like a movie set it is so quaint. The crowd was estimated at 2,000, in little ole Franklin no less. Very well behaved folks. Many mentions of the DHS paper.

My signs were very well received. Several people borrowed them to hold up. An older lady from Germany who as a child lived under Hitler's jackboot took a pic of my Hitler Stalin poster. She said that it was her very favorite one.

A lady told me there were 20,000 in downtown Nashville, and another 2,000 in Wilson county. There were 50 tea parties in Tennessee alone.

Haven't gotten a report from my mom in Memphis yet. My daughter in Baton Rouge said there were around 500 at the La state capital in the afternoon.

Trust me folks, we are not alone! There are many millions who get it just fine, and they are not happy.


Whew! You left so full of spirit and with such good ideas for signs, we were heading for the smelling salts when so much time passed and we'd not heard from you, verner.


Don't worry about me Clarice. I was in very good company. So glad I went.

And Glenda, as for lots of folks never finding out about the DHS report--don't worry. It is a HOT issue, and people are MAD about it. Especially the vets in the crowd.

Charlie (Colorado)

For convenience, by the way, the "don't tread on me" flag is formally called the Gadsen flag. That will make it easier to find.


Fresh, you're right. Don't tread on me was very popular in Franklin as well. Lots of soviet references, and lots of Am Revolution references in the signs. Also some very funny ones.

Not a single pre printed sign, not a box lunch or a bus in sight! Not a blade of astroturf, nothing but pure natural green grass sod!


Doug Ross has a video of a ridiculous "interview" by a CNN reporter trying to ridicule the tea party protest and notes how some media absolutely ignored it in contrast to their wall to wall coverage of Cindy Sheehan's pathetic parades around Crawford:
http://directorblue.blogspot.com/2009/04/tea-parties-code-pink-and-sickness-of.html>What's news and what isn't or why don't they simply shutter J Schools?


The dynamics in 2009 are somewhat similar, as other countries, including China, India, and Russia, as well as some smaller, oil-producing states, are experiencing a rise in economic power and influence.

Hmmm... Sounds like the DHS people are avid Krugman readers. The fact that all of the countries listed are facing much worse economic dislocation from the global slowdown then the US seems to have missed these stellar intel types.


The "Don't Tread on Me" flag is becoming the semi-official standard of the Anti-Zero/Reid/Pelosi forces. I'm going to go buy one.

Posted by: Fresh Air | April 15, 2009 at 08:55 PM

Yes, it does seem to simply and completely sum up the core of the issue. I've been thinking about getting one myself.


Though, I have to say I saw one that really struck my fancy and would be good for people who value the 2nd Ammendment too. A simple white flag with a star, a cannon, and the words "Come and Take It!"

Fresh Air


The flag really stands out in a crowd, and it's totally nonpartisan, which is in keeping with the spirit of this movement. Yes, I'm calling it a "movement." I've been observing the political scene since Nixon. This thing is taking off. The Mediacrats won't know what hit them next year. People are pissed, and willing to get off their duffs and do something about it. This is the most activist I've seen conservatives since Reagan.

As an aside, regarding the ad hominem attempts to ridicule the Tea Parties. These J-school dopes think "bandwagoning" equals success. But they have the cart in front of the team. People are interested in this because of what it is, not because of who is involved in it. Seems to me that just about every damn "protest movement" the liberals have run since the Sixties is phony. That's probably why they don't understand why people even bother.


To give y'all an idea of the space I'm talking about photo LUN

The Square was completely packed with overflow into the adjoining streets.

I have a feeling these crowds are going to be underestimated by the media...big surprise there, huh.


When I last looked , Verner, PJTV had calculated the crowds around the country totalled about 210k.

Soylent Red

In honor of Tax Day and possible upcoming Texas Secession, why not hoist the Gonzalez Cannon Flag, more commonly known as the Come and Take It?

I've been flying a Gadsden on the Fourth of July for about ten years now (got my first one, oddly, during the Clinton Era). It always raises eyebrows because of what it represents.

I have a snappy Bonnie Blue on the back window of my truck and I've been noticing a LOT more of those and Gadsden flags lately, even in moonbat Charlottesville.

Interesting times, people. They say New Braunfels is nice this time of year...


Verner..sounds like it was thrilling! Franklin?? I have family in Columbia and the last time I visited, we spent a lot of time in Franklin! Loved it! My S-I-L spends a lot of her time there, antiquing and a fabric store where she gets her quilting supplies.I remember some old factory/cistern they had turned into a mall--I have a picture of a giant rocking chair with 3 of us sitting together!


I love it too Glenda. Why don't you move back to TN, bring all the rest of the JOMers with you and we'll secede with Texas.

Clarice, I saw the CNN Susan Roesgen interview of the Chicago tea party. That CNN doesn't fire that bi-ach for negligence and stupidity speaks volumes on why a) nobody watches CNN and b)nobody watches CNN because the hate DNC propaganda.

It was as blatant as that bow of Obama's that eh wasn't really a bow.


Soylent--New Braunfels?? Are you coming to central Texas, soon? Great little German town with lots of bakeries and beer! The big draw is the Guadalupe River and Gruene(where George Strait got his start) We used to go every year when the girls were young--they still go and have a ball-Schlitterbahn Resort & Beer Gartein is a must! And at Gruene Hall--no tango, but lots of Texas Two-Step and good restaurant carved out of the river bank rocks and trees ,serving beer and very good margaritas! My girls will be there July 20/25, I think.


Clarice, I think it was much higher. Remember, there are loads of mid sized cities that may not even be counted yet. And I honestly think from some of the aerial photos I've seen that the crowds are underestimated.

Remember, this was on a WORK DAY, many of the gatherings were unstructured, and the crowds tended to ebb and flow.

Hey, O'Reilly is showing the Roesgen clip now. Damn, she's interrupting the guy she's interviewing. What a total snot.


Keep those girls under lock and key is Soylent shows up. Just sayin, Glenda.


A few years ago, Susan Rosegen was reporting on an idea by Trent Lott that she said would "go over like a fart in church" live on CNN.

She's just that classy. And that concerned with the type of language people use.

Soylent Red

New Braunfels, in the event that things going irreparably wrong here and Texas secedes, is where I will build my compound, sandbag myself in, and wait the whole thing out.

Schnitzels, Lutherans and firearms. Just like Nebraska, only with accents and better Mexican restaurants.

Your girls can teach me to two-step glenda.


I'm so glad CNN has reporters like Roesgen. There's nothing that endears Americans more to a network than seeing a snotty stuck-up flat chested plain faced ivy-league looking info-babe acting ugly and condescending to a nice looking regular guy holding his kid and trying to make an intelligent point about liberty and taxes while invoking Abraham Lincoln.

Hey CNN, MSNBC already has the nutroots niche market, and they ain't doing too good.

As they used to say on SNL....Rosegen, you ignorant slut.


That's basically my thought, verner..Much easier work for us if they are utterly unsubtle and right in our faces.

Soylemy--Braunfels also has a great German sausage place.


"Soylemy?" Soylent, of course. I have to accept that I cannot type and play with the cat toy at the same time,

Chuck Pelto

TO: Scott
RE: That Oath for Enlisted

Having served as a 'mustang', i.e., enlisted BEFORE getting a commission, I'm well aware of the differences between the two oaths.

My point with respect to the officers' oath is that they are required to respect the Constitution of the United States over ALL thinks. That includes the President of the Untied States and the officers appointed over them.


P.S. As for failing memories.....don't feel like the lone ranger. At yesterday's tea-party, I was interviewed by the newspaper for the 'extreme' banner I was carrying, which ready....

Stop the Insane Jackasses.

During the background information asked me by the reporter, I gave him an incorrect age.....TWICE!


New Braunfels is a lovely spot for a compound, Soylent! Haven't been tubing on the Comal in years but it is always tops. I have been to a couple of the bakeries but I have yet to try the sausage. And I love Gruene Hall - my husband's band is playing there in June fwiw.


"When I last looked , Verner, PJTV had calculated the crowds around the country totalled about 210k."

Do you guys think its time that we finally give Obama credit for being a great Community Organizer?


"The best part of the report for me is the use of the word terrorist when referring to Americans."

are you familiar with the USA PATRIOT act ? if not, take a look at section 802, "Definition of Domestic Terrorism":


you may be surprised at how little it takes to be legally known as a terrorist.

yes, Bush passed this one. yes, the GOP defended it for 8 years.


USA Patriot,

You left out part of my quote. That would be really funny if it was on the Krugman thread.



I'm not very good at counting heads, it would seem. Our local paper reported 300 on hand.



That's great news. More is better and I'm glad that your paper didn't try to downplay the numbers.

It must be quite a job to count up all the numbers at the rallies. PJM had over 210K last time I checked.


Oops, duh, the 210K number was already posted just upthread! Sorry, I'm late getting coffee today...


Dumbass, this is the kind of thing people were worried about under Bush. We tried to get you to imagine what the powers Bush was claiming would be like under President Hillary Clinton, but you wouldn't listen. I have absolutely no sympathy.


And to clarify, that's how long ago we were screaming about executive overreach. We though that Clinton would likely be the next Democratic Presidential nominee.


I have a hard time seeing where the outrage at this article is coming from. His example of Hillary Clinton getting power and having the same extra-constitutional powers that GW Bush appropriated is particularly apropos. We as conservatives failed in protecting liberty when the Republicans held power. Protecting liberty should be our foremost concern. As much as it can stick in your craw to admit it, this is one area where Sullivan has been right and we (general, no specific of course) have been out to lunch for a long time.

Gilmont Fannheim

And everything, turn, turn, turn.

Suck it up hypocrites. If you've done nothing wrong, you've got nothing to fear, at least that was the logic going around three years ago.


The right seems to believe in democracy, except when they don't. When they are out of power, suddenly democracy changes its name to tyranny. Makes as much sense as all the other policy decisions.


"The right seems to believe in democracy, except when they don't. When they are out of power, suddenly democracy changes its name to tyranny."

Wrong! It changes its name to fascism and/or socialism. Try to keep up, Mark.


'Turf alert!

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