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May 23, 2009



FTA--Oh golly gee does this sound familiat?

"characterized Israel's treatment of suspected terrorists as a matter of self-defense. "The first priority of the government is keeping people safe," said the lawyer, who insisted on anonymity. "That's the basic social contract between a government and its people."

A key moment, he said, was the spate of suicide bombings in March 2002 that killed 135 Israelis and injured hundreds more. "It became a question of a ticking bomb -- how do you balance the need to find that bomb before it goes off at a restaurant or a pizza shop or a checkpoint with the need to respect human rights?" Israelis understood, he said, "there has to be a balance -- you can't just do whatever you want."

What is most striking, the lawyer added, is how united the Israeli public is on the subject. "For most people it's not the central story here," he said. "It's not even one of the top ten questions I get asked about the Supreme Court."

Funny how democracies kinds think alike.


Does this mean that the Obama administration will be telling the Italian courts to sod off with regard to their in abstentia trials of our CIA people for renditioning people?


Hm. Is the verb "to rendition" or "to render"?

Danube of Thought

It's "to render," or I'm a monkey's uncle.

I did a bit of an experiment. I found the complete text of Obama's national security speech from last week. Using the control-f function on my browser, I discovered that the man used the word "I" 108 times in that speech. As rendered [sic] by the NYTimes, the speech was 8+ pages--let's call it an even twelve times per page that the man said "I".

I'm reliably informed that his speech lasted 60 minutes. That's 1.8 times per minute, or one "I" every 33 seconds.

I believe that must be a record for an American president. Can anyone think of a speech that would top it?


Glad somebody else has noticed Obama's addiction to the first person singular.

Looks like the rest of his speech is simply something to hang his verbal onanism on.


Okay--Dot and PUK--that's so good consider it stolen0*SWOOP*


This Rendition Program is different from the Bush Administration.

The one we have now includes HOPE! And CHANGE!


--I believe that must be a record for an American president.--

DOT, I'm sure that is similar to a swimming world record; destined to be beaten by the same guy about ten more times this year.

I thought we had reached the bottom of the well in self absorption with Clinton.
However Barry's pathological self absorption coupled with his messianic complex makes Billy Jeff seem a veritable Schweitzer in comparison.

Jim Miller

DoT - William Kristol noticed the same thing. But he didn't take the time to make a count, as you did.

(Now I'll have to check your count and add that to my post.)


"I have always said,I,uh,that is me,I,the President of America,believe,that,I uh,have always held the position ,that I uh,will not flinch from the,uh, challenges that,I, as President of America,uh face me.
Godamnit this teleprompter has too many vowels".


Great comment, DoT. I hope Drudge reads here.

Obama Says "I" Every 33 Seconds In National Security Speech


"I, i, i, i, i, i like me very much
I, i, i, i, i, i think I'm grand
You see that when I feel my touch
My heart starts to beat, to beat the band".
Carmen Miranda.


Is he going to Cairo, and tell the
Mukharabats in Cairo, who produced the rage of Qutb, and the quiet anger of Sheik Rahman' in the depths of the Citadel. Wiil he tell Amman, which contributed to the education of Zarquawi, Tripoli, who vanished Sheik Musa Sadr, and hence gave rise to Hexbollah to cease and desist, helped extinguish the life of Fathi Ejami Or 1nform Saudi General Intelligence to get lost. See if one were a sincere human rights
anti torture activist; poor Greenwald and Sullivan, he is destined to dissapoint even them. No extraordinary rendition was a hypocritical ruse, invented by the likes of Michael Scheuer, what other kind there be,
to obscure the categorical denial that lies
at the heart of our foreign policy
'stability above all' even when the falseness of that promise, is exhibited in Arlington and lower Manhattan, one cool September morning, yes it's Mark Steyn without the snark.


Obama, Hillary and Edwards; are all dems narcissists?

Kimball Swinger 1100 Electric Organ (not working)

The poor informants who had to nearly arrest the terrorists in NY should remind everyone of Obama's daddy informing for CIA or Obama himself informing, but no one knows or will ever know, like Jack. The government shows up later and takes all the credit for creating, I mean aiding, I mean helping, these poor unknown truly immigrant Americans capture themselves, I mean the terrorists, those terrorists.

The diplomat agreements for military non rendering of military non torturers because their military and not CIA torturers is mostly with developooping countries, so it was never really important unless you were into developing work and knew about Nancy's whips and stuff; then plame and her husband's work there might couver in that specific agreements and, later, lead you to wonder about CIA domestic terror, i mean torture, i mean whips and stuff.

Korean leaders sure die allot. Extra ordinary

hit and run

I did a bit of an experiment. I found the complete text of Obama's national security speech from last week. Using the control-f function on my browser, I discovered that the man used the word "I" 108 times in that speech.

I read a comment at Ace of Spades about the "I"ndulgence.

I took his speech and put it in wordle to create a word cloud. (I did the same thing with McCain/Obama and Palin/Biden in their debates).

Unfortunately, wordle filters out words like "I" and "the" and "and" and, I suppose, "uh" and "um". Makes sense, really, but I really wanted a visual to go along with the word count on the use of "I".

Not to be.

Oh well.



This word cloud generator says it's similar to Wordle but "comes with optional stop word lists for many languages." So if you disabled the stop word list, maybe you could get the "I" to show up?



You know despite the horrible personal behavior of Barak Obama Sr., he was one of the earliest cogent critics of African
nationalization and other statist doctrines;
interestingly the son didn't learn this point from the father. The problem was conpounded by refusing to acknowledge Lolo Soetoro's 'nuanced understanding' of Indonesia state capitalism under Suharto. Instead his lessons seem to come from a utilities scion playing Guevara, and a rabble rousing preacher.


I counted 41 "I"'s in Cheney's speech of 5509 words. "I" found a video file at MSNBC, didn't watch the whole thing, but its length was 35'44", so if there wasn't any talking-head snark-time at the end of that clip Cheney averaged an "I" every 52 seconds to Obama's 33.

Both men were essentially defending themselves in the speeches, so we should probably expect more "I" references than usual, but since they both spoke on the same subject, the comparison is apt.


DoTI believe that must be a record for an American president. Can anyone think of a speech that would top it?

The amazing thing is, he says it while taking no actual responsibility.


Allah's making a comeback at Hot Air, here with a post about a recent Pew survey on the leanings of Independents among other things. I didn't review the methodology, but the first chart is interesting if relevant in terms of which parties Independents identify with by issue.

hit and run

Unfortunately, Porchlight, IBM requires a download, which requires registration which ensures effort I'm not willing to make.

Danube of Thought

He literally accepts responsibility for nothing. Except for his wife and daughers, he has never been responsible for anything in his life, and it must be hard to start in this particular job. I cling to the hope that this will not wear well, but I don't really understand the electorate much anymore.

There are tons and tons of people in the US who are complete strangers to any principle of any kind, and they now seem to have settled on the principle that whatever this guy does is fine. They're neither for nor against, say, Guantanamo; whatever Obama does with it must be right. Ditto renditons, military commissions, wiretaps and the rest. If God came down and assured them that "he's doing exactly what Bush did," their reaction would be that it was bad when Bush did it but it's quite marvelous now. Heaven help us...


The amazing thing is, he says it while taking no actual responsibility.

And there you have captured the brilliance of O!


Narciso--that is very interesting--if you add some cites to support your point, it would be a good blog..


"It's a Gift" Maybee, or haven't you heard. One was defending a whole series of hard choices, taken over the last 7 1/2 years. The other tears down the work of others, seemingly without rhyme or reason , yes Pagar, there is an internal logic to it.


I don't really understand the electorate much anymore.

Clinton's re-election was the last time I had any confidence in the electorate, or my ability to relate to it.


which ensures effort I'm not willing to make.

Heh, same here, Hit. Well, there it is, if you ever feel inclined.

It'd be a hoot to see word clouds of all his major speeches to see how big the "I" is in each one. I'm actually surprised no one's done it yet - it's a great idea.

Come on, Hit, you could be famous! More famous than you are already, I mean.



You know despite the horrible personal behavior of Barak Obama Sr.,

Do my eyes deceive me? Notice the resemblance between BHO, his mother, and Frank Marshall Davis?

I do not see BHO, Sr., when I look at BHO's face.

Among other things, that slight pouchyness below the lower lip looks dead on.

I don't understand how anyone can deny the physical (not to mention political/ideological) resemblance.

Oh. Yeah. I guess I can understand the denial.


I don't see the resemblance to Davis.


I think he got his lips and possibly his ears from his mother.


Unmistakably, I see his mother in his face. But I also see FMD, not only in carefully selected poses. I do not see BHO, Sr., at all.


Well when I was composing that Obama vs Netanyahu, blog posts, I came across to the reference to this article in the LUN; which was still ill informed but by the standards of 1965, very cognizant of the problem. I took an African politics many years ago, and much of the verbiage is disturbingly familiar. That's why the idea the Barak Sr. was a CIA agent in the Kenyatta
administration seems a little odd, although Manuel Artime and Huber Matos could probably
sympathize. He's really trying to sell socialism to the Mau Maus, yet cognizant of
the shortfalls ahead. that would turn Kenya eventually into a kleptocracy and ultimately make it susceptible to the Islamist orientation of Raila Odinga


His eyes look more like Davis's to me, but maybe it's more attitude than physical.


In the lower photo of BHO Jr at Mustang's link, the groove between his upper lip and the nose and the peaks in the "bow" of his upper lip are strikingly similar to Davis'.

I don't think there is a single obvious feature shared by BHO Sr and BHO Jr. But ultimately, BHO Jr resembles his mother more than he does either of those two men.


Yes, his mother had that thin lip groove, too. There's got to be a name for that thing, doesn't there?


Mr">http://www.boston.com/news/politics/politicalintelligence/Dunham.jpg&imgrefurl=http://www.boston.com/news/politics/politicalintelligence/2008/01/dreams_from_his.html&usg=__4EtgvKUJ-E29unHutPGmdfME6J0=&h=2538&w=3200&sz=1057&hl=en&start=6&um=1&tbnid=3eUS7PF_6yjUXM:&tbnh=119&tbnw=150&prev=/images%3Fq%3DStanley%2Bann%2Bdunham%26hl%3Den%26client%3Dfirefox-a%26rls%3Dorg.mozilla:en-GB:official%26hs%3Dj7M%26sa%3DN%26um%3D1">Mr & Mrs Obama.


"here's got to be a name for that thing, doesn't there?"

Yes,it's the Philtrum.It allows humans a greater range of mouth movements facilitating speech.


So she does, Extraneus. Good eye - I hadn't noticed that before.

Buford Gooch

The American electorate went completely off track in the 1996 election. There is no way it made any kind of logical sense to re-elect Clinton. However, that's about the time the press took a complete dive and began to actively advocate for the leftist agenda. It wasn't strong enough for the electorate to put a prig (Gore) in office, but they came astonishingly close. 2004 was a wartime election, which kept Bush in. The hold of the currently dominant media must be broken in order to restore sense to elections in America. Way too many people, including my very smart 27 year old son, get the greatest part of their news from the MSM.


I'm certainly no expert (philtrum? Bravo, PUK!) but I have always noticed that as we age, we eventually come to resemble our parents even more.

FMD lived to a much older age than BHO, Sr. Maybe as BHO ages more will be revealed?

I have no answer as to why married couples come to resemble each other. Or their pets, reportedly.


Yes,it's the Philtrum.It allows humans a greater range of mouth movements facilitating speech.

Eureka! That's why I'm hearing the same thing over and over again...the surface of a TelePromTer is flat - no philtrum!

Charlie (Colorado)

Korean leaders sure die allot. Extra ordinary.

Once each, like everybody else.

Charlie (Colorado)

By the way, HillBuzz has what looks to me like good advice.

Charlie (Colorado)

Roger Simon is noticing the same thing.



Language,socially shared facial expressions both develop the muscles of the face in similar ways.


Great advice for any candidate for political office.


"Obama, Hillary and Edwards; are all dems narcissists?"

When you have no ideas, all you have left is yourself.



Nature + Nurture + Botox = Yikes!


Of course they are utterly self obsessed,that is why they go into politics.Were else can these people get to play "Simple Simon Says" with everybody's lives.
They should have fixed terms,after which we strangle them and throw their bodies into a bog.The traditional way.


I really can't take issue with any of it, as far as strategy. Hillbuzz points out that Sarah's blows hit that much harder because she pointed out what he did, or more properly what he failed to do, in Algeld Gardens, in the legislaturem and ultimately in the US Senate. That's what that line distinguishing mayor fromcommunity
organizer was all about. I don't think anyone had ever challenged Obama as
directly as this, or since; and hence came the whirlwind, or Alinskyite storm, mainly rule #12, and #4, and #5.


Speaking of Botox, Mme. Speaker has scored a role in a Bond flick.

HillBuzz's advice forsaken by RNC, or only applies to the executive branch?

Danube of Thought

Neither the 1992 nor the 1996 election surprised me much. In the first, Bush I seemed positively uninterested in the whole thing; the nutball Pelosi hurt him somewhat (although the polls suggested it wouldn't have made a difference); but most of all he broke the "no new taxes" pledge and it infuriated a lot of what should have been his base. The manner in which he did it was also vintage Bush, conceding that he would do it before even discussing what he would demand in return--thus flunking Negotiation 101, as he flunked so much else. I always thought he was like a guy running for high school class president: there were no issues about which he cared, and no principles that guided him, other than that he wanted to "do a good job" as president.

In 1996 there was peace and prosperity, and Bob Dole was Bob Dole. 'Nough said.

Danube of Thought

I'm not all that surprised about the Pew data. The day after Bush I broke the tax pledge--literally the day after--I registered as a Libertarian. I stayed that way for an election cycle or two until I realized that I didn't know who anybody on my primary ballot was.

I can't recall being as exultant as I was when the GOP took the congress in 1994. I honestly believed that, after the Dem stranglehold of my entire adult life, we were actually going to have a congress that acted upon Republican--i.e. (until then) conservative--principles. There is no way to overstate the disgust I felt over their performance in the ensuing twelve years, particularly when they had a supposed Republican in the White House. That, dear JOMers, was the ultimate in bitter disappointment. The GOP deserves everything that has happened to it, because when you try to explain supposedly Republican principles the experience of 2001-2007 is thrown in your face and there is no response.

Danube of Thought

"Once each, like everybody else."

Don't forget cowards--they get to do it a thousand times.

Danube of Thought

Well well well...Having just unloaded my thoughts on the GOP, I read this wSJ piece about Arnold. Read it and weep. LUN

Rick Ballard

"I really can't take issue with any of it, as far as strategy."

Really? What tactic is best executed from the supine position? How does the advice of a Clinton blog and a man without any discernible moral or ethical standards apply to the tactics which the Democrats have successfully employed over the past six years?

I'm pretty sure that Brooks and Gergen could spit up something similar and that McCain would smile genially while softly muttering 'my friends, my friends' as he went along to get along. I would agree that the Ogabe sycophants are insusceptible to antagonism but they are also impervious to reason. Changing a mind which does not exist would seem a rather difficult task.

"Now children, play nice" works in kindergarten - not with Chicago thugs bent on destroying what they are unable to steal.


"They should have fixed terms,after which we strangle them and throw their bodies into a bog.The traditional way"

PUK--MY MAN!! You can always make me laugh..

Danube of Thought

Reminds me of H.L. Mencken's suggestion that losing presidential candidates be hanged, "so that their grief will not adversely affect the young."

Rick Ballard

I think I'll go with Goldstein on the latest PJM "Play nice" initiative:

Call me when “conservatives” are ready to get serious. Because as it stands, our high-traffic spokespeople seem content to play by the left’s rules while humping each other for traffic.

Danube of Thought

Who's PJM?


I think the point that the man is almost superfluous to his actions and whatever his principles are; I think that's what you're trying to do with the National Tea Party. I agree that the interstate commerce clause, has been the crow bar used to 'jimmy' open the coffers and increasingly the board rooms
; for worthy causes like the fight for civil rights and against child labor, but increasingly for everything else.This conniption over Nancy Pelosi, in that RNC ad, is just so over the top. Maybe a 527 should have done it,


Pajamas Media, run by Roger Simon, and with many bloggers (including Instapundit).


No truer words has (I)bama ever spoken:

SCULLY: William Howard Taft served on the court after his presidency, would you have any interest in being on the Supreme Court?

OBAMA: You know, I am not sure that I could get through Senate confirmation...


I like ("I")bama and think we ought to use it.

If he's embarrassed into cutting out all the self references, what has he left except ums and ahs?


Clarice, he might resort to referring to himself in the third person, which might not be far off anyway.

Rick Ballard


Unfortunately, Lee Atwood has passed on and the first auditions to take his place aren't impressive. That doesn't mean they won't get better and Ogabe does not have the demographic trend upon which Bubba floated through the '90's to provide a cushion to sustain his personal popularity.

I have absolutely no problem with Palin's approach. Reagan never actually went after Carter on a personal level at all that I can remember ("There he goes again." was about as hard a personal punch as he threw.) That didn't keep the party from running some pretty effective and hard hitting ads throughout the '80's and Lee Atwater dealt some pretty rough and pretty personal blows in taking Dukakis out.

Ralph L

the nutball Pelosi
I believe you meant Perot, but there are so many to choose from.



I read the make nice article from Hillbuzz, and I always come back to the Obama rulebook: Come as an emissary, act as a spy.

I never understood McCain's strategy of "courting" Clinton voters and understand even less why anyone would believe that Hillary Clinton will be a force in elective politics ever again. If Obama is re-elected, her moment would have passed and if Obama's Administration is a disaster she won't be unable to distinguish herself enough to be a plausible alternative.

Neverminding the fact that Fillmore is the only President not to be re-nominated by his party. Don't see Obama being quite as destructive as Fillmore though.


You're right, the problem is that they don't know what to believe. So how can they respond adequately. First you need to figure out the message than the messengers will follow. Atwater didn't bother with niceties, he didn't have time for that

My only argument with the Pelosi ad, is that is concerned an issue that wasn't really worthy of that light hearted touch. it's really more a stark Bourne vision or even Jack Bauer, than the romantic Connery one. These people were trying to turn the iconic L.A. Library Tower, into a burning slag heap and they were stopped on at least two instances. through the Zubeydah, and later KSM.They will undoubtedly try again. They tried twice in London subway before July 7th

Charlie (Colorado)

"Now children, play nice" works in kindergarten - not with Chicago thugs bent on destroying what they are unable to steal.

Rick, let us know when you read the article.

Charlie (Colorado)

I think I'll go with Goldstein on the latest PJM "Play nice" initiative:

Rick, let me know when you can figure out who is and isn't a Pajamas Media blogger. (Hint: You've managed to link PJM to one blog with no connection, and one that got all pissy when PJM stopped subsidizing his ad rates.)

Honest to God, Rick, don't you think some relationship to reality is useful in these rants?


Every time we use the word "Obama" it doesn't matter what the context is, the Obamanistas always get a rush of warm fuzzies so never use the name and only ccriticize "the administration".

Did I read the article Charlie?

It's a crok.

Rick Ballard

Why would I bother letting you know anything Charlie? I don't drop in here to peddle the company message and the Hillbuzz dreck, highlighted by "The 1990s are a great example of how Republicans shoot themselves in the foot by knee-jerk name calling and with personal attacks." is not supported by the electoral results achieved in the legislature throughout the decade. Pointing to RW's success in deep blue NY as evidence that Republican tactics failed is pathetically ridiculous as well. Lazio was not an effective candidate and nothing could change that fact.

Don't you have a piece to finish for Roger?

Charlie (Colorado)

Come on, guys, claiming that as a "make nice" article means you either didn't read the goddamn article, have Cleo-like skills of reading comprehension, or have developed a serious case of the same yielding of magical power to the O name that they're talking about MSNBC having.

They're not saying "be nice". They are saying that you can have more effect by decrying the socialism, the prodigious spending, and the corporatist fascism than by personalizing it about Obama when so many people are still under his glamour. Notice that they go on to say several fairly harsh things about Obama under the "Dr Utopia" cognomen.

In other words, it's more important to complain about the government takeover of banks than to speculate whether the shape of Obama's philtrum proves Obama is Frank Davis's bastard son.


There is no good strategy now. Any effective critic will simply be discredited using their open season license to get personal and nasty whenever they want.

The only thing going for our side is Obamanomics won't work. It will take time for that to become apparent. It will take more time for the muddle to see it. It will take some more time for them to admit it.

It does not matter how we say it now, we just have to say it and keep saying it. So when they finally get around to admitting it we won't be "just as much to blame" for staying silent to be nice.

Charlie (Colorado)

I don't drop in here to peddle the company message

Rick, one time claiming those as PJM articles would be an error. Twice, after I pointed out that you were wrong, is a lie.

And if, after all these years, you haven't figured out that I don't peddle anyone's "company message", or have come to believe I say anything other than what I think, you need to get down for an Alzheimer's screening, because you've lost your fucking mind.

As far as the name-calling thing, well, I seem to remember that the Republicans couldn't beat Clinton.


OT, I was deep in the heart of liberaldom this week as I attended my niece's graduation from Goucher College. Commencement speech was by the author of "Reading Lolita in Teheran," Azar Nafisi. You would think that this woman would get it, since she was oppressed by the Iranian Islamic Revolutionaries, but she was born into a liberal family, so she really doesn't get it. She raved about how wonderful it is that we can elect a president whose middle name is Hussein, completely overlooking the fact that Barry's campaign and the fawning press wouldn't let anyone use Barry's middle name until after he was elected. The college also gave an award to former Senator Sarbanes, who authored that anti-business law with Oxley. I don't know how Jonah Goldberg could stand Goucher when he was there.


I'm with Boris..I think it isn't a good idea to fling personal attacks when you don't have to and when your opponent seems to have a Svengali effect on so many.

Cheney should keep banging away at his foreign policy idiocies and the rest of the Republicans should talk about how these domestic plans are not working and cannot work. We ought to also use this as a teachable moment about the meaning of contracts and why govt interference hurts them (Use Indiana teachers pensions) and is drying up capital rapidly--stuff like that. Mostly simple economics and the practical side of federalism .

Don't foget a large number of voters have had their brains sucked out and we have to help tuck them back in.


Heck--we can sound prescient..Remind people that high interest rates on credit card debt is because the people stuck with that are bad credit risks. Forbid the companies to charge that to those people and (a) they will be cut off from this last resot funding and (b0 the rest of us will be paying more for the privilege of using credit cards.

In other words Congress at Ibama's behest is throwing out the baby with the bathwater.

Most people haven't given this a thought except to think the new law goes after those rapacious bastards..

Charlie (Colorado)

There is no good strategy now. Any effective critic will simply be discredited using their open season license to get personal and nasty whenever they want.

Well, as you point out, time wounds all heels. But do you imagine that the personal attacks Olbermann makes convince many people besides the choir to which he preaches? Do you think Rick's personal insults (yes, I took his statement that Buddhists can't be trusted as a personal insult, and yes, I take his assertion that I'm peddling the "company line" as a personal insult, and as far as I'm concerned he should send around his seconds to decide pistols or swords) convince me of the strength of his arguments or the correctness of his approach?

I certainly don't think so.

But, with very rare exceptions, nothing much is going to convince them, is it? However, look at O's approval: the "strongly approve" remains in the 30's. The "strongly disapprove" is in the 30's. That means there are 30+ percent of people who are in the middle.

You want to win an election, you're gonna need to convince at least half of that 30 percent. What do you think is a more likely approach to convince them? The one Reagan used, by showing a positive vision and describing the negatives of the policies he wanted to change? or the one we used against Bill Clinton?

Which one worked last time?


"Cheney should keep banging away ..."

Yes. But ... when the factions of the "coalition" start back biting each other over tone scolding there is going to be some group telling Cheney to shut up. Telling Rush to shut up. Wishing Palin would just go away. Cringing whenever Mark Levin or Ann Coulter goes on a rant.

We are who we are and I do not endorse donning the fluffy bunny costume for foreign or domestic conflict.

Rick Ballard

You'll get over it, Charlie. And you'll still draw a check. Apparently Joe the Plumbeer joined Jeff Goldstein in "going too far" for PJM's owner's exquisite taste.

I suppose it's all a matter of knowing exactly where the line will be drawn and staying well inside of it.


The primary reason Cheney rocks is that he's not running for anything. Man, I wish all politicians would tell it like it is - you agree with me = vote for me, if you don't agree = don't vote for me. Wouldn't that be nice? But, until that time comes (with the unicorns and rainbows)let's fight back..... Big Time!!!!

Elroy Jetson

Levin needs to tone it down a bit and allow his intellect to win the argument over any liberal caller. I was listening when he told a liberal woman that her husband should just go ahead and shoot himself. Not good. He should have offered an apology and didn't. He only diminished himself in the exchange.
The president admitted today that the United States of America has run out of money. Sober and well-thought analysis of what comes next will take some time before some of the true believers have second thoughts. It can happen, though. Without Olbermann-like rants like Levin's the other day.


I'm trying to remember the campaign in which issues were the driving force and that toadies and strap-hangers wouldn't "get into the gutter" and find the dirt on their opponents. Maybe it was 1996 when Bill Clinton and Bob Dole had those brillant debates about entitlement reform and the role of the US in a post-Cold War era? Or maybe it was those brillant Obama-McCain debates about the proper role of the judiciary in the War on Terror?

Wasn't it Obama who told his supporters "to get in their faces" and dutifully sent out his toadies to go after a private citizen because he asked him a difficult question and candidate Obama gave an embarrassing answer? Didn't one of Obama's senior advisors call "a dog" a beauty pageant contestant because she had a political opinion that some of Obama's supporters find unacceptable?

Wake me up when Republicans and the GOP realize that Democrats don't have a politcal disagreement that can be worked out in conference but that Democrats want to eliminate their opposition.


I disagree with those who are battling Cheney. He's doing a magnificent job..But as someone said he's not running for office again. Those who are running for office are being freed up by Cheney to do what I suggested..patiently, firmly and civilly point out the King is in the altogether and we are going to pay for his errors now and for the far future. To ever hope to regain out way of life and world role we must begin undoing what he's done and keep him from continuing on this path.

Good night and bless you all.


Dick forgot we all were murdered violently and sent to hell after they slaughtered our families and lives.

There's no undoing what they've done to themselves, see, Obama's right....'We don't need no water the the motherfer burn, burn motherfer burn....'LUT

Dick's already President and everyone knows he can have for real in 3 years.


That reflects more poorly on Christianity Today than the stupid plumber guy I think. But it was those Pajamas people what were so terribly impressed with stupid plumber guy to begin with. Pajamas Media is a lot the Dan Quayle of internet journalism I think.


Charlie (Colorado) just came over to my site and told me to shut the fuck up.

Which would have bothered me, if Charlie (Colorado) were anyone I gave a shit about.

He isn't. So we're all cool.

But just keep in mind that when he's preaching to you about honesty, he just completely misrepresented my beef with PJM. Who happen to be now subsidizing his fat ass.

Best of luck with that Nutrisystem thing, Chuck. And no hard feelings.

Some people look good in a fedora and some people giggle at them.


it's really more a stark Bourne vision

Quite so. Reading TM's post one might say, "Extreme ways are back again."


Another reason why I admire Stephen F. Hayes:

Openness for Thee, but Not for Me

Minds, hearts, and courage are a very sexy thing!!!

Fresh Air

JeffG, Rick & Charlie--

I have been reading all three of you for over six years now. I must have missed something. Do we have to break out the Rodney King quotes now?


You missed Charlie coming over to my site to tell me to shut the fuck up, and Charlie suggesting here that my beef with PJM was over their not subsidizing me.

The former makes no sense, given that I don't know what I wrote that he objected to (he wasn't specific, other than to let me know that adults like him would take care of speaking for conservatism, and that I need not muddy the waters with my thoughts, which are unwelcome in the finer salons of the right these days); the latter is entirely untrue: in fact, I suspect that my unhappiness with PJM, and my willingness to express it, is the reason why I am no longer being "subsidized" by them.

Charlie is a kept man. Me, I'm an OUTLAW!



Remember that Indonesia is one of the world's most corrupt countries, so Barry probably had some early exposure.


Jim Miller,

Thanks for the Link to Kristol's column.">http://www.weeklystandard.com/Content/Public/Articles/000/000/016/532tzlcn.asp">column. I thought it excellent. Kristol's mention of Obama constantly riffing on and on about his ancestry as he supposedly models himself upon Lincoln reminded me of a favorite Lincoln quote, which illustrates the opposite view Lincoln himself held about such stuff:

"I don't know who my grandfather was; I am much more concerned to know what his grandson will be.
- Abraham Lincoln"



I think you asked the other day for a Senator Ted Steven's update so">http://www.adn.com/news/politics/fbi/story/806449.html">so here's a related story from Todays ADN.

I think I mentioned last week that it was revealed that Steven's now owes over a million dollars in Legal Bills spent in beating the phony rap that destroyed him and bankrupted him. But just to give you a flavor of the ADN story, let me paste a couple quotes from select personnel quoted in the ADN story who seem to believe Ted Stevens ought to wind up owing another million or so in legal bills in the near future.

"Melanie Sloan, executive director of Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington, a liberal-leaning Congressional watchdog group, said the errors in the Stevens case were likely the result of a chronically understaffed and overworked public integrity team, not malicious prosecution...the government lawyers on the Stevens case were obviously ill-prepared, said Sloan,... "

"It's not as though Stevens' prosecutors shouldn't have expected push-back from his legal team led by Brendan Sullivan, one of the nation's top defense lawyers," Sloan said. "Brendan Sullivan is known to cry foul against prosecutors in a heartbeat. They should've been prepared for that," she said. "And it's a super-high-profile case. He's the only senator you've currently got indicted -- how are you not pulling all your staff and letting other things fall by the wayside? How were these choices made? It's incomprehensible. And it does show a lack of oversight."

"Anchorage activist Ray Metcalfe, an anti-corruption campaigner who himself made a run for the U.S. Senate in the Democratic primary last August, is so concerned the government might drop the investigation that he's begun a petition drive. So far, Metcalfe said, he has about 60 signatures on his petition to Holder and FBI director Robert Mueller, and hopes to get 1,000 in support of continuing the investigation."

"Let me put it this way: If these investigations were brought to an end, horrific injustices would be being ignored," he said. If Ted Stevens got his charges thrown out because of prosecutorial misconduct, then change the prosecutors, he said."

Just thought I'd throw those quotes out there as food for thought while we decide whether the best strategy for the Republican Party is to play nice on the Sunday Talk shows, or to adopt some other tactic.


What this is, is candy assed. Which fits Obama to a T.


"I would agree that the Ogabe sycophants are insusceptible to antagonism but they are also impervious to reason."

But completely vulnerable to mockery.Britain began by mocking,now the political classes are in full rout.Make no mistake,you up against a political class which has taken the levers of power,administration,education and information. Party allegiance is irrelevant and subservient to class.


"Melanie Sloan, executive director of Citizens for Responsibility and Attacking Politicians, a liberal-leaning Congressional watchdog group".

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