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May 21, 2009



I go with "ultimate longshot" for $500 , Alex.


They are just misunderstood. They wouldn't have really done anything if the informant hadn't egged them on. Wait for it.


Was profiling involved?

Jack is Back!

Tsk,tsk - taking advantage of a person's religion. You can't trust even the cops anymore.


Remember we mustn't harass or even check on any Muslim at the airport, the subway or in a mosque. She said ironically.That's the current PC dogma.


--Per Commissioner Kelly they were "disturbed about what was happening in Afghanistan and Pakistan".--

Yeah, but these are the good kind of terrorists because now it's Barry manufacturing them out of innocent immigrant goat-herders through his arrogance, war mongering and imperialism.


He bowed to the Saudi King and is busy trying to screw Israel what more do they want? And wasn't there just a poll out showing how much more the Islamic world loves us now that BO is Prez?


The body language expert on OReilly last night reviewed Obama and Bibi"s press op and discerned that these two really don't like each other. She claimed Obama would not make eye contact with Bibi during the presser.

georg felis

My honest opinion of these amoral thugs is they fall under the Weatherman/McVey mold, young, dumb and angry at (fill in blank here) with a desire to cause violence, and not caring that they would be killing people. The good news is they were caught before they had a chance to fill up a Ryder truck/blow up their own apartment building making bombs. The bad news is in ten-twenty years, they will be teaching in a campus position, giving advice to the next president….

As an American, I’m just glad we turn out such good Engineers, and such lousy Terrorists, instead of the other way around.

Thomas Collins

I doubt that Police Commissioner Kelly would acknowledge at this point that the arrestees were part of a larger plot, even if there is evidence of such a plot. I just hope that whatever interrogation techniques are needed to get all the information out of these arrestees are used.


"JAVIER C. HERNANDEZ and SEWELL CHAN".The kind of names you find in any Middle East telephone directory.


That one engineer educated in NorthCarolina,
KSM, directed the deaths of 3,000Americans,
so we can't take those type of odds. Thanks to the interrogation of Abu Zubeydah, which certain parties have compromised, the patterns of death didn't spread to L.A. and other locations. The work of DenBeaux, the blue chip law firm public relations effort
and other efforts, by the Times and the Post have made this possibility all the more unlikely in the future.


Won't it be fun when the hard cases are transferred from Guantanamo to the US prison system.Then you might get some professionalism.

Obama might have unclenched his hand,but has he unclenched his buttocks?


PUK, You are cracking me up....


According to Kelly, these guys want to commit jihad because of what is happening in Afganistan and Pakistan; muslims dying.

Oh my!!


Anybody surprised that Maureen Dowd's crib sheet think this is all a frame up


Well, narciso, Josh Marshall mentions undercover agents. I'm pretty sure the dems have established those people are all liars....

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