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May 07, 2009



And that's just one meeting.

Expect the toture stuff to fade quietly into the night--and Cheney's memo to be released at 4:35 PM ET on the Friday before a long weekend.

Bybee, Yoo and Bradbury should be able to sleep soundly tonight.


As I said when this whole nonsense cropped up a few weeks ago, neither Obama nor the Congressional Democrats have any stomach for finding out what Nancy Pelosi knew and when she knew it.


I think the more appropriate question is this:

What did Nancy Pelosi Know
and Did She Know It?



Mark Levin's Landmark Legal Foundation should be getting credit for digging up the dirt on this pile of Pelosi.

Here are links for more info:

Mark Levin Show Website

Human Events


Sounds to me like Obama considers Pelosi expendable.


"Well, her toughness on terror seems to have extended to acquiescing to the use of waterboarding."

And this is exhibit #1 for the defense?

Why don't y'all get some steel in yer spine
and join me in a chorus....?

Anyone...ANYONE who compromises our values as Americans by signing off on torture, needs to be prosecuted for warcrimes.

No equivocation from me....how about YOU?


When are the moonbats going to realize they have been lied to and manipulated for years and years and years?

No one actually believes what they believe. No one.


Waterboarding, as conducted by the US, is not torture.



Now trot along.



Because they followed the legal meanderings of Addington and Yoo?


I've got some beachfront property in Arizona.

You can have it cheap,


There's more torture in a frat hazing.


Hey Pathetic, Instead of hanging out around here, don't you need to go and stir up a little moonbat furor to get Pelosi to resign!!!! Hey and she wasn't the only democrat who knew either!!!

Get em!!!


Hey, I'm warning y'all this is BAD. Axelrod has released the flying monkeys to disrupt the blogsphere over this.

Get out the pistolas and the troll repellent.

JM Hanes

The Speaker of the House is a liar. Quelle surprise. Her memory differs from the report? Maybe Obama will commute her sentence after Fitzgerald gets through with her.



How does it feel to know all the people you regard as heroes have been lying to you forever? They took you for one long ride and you never knew what hit you. You've been suckered by those you trusted.

Bummer dude.


Did thomeone thay pisthtolathas?


It is wondrous to see the love of Party displayed by WingNut Nation. It's akin to the loyalty of a mother to her beloved son who is accused of terrible crimes. her maternal instinct could never accept the reality discussed in public airwaves, because it just couldn't be true. She knows him too well to fall into despair. So she stands by him until the end of her life.

Poor Mrs Bundy. Timothy was such a nice boy.

JM Hanes

Leo is afraid to talk about Obama and the Democrats.


Looks like it's so,JMH.


Sunny, I'm telling you, the stuff about hazing is true. Or at least in the 80s it used to be.

One frat at LSU would make pledges drink water until they puked. That CAN kill you. Another used to tell pledges that they would have to um...have relations with a goat. Not true of course (at least I don't think so...LOL) but that counts as psychological torture.

The Omega Phi Psi frat--commonly referred to as Qs, in some chapters used to BRAND an omega onto pledges arms. I've seen them. Some of them as big as your fist.


My husband's frat was thrown off campus for hazing--I won't even go into what they did but not so many years ago I was dining with a professor who had been the frat's advisor, a man who in his youth was quite am international scamp himself. When I mentioned the fraternity, he turned ashen.


The whole "torture" brouhaha is nothing more than a ploy by Obama and his minions to throw a bone at the loony left, so that they keep the campaign funds rolling.

We hear shouts of "war crimes", Gitmo, "impeach Bush" whenever the Dems need money.

How're those John Conyers' impeachment hearings coming along?

The Dems took Congress 3 years ago. Have they stopped funding for the Iraq war?

Face it, lefty suckers, your leaders have been lying to you all along. Just shut up and keep sending the checks.

Here's your scorecard:

Gitmo - will still be open when Obama leaves office.

Afghanistan - US military will still be there when Obama leaves office.

Iraq - US military will still be there when Obama leaves office.

"Torture" (er, "enhanced interrogation techniques") - will still be there when Obama leaves office.

"Warrantless surveillance" - will still be there when Obama leaves office.

Suck it up, and keep writing the checks.


semanticleos mother if she has any sense is probably saying "he was such a good boy what happened"?


"Leo is afraid to talk about Obama and the Democrats."

I think Pelosi is a Dem, but it could be in name only.


All I'm hearing is equivocation, and moral equivilism.

Don't you want to step up and bare yer soul?
I mean, if it's within yer reach.


It's going to be SOO hilarious seeing her try and lie her way out of this.

Will she actually be fool enough to call the CIA briefers liars?


If nothing else, we know the facts do not support 'cleo's argument.

They never do.




Not only did she KNOW about it, she LIED about it, and made democrats look like FOOOLS.

Go Mme. Botox!!! Keep it comin!!!!



Ten to one, she's also the one who asked "Is it tough enough?"

Man oh Man,too rich.


"All I'm hearing is equivocation"

You're hearing "Waterboarding is not torture. Period." and you read equivocation into that?



I've got some beachfront property in Arizona.

You can have it cheap,

Looks nice, but I can't believe you're trying to sell now.



Remember, guys, Mother's Day is coming up. Our wives are waiting to hear those three little words:

"Let's eat out."


Hey, come on pathetic...join in!

Hey Hey Ho Ho Nancy Pelosi has got to go..


Think of me as yer Parish Priest.......

Confession is good for the soul.

Go ahead. You know you want to....


Do you have any more of those lovely smelling salts, verner, because I've reclined on the fainting couch in shock at the thought that that lovely mother of 5 condoned waterboarding and then lied about it.


"I've reclined on the fainting couch in shock at the thought that that lovely mother of 5 condoned waterboarding and then lied about it."

Let's not sell her short. Remember, she's a multi-tasker. She was probably dandling grandchildren on her knee while doing all that.


Well bless your heart Miss Clarice. I do believe I have a scented hanky or two left. We would not want you getting the vapors over this great surprise.

The gentlewoman from San Fran a bold faced liar! What is the world coming to?


Is this a great country? LUN


And here's the list of all the lousy rotten liars aka members of the Congressional Democrat Caucus who were BRIEFED on EI:

Nancy Pelosi
Bob Graham
John Rockefeller
Jane Harman
Harry Reid
*Full Committee
John Murtha
Evan Bayh
Russ Feingold
Diane Feinstein
Carl Levin
Barbara Mikulski


If you'd rather distract yerselves from the crime itself, and focus on identity politics, that's yer prerogative.

I would rather focus on the crime, rather than the personality. But that's just me.

I just don't get the cognitive dissonance relayed by accusing someone of a crime, which,
you feel, is not a crime.

I guess that's just, you.


Hang em High Pathetic, Hang em High


This is almost as good as when the DNA results came in on the blue dress.


"Hang em High Pathetic, Hang em High'

Did you say you were a high school graduate?


Can't you see the red siren over at Journolist!

"Drop the torture stuff...repeat, DROP THE TORTURE STUFF.

Meme for tomorrow--BO gets house trained.

JM Hanes

"I just don't get the cognitive dissonance"


Let's make it simple for you.
Waterboarding is not torture.
Nancy Pelosi tried to make political capital by saying it was torture and she didn't know about it.
Now we found she DID know about it. Conclusion:
Waterboarding is still NOT torture.
Nancy Pelosi IS a liar.
Voilá, it's so simple a moonbat could even get it.


Pelosi will use the botox defense:

"I don't recall being briefed. I think I was getting an injection that day, but even if I was there, I can't remember it. And even if I could remember it, botox has rendered me unable to process the information or express my opposition to EIT until it was politically expedient. But thank god, I look 5 years younger!"

Jim Rhoads a/k/a vjnjagvet

The Semantic one again does everything but address the subject of the post -- that Nancy Pelosi and the rest of her Democratic Colleagues baked the EIT program.

Since Sem has no evidence to contradict the CIA's corroboration that Pelosi and her flock were up to their ears in the whole waterboarding thing, he wastes our time calling us names.

What a loser. There is nothing Sem says that is worth refuting as he does such a good a job of doing that himself.



I don't think that word means what you seem to imagine is part of your belief system.


Is that clear?


It must be of some concern to the lying Dems on the Hill what other records the CIA has that just might surface. No?

Captain Hate

This is almost as good as when the DNA results came in on the blue dress.

Anybody have any idea how many lamps Muffer threw when that happened?


What ... a spy agency that can't produce a video, tape, or transcript of such a briefing?

I want my money back.


"I would rather focus on the crime"

Great news Semanticleo!!
Why not start then with Chris Dodd, Jack Murtha, Charlie Rangel, Diane Feinstein, so many to pick from, but go right to it, and don't worry about the political affiliation, just focus on the crimes.
PS: Don't bother with Hillary Clinton's and big time Democratic fundraiser Norman Hsu, he pleaded guilty today to ten counts of wire and mail=fraud.


"he wastes our time calling us names.'

You misunderestimate what you children is reading.

I only call attention to yer propensity to
assign venality to the other side. I recognize that the only reasonable position on these issues is one of bipartisanship.

I condemn all torturers regardless of political stripe. Was sagsdt Du?


No, the crime is one of omission, when you prevent a laptop of a known terrorist to be breached, because of this stupid FISA law.
Or this stupid Gorelick memo, that solidified
the already noxious habit of CIA/FBI noncommunication


We have a propensity to assign venality to the other side because ..... they're venal.


Oh, I'm hoping so Clarice. I think Obama has really pissed off some people over at Langley.

Fighting with an arm tied behind your back indeed.

I would imagine a few folks had a special talk with Panetta as well.

Well, that's what the doofus get for putting a political lap dog in there instead of someone who actually had intelligence experience.

Captain Hate

It must be of some concern to the lying Dems on the Hill what other records the CIA has that just might surface. No?

Or was this a warning shot to Yobama? Anybody see a plume of Kools-smoke wafting from the White House area?



I have two little marks in my chest 30 years later where a pair of wings were pinned. I feel very tortured about the whole thing now...really....

funny thing was that I attended a reunion at Benning last summer and there were 500 graduates of jump school. Most of the ones being pinned by their fathers and relatives insisted on the old school way. It's a point of honor, which you wouldn't understand.

Screw Nancy Pelosi and the rest. These were known murderers who forfeited all rights to humane treatment because of their heinous crimes, and you're defending the bastards. It happened to 3 individuals in very controlled, deeply examined circumstances.

The results saved lives. So to hell with you and your kind. You would twist the Constitution into a pretzel to justify the ends and yet hold your opponents to unrealistic standards. How's your stance on partial birth abortion?


The Dems made a mistake yapping about waterboarding in a way that suggested they might damage the guys at the agency who did it..Stupid. Really. Now they are all vulnerable.


Well said matt!



we are looking at the Borgias and the Colonnas now in DC. The Agency is bereft of integrity or ability, but will fight to the end to defend itself. There are a few bright stars, but overall, it has become a Machiavellian/Kafkaesque bureaucracy that simply exists to promote its own existence.


Hear Hear Matt.

And as for the CIA, I feel sure that another thing that is truly grating their backsides is all the slobbering praise for Ali Soufan.


And then there's plastering the identity of those two CIA psychologists all over the world.

Payback baby, Payback.


Remember--one of the first people lost over there was Agent Spahn who was interrogating captured Taliban in Afghanistan, including that darling wonderful kid from Marin who just couldn't be bothered to warn him that his pals were planning to kill Spahn.


"You would twist the Constitution into a pretzel to justify the ends "


Another poster Child for redemptive self-awareness.

Carry on...........


I wish the same people who support and allow this - http://www.nrlc.org/ABORTION/pba/diagram.html - would spare us the pretentious indignation over waterboarding a few hardcore Muslim murderers who'd slit our throats if they had the chance.


You know Clarice, the first thing GWB did every morning was get his security briefing. He had ENORMOUS respect for the CIA.

And look how they treated him.

And now, they have Obama. Be careful what you wish for.

Mark O

Anyone here ever go through the initiation into FFA?

Compare and contrast. For 50 points.


If anyone wants to read the Freedom Of Information Request (pdf file) that made the information available go to: landmarklegal.org
It is scrolling at the top of the web page.


I think we make a mistake in assuming that the CIA is, or was, monolithic. During the Bush years, I think we saw a cultural and ideological war within the agency itself that mirrored what was happening in the national culture.

I'm pretty sure most of the anti-Bush leaks aimed at sabotaging Bush's policies and security initiatives were being conducted by agency employees who came in during the Clinton years, and who subsequently rose to positions of authority and influence there.

I would imagine there's also a large split between the Operations folks - who see the threats everyday - and the analysts who live safe and sound within the Beltway.


Yes,matt, and this is just the kind of attack on it that it will not permit. Panetta better be prepared cause the tsunami is coming.


I'm willing to admit that Obama's a war criminal because he's been slaughtering hundreds of innocent Pakistani civilians with his failed attempts at extrajudicial killings.

And I'm willing to admit that the 52% of Americans who voted for him are also war criminals, because he told everyone during the campaign that he'd be committing these war crimes.

And I'm willing to admit that Eric Holder is a war criminal, because he's looking the other way and refusing to prosecute these war crimes.

And I'm willing to admit that every member of Congress is a war criminal too, because they haven't impeached the murderous bastard.

Man, I was right - it DID feel good to admit all that.


Obama is such a freaking amateur.

Closing Gitmo--BUST
Torture memos to get at Bush/Cheney--BUST
Apology tour--BUST

He thought all this garbage would make the "world" love him--they think he's a joke.


bless your heart Semanticleo.Now go tell the Kos Kids about all these war criminals you've found.I feel good knowing the Bush administration wasn't engaged in criminal activity


Tell you what Pathetic, I'll have some "IMPEACH OBAMSA NOW" bumperstickers made up and send you one.


Sounds to me like Obama considers Pelosi expendable.

Posted by: PaulL | May 07, 2009 at 09:25 PM

That OR putting the Botox Granny back DOWN to her rightful place of acquiescence, not calling the shots like she's been trying to do.

Anyway, Congrats Lefties! You've successfully killed any chance of an "investigation" much like the rabid dogs in DOJ who slow dragged the Yoo/Bybee IG report for maximum nothingness for political reasons. Brovo.




Hey, I still want to see Cheney's memo.

They may have started it, but dammit,they are not going to finish it.


Seriously, you just compound the stupid. I figure Petraeus and McKiernan are really directing the airstrikes against AQ targets,
all to the good, like when Hamza Rabia and another one of the Al Libis were targeted.
Actually if he wasn't doing it, there'd be grounds for impeachment. Holder, just baffles me, I know how flawed a choice he already was, but somehow I thought cooler heads would prevail, naive thought. Pelosi similarly she had a semblance of a right instinct for once, she seems to have suppressed it.


"Man, I was right - it DID feel good to admit all that."

Fine. Waterboarding's still not torture.


Question: Regardless of who is POTUS, what is the first duty of the CIA?

Answer: Justify the existence...of the CIA.

Obama has screwed the CIA with his release of those memoranda, so the spooks have now likely drawn inspiration their favorite movie, "Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan":

"Revenge is a dish best served cold."


"I've done worse than kill you. I've hurt you...and I'll keep on hurting you."


Has anyone checked, have the constitutional sockpuppet or Sarah Palin's uterus stalker blown a gasket?


Narciso, I'm starting to think they're just not all that smart. They are pretty much owned by Soros, and have to jump through the hoop on his command.

This whole "torture" thing spun WAY out of control.

They didn't HAVE to release those OLC memos. Obama has ALWAYS been lock step with the ACLU. They just didn't think that anyone--including the CIA-- would fight back, or that the public reaction would be so utterly negative.

Rick Ballard


Don't neglect a heaping measure of "just plain stupid" when evaluating Holder or Obama. Axelrod is capable of running scummy campaigns - not governing. Soros is capable of breaking investment laws, cheating and stealing - not governing. In truth, the puppet masters aren't much more competent than the puppets.

As we will continue to see as they fumble forward in perpetual campaign mode.


Allah Pundit (PS, YOU knew this was coming)

Follow the link and note ABC’s update about how many other Democrats knew what was up. I’m starting to think that “rebranding” really might be the answer for the GOP. Since all it takes to escape the left’s wrath on issues like torture or extending the war in Afghanistan or quadrupling the size of a deficit they claimed to care about under Bush is calling yourself a Democrat, why not just call ourselves Democrats from now on? We get to keep all the same policies we have now and avail ourselves of the Absolute Moral Authority that comes with claiming the mantle of enlightenment.
Joe and Val were a coupla bozo amateurs.

One Big Ass Mistake, America. Heh, a junior high joke my daughter brought home.

In this case, the CIA has bared their teeth; in Bush's they bit before they barked. I've little doubt this is a shot across Obama's bow also. And I wonder if this might not be a little payback to Pelosi over Harmon. I wouldn't be too surprised if the pros at the CIA respect Jane.

However, just as I decried the rogue DOJ and the rogue CIA in the last administration, I get evil vibes about it in this one. They are both supposed to be subject to executive control. We, the electorate, are supposed to have a say in the administration of these two bureaucracies once every four years. That the CIA may now be laying for Obama cheers me mightily, but that they can and want to do so so boldly frightens me.

My son's going to Iraq tomorrow, Leo.

Have a heart, guys and dolls; Leo's dissonance is laying him pretty low tonight.


"Has anyone checked, have the constitutional sockpuppet or Sarah Palin's uterus stalker blown a gasket?"

This has been a rough week eh.

First the love object is made to look foolish by quoting the fairy tale that Winnie didn't get rough with the NAZIS.

And now this.

Is he really going to call for half the democrat leadership to take their place in the dock with the evil Bushies?

His blog entry on this is sure to be a five star howler.


Joe--sure enough, but you do agree--this is a shot across the bow. Pelosi and Obama crossed a red line and now who knows what will be leaked and when.


Ok, this is hilarious and I wish TM would take it up, but Empty is in a near epileptic fit trying to prove the memo and people attending detailed in it is a lie by the CIA.


Clarice, and I can only hope that Obama tries something stupid like trying to bring the CIA to heel.

As a far leftist, his first instinct is to despise the CIA. Well, I guess this shows, they don't like him much now either. But they've been at the game a lot longer than the guy whose only real job before this was being an ACORN community organizer.

And what Rick said is so true as well. The people around him don't have a clue how things work.

Joe laffs an ass off.

What amuses the Hell out of me, clarice, is this. Obama has assiduously concealed much of his past, probably for a variety of reasons. What possesses that madman to think he has kept all of his secrets from the CIA? And if he doesn't think so, then think of the dreams he must have at night.


"bless your heart Semanticleo.Now go tell the Kos Kids about all these war criminals you've found.I feel good knowing the Bush administration wasn't engaged in criminal activity"

Well I didn't write the pap you responded to, but it is interesting that it still wasn't one=sided enough even for Y'all.

Keep minimizing your status and shrinking
the minority Party into extinction. You might want to change yer mascot from pachyderm to carrier pigeon to fully illustrate the depths of your self-destruction.

Torquemada wants Michael Steele's job and yer just the folks to give it to him.


Yep, Alinsky never really had a follow up as to what do when you've achieved power, and the opposition knows the rule book. You don't tangle with people who have developed
skill sets to destabilize foreign
governments, had he read McCarry instead of Galeano, he'd know that. anyone want to guess where most of the non defense program,
cut were directed at; three guesses and the first two don't count. Along with cuts in missile defense and other assorted programs
we don't need in the second age of Aquarius;
cue the soundtrack from Hair.


You mean the same Empty who thought the CIA sat at the right hand of God Almighty?

Does this mean she doesn't like Val and Joe anymore?

Val slap him upside the head.

Empty made a career of fantasizing about the CIA in the Plame case; why should she stop now?

Charlie (Colorado)

No equivocation from me....how about YOU?

Yep. You're an idiot. No question.

Go to bed, Leo, and weep yourself to sleep.

A chicken in every pot, and a teabag for every pigeon.


Much as empty's denouement is amusing, I'm going to wait til tomorrow to see it. Niters.

What?  Hoi Polloi?

Leo's whistling past the graveyard tonight. He knows this kind of bullshit will eventually sink into the great muddle, who will wake in an uproar and vote Republican in a dudgeon.


then think of the dreams he must have at night.

I worry more about his dreams and aspirations. (It could do with updating, so just imagine [s]all the people[/s] that the last line is "Will I own GM?")


Not just the muddle. I'm thinking there are quite a few centrist dems going "what the..." right about now.

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