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May 19, 2009


hit and run

Obama surrounds himself with competence.

Geraghty tweet:

Answer: 25, 27, 36. Question: What are the approval ratings of the governors at Obama event today, Schwarzenegger, Patrick, and Granholm?

Something for Obama to shoot for, there.

hit and run

Let's not leave MayBee's tweet out:

Nothing says "great idea" like the Granholm/Schwarzenegger seal of approval!


Given the last 8 years of media attacks and malfeasance, Am I supposed to be surprised?


why is it that Cheney has been the only successful republican advocate, and yet has been so vilified? Limbaugh can be included in that question as well.

The Republicans have to stop cannibalizing themselves and agree on what they stand for. For the past 12 years, they basically lost their way.


I know from long experience that I'm not unique. I don't think I've ever had an original thought that later I learned lots of somebody elses had too.

I'm so full of dread over Obama's policies that ABAD* is all that is necessary. All this talk over Republican branding is a diversion. America will come roaring back.

*Anybody But A Democrat


Was Steele an affirmative action hire?



It's raining outside and we need an umbrella.

Up .....!


I agree with you Syl. I am an avid watcher of CNBC and Fox Business News. You get the real story from business people and Cavuto is also good. It is terrifying what is now occuring and at some point the Obama meme won't hold water.


I like Steele. And I liked what little I heard of his speech today. But I'm more married to the tea parties than the republican party at this point.


I'm not sure Steele understands his responsibility to nail each Democratic program to the floor in nine words or less so people can laugh at them.

It sure as hell is NOT to write a wordy article or give a wordy speech.

If someone can't understand driving by the bill board at 30 MPH, the message is lost.

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