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May 18, 2009



Both TM, and which one comes first depends on how hot Iran and Pak get over the next few months.

hit and run

We are starting to see why Cheney decided not to stage the promised-by-the-left Constitutional crisis and military coup to stay in office.

He had a plan to reign through a Shadow Presidency -- Cheney has the original copy of Obama's birth certificate.

He will, in due time, expand his influence more broadly and beyond foreign policy in the administration, but not so fast that he is found out.

Puppet Master


Hit, I think you have something there. I blame Cheney for giving Biden talking points.


Obama could change Gitmo's name to something pretty like South Bend (Katherine Hepburn said South Bend "sounds like dancing" in the Philadelphia Story).

Then the New York Times could praise him for being flexible and pragmatic.


The next flop will be the closing of Gitmo because it obviously isn't as easy of a solution as they thought. I guess Bush wasn't just doing it for fun.
But for a close contender, I like the idea of reintroducing the EIT with the scary caterpillars in the room.

Charlie (Colorado)

Katherine Hepburn said South Bend "sounds like dancing" in the Philadelphia Story

You can't believe everything you hear, clearly.


You are forgetting the classic interrogation techniques that Obama will reintroduce -
The (dish) rack
Poking with soft cushions
and the dreaded COMFY CHAIR

hit and run

Obama will never, ever, ever close Gitmo.

He plans to put Bush and Cheney there, then sell tours to rich liberals to see them locked up and in shackles to help fund his next campaign.

For an extra $10K you would get to see them waterboarded.

For $25K, KSM waterboards them.


Yeah Damion, under the ACLU world view, even the naughty stool is a no no. It would be torture to sit on hardwood for 15 minutes without back support, and with feet dangling, and the name might cause psychological damage by creating a poor self-image. Not to mention, terrorists are not naughty until proven guilty.


hit is en fuego.


could change Gitmo's name to something pretty

How about ... Che Guevara

What lefty could hate a name like that.


Heh. They might like Chez Guevara even better, Neo.


Next big flip flop for Obama? He changes his none back to Barry Dunham and apologises for being a WASP.


Call it Villa Marista, (the Marist House) where Cuban G-2, has it's headquarters, or Rancho Boyeros, the airbase with detention facilities, or Camilo Cienfuegos, another rival of Fidel. who met an untimely end, the outrage of Gitmo is kind of lost on me.

Soylent Red

Chez Guevara

Nyuck. That's some funny stuff right there.

Maybe the Obama Corps can make it their first mission to personally go down to Guantanamo and apologize for hateful Bushitler having the temerity to capture these beautiful and loving creatures in the first place.

I'd like to suggest that each Obama Scout get his own personal Overseas Contingency Operation penpal. They can donate a dollar a month to the care and feeding of their pet detainee, and then maybe we can make it where busloads of them come down to actually meet their detainee in person. Perhaps spend a week of unsupervised alone time with them in a cell learning crafts like whittling and chain saw repair.


For goodness sake ,keep the name Gitmo.SCAM has the advertising for the Club Gitmo Experience ready, a pilot scheme has been launched in the Bay Area.This could be bigger than Fire Island.

Charlie (Colorado)

Chez Guevara

God, I wish I'd have thought of that first.


"This could be bigger than Fire Island."

Or we could offer comp'd hotel rooms and
sell tickets to WingNut Nation for ringside seats to watch the Torture.

I'm sure we could balance the budget with
a Sportsbook that gives odds on how long
detainees can withstand the threat of death.

Kinda' like Deer Hunter. You know, where the funseekers make bets on whether the chanber contains an active round in the game of Russian Roulette on the unwilling participants.

That would really throw water on the fires of Islamic Radicalism.



I now have two favorite pictures.

My favorite picture


Is that a "What a dick" expression on Benjamin Netanyahu's face.


Who is that man in the fedora?


Hannibal Lecter?

The Teflon Don?

Manny the Geek?

Tiglath Pileser?


Needledick the bugf***er?

You decide................


That's a "What a dick" on Dick's face, too! :)


I hope Cheney uses that one on the cover of his book.


I can't find it, but the one Drudge had earlier of Netanyahu standing up had an even better expression in the same vein.

Bill in AZ

President Zero has cut through the misfiring cocaine addled synapses and slowly figured out that everything the Bush administration has done during the War on Terror was the right thing to do.

What is he going to do when he continues to cut through the cocaine addled synapses, and starts to realize that everything he learned about the American economy he learned at the knee of similarly impaired liberal heroes who know absolutely nothing about anything.

One of these days, he will stumble out of his fog and realize he is President of the United States of America, and that he has completely destroyed the economy for an entire generation of its citizens - at the direction of America haters like Soros and and liberal adolescent understanding of how America works.

What will he do when he figures this out?


===What will he do when he figures this out?

Posted by: Bill in AZ | May 18, 2009 at 08:42 PM ===



He will Nuke Iran to distract us from his failed economic policies.


could change Gitmo's name to something pretty

How about ... Che Guevara

What lefty could hate a name like that.

Yeah, but if you change "Gitmo" to "Che", you're going to have to put them up against a wall and shoot them without a trial if you're going to be historically accurate.


Dick Morris just said Pelosi's days as Speaker are numbered. She's safe.


Jessie Ventura just said that the August 2001 pdb said bin Laden was going to hijack planes and fly them into buildings. And Sean Hannity let him. Sean is intellectually slow. God love him.


Chez Guevara, verner, you silly--a chic, series of airy bungalows designed to catch the breezes off these tropical island..Among the spa's unique features is a waterboard treatment, designed to refresh the spirits..


I couldn't pay attention to what the Crypt keeper was saying, Seriously, he has let himself go lately. The Aug 6th memo referred
to hijackings in order to ransom the passengers in return for Sheik Rahman, evil
blind Santa. It didn't include any other names like the December 1998 included of Seyf Al Adel and the late Mustafa Atef, aka
Abu Haf al Masri


I swear to goodness Clarice, if you told the nit wits in Hollywood that waterboarding was a good way to tighten facial muscles, clear cocaine damaged sinuses, and lose weight, they'd be lining up at $1000 a pop.


Why don't we do it, then, dear. We can have out friend that dear Mr PUK do the commercials--all that sort of thing sounds so much more classy when the salesman has an English accent.

Soylent Red

What will he do when he figures this out?

Another line, is my guess.


Soylent--You joining verner and me in our bid to buy up Gitmo and turn it into the super chichi resort,Chez Guevara?


Good idea Clarice. And for an extra $50, we could even put essential oils in the saline, to make em relax. Egyptian cotton towels over the face...the possibilities are endless.


We could add rose petals and gardenias to the water. Think of the pleasure for their nostrils....


verner, Clarice: I suspect you jest, but actually, I think you have hit on something.

What to do with Gitmo sans detainees (or Chez Guevara - the Cuban Spa experience, if you insist)? The liberal mind is a pliant mind.

You better hop on it, cuz I can see it on my TV commercials a few years from now.


I swear to goodness Clarice, if you told the nit wits in Hollywood that waterboarding was a good way to tighten facial muscles, clear cocaine damaged sinuses, and lose weight, they'd be lining up at $1000 a pop.

How is it different, really, than a Netti Pot?
We netti potted our Chez Guevara guests.

For free!


Go ahead. Bring the detainees to prisons here in the US.

Then watch al-Qaeda sleeper cells take entire kindergartens hostage, like Beslan in Russia, and execute one toddler every hour until all detainees are released.

Mr Obama, how many children are you willing to see murdered to accomodate your lunatic anti-American fringe nutjob base?

How much innocent blood has to be shed so you can kiss the asses of terrorist supporting enemy nations?

These enemy combatants fall into the same Geneva category as spies and saboteurs and deserve the same protection; namely, none.

A fair trial and a bullet (or 6) is all they deserve.

THEY are the 'war criminals', not Bush or Cheney. Claiming otherwise is treason.


People were sold on botux, and colonics so P.T, Barnum was more right than even he knew


It is the exact same principle as a netti pot MayBee. You have to hold your breath when you do that too. The only difference is that they tilt you backwards.


I knew if we put our backs to it we could find a way to turn the closing of Gitmo into a profit making venture.


Well,CCal, Limbaugh has already done our advance advertising with all the Club Gitmo t-shirts.

On a slightly more serious note, can't you see all the goofy French and German lefties in their speedos going there on a sort of sick pilgrimage and putting flowers where the brave freedom fighters were held without due process by the evil BUSHCHENEY.

Medea Benjamin better get on the phone with Raul.

Billy Mays

This is Billy Mays here for the Chez Guevara. Too much stress-Chez Guevara has the stress positions and the wall. Cocaine burning up your sinsuses-a waterboarding treatment will fix it right up. This is the trip just for you, a 2 week retreat at the Chez Guevara in beautiful Cuba. Even the Obama Administration has realized what a wonderful, vacation destination Cuba is and has relaxed travel restriction for US Citizens. Chez Guevara has all the ammenities for the overwrought liberal.

And if you call right now, we'll double the offer, that's right, 4 weeks, and throw in for free 2 waterboard treatments.


Spa treatments?

Small minds unearth small ideas.

You goota go with 'Who wants to be a millionaire" game shows with reality spin-offs which offer closed circuit cameras into the detainee cells.

The Game Shows could be interactive with WingNut viewers who could order tazer hits and acid baths LIVE AND IN COLOR!!!

If the interrogator asks a question that doesn't address yer preconceptions, all you need for thrills aplenty is a finger on yer interface button and BINGO! Instant gratification.

You could intersperse biblical quotes taken out their usual context to lessen the guilt of the few who have a conscience. That would be compassionate and thoughtful. But they'd have to be true Americans who share yer POV. That's a given. Everyone else can go fish.

All hail the Republican Party!!!!

Melinda Romanoff


I hope they bring metal detectors for their "beach sojourn".

Or the staff's calm parting comment, "Enjoy your short run on the beach, Sir (or Madam)."


Ask for cash up front. Or, better yet, gold coins only.

Not that I don't trust 'em or anything.


I think RUSH has already done the Club Gitmo thingy but I love the added touches of the JOM ladies.

Send RUSH a note that we are renaming Club Gitmo and adding Egyptian cotton towels and scented swiftboarding treatments. (loved that Clarice)

I think he would love the added hotel amenities for the hollywood crowd like facials, weight loss programs, detox/botox, arugula salad diets, daily commencement speeches of the Obamas telling them to not be so selfish and greedy.

Michelle could preside over and cut the ribbon for the newly renovated Chez Freedom Hotel.

Hellooooo, Tailgunner. Stick around! (Is it to soon for dibs?) You have to be quick around here, ya know. :)

William Shatner

At priceline you can make your own deals, and save on hotels!

Chez Guevara, all inclusive packages including the world famous 900 calorie spa diet, stress position yoga classes and the "exclusive" double incline netti treatment, 5 nights starting from just $999.99.*

*taxes and gratuities extra.


Excellent, William Shatner--and Melinda, those beach mines simply add a little frisson to the adventure.

Melinda Romanoff


Your scholarly ways are too deep for us. Instruct us in the ways of tolerance and sock holding.

Since you will not define right from wrong for us, will you venture to tell us right from left?

Knowledge is a tool. On this, we all can agree. Yet when used by the naif, all are hurt, including the tool.

You pin labels on me that you project for your definition. I call that shallow and the sign of an uninquiring mind, and a supreme sense of self.

Others might call it arrogance. I don't know you, perhaps I might if I met you. Probably not. Too bad you were never taught humility by your parents, that is something I do know about and grew to accept, because I too, was once arrogant.

I pity you, because you will hurt when it hits you, and your parents will not be there to soften the blow that is sure to come.

Netti is Torture

Hey, watch a guy waterboard himself...LUN


Now think about this. Who are the largest growing ethnic group in Europe? Why, Muslim's of course!

I think perhaps we should use the Club Med strategy. Very popular with the Europeans. All inclusive, and with the Euro cheapo airlines, passengers getting there would have around the same amount of space as a Gitmo detainee.

Fun activities such as karaoke muezzin, hummus fights, Guess who's under the Burqa, Death the America chanting, RPG maintenance, water skiing, water slide, water board, scuba without a tank, Afghan polo could all be included at no extra charge and high profit margins.

Meals - Ready to Eat would be a step above the current Club Med fare. Palm trees, the gentle murmer of detainees wailing in the night.....I can just see it now....Club Quaeda!

Boss!!! Thee Plane! Thee plane!


Matt:I think perhaps we should use the Club Med strategy. Very popular with the Europeans. All inclusive, and with the Euro cheapo airlines, passengers getting there would have around the same amount of space as a Gitmo detainee.

Definitely use Ryan Air Matt. I flew them last summer. I swear to goodness, I now know how my Irish ancestors felt on the coffin ships. And I hear that they're even charging to use the potty now, if you can believe it.

Soylent Red

Lilac and lavender essential oils to relax and rejuvenate our favorite homicidal bastards. If we heated the water up we could bill it as a hot towel treatment.

Wake them up a 0400 for their own personalized weight management and health program, administered by their own personal trainer.

Carefully managed vegetarian halal diet, designed by our staff nutritionist consisting of peanut butter and pita bread.

OT...Clarice, you still having your Independence Day party?

And...for any JOMers in the region, I will be doing a one night only engagement in Las Vegas Thursday night. Join me for a drink!

Soylent Red

Oh! And let's not forget the smoking cessation program.

The Real William Shatner

===5 nights starting from just $999.99===

Go lower, you namby pamby.


Miss Rasputin;

I have seen examples of yer humility and, I hope not to offend, but you exemplify the root word, "humiliation' and mistake it for Christian virtue. Like yer peers, you have no concept of the aesthetic, or the ascetic values of yer exemplar. Therefore, you become worse than the heathens you think you rise above. It is sad to see a class of hypocrites who exceed even the crass antipathy of the Pharisees and Sadducees. But, there you have it......


I'm really impressed with GeneralMcCrystal, in part because Hersh is attacking him, but if JSOC was really that ruthless as he is suggesting, really smart Seymour, suggest that US Special forces are behind the assasination of Benazir Bhutto, WTF, are you thinking


the "exclusive" double incline netti treatment

Excellent. I was surprised Billy Mays didn't call it OxiSeize.


Is that you, bgates?


"And Sean Hannity let him."

He was probably concentrating on counting off his three seconds until interrupting the guest.

The Real William Shatner


That is a basic thing that conservatives know. The August pdb didn't say anything. I can almost quote it without looking it up. ::sigh:: I wish someone would hook Sean up with a headset so we could whisper the answers in his ear. He would really be something else if he knew what we know.


yes, soylent. That's the plan..

Melinda Romanoff


I rise above no one, yet you seem to need to stand on the shoulders of others to be seen. My attractions and accompanying scorn have no value in your realm, all are equal except in your finite realm of acceptance, where only you know the laws of Solomon. You. of course, know that best.

Your supreme judgement of others, and subsequent sorting by title, defines your own need of same, and lack of approval by someone. Mimicry, at best, of someone who you won't face. I still pity you.

My humility is known to those who know me, and you, sir, do not, and I never said it was Christian.

Don't project, you're not from Bell & Howell.

Mind the oxygen level in that pulpit.

Good luck to you, we're just starting, you and I.


Danube of Thought

I stopped in at Gitmo aboard a DDG to refuel and remain overnight in September '62. What I remember is that it was a Friday, and at the Friday happy hour at the O Club all rum drinks were a nickel. We figured we had to get drunk just to save money.

With a nod to inflation, Chez Guevara could surely offer rum drinks for a quarter, no?


Surely--And cigars at rock bottom prices..Plus, as we mentioned unexploded hidden minefields on the beach to walk home from the bar through.

Rick Ballard


Moonlit "Save the Sea Turtle" beach walks followed by midnight chumming around with endangered Leopard Sharks might be something for PUK to work on. We could overbook by quite a margin if we made the moonlit walks mandatory on the first night...

Soylent Red

Hey maybe while I'm in Vegas, I'll drink to Governor Gibbons


I am so delighted you stopped in before I hit the sheets,Rick. Brilliant idea, really, As usual.

(I do hope our Women For Pelosi campaign is going well. We cannot let the patriarchy shove out this fine woman.)

JM Hanes


"I do hope our Women For Pelosi campaign is going well."

Speak of the devil, I just sent the Speaker a whole raft of imaginative excuses she can make for her previous excuses -- just in case she's come to end of her own list. That should be good for at least a few more months, don't you think?

Fresh Air

JM Hanes--

I do think "I was having my neck tightened during the briefing" is a bit of a stretch, though "I bent over and ruptured a suture in my forehead" is probably believable.


That's a "What a dick" on Dick's face, too! :)
Yes, but you can tell he's looking over BØ's shoulder all the way through the Internet and directly at Miss Cleo.


Perhaps we could buy GITMO as our own little island and also run the spa. At some point The Won will need the sale price for another NYC fly over for his buddies.

In the evenings we could have lectures on the joys of socialism and the value of being re-educated properly. And then when all the quests are asleep we could sneak out to Dot's bar and toast each other with our rum drinks.


Yes, close Gitmo and give all detainees a one-way ticket to Berkeley, CA or the State of Vermont.

But build a fence around them first.


I keep reading things like FREE and Cheap,$50,$1000.Nothing at Club Gitmo (Reg 2002) a subsidiary of the SCAM Corporation,is going to be cheap.There will be NO cut price package tours,Shriners Conventions or KOS Klatches.
There will be no cash, all payments to be made,at the time of booking, by bankers drought to SCAMCO the Cayman Islands.All prospective Detainees must submit bank references.
All prospective Detainees will be carefully vetted by our security staff at exotic locations around the world.Only if prospective Detainees meet rigourous criteria will they be transported by private jet to Club Gitmo.


Hey, so I read that Obama has sternly given the Iranians until the end of the year to get back to us on stopping their nuclear program.

I also read this from today's WSJ, about Manhattan (Democrat) District Attorney Robert Morgenthau's uncovering of many illegal transactions related to Iran's nuclear program, in which he concludes "It's late in the game, and we don't have a lot of time": Iran's Nuclear Shopping List.

If Obama wanted to give Iran the time to get their program developed past the point of no return, would he need to give them longer than seven more months?


I've always been inpressed with Morgenthau, he not the Feds really sniffed out BCCI, the Bank of New York other scams, onewonders
why he wasn't on the ball with Madoff, though. Giving them enough rope to hang us with doesn't impress me, but I'm odd that way. Maybe some of McCrystal trigger pullers can do something in the interim, but I doubt it.

hit and run

http://www.redstate.com/erick/2009/05/19/breaking-speaker-of-the-house-to-resign/>BREAKING: Speaker of the House to Resign

The Speaker, facing a rebellion from back bench members of the House over ethics problems, mismanagement, and the Speaker’s own desire to block inquiries into allegations about the ethics of members of the Speaker’s own party, has decided to announce the resignation later this week.

Congrats, PUK.


The Republicans Who Really Matter


Ann: And I hear that they're even charging to use the potty now, if you can believe it.
Once upon a time lots of public toilets charged a nickel or a dime. Antique graffitti (grafittum?): Here I sit all broken hearted. Paid a nickel to s### and only farted.

Rick Ballard

Look!! Green shoots!

Brown reality.

What will Goldman Sachs pimp next in order to sustain the suckers dreams?

How much are you willing to pay to support a deadbeat? (I'm referring to Bank of America, as well as the Ogabe supporters looking for reparations).


If only Nancy had held off until she read JMH's excuses!!

hit and run

Hey, Rick -- did you see Greenspan last week moving the goal posts plant lifecycle reference?

Forget green shoots, he's looking for http://www.bloomberg.com/apps/news?pid=20601103&sid=af__GYb21Pz4>"seeds of a bottoming" in real esate, putting us at a pre-germination state, I guess.

It's cold, damp and dark under all this dirt.


Ah--wrong Speaker...


Should Greenspan be discussing bottoms? Andrea could get jealous...


Amnesty International and immigrant advocates warn that the change could lead to immigration checks in other arenas and the "criminalization" of illegal immigration.

I'm not sure WaPo meant to make that so hilarious.

ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha LUN

Strawman Cometh

Megyn just said she was hiding something under her shirt. She's a doll.


Dibs on Megyn...


Thanks H&R
The old Commie though he was entitled to the job after a lifetime of trade union work.
Socialists are worse that aristocrats.


How much are you willing to pay to support a deadbeat?

Well, I'm not willing to pay zero, but I have to anyway...

JM Hanes

"Wrong speaker"

Thank goodness for that, Clarice! I loved last night's article about Pelosi's blossoming paranoia. She'll being seeing a lot of people on her way down.....just not yet, please. If enough folks pile on, we may even end up being grateful that John Murtha has held on so long. He could be a win/win with charges of corruption if Pelosi continues to stall an ethics investigation or corruption exposed if she doesn't preempt it.

JM Hanes


Aside from the fact that Obama is expanding on yet another Bush policy, I think that WaPo article is a keeper.

"Based on initial projections, the agency estimates that 100,000 of these are "Level 1 offenders" and that deporting them would cost $1.1 billion over four years. Removing all criminal illegal immigrants would cost $3 billion, ICE estimated last year."

It costs $100,000 to deport a criminal illegal?

"The effort would not catch people who have never been fingerprinted by U.S. authorities."

Ahah, ha ha indeed! Two strikes and you're out, eh?

hit and run

http://campaignspot.nationalreview.com/post/?q=YjI1NzQyMjU2OWZkM2RmOTFlN2ViM2Q5MDQ0ZTExYzc=>What green shoots?

http://www.businessinsider.com/gm-ceo-no-glimmer-of-turnaround-in-may-2009-5>CNBC: GM (GM) CEO Fritz Henderson was asked if there are any green shoots out there. Is there any rebound or sign that customers are coming back into GM showrooms in May? Answer: no.

Rick Ballard

The Making of a Debt Serf

-Nearly one in five changed plans this year and decided to attend graduate or professional school after college because an undergraduate degree might not be enough to get them a job. Staying in school buys time for the economy to improve and defers repayment of student loans but adds living costs and debt.

Perhaps a bit of reflection upon the meaning within the lyric "another day older and deeper in debt" might be in order among those planning to defer their meeting with reality.


Greenspan should consider going straight to "spreading the manure prior to planting the seeds from which the green shoots might sprout". He actually demonstrates some talent wrt that formulation.

hit and run

Me, yesterday:

[Cheney] had a plan to reign through a Shadow Presidency ... [Cheney] will, in due time, expand his influence more broadly and beyond foreign policy in the administration, but not so fast that he is found out.

The "Obama" administration, http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/content/article/2009/05/18/AR2009051803172.html>today:

Obama Administration's Enforcement Push Could Lead to Sharp Increase in Deportation Cases


Obama Pursues Trade Pacts Set Up by Bush

Those who say that Obama is looking more and more like a third term of Bush are wrong.

It's Cheney's third term.


I just saw a picture of the 47-million-year-old fossilised skeleton. I must say, the evidence is outstanding.


I just saw a picture of the 47-million-year-old fossilised skeleton. I must say, the evidence is outstanding. It looked just like Helen Thomas.

Charlie (Colorado)

It costs $100,000 to deport a criminal illegal?

I'm amazed it's that cheap, honestly. The average is probably pushed down by the ones who want a free trip home.

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