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May 06, 2009


Danube of Thought

As Mark Twain (or Will Rogers) said, "When I die, if there are no dogs in heaven then I want to go where the dogs are."


I agree, DoT.



My friend's dog took a rattlesnake bite for her a few weeks ago. Pretty amazing.

Danube of Thought

MayBee, how is the dog doing?

David Wilson

Dogs rule.


However, predators aren't looking for a fair fight, they are looking for a meal.

It strikes me that this could also be the last sentence of your post about income inequality above....


DoT- The dog had to be in the hospital for a week. Luckily it was a good sized dog, and vets around here are prepared for rattlesnake bites. But it was still pretty bad for a while.
They were hiking together, and the rattlesnake lunged (do snakes lunge?) at my friend, and the dog jumped right in front of her leg.


I haven't been without a Labrador retriever for almost thirty years. One old girl of mine stood between my young children and a black bear and her two cubs as they, the kids and the dog, were on their way up to the house from the lake. That old "black land tuna" (she was alittle chubby) stood her ground and protected my little ones.

We buried her under a granite slab which says:

All things bright and beautiful,
All creatures great and small.
All things wise and wonderful,
The Lord God made them all.

Sasha 1980 - 1993

She was an outstanding retriever, both water and upland game. My husband, an avid hunter who had always had champion English pointers, said she was the best dog he'd ever had. My father, also an avid hunter, loves to say the ONLY reason my husband married me was "to get that dog." Thanks Dad. Heh.

Now we have two black labs, sisters from the same litter. Can't recommend a better breed.



Here's a picture of my best friend Daisy when she was a pup. We put her in a cutout at a food market stand in VA. :)

Captain Hate

I wish my airedale, Maggie, was president; not only is she more honorable than Zero, she has a birth certificate and is probably smarter.


Wow, Lesley what a story.

My first dog was a white female german shephard I bought for my husband (then boyfriend) instead of a golf bag that he wanted. So I let him pick a name.

He called her Jackson. Best dog we ever had! First time I ever saw him cry was the day we buried her.


LOL, Captain.


Now just a minute here--Soylent can testify to the fact that i have the greatest cat in the world, a bengal named Gaia who certainly would take on a mountain lion to save me--


Lesley, did Sasha die defending the children that day, or at a later time? What a wonderful memory.

The heart of animals continue to amaze me.


Hey, I'm with you, Clarice. Cats ROCK!

My outdoor cat is a real character but a little scary. I had words with a squirrel one day and the next morning she laid a dead squirrel at my feet when I went into the garage to feed her. She's a prolic hunter her never eats her prey, merely lays them at the door in search of her reward.

She follows me around the cul-de-sac when I walk or visit in neighbor's yards and fusses the entire time until I'm back on our property.

We watched an Animal Planet presentation about kitten development in utero. Evidently the theory is that a female who resides between two male siblings in the womb emerges with a testosterone driven temperament. We've decided she was the only female in a litter of 7. Everyone believes she would fight to the death for me.

My indoor cats.... they'd be annoyed by the sounds of the mountain lion eating me.


geez....prolific hunter who....


Ann - I know what you mean. The first time I ever saw my husband cry was as he held that dog's head in his lap during her last labored breaths.

After her death, one of the sweetest memories I have of my husband is him walking into the house, with the head of a black lab pup peeking out of the top of his zipped up jacket, a huge smile on his face, wishing me a happy birthday.

Ann, your dog is darling. How did you embed that jpeg?


I'm a cat guy, but I was very touched by some of the above dog anecdotes. Mountain lions seem to be more aggressive these days, as they lose more of their fear of humans from familiarity. Same problem with alligators in Sanibel Island, Florida.


Ummm, Lesley I meant you had a wonderful memory of your beloved girl defending your children. But that's not how it came out. Please forgive me.



Thanks, I use Photobucket. It will format and copy your picture in html code. All you have to do is paste it in the comments.

Bill in AZ

I suspect the cat was rabid. Cats will occasionally stalk, approach, and (rarely) attack someone hiking alone, but two people? With a dog? A rabid critter, even a bobcat, will do pretty odd things. A rabid bobcat wandered into a bar near here a couple weeks ago, and tangled with several patrons. A couple years ago a rabid bobcat attacked someone walking on the sidewalk in a neighborhood here in town.

Speaking of domestic cats, my brother and I, when we were kids, had one that wouldn't let us near a rattler that we hadn't spotted yet. And inside the house, they are hell on scorpions. Several were "built into" the house during construction, and for the first year here, I found several torn up on the floor in the morning.

Captain Hate

Ann, Daisy looks great plus I'm very partial to dogs named Daisy; A couple decades ago I stayed at my mother-in-law's place outside Chicago when going to the Chicago Jazz Fest and she was taking care of my sister-in-law's Dalmation by that name. Dalmations are extremely muscular and when I first got there it was all Ruth could do to hold her back; I held out my hand for Daisy to sniff and she took a bite at me that was so close I could feel it on the hairs of my fingers. Fortunately the dog got very used to me quickly, to the point where she slept on the bed with me. I took her for long walks because I knew she needed more exercise than she was used to getting but you can't wear those dogs out.


My cat is an indoor cat because frankly she's too valuable and beautiful to be left out in this urban area. If she wasn't stolen, she'd run a good chance of being run over or devoured by the wild creatures that reside in Rock Creek Park which surrounds my house. But I can tell you that no other critters who make it into this place survive.I haven't even seen an ant for ages.

I shudder to think what she'd be gifting me with were she left outside for she seems a formidable huntress. As it is she keeps trying to bury her treasures--mostly bits of plastic she's found--in my bedding or dropping it at my feet.


-My husband, an avid hunter who had always had champion English pointers, said she was the best dog he'd ever had.-

I used to have a beautiful Gordon Setter, Ernie, who was a good hunter but pretty goofy. He used to chase shadows, reflections and butterflies all over creation.
But out here in dry CA the burrs and stickers were just too much for his long black and tan hair. Used to constantly brush giant gobs of hair out of the poor guy.
Made up my mind my next one will be a black pointing lab.

But it's getting to be logging season out here so I'm afraid I'll be pretty darn scarce around here after this week. Might be able to catch up once in awhile in the morn or eve, but I wish everyone the best in the meantime.

Danube of Thought

We've got two Goldens--Belle, age 10+, and Fredo (named for Fredo Corleone) who we think is about 2 1/2 (we rescued him and they weren't sure, obviousl).

I had never had a dog in my life, and refused to consider it, until my stepson, age 12, talked me into going up to look at a Golden puppy. I reluctantly agreed to go with him to have a look, but made him acknowledge that we weren't getting one no matter what.

It was love at first sight and we brought him home--Beauregard. (Actually, Pierre Gustav Toutant Beauregard, but he answered to Beau.) That dog never left my side until he died. I can't imagine life without our two now. Both are lying within five feet of me at this moment.


Ignatz, are you a logger?

Ya know, I would spend big money on a JOM Men's Calendar. :)

You will be missed Ignatz. Take care.


Awww, it's so much fun to picture all of you with your pets.

I haven't had a pet since college when I had a 1/2 beagle, 1/2 bulldog named Esme. She was so odd looking as a pup people used to ask me what kind of animal she was.


Ignatz - the birthday pup nestled in my husband's jacket was a Kellogg pointing lab. She was not the best bird retriever, however, she had an uncanny genius for retrieving my children's escapee hamsters. Dang, if there were only a season on hamsters, we had THE dog!

The new girls in their holiday headgear LUN, thanks to Ann.

Special love to you, Bad.


actually Bill, there have been several serious mountain lion assaults in California in the past couple of years. Not sure whether it's habitat related or availability of food, but they do seem to be occurring more often.


PGT Beauregard, DoT? Interesting choice. We had a dog named Moseby when I was a kid. Now it's an Aussie and a Heinz 57 that weighs @ 12 lbs and has more feist than any animal I've ever seen.


there have been several serious mountain lion assaults in California in the past couple of years.

Must be global warming.

The attacks are happening up here too.



Look at the picture and where it says "Share this picture" click on HTML code and then come back here and paste in the comments.

The way you have it now, people can see your other photobucket pictures. I don't know if you care but I thought I would point it out.

Love The Christmas Dogs.

Patrick R. Sullivan

'I had a 1/2 beagle, 1/2 bulldog named Esme.'

Which was 'Love' and which was 'Squalor'?


-there have been several serious mountain lion assaults in California in the past couple of years-

Probably mostly to do with the fact they are not hunted any more in CA and have become more bold.
Had a nice big one sitting on a tarp-covered pile of firewood in my front yard about fifty feet from my house a couple of years ago waiting to snag the housecat that stayed under it.

-Ignatz, are you a logger?-

Yeah, and while I'm 6'3" and weigh 220# I spend all my time on large tractors rather than wielding Paul Bunyon's ax so I'm not sure my weight is arranged in precisely the right spot for a calender.


Yeah, and while I'm 6'3" and weigh 220#

Oh my.
Helloooo Ignatz. How you doin'?


I want to play with everyone's precious four-legged companions. They all sound so adorable!!!

Have fun with the tractors, Ignatz.. I will miss you greatly.

I've always wanted to hear a big cat- lion or tiger- purr. Then we learned in the Animal Planet piece that big cats can't purr. Their throats are formed for roaring instead.


LOL Maybee, I've never imagined you with Joey Tribiani's voice--- til now.


Which was 'Love' and which was 'Squalor'?



Thanks Ann & bad. I'm not gone yet.

-Oh my.
Helloooo Ignatz. How you doin'?-

Sorry Maybee, my wife did that JOM "dibs" thing about twenty years ago.

I do have a single brother but he's, as you put it about someone else not long ago, bat sh** crazy so I would only recommend going out with him if it's someplace fancy and he's wearing his formal straightjacket with the tails.


I cana't let the thread go by without memorializing our Miniature Schnauzer, Jeter, now on my screensaver.

He was the kids dog... which means he was my dog to walk, care for... and love.


Once on a hike in Yellowstone Park I heard a menacing growl that scared me "to death." I thought it was a mountain lion ready to pounce. Upon further exploration, it was found to be a growling quail that jumped in front of me and did the broken wing trick to lead away from her nest. That's my mountain lion story and I'm stickin' to it.

I love your pet stories, too.


Well, Caro, if Carter can have a killer rabbit, you can have a killer dancing quail


Ignatz - a logger??? I am really amazed! As the former JOM B. Frank, I thought you might be a desk jockey. Boy, was I ever wrong!!

My indoor cats.... they'd be annoyed by the sounds of the mountain lion eating me.
Mine, too. We always say that cats are useless... Lassie runs, in, "woof woof woof woof woof!" "What's the matter, girl, did Timmy fall down the well?!?!" Cat yawns, says, "Timmy's an idiot," licks himself, and takes a nap.

LOL Maybee, I've never imagined you with Joey Tribiani's voice--- til now.

bad, I remember right after Sarah was nominated, MayBee said something along the lines of "Hellooo, First Dude."

Loved it then, love it now. :)



Well Ignatz you sure make me feel a little slutty, just because I'm flirting with you, happily married, engaged to JMH, fighting over Hoekstra and Cantor, and dating Jake Tapper.


Shortly after we got out cat my husband badly injured his thumb in an accident. We bandaged it and I should have taken him to the emergency room but he refused. He took a couple of aspirin to reduce the considerable pain and sat down in the library to watch tv and try to take his mind off of it. The cat jumped up and sat silently next to him for two hours until the pain subsided a bit. She's never sat there before or after.


Maybee, Dick Morris is now available.

Come on! Be a super woman and multitask like .. you know....

ha ha Porch. Thanks for reminding me of First Dude. Oh yeah


Cats are amazing animals. They give so much joy and companionship.

And they're really funny. Not lame like Al Franken, snooze inducer...

JM Hanes

I call it being prepared, MayBee!


For you guys that probably think I was terrible getting my husband a dog vs. the golf bag he wanted for his birthday,I would like to tell you the rest of the story.

I was on my lunch break in a downtown park and a family was treating the cute little white shepherd puppy very badly. I won't go into details but I was so upset I asked them if they would sell her to me. They started out asking for 20 dollars and every time I went to write the check they would up the price. We finally settled on a comparable price that I had saved for the golf bag.

At the time, I worked for a bank and the next day a teller called me in my office to say that a very rough looking group of people were there to cash one of my checks and wanted me to verify that I wrote it.

Long story short, I saved the dog for the golf bag.
I still laugh about that phone call. The teller couldn't believe I wrote a check to or knew the people trying to cash it. To this day, I am sure she thought it was drugs or worse.

Jackson....the best check I ever wrote. End of story!


bad @ 4:24 pm

This made me laugh so much. I've never had a cat, but I have taken care of my friends' cats on many occasions.

I'm now in the final stages of adopting a cat, and look forward to new adventures. Will she be more like your outdoor cat or your indoor cats? Time will tell.


Sure, Ann. Of course we believe that one.


flodigarry, my husband and I became friends over our mutual passion for cats. I hope you get as much joy and laughter as possible from your new family member. Cats all have distinct personalities. I've never known two to be alike.

The compassion extended to Clarice's husband by their precious feline is very apparent in one of my babies. If I'm experiencing discomfort, she shows up. (And on more occasions than those that I've hit my thumb with a hammer and am cursing like a sailor.)

We tried to allow the outdoor cat indoor privileges to feed her and save her from storms. (which absolutely terrify her) But her alpha cat tendencies wouldn't allow her to co-exist with the other cats. So she remains our faithful protector with a garage home. She has a heater in winter and a fan in summer. She is an absolute delight anytime we're outside.

The Mockingbirds are making her life miserable right now. tee hee She can't get the better of them but it sure is fun to watch her try.

I get the best of both worlds in the dog and cat department. We are the only cat people in a neighborhood of dogs. The neighborhood dogs are so delightful. Many times I think of how lucky many children would be to be cared for and loved as much as our neighborhood pets.

Mike Myers

For what its worth mountain lions have killed two women in California in the last 15 years--a jogger near Tahoe and a bird watcher in San Diego County; there have been several non fatal attacks as well; the last one involved an elderly couple out for a walk in one of the Redwood Coast counties--the wife was able to drive off the lion after her husband was severely injured.

But the word today from the park rangers is that "the dog started the fight". This political correctness nonsense can go too far; big bad doggie attacked poor wittle kitty cat. Dog shoulda read the lion its Miranda rights before trying to drive the lion off--or something like that.


Oh Clarice, I hope you were kidding because it is a true story.

The thing I left out for a reason, is it was a black family not wanting a white dog. It was so deplorable that I really can't talk about it without getting really angry.

Their grandfather gave this puppy to his grandsons because he loved the mother of this litter that he owned. They couldn't of cared less about the gift, they just wanted the money. It was a day I will never forget.

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