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May 18, 2009



And the real reason to watch...Kim Bauer ends up running while wearing a white cotton tank top by 10:15!!!!

Thomas Collns

I'm hoping that Jack's father turns out to be the head of the syndicate. After all, he did have enough time to get off that rig before it was bombed, and there was a Chinese sub in the area that could have picked him up.

I know, very unlikely, but no more unlikely than Tony Almeida appearing this year.


I like it. But Tony has to die for good this time. And Agent Walker has to make a big play.

She needs to save Jack, so she can come back next season.

Maybe she kills Tony. Or at least gets to kill the female villain working with Tony.

Thomas Collns

West Coast Spoiler Alert! Don't read this post on the West Coast (although it doesn't give away a lot).

See, the syndicate head wants anonymity. It still could be Jack's father!


I will be happy if Jack just punches Garofalo in the nose. The end. :)


Kim just lost the suit coat. Boobs were flying all over. I see a tank a top soon...

Thomas Collns

I guess the West Coast is on notice about this thread, so I will stop the spoiler alert introduction.

Go Kim! Great job!
You've come a long way from that teenybopper who got abducted with her friend in one of those early seasons!

Thomas Collns

OK, does Olivia have any more maneuvers left to stop Ethan from playing the tape?

Thomas Collns

Whoops! Looks as if it's not Jack's father. Oh well, the man behind Charles Logan is good enough.

Did I mishear the Tony-Jack chat? Was it Tony that did in Hodges? Maybe Olivia isn't finished yet; if President Taylor confirms that Olivia's hit didn't go through, she can justifiably bury Olivia's involvement in the plot

Barry Dauphin

Tom Maguire: Right about Joe Wilson. Is he right about Tony Almeida?

Thomas Collns

I can't believe it! Tony's not dead yet! Does he have one more escape in him?

OK, it's time for Kim to tell Jack he's a granddad.


This scene with the cleric is kind of touching...

Thomas Collins

I thought it was well done, Mike. Short and to the point. Self-forgiveness is not easy, but if it is sincere, it doesn't have to be drawn out.


"Do it now janice..." She sounded just like Jack....

I'd like to see her punch Janice/Janine in the face right about now....

Thomas Collins

I hope Renee goes through with it. I guess we'll have to wait a few months to find out.

Thomas Collins

So, Tony Almeida lives. I wonder if Vegas is taking action on whether Tony outlives Jack in the series.


Jack is hanging by a thread...
Tony is in custody...
Renee is ready to cross the line...
Chloe is still nutty...
The VP is involved...
Kim is overacting but my tank top prediction was off...


Well, at least Gargoyle got handcuffed! And a good guy has the key.


I guess this means that Garofalo will be back next season, too. That's disappointing.

Melinda Romanoff

If Jane Garofalo got a Glaswegian kiss from Sutherland in this show, I might watch it.



Sadly, my tank prediction was wrong. Time to fire up "Old School" on the blue ray...

Charlie (Colorado)

Girl Next Door. The unrated version.


I am re-watching the whole thing. Good catch about Hodges!! The security guy at the White House is dirty, so is our grease girl, Janice..and I love that the baddy in custody is named Wilson! Great job on that, writers.
Next Season: Wilson gives up Janice..Janice gives up WH main security guy..Henry protects the flake, Olivia, through Ethan, who may be involved. Kim saves Jack temporarily until the idea about having the antidote pops up when Tony gets back in the game to find the others in the "12". President Logan is alive and maybe Jack's Pop....and Jack and Agent Walker hookup!
Okay--too easy, they bads(not our beloved bad) go to CA and kidnap baby Terri, and after Jack is a little better, he & Tony must work together. Agent Walker calls Chloe, after she discovers Wilson has no B_ _ LS to crunch and they break out Tony until Jack, or if, is back on his feet!

All I know, is January is a long time to wait. Here's hoping at least Pelosi has retired by then and the market is soaring after Obama has announced he will not seek re-election.!


They have Jack position perfectly to mail in his part next season .. leaving Walker to take over


Jack's brother Eddie(not the one who attacked)him probably knew there would be a bio terror attack because Obama's luciferians traded plagues with Bush right away. So, we had the non bio genetic leak from a lab flu.


Dammit, I wanted a Chloe eye-roll as she walked away from Garofalo, but... nothing.

24 Season 8

The action will continue, expect another difficult day for Jack Bauer. But I've heard that they changes location again for Season 8.

Jack is Back!

My gut tells me that next season will feature a botoxed female Speaker of the House and her evil man of the world husband infiltrating the Naval Observatory mansion and using a dark hidden room to do S&M on the VP. Jack Bauer is called in to investigate complaints from neighbors of weird construction sounds in the middle of the night but only finds an endless array of creepy same-sex marriages being performed a retired member of the Supreme Court who is also responsible for the source code mods done to the President's teleprompter. His "life partner" turns out to be an escaped killer and past KGB agent who was once a body double for Putin but now is working at the UN as a librarian and covert operator for Hugo Chavez. But that is as far as I got. It was time to flush.

JM Hanes

24 Season 8:

I heard that for Season 8, the actors' and writers' unions rewrote their contracts. In what President Obama hailed as an historic advance, next season will consist of 20 action episodes, and four hours of body doubles sleeping. By Season 9, they will be getting a full 8 hours in the rack, thereby cutting production costs nearly 25% across the board, without sacrificing a single job.

As a result of an Executive Order signed last Friday afternoon, Jack Bauer will only be torturing people who make $200,000 a year or more. President Taylor will divorce her WASP husband and have a secret affair with the Chinese Ambassador, after granting him a waiver to act as Secretary of the Treasury.


Let's take a moment and recall one of the great narrative arcs in all of 24-dom

Janet York: 24's Worst.Luck.Ever. Character
(played by Jacqui Maxwell)

Janet is one of Kim Bauer's high school friends. She and Kim sneak out of their houses to meet with two guys, Dan Mounts (Janet's boyfriend) and Rick Allen, (1/2!)

who are actually kidnappers. (!)

They drug Janet with rohypnol, (!!)

break her arm, (!!)

and eventually leave her for dead after she is hit by a car. (!!)

She is eventually murdered in her hospital bed (!!!)

by Kevin Carroll, the man who has been impersonating her father, whom he murdered. (!!!!)


Janet York, when the man we thought was your dad smothered you with a pillow in your hospital bed, we knew greatness had been achieved.


We're not interested in the Treasury(it's the fed instead) where Obama and Biden gave away 100s of billions in foreign aid loans to their African pals, getting themselves and other lucifer worshipers into the White House without having to account for the cash to anyone. It's like Obmama's dad was informing to the CIA again getting favors and cash for citizenship, school and jobs.

The 200,000 is like 10,000% now because obama pays just above poverty. So, the plane didn't work out- there's always the luciferian anurism like on 24......

UN wants 'Global Solidarity' now.

Charlie (Colorado)



"Forget it, Charlie, it's ChinaTown," So the big bad is some mid level exec for a defense contractor, what am I missing here. Speaking of thing that make you say hmm, what's the deal with the Gallup poll, the GOP is tied with the Dems, and two points from the Independents, yet we're supposed to slit our wrists here,what am I missing?


Onceb again 24 remains an awesome interesting show and Sutherland excels in the role of Jack Bauer. Kim a welcome addition, Chloe, always fascinating. Garafalo; window-dressing.

JM Hanes


"yet we're supposed to slit our wrists here,what am I missing?"

Possibly the deja vue?

Back in 2002, Judis & Teixeira were writing up The Emerging Democratic Majority, although they had to wait till 2006 for their putative vindication. I was amused to find that their Emerging website was later folded into The Democratic Strategist -- sort of like Global Warming morphed into Global Climate Change. Of course, the partisan torch was passed to Karl Rove as architect of the Permanent Republican Majority, in a tradition that harks all the way back to 1969.


Dammit, I wanted a Chloe eye-roll as she walked away from Garofalo, but... nothing.

I can't believe the suits at Fox didn't give America the confrontation America so obviously craved. They can have Renee draw a gun on Jack, but they can't have Chloe so much as poke Janice in the eye? Very disappointing.

And how am I supposed to believe that Chloe was working with Tony and Bill to smash the Evil Mercenary Cabal, but she didn't tell Jack about it, even when she got dragged back to FBI HQ to help hunt down Tony? These writers have done my girl wrong.

At least Janice is going to be cuffed to that pole until at least January.


Shaw became retarded and I stopped watched 5 episodes ago. It's so over.

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