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May 10, 2009



Morning everyone! Happy Mother's Day indeed.

Let's start with mother Pelosi...


yo mama


Well I was having a nice Mothers Day since I'm the only one awake until I came across Sally Quinn's WaPo story on MO's arms as the "arms of a mother".

I'm glad we have the Onion as a contrast to the worshipful nonsense of the MSM. It's bad when parody seems more realistic.

Happy Mothers Day anyway!!

I'll let a more tech savvy reader link it but don't forget a warning as it's breakfast time!!

Old Lurker

HMD! JOM Moms...

post rating service

I had the good fortune to be blessed with a wonderful mother. I thank God for the life and love she gave me.

JM Hanes

Morning, Elliott! I had the strangest nightmares about this singing waiter..... Fortunately, I was not his mother.


I am still speechless at how awful the WHCD was. Awful as in vile.

I couldn't take my eyes off of Jennifer Loven sitting next to her heart throb - her hair was ghastly, her earrings the size of hubcaps were the ugliest I have ever seen.

She pretty much visually represented the aura of the whole evening.

Joan of Argghh!

A palate cleanser to make you forget last night's juvenile pep rally: Margaret Thatcher. A mom could do well to emulate her leadership skills!

Happy Mom's Day to all.



Happy Mothers Day to all you JOM mothers..even TCO ..


Okay, so I might be wrong about the NY Mets; but I still think the NY Yankees will be mathematically out of it by July 4th.


I had the strangest nightmares about this singing waiter..... Fortunately, I was not his mother.
JMH, as bad would say, HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.

HMD to all the inspirational, witty, brilliant and beautiful mothers at JOM.


Love Joan's Mother's Day link.

It is the sense of humor that makes it all bearable.

Something to aspire to as a mom - strict, guiding, and mischievous


DoT As predicted there's a stink about the comment of that sports columnist:



Happy Mother's Day, JOM! The world needs more moms like JOM moms. :)


Happy Mothers Day, All, this way I don't leave anybody like my defense of the ladies of JOM, against TCO


To all my fellow JOM Mommies--happy day ladies.

Elroy Jetson

Happy Mother's Day to all you Moms that made it possible for us to live life to the fullest!

Uncle BigBad

Joan, thanks for the link. It improved my mood. I know that, out there somewhere, there is her equivalent for our country.

Captain Hate

I couldn't take my eyes off of Jennifer Loven sitting next to her heart throb - her hair was ghastly, her earrings the size of hubcaps were the ugliest I have ever seen.

Maybe the earrings were supposed to direct your eyes away from the greasy stringy roadkills that were piled on top of her hair. When did the Janeane Garofolo lack-of-hygiene look become popular in certain circles?

Happy Mothers Day to all the JOM moms, whose hair all looks great, I'll bet.

Captain Hate

piled on top of her head


Captain: I don't know how to embed photos, but but photo no. 3 in this link is worth a look see.

I neglected earlier to also wish all my JOM mom friends a very happy and special day.


Dick Cheney just said he would take RUSH LIMBAUGH over Colin Powell any day on Face The Nation.

Make my Day! Happy Mother's Day!!!



I was going to embed your picture but it wouldn't let me. :(

Did you read Sally Quinn?

Captain Hate


OMG; is there any chance MM asked anybody "Does this make me look fat"? No wonder she got so miffed at Laura Ingraham's comments about her weight. Send that girl a Lane Bryant catalog.


Ann: Good for Cheney!!!

No, I didn't read Sally Q, but I have read about her article around the internet - that was enough for me. Gag.

After watching the WHCD nonsense on C-Span last night (including the "red carpet") I found it easy to see why so many media outlets are on the verge of bankruptcy.


Exactly Captain, plus it looked like a recycled feed sack with rickrack trim or something. And it did wrinkle badly.

I am curious, does anyone know whose "guest" she was? I am guessing MSNBC or CNN.


Did anybody read the article in the LA Times about Los Angeles paying about 160 teachers and other staff while they sit around and wait for disciplinary issues to be resolved? Annual cost is about $10 million dollars. Some of the cases take years to resolve. One has been going on for seven years and still hasn't been resolved. Given Obama's opposition to the DC voucher program, I assume this is the type of system he favors.


Captain Hate

CC, I was thinking maybe she was trying out for an arena football team and stopped by afterward. I can't even imagine Worf wearing something that hideously bizarre.


Happy Mother's Day to all of you moms here. God bless you all.


How long is Colin going to be accorded saint status? Good for Cheney.


this is the type of system he favors.

It doesn't make any difference what system he favors, He'll do what the unions want.

Home health care workers, many of whom are represented by SEIU, have a pay cut staring at them in the face. The Democratic-controlled legislature passed a budget that slashes their wages by twenty percent.
As SEIU boasts in a press release, it gave a "shout out" to the biggest Democratic combine of all--the Barack Obama administration.

And now the administration is threatening to withhold stimulus funds from California, stating that these cuts violate a clause from the stimulus bill.


Cheney transcript LUN

Danube of Thought

Happy Mother's Day to every Mom here, and God bless you one and all.

For a healthy dose of Mother's Day schadenfreude, read Howie Carr's gloating over the Boston Globe's putrefying before our very eyes. LUN

I have a trivium that I think it may be hard for anyone to top today, and the mention of Sally Quinn requires that I reveal it. Many, many years ago I read a WaPo Style Section piece by Sally in which she recounted her life as the daughter of an army General. Seems he had command of a base somewhere, and he offered as a prize for the Soldier of the Year a date with his daughter Sally. The Soldier of the Year turned out to be Kris Kristofferson.

Where would you all be without me?


Cheney was great. As Laura would say - "the adult in the room".

I am worried about his breathing tho.


Cheney doubles down on the memos

One of the things that I did six weeks ago was I made a request that two memos that I personally know of, written by the CIA, that lay out the successes of those policies and point out in considerable detail all of -- all that we were able to achieve by virtue of those policies, that those memos be released, be made public. The administration has released legal opinions out of the Office of Legal Counsel. They don’t have any qualms at all about putting things out that can be used to be critical of the Bush administration policies. But when you’ve got memos out there that show precisely how much was achieved and how lives were saved as a result of these policies, they won’t release those. At least, they haven’t yet.

SCHIEFFER: Let me just ask you about that, because some people in the administration -- believe the attorney general says he does not know of such memos. Other people in the administration say, as a matter of fact, what we found out using these methods -- and I mean, let’s call things what they are -- waterboarding was one of the techniques that were used -- that they really didn’t get all that much from that. You say they did.

CHENEY: I say they did. Four former directors of the Central Intelligence Agency say they did, bipartisan basis.

Release the memos. And we can look and see for yourself what was produced.

The memos do exist. I have seen them. I had them in my files at one time. Now everything is part of the National Archives. I’m sure the agency has copies of those materials, and there’s a formal way you go through, once you’re a former official, a formal way you go through requesting declassification of something, and I started that process, as I say, six weeks ago. I haven’t heard anything from it yet. I assume...

SCHIEFFER: You have not -- they haven’t responded to you as yet?

CHENEY: That’s right. There’s been -- up until now, I’ve got a letter of notification saying they had started the process, but I haven’t seen anything by way of a result from this request for declassification. And if we’re going to have this debate, it ought to be a complete debate, and those memos ought to be out there for people to look at and journalists like yourself to evaluate in terms of what we were able to accomplish with these policies.

SCHIEFFER: Well, Mr. Vice President, let me ask you this. I mean, I’m not asking you to violate any rules of classification, but is there anything you can tell us specifically that those memos would tell us? I mean, some information we gleaned, some fact that we got that we wouldn’t have gotten otherwise?

CHENEY: That’s what’s in those memos. It talks specifically about different attack planning that was under way and how it was stopped. It talks about how the volume of intelligence reports that were produced from that.

SCHIEFFER: Does it talk about planning for attacks or attacks that were actually stopped?

CHENEY: Well, I need to be careful here, Bob, because it’s still classified. The way to answer this is give us the memos. Put them out there. Release them to the press. Let everybody take a look and see.

What it shows is that overwhelmingly, the process we had in place produced from certain key individuals, such as Khalid Shaikh Mohammed and Abu Zubaydah, two of the three who were waterboarded, and Khalid Shaikh Mohammed is the man who killed 3,000 Americans on 9/11, blew up the World Trade Center, attacked the Pentagon, tried to blow up the White House or the Capitol building. An evil, evil man that’s been in our custody since March of ‘03. He did not cooperate fully in terms of interrogations until after waterboarding. Once we went through that process, he produced vast quantities of invaluable information about Al Qaida.


Oh and Happy Mothers Day to all. I've had breakfast in bed and then I am going to go on a nice long run and then work in the yard.


What a story, DoT. I once knew a guy who'd had a blind date in college with Jane Fonda--before she was Jane Fonda fo course.

Danube of Thought

Nice article about Feherty, Clarice. Hope his comments don't bollix up his application for citizenship.

An interesting factoid disclosed in the article is that the insufferable pecksniff Eric Burns, who used to host the unwatchable Fox New program in which various newsies gazed at their navels, is now president of Media Matters.

Captain Hate

SCHIEFFER: Finally today, so David Souter, maybe the quietest and most low-key man ever to serve on the Supreme Court, has made it official. He is retiring to return to the New Hampshire woods from whence he came. By all accounts, he was a good justice

This is why journos drive me up the wall with their lazy/sloppy excuse for thinking: Bob must mean "by all accounts" to be those he either paid attention to or agreed with.

Danube of Thought

I think he means "by all accounts" of the people he sees at cocktail and dinner parties, and around the network newsroom.

(Remember Pauline Kael saying "I can't believe Nixon won--nobody I know voted for Nixon!")


DoT --I missed that tidbit--Media matters , indeed.

About Sally, she charmed Bradley into hiring here when she had no experience whatsoever for the job. In one of her first stories she got my husband in some deep doodoo. He'd done work for the just opened Kennedy Center as a young lawyer in the small (2 man firm then) which served as its GC. We were at the premier of "Mass" the opera Jackie Kennedy Commissioned for the event . Leonard Bernstein wrote it and it was a rather pretension bit of fluffiness. As we left the performance the young girl reporter asked us what we thought of it and we both said we thought the performance the weak earlier of the opera Beatrice Cenci was a more compelling performance .My hubsand then ran on about how pretentious etc this was and she asked his name. Suddeny, it occurred to him that he should of kept his mouth shut, and he told her he did work for the Center and maybe she could leave his name off the piece..Naturally she ran with it and naturally, Roger Stevens, then the Center's Director, had a fit. HEH


**hiring HER**

**rather pretensionIOUS bit of fluffiness****

(URgh--sorry for all that.)


I'm with you on that citizenship process DOT.
It would seem some of those words might have put him on the some watch list.


Clarice What a small world my sister sang in "Mass".


It was masochistic thing to do but I watched WHCD last night. Obama held his head, like he usually does, in the same exact arrogant
position as Mussolini used to.


Yes, that show started to have a bad odor about three years ago, if not earlier, but I didn't figure Eric Burns, to be that far to the left. Journalism really did die last year, for all intents and purposes, and the
dinner last night, was the "Norwegian blue
parrot" moment. Even Allah was offended, or at least pretended to be, at some of the viciousness.

Souter voted for Kelo, which restored property rights to the point before King John and Boumedienne, which wiped out two hundred years of history on military tribunals, so all in all, 'an honorable man'


The youngest bad just said that O can't make jokes about himself because that would be racist.


We had an airforce active duty airman in church today, home on leave from duty in Iraq and Afganistan. His parents are members of our church. When he was introduced, he received a standing ovation that lasted forever.

comedic rating service

Wanda Sykes is so unfunny. Aren't there any black female comedians who can do any shtick besides exaggerating the Southern Negro accent, and spouting leftist pap? She's a clone of Whoopie Goldberg, another completely unfunny comedian. Oxymoronic, I know.


Happy Mothers & Other 'hos day, JOM family!


I can't believe that's Jennifer Loven. She's usually really cute.


Happy Mother's Day!!

Thomas Collins

Happy Mothers Day! See LUN for Mothers Day greetings.

hit and run

Happy Mother's Day!

Just so you know, whenever I've been naughty and need to be bent over someone's knee and spanked like only a mother can do, I think of each and every one of you.

Danube of Thought

Sounds kinda fun, Hit. Where do we sign up?


Bad, What a great show of support for those who really are the only ones who stand between us and those who believe that:

Iranian Ayatollah Khatami: "Americans Are Not Human Beings"

Serving in Vietnam while John Kerry was whipping up support for the North Vietnamese was not really great; but I cannot even begin to imagine how it feels to know how most of our current government feel about those who are daily, risking their lives to keep America free.

Danube of Thought

Clarice, I remember the epiode when I was a kid where a guy in the Post panned Margaret Truman's performance in an opera. Harry wrote him a rather undignified letter which made the papers and which converted my mother and father into Truman fans. Maybe the letter was unfit for a president but it was what any red-blooded father would have done, and I'm still fond of him for it.

I can almost remember the critics name--it may have been something like Hume. Ill check Google.

Danube of Thought

Google = miracle.

He was indeed named Hume. Here is the letter:



Dec. 6, 1950

Mr. Hume:

I've just read your lousy review of Margaret's concert. I've come to the conclusion that you are an "eight ulcer man on four ulcer pay."

It seems to me that you are a frustrated old man who wishes he could have been successful. When you write such poppy-cock as was in the back section of the paper you work for it shows conclusively that you're off the beam and at least four of your ulcers are at work.

Some day I hope to meet you. When that happens you'll need a new nose, a lot of beefsteak for black eyes, and perhaps a supporter below!

Pegler, a gutter snipe, is a gentleman alongside you. I hope you'll accept that statement as a worse insult than a reflection on your ancestry.


Fresh Air

Souter voted for Kelo, which restored property rights to the point before King John and Boumedienne, which wiped out two hundred years of history on military tribunals, so all in all, 'an honorable man'

If by "honorable" you mean a miserable, chinless New Hampshire squirrel, acting as a philosopher-king, with a pear-shaped vacuum chamber for a hatrack and the common sense of a garden slug, then, yes, I agree with you.

I still remember when they dragged his sorry ass out of that little cabin, clad in flannel shirt and hiking boots, acting like Robert Frost's jurisprudential-hermit younger brother. Jeezus, what a snowjob. The original nominee with "no paper trail."

Well, you can blame Bob Dole. If he hadn't come in first in Iowa in 1988, then John Sununu wouldn't have had to bail out George H.W.'s butt in New Hampshire to "stop the mo." Bush wouldn't have owed him anything and wouldn't have asked his advice on who to select for the court. Instead, we all know what happened.


Since when did hateful Rhetoric like Wanda Sykes become considered funny?


Ya know, if these people hate people like me, I just might start hating them back.


Jean, Did you sister like the opera? I still remember the ending bit with hugging everyone around you--UGH


DoT, I remember that letter, too. I loved Truman for doing that and always knew in my heart my dad would have done the same thing.

Wanda Sykes, I must say, has been on the Larry David show a few times and I thought her very very funny with a great sense of comedic timing. She was terrible last night but no worse I suppose than all the preening Hollywood types and the frauds posing as journalists.
The event has grown completely revolting and people seem to have utterly forgotten or twisted its purpose.


Now Beatrice Cenci--there was an opera! Nudity, incest, murder--you name it.


clarice- It seems the event has become a way for news people to meet their favorite celebrities.
Which is interesting, considering both the press and the White House is supposed to represent the regular people.


Yes--and instead of poking fun at the president in a good humored way it seems to have become simply a vehicle for the left to slam everyone else--the assumptoion of course being that all cool people think alike.


Clarice My sister probably loved the huggy stuff.I never heard "Mass" it kind of just died away after a couple of showings


BTW the Eric Burns on Media matters is not the guy who used to discuss journalism on Fox.

http://images.google.com/imgres?imgurl=http://mediamatters.org/static/video/2009/03/04/burns-20090304-cnn2.jpg&imgrefurl=http://mediamatters.org/print/clips/200903040028&usg=__pqXwzOrEU3NTgt0IzV3asc9bkvc=&h=240&w=320&sz=26&hl=en&start=19&sig2=SUTt1qv5JArSBuyhoVMdyw&um=1&tbnid=pMUknwi0gXAInM:&tbnh=89&tbnw=118&prev=/images%3Fq%3Deric%2Bburns%26hl%3Den%26rlz%3D1T4GGLJ_en___US283%26sa%3DG%26um%3D1&ei=OCQHSsqJAeSkmQe1zNXiBA>Different Eric Burns


Happy Mother's Day to the smartest, kindest, kick-A-- Mothers in the world...JOM Mothers and the Mom's of the gentlemen who post here!

clarice-I was fogged in at an airport waiting for my brother to return from Iran in 1970 with the horrible Jane Fonda--it was her black panther, vietnam, Clute days.She was a prissy demanding loads of attention, which everyone promptly ignored. It was a good day for America!


HEH,Glenda. Apparently in college she was just a pretty sweet thing.


.Has anyone noticed Jane Fonda and Mary Tyler Moore have had so many surgeries they look alike


Just a quick Red Tails FYI- George Lucas was at the dinner last night.

Jim Rhoads a/k/a vjnjagvet

Happy Mothers' Day to all JOM MOMs. Your kids are lucky to have such smart ladies in their lives.

Jane Fonda has been a 20 footer for some time now. For the non-car collectors out there, that is the term for an old car that still looks pretty good from 20 feet away. And not so good inside of 20 feet.


I'm leaving the internet for 3 months and 60 pounds. Minimum. Need to organize my files too.


jean-yes, ....sometimes a few fat cells are better than stretched wrinkles. I always say I might last longer in a nuclear winter.

Fresh Air


Get some rest and medication. And don't worry: The "bailout motherf*ckers" will still be here when you get back.


Hi all;

does anyone know any F-16 jockeys? I still have questions about the NYC overflight. The photo, from a professional standpoint, is poorly composed and out of focus.

The official story is that it was a combat photographer from the Alabama ANG, but combat photogs are not an everyday ANG kind of job, especially not for Air Force One. Having the Alabama National Guard fly up doesn't make sense when you have all the resources in the world within 30 miles of DC. Further, the F-16C is a single seater.

I got my most recent copy of Aviation Week, and there was a perfectly composed publicity shot of the new Sikorsky S-92 chopper with the Statue of Liberty looking like it was @ 200 yards off. maybe it was photoshop, but the photo got the job done beautifully. The secrecy and a second rate photo from a unit 1,000 miles away just doesn't make sense. Something stinks.


matt: You're not alone, even Althouse says nothing adds up in this photo op story.

Supposedly, FNC has filed a FOIA request for the passenger manifest.

Captain Hate

Clarice, I agree with you that Wanda Sykes is usually pretty darn funny; I think last night's event is one that any reasonable comedian should try to beg off. The ABC national news weekend knob is trying to prop up Obumbler's pathetic comedic performance last night; he deserved the hook for that just like he has in everything else he's undertaken.


I finally had a chance to watch with my own eyes the Nancy Pelosi denial on a video clip. Let me say that based on the mountain of folks who say other wise and the records already in the public domaine that one thing is very crystal clear. Nancy Pelosi is a damn liar.

How embarrassing it is that you are Speaker of the House and third in line for the Presidency. I am going to do everything in my collective power to rectify that come 2010. Count on it.


Chrissy Matthews and his tingly leg didn't even rate a mention at a press event.



Happy Mother's Day to all the fine JOM moms here. Hope your day went well.


Something stinks.

The photo-op story makes little sense, and since there would be an extensive paper trail if it were a movie, the White House story looks to be another product of an Obama Administration "internal investigation" strategy. And the press, for the most part, is pleased with the answer and will dutifully steno the Administration's talking points regarding the incident.

And to further the FOIA search, I'd include the White House Communications Agency (I don't know the unit designation) because they most likely would have provided the equipment and personnel for any Presidential Airlift Group photo-op.

I'm curious if the work product of the investigation would be subject to an FOIA request?

Danube of Thought

I guess that guy on the videotape is named Rick Burns--is that short for Eric?

Anyhow, both of them make me sick.


Has anyone explained what the intended use for the photographs were?


The only answer I see was for some general pr. That does not make much sense.

Seems like a good question for the presser tomorrow.


On tap for tomorrow, Obamacare is going live with tax increases as the opening gambit. Pretty good that they overestimated savings and underestimated other tax proposals in the first budget release in Feburary-and now are just spackling it over with more tax increases.



IIRC, the photo-op explanination was that the official AF1 photo over various US landmarks, sold in the WH Gift Shop, was old and that this training mission was put together to update it.

That explanination seems odd too because they could have done it on a Sat or Sun and not disrupted a workday.


Fresh Air, I thought the quotes around the phrase, would have given away the Julius Caesar reference, but I might have been trying too hard on a Sunday. Whoever they pick to replace him, will be immeasurably worse, and disprove Holmes' contention that the 'Constitution is not a suicide pact'

Neither the New York Post or the Daily News
made much mention of the dinner, which indicates it needs to go down the memory hole. Then again can anyone recall a genuinely funny WHCD, I think one with Ray Romano, but that was quite some time ago.


That's a good point, Rich. Did they imagine that people would be gazing upward calmly, safe in the thought that their beloved leader was hovering overhead?


From link by RichatUF.

Administration officials described the new proposals not as tax increases, but as eliminating "tax loopholes."

Left unsaid, once all citizens are forced to give all earnings to the government, they will consider "tax loopholes" closed. Of course, that will achieve their goal of making America a fourth world country.


On the question of the VC-25 and the F-16's we might wonder whether the photographing meant to be going on wasn't of the VC-25 from the Vipers, but actually the other way around, of the Vipers by passengers in the VC-25?

Fresh Air


I got the sarcasm; I was just piling on. I'm sure his replacement will be worse. Hopefully, Zero doesn't get to replace more than one, though I suspect Stevens will slip on a banana peel any day now.


All Hail the Mothers of JOM.


JOMothers of the World Unite!


From Instapundit:

Barack Obama’s rich supporters fear his tax plans show he’s a class warrior

Once they run out of rich bank and industrial CEOs to pillory, they’ll turn on the rich Hollywood and Silicon Valley CEOs, who wanted to salve their guilt at being capitalist with a capital C.


Just One Mother isn't enough; we need the whole team.



That makes little sense either because the AF has the right platforms for that sort of ariel photography and AF1 isn't the right platform.

Another theory that popped up in the Belmont Club comments is that it might have been a joyride for the Congressional Black Caucus-hadn't thought of that.

And has anyone thought of maybe taking a peak at Gov. Kaine's schedule (VA probably has some sort of sunshine or open records law) to see if he might have something penciled in that day, which would have taken him to Andrews for party building activities with the DNC and Obama's "Organizing for America". Since Caldera was a Clinton crony, he'd recognize an opportunity to rent out and cheapen the office, and an AF1 flyby would probably be too tempting to resist.


Another theory that popped up in the Belmont Club comments is that it might have been a joyride for the Congressional Black Caucus-hadn't thought of that.

Shouldn't some intrepid researcher be able to find out if they were all in the same place that day, Rich?

Ah, to hope for such a thing.


Suppose for a moment RichatUF that a few living Tuskegee Airmen and wives and offspring of those Airmen now dead were aboard the VC-25, would make sense of the presence of the Redtails in the escort, wouldn't it?


"Now Beatrice Cenci--there was an opera! Nudity, incest, murder--you name it."

Makes the singing somewhat superfluous.

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