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May 10, 2009



" Did they imagine that people would be gazing upward calmly, safe in the thought that their beloved leader was hovering overhead?"

Why did he need the plane?


"Suppose for a moment RichatUF that a few living Tuskegee Airmen and wives and offspring of those Airmen now dead were aboard the VC-25, would make sense of the presence of the Redtails in the escort, wouldn't it?"

But that would be a wonderful PR opportunity for the Obama administration.What a photo op,why didn't he take it?


"Now Beatrice Cenci--there was an opera! Nudity, incest, murder--you name it."

Makes the singing somewhat superfluous.

There was singing?


PUK, I'd assume that a guy who could say he'd raise taxes on cap-gains in the face of an acknowledgment that he's going to get less revenue than more but do it "for the fairness" could equally commit to a perk for the Tuskegee Airmen that wouldn't have to seize on the PR opportunity but do it "for the fairness" (oh, and make a show of his power to them in the process...). But then, all of this is merely speculation on my part since we haven't now, nor do I think we will have anytime soon, the relevant information that will fully explain just what was going on.


Now for Sykes' apology:

FoxNews ^ | Sunday, May 10, 2009
PONTE VEDRA BEACH, Fla. -- CBS Sports golf analyst David Feherty apologized Sunday to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid for a morbid joke that went bad in a Dallas magazine. "This passage was a metaphor meant to describe how American troops felt about our 43rd president," Feherty said in a statement. "In retrospect, it was inappropriate and unacceptable, and has clearly insulted Speaker Pelosi and Senator Reid, and for that, I apologize. As for our troops, they know I will continue to do as much as I can for them both at home and abroad."


That's another plausible explanation, sdferr. So far, Mustang's Red Tails movie theory has made the most sense to me. But you're right, and if there are no good photos, then it really wasn't a photo-shoot, was it? And I belive Matt mentioned that the ANG F-16s would normaly be 1-seaters.

At Wikipedia, it says F-16 A and C models were single-seaters, B and D models were 2-seaters.

Here's a link to an ANG pic of an F16C. I wasn't able to easily find which type(s) they have, but that seems worth knowing.


I went to look up critical reviews of that abomination "Mass" and loved this:

"There were out-and-out excoriations of Mass: among them, the Times’ Harold Schonberg famously derided Mass as “a combination of superficiality and pretentiousness, and the greatest mélange of styles since the ladies’ magazine recipe for steak fried in peanut butter and marshmallow sauce”). "


We know what we really feels about the troops, and Reid and Pelosi, and why he feels that way, that's what matters. Just like we know whatever Wanda Sykes might say
later, as an apology wouldn't be sincere; if it were forthcoming at all.


Here's the 187th FW home website, and the wiki page, wherein we're told F-16C, though there is a link on the wiki page to the 100th Fighter Squadron, where we're told F-16C/D, so it ain't exactly clear.


I'm late to the party 'cause I was out with my sweetie most of the day, but mas vale tarde que nunca:

Happy Mother's Day to our JOM mothers!


Sorry, html gots me there. Alabama ANG url to follow:


One thing the AF 1 issue indicates is that Obama is dealing from the bottom of the deck. It fits with his prevarications on transparency, moderation, etc.

A couple more data points to consider. To get to the truth and nail it down the only option is a look at the on base registration at Andrews for the day; a talkative ground crewman, or the FOIA, I'm afraid.

This seems to be part and parcel of a new, Orwellian phase in our country's history. Unfortunately, all good intentions aside, the Patriot Act and additional legislation can be used against the American people if in the wrong hands.



Suppose for a moment RichatUF that a few living Tuskegee Airmen and wives and offspring of those Airmen now dead were aboard the VC-25, would make sense of the presence of the Redtails in the escort, wouldn't it?

And the President not use it as a photo-op, unlikely. With Axeltoad and Emmanual-zero. And it doesn't explain the odd planning for the mission (a courtesy flight for surviving members and families of the original Tuskegee Airmen would have been handled properly, wouldn't have needed a NYC blackout, a stupid "photo-op" excuse, or the firing of a mid-level political appointee).

It will be interesting if that is the new Urnalist spin on the flyby though.

Also, I thought that it was established that the Alabama Air Guard was part of scheduled military exercises at Andrews so the fact they were there isn't the problem?


"...it was established that the Alabama Air Guard was part of scheduled military exercises at Andrews..."
I wasn't aware of this Rich, so you've got me there.

Melinda Romanoff

Happy Mother's Day to all, since I am definitely not one.


I'm surprised no one's brought up gun cameras, an angle no one's quite looked at yet and changes the perspective a lot.

G'night all.

Charlie (Colorado)

As far as Jane Fonda being a "20 footer", she's only 18 months younger than my mother; she's not doing too badly.

Charlie (Colorado)

Hmmm. I tend to like Bernstein, although I haven't listened to Mass in years and years.


Can somebody link the great photo posted at the top at Drudge?


I remembered seeing John Dickerson with his mom and siblings at the Kennedy Center when he was a kid..His mother was a knockout and was wearing some animal print dress and the boys had on blue blazers and short pants..Now that I think of it I think this was at the Mass premiere. Everyone in town was there and D.C. was a lot smaller then--


I love Bernstein, and Copland before him. But it wasn't all great.


Haven't read a single comment today but wanted to throw this out there before everyone went to bed and hope you don't mind.

Was in Moe's Used Book Store in Berkeley today and prowling the 4th floor History Stacks came upon 2 books that reminded me of the Obama/Andrew Sullivan nonsense last week about Winston Churchill being the pinacle of wartime moralism.

This first comes from "The Laws of War: Constraints on Warfare in The Western World," M. Howard Editor, 1994-Page 129.

Letter of 6 July 1944 from Prime Minister Winston Churchill to General Esmay, The Chief of Staff:

"I may certainly have to ask you to support me in using poison gas. We could drench the cities of the Ruhr and many other cities in Germany in such a way that most of the population would be requiring constant medical attention. We could stop all work at the Flying Bomb starting points. I do not see why we should always have all the disadvantages of being the gentleman while they have all the advantages of being the cad."

2nd Book: "Interrogations-The Nazi Elite in Allied Hands-1945" R.Overy, 2001-Penguin Books.
A heavily footnoted volume, the author starts off with this as intro:

If Winston Churchill had got his way, there would have been no major German war criminals to prosecute in 1945 and no Nuremberg Military Tribunal to try them It was Churchill's earnest wish, which he expressed repeatedly in the months running up to the end of the European War in May 1945, that captured German leaders, whether party bosses, soldiers, or ministers, should
be identified positively on the say of any local army officer with the rank of Major-General or above, and then shot within 6 hours....Once identified they were, in Churchill's own words, to be "shot to death, without reference to higher authority." This blunt procedure, Churchill hoped, would avoid
the "tangles of legal procedure."

The author's footnote links this to a note by the Prime Minister of 1 November 1943.

Perhaps what Obama and Andrew Sullivan meant, was that if Winston's wartime examples had been followed, then we wouldn't ever have to worry about using harsh (EIT)interrogation methods, because all possible prisoners would already have been gassed to death, and any survivors would have been shot through the head within 6 hours on Joe Blow's say so. It's possible of course, that Obama and Andrew Sullivan didn't exactly mean that last week, but if they can make up arbitrary versions of history, then why the hell can't I, especially since mine is based on the factual stated opinions of Sir Winston Churchill during wartime.

Rick Ballard

Churchill was never shy about using gas

I do not understand this squeamishness about the use of gas. We have definitely adopted the position at the Peace Conference of arguing in favour of the retention of gas as a permanent method of warfare. It is sheer affectation to lacerate a man with the poisonous fragment of a bursting shell and to boggle at making his eyes water by means of lachrymatory gas. I am strongly in favour of using poisoned[80] gas against uncivilised tribes. The moral effect should be so good that the loss of life should be reduced to a minimum. It is not necessary to use only the most deadly gasses: gasses can be used which cause great inconvenience and would spread a lively terror and yet would leave no serious permanent effects on most of those affected.

That's from the wiki, which notes that "poisoned" did not necessarily mean deadly. President Obama must be excused on this. No man as obviously ignorant as he is should be held responsible for anything they spout in their pathetic attempts to make political points. We have an obvious cretin as President and we must be prepared to use that fact in his defense at all times.



Its going to be a very long 3 years and 8 months. ION-the FT had a write up about Chavez seizing the oil service equipment as well (which may be a clue for the recent oil market rally). Maybe the business press will be able to paint it as a green shoot?

I've also wondered if the peakers over at the oil drum have ever taken into consideration the state ownership aspects of global oil production whenever they makeup a "peak oil" graf.


Rick, Wiki is notoriously inaccurate. You can't expect someone with O's superior education to stoop to reading Wiki.

'course that doesn't take into account his reading of AS's junk.....


Thanks Rick,

I missed most of the Churchill mis-history threads last week, but figured I'd throw it out there anyway. Found those 2 items in only about 10 minutes of looking so there's bound to be more, but now that my JOM work for the day is done, I'm off to an Irish Joint here on Shattuck Ave I passed a while back, where I'll hoist one to our JOMma's on Momma's Day. Cheers Ladies!!!

clariceCheers and smooches, daddy.

cheers and smooches, daddy.


Rick, I posted by mistake. I was supposed to add an asterisk to "the Wiki is inaccurate statement."

*this is what the lefies at Tapper always tell me when I post Wiki info.

Rick Ballard


I keep wondering when the schlubs who gobble up the peaker dreck will realize that the evil Big Oil boys are probably backing the Oil Drum babblers. Chavez can grab the equipment but ordering parts as it breaks down is going to prove difficult.

I wonder how many first rate Venezuelan techs have been quietly sent elsewhere by the majors. Why would they stay to work for the commie rats when they could make real money elsewhere?


Drink for me, daddy!!


Velly interesting, daddy!


bad, It is going to be really tough having to excuse the President all the time because he was just to dumb to figure anything out.

Seem that I spoke too soon however, via Powerline, King Abdullah chimes in with his "57 State Solution".

This is probably worth linking to again.


I hope everyone had an excellent day.

Thanks for that information, daddy. I'll try to send you an email again. Let me know if it doesn't work.

Charlie (Colorado)

ask and it shall be given

There you are, Rich. Assuming that's the picture you mean.


57 muslim states?

That certainly explains the campaign gaffe of campaining in 57 states.

It wasn't a gaffe at all. We just misunderstood which states.....

Strawman Cometh

Ah- so that's where zer0 got his "been in 57 states" remark. It wasn't 57 US states but 57 muslim states that was on his mind.


Thanks Charlie, that's it.

And LUN since it doesn't seem to have showed up in my other comment, for the pdf for Why Oslo Failed, a series of articles from JINSA.

Rick Ballard

Now bad, it was obviously the ignorant and cretinous TOTUS rather than the wise and visionary POTUS speaking. Or vice versa. Just remember that big sign on the desk in the Oval Office - The Buck Passes Here.

Think of well toned arms, not acres of industrial fabric strained to the point of failure. Hum Everything Is Beatiful 24/7/365 and never let a doubleplusungood thought cross your mind regarding the dolt who is currently the President of the United States.

Daddy is doing about the only thing that makes any sense at the moment. I hope that's a clean, well lighted joint.

Strawman Cometh

Ann Coulter is on Red Eye now.

Strawman Cometh



lol Strawman



Or the "good works" they do for "green energy". The Peaker/Warmers would never admit they've been tools, they'd turn to the Goreacle to get updated talking points.

Also noticed that Obama is going to make a big show out of credit card legislation, which should make the banks and card issuers real happy (maybe they'll just cancel a million cards as a gift during the signing ceremony).

I've been reading the Obama interview in the NYT Magazine article and Obama's Georgetown speech-both heavy on economics. I am curious if I wasn't paying attention and both pieces were discussed or if the contents of the speech and interview got washed out during the "torture" and covering up "Jesus" newscycles. Very curious.


Drudge has this linked:

Marla Anderson wanted that picture of Barack Obama.

So much so that Wyoming police say she walked into a Grove Avenue home Friday to take it.

She struggled with the owner, who called police for help.

Anderson lost and ended up in the Hamilton County jail – without the photo.
Officers arrested her getaway driver, 31-year-old Tamika Cornwell, of Colerain, about 10 hours after the crime.

She’s accused of being an accomplice to the burglary, tampering with evidence and putting her child in danger.

Her 3-year-old son was there when the women fought over the picture.

Anderson, 24, of Wyoming, is facing the same charges.

Both women are scheduled to appear in court Monday.

This is what they get for constantly telling us how sexy he is....


Just another example of how increasingly irrelevant NRO has become


From the very long Georgetown speech-

**Markets and economies naturally ebb and flow, as we have seenmany times in our history. But this recession is different. This recession was not caused by a normal downturn in the business cycle. It was caused by a perfect storm of irresponsibility and poor decision making that streched from Wall Street to Washngton to Main Street. As has been widely reported, it started in the housing market. During the course of the decade, the formula for buying a house changed: Instead of saving their pennies to buy their dream house, many Americans found they could take out loans that by traditional standards their incomes just could not justify. Others were tricked into signing these subprime loans by lenders who were trying to make a quick profit ... Except the wealth created was real only on paper. And as the bubble grew, there was almost no accountability or oversight from anyone in Washington.**

The speech is a little north of 6500 words and as hard as it is to believe, it gets worse, not better. I'm trying to figure out how, if the crisis was not enough savings and too much debt, then why would more debt be the solution?

His cure is new rules for Wall Street; new "investments" in education; new "investments" in renewable energy; new "investments" in healthcare; and new savings in our federal budget.

Whoa? He didn't diagnois the problem correctly and his "cure" seems to run afoul of his do no harm principle. Sorry to be boring everyone here, but I was thinking of sending something over to AT, or whether it's too dated to be of much interest. Any thought?


If you misdiagnose the problem, the CRA revisions, the HUD rule changes, his own lawsuits on behalf of ACORN againstCitibank.
Of course, the cure will be worse than the disease, god help us all.

Fresh Air

Good grief, Rich.

Any idiot who spends a couple of hours in the library will see that markets almost never cause--permanently, at least--any sort of calamity at all. They reflect a calamity caused by someone or something else. He is declaring the umpire is to blame for the catcher dropping the ball.

I have studied bubbles and financial crises going all the way back to the Tulip Craze and the South Sea Bubble. They have a variety of exact causes, but the two that override the rest are speculative exuberance and government intervention. Though market manipulation has caused a great many short-term financial crises, the days when manipulators could stage effective bear raids, corners, whisper campaigns and the like are long over.

If you look at the 19th and 20th century histories closely, you will find that speculative bubbles occur about every 10-20 years. The bubble is inevitably followed by a collapse and populist demagoguery by politicians. A series of hastily considered laws are passed to "fix" the alleged problem. Despite the presence of such laws, there is inevitably another new crisis a decade or two down the road and the cycle repeats itself. With each successive crisis, the only common thread is the enemy: Wall Street. It is always the enemy, never the speculator or the borrower or the ham-fisted government regulators.

Zero is perhaps the least well-read president in our history. In addition to having no discernible management skills, he is almost completely ignorant of American history, economics and human behavior. It's unsurprising, given his pathological narcissism, that he wouldn't take the time to learn how little he knows, as Socrates urged. But it is still bracing to see the weapons-grade stupidity and childlike reasoning abilities of this moron in living color.



"Hello, Clarice!" (and nine other cinematic perjury traps)


Morning Elliott!


From today's NY Times, another sign of the decline of civilization:

“The Story of Stuff,” a 20-minute video about the effects of human consumption, has become a sleeper hit in classrooms across the nation.

The video is a cheerful but brutal assessment of how much Americans waste, and it has its detractors. But it has been embraced by teachers eager to supplement textbooks that lag behind scientific findings on climate change and pollution.


Rick Ballard


Team TurboZero is comprised of people who are not just "any idiots". The top notch credentialed morons running the show are extraordinary idiots. The "saving" meme is directed to the renter class debt serfs who are already having their FICO choke chains jerked so tight that they can't breath. The owner class is currently replenishing retirement funds through savings at a rate that is unparalleled since the introduction of IRAs. If they "save" much more then we'll see 12% unemployment rather than Romer's 9.5% and her 2.5% GDP growth projection will remain just over the horizon until she and the rest of Team TurboZero are removed by an electorate grown weary of the idiocy of paying Air Taxes to support UAW nonworkers sitting in idle plants.


Found a couple of articles I thought were interesting this morning. One is from Denninger at the Market Ticker.


The other is by Rosenberg, who just left Merrill Lynch.


I guess I'm gonna have to learn HTML.

Yes, they affirm my own bias, and yes, I think they are both basically correct.


Agreed Rick, there has to be a next level after 'credentialed moron' moron emeritus
maybe. How do you misunderstand the last
500 years so poorly, With the Lehman collapse and TARP we get Mellonian
liquidation and the heavy hand of the Reconstruction Finance Corporation, 'it's a floor wax and a tasty food topping."It's like there reading 'The Forgotten Man' like
the cookbook, "To Serve Man" from that Outer Limits episode with Hart Bochner.

On the later point, I've referenced Wyn Bradley's "When They Start Saving Again" on a long ago post, although the former Bernard
Baruch professor at NYU, is probably flabbergasted at the extent of this catastrophe


Time to drop that one down the memory hole, Wynne Godley, formerly of the Baruch Levy
Center at Bard College

Health Insurance Guy

Yes, a post Happy Mothers Day to all!

Rick Ballard

Buffoon's Budget Busted

Even the WH now admits that the price tag for the Fascist Slacker Dream was a little low. If the clown thinks it's only $1.8T then Rich's $2.5T is probably closer to the mark than I thought. The article makes it clear that the even the Congressional Clown Corps is realizing the economic shallowness of Team TurboZero.


AND, I don't think they've figured in how abysmally low tax receipts are coming in yet. Can he get a deficit as high as GWB's entire budget? Hell, if he keeps on spending, and passing supplemental spending bills, he could get it as high as his proposed "Budget".

Rick Ballard


They know pretty much exactly how far tax receipts have dropped. It's published daily and the archives make Fiscal Year, Year To Date comparisons child play. What they aren't saying (and probably won't say) is that the trend line for declining tax receipts is actually steepening (based upon a 21 day moving average of personal withholding).

It's gonna take an awful lot of Windmill Repair Technicians to fill the hole and those windmills better break down regularly or the whole card house collapses.


Thanks Fresh Air for the comments. Stunning the arrogance in his Georgetown speech, and I'm still reading the NYT interview, but it isn't much better [telling finance grads that maybe their math abilities would be better put to use as engineers, or that doctors, scientists, and engineers are widgits that can be turned out on a production line like consumer electronics].

He used plenty of base-superstructure dialect for his vision of economic prosperity too, with his creepy allusion to the Sermon on the Mount, his base is "a foundation that will move us from an era of borrow and spend to one where we save and invest; where we consume less at home and send more exports abroad". [Wonder if the sharpies in Team TurboZero told him that his "loophole" closing is trade protectionism?] He has plenty of class warfare arguments in there too: "where the incomes of the top 1% have skyrocketed while the typical working household has seen their incomes decline by nearly $2000".

The most stunning thing about the speech is that for a centerpiece economic address, it is incoherent. About half way through he says, "The heart of this financial crisis is that too many banks and other financial institutions simply stopped lending money", after he spent his first 3000 or so words saying that too much lending and too lax standards were the cause of the crisis.

And I'm still trying to figure out how windmills and solar panels will give us a "21st Century" energy policy when those sources make up a rounding error for the total energy produced in the US and still will be a rounding error when Obama doubles them, or how nationalized health care would make the US "more competitive" in global trade. If the IMF is to be believed, the Euro zone banks have losses just as substantial as US banks, but they have only taken to date about 20% of the writedowns that the US has. And the NHS in Britian hasn't spared them from having a brokendown financial sector and collapsed banks.

Sorry for droning on about this.

LUN for the Shuttle Atlantis launch coming up at 2:01 PM. Hubble servicing mission.


the typical working household has seen their incomes decline by nearly $2000".

My guess is that Carp and Trade, No drill policies, No new electrical production, new taxes on thousands of items, etc,
will double or triple that figure in no time.
Add the inflation costs from more government borrowing and they will be able to wipe out the typical working household in no time at all.



I suppose the good thing (I'm trying to be optimistic) is that his budget seems like an all or nothing proposition so that if the Congress were to fail to come to any agreement in reconcilation or various dem factions bolt over healthcare and cap-and-trade, the whole 2010 budget process could collapse and they'd be spending on continuing resolutions from the 09 baseline or, even better, the government could shutdown.

Unlikely, but I think the possibility of another plus up in TARP, an expansion of the FDIC, or a California state bailout could be triggers for Dem factions to revolt.


I guess with gay marriage we'll have to change the name to Mothers' Day instead of Mother's Day.


"even better, the government could shutdown. "

Keep hope alive.


CSIPI is not Soros--just the no 1 food police scamara.


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