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May 22, 2009



Wish I'd said this:"And there Obama stands, bravely holding his flanks against straw men on all sides."


I think Allahpundit meant "unless *not* doing so would make things too difficult for The One." But his point is taken.

This was the most BS speech I have ever heard Obama give and that was saying something. Meanwhile, the usual suspects love it because Obama gave it, and hate Cheney's because it came from Cheney.

Kevin Frei

The first thing to note in the President’s much heralded national security speech is that he completely failed to detail his “Plan” to deal with Gitmo’s unlawful combatants. There was and currently is NO PLAN. Most people would assume that at least some thought would have been given by the President’s advisors to constructions of such a plan, as it a centerpiece of his election campaign AND also the subject of one of President Obama’s first Executive Orders. The President in his haste to deliver on his campaign promise the close Gitmo forgot the key rule of politics: do not get the cart before the horse. Policy outcomes (closing Gitmo) should be the result of reasoned and deliberate plans (this is how we close it and what we are doing with the detainees). This fundamental failure his resulted in his administration’s rebuke by the Democratic House and Senate. My personal choices for the site(s) of these projected facilities are Chicago, San Francisco, and Las Vegas—I am sure most readers will be astute enough to figure out the political significance of those particular cities. Where are the outlines of “The Plan?” He did NOT tell us where they will be moved. He did NOT tell us the classification system to determine how they will be assigned to his undefined legal system. To what extent will the detainees be accorded due process rights? How will the facilities used be secured from attack? None of the basic steps in implementing his desired policy outcome have been decided upon.

The second thing to note (and more troubling to me) is that our President seems to be historically illiterate. He actually said in a prepared speech that the existence of Gitmo makes it, “ more likely that Americans will be mistreated if they are captured.” Does anything strike you as strange about that assertion? Perhaps, it is the fact that our current enemies (the Islamo-Fascists) are butchers. There is no other word to describe their treatment of those souls that fall into their hands. Consider the weapons that are the hallmark of our enemies: IEDs and blades. Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs), hundreds and hundreds of IEDs, ranging from car bombs to homicide bombers to roadside bombs have been and are being used by our enemies. High explosives are indiscriminate killers. Indeed, tens of thousands of Iraqis have been and are being traumatized, wounded, and killed by their fellow Muslims (vastly more than the results of US military action). Blades are yet another weapon of choice for our enemies, but not for combat. They employ blades for the torture and murder of their prisoners. This is why (unlike wars of the recent past) the Pentagon does not have a listing for Prisoners of War held by the Islamo-Fascists. They not only behead their prisoners as a matter of policy, but broadcast the grisly spectacle as their own recruitment tool. Mr. President it is not the existence of Gitmo, which causes this barbaric behavior, it is merely the nature of the enemy that we face. Perhaps, in the postmodern world we live in our enemies will always be butchers, consider our major conflicts of the past and current century: WW2 (the Nazi and Japanese), Korean War (PRC and NK), Vietnam (NVA and VC), the Balkans (Milošević), The Gulf Wars (Sadam), and our current war against Islamo-Fascism.

~Kevin Frei
Houston, Texas


He told the Naval Academy grads that upholding our values will shield us from terror. The man is sounding more and more like Jimmy Carter every day.

I think I would prefer a Bn of Marines and close air support.


Speaking of straw men, here's Obama in his address to the Naval Acadamy grads:

I will only send you into harm's way when it is absolutely necessary, and with the strategy, the well-defined goals, the equipment and the support that you need to get the job done.
Thereby insinuating that there are those who would do otherwise. Of course a lot depends on what is considered "necessary."


Obama just stood up a busload of kindergartners at the White House for the Pittsburgh Steelers. This one's gonna have legs. Once some of the players find out, even they will start beefing the president.

This is the most tone deaf White House in the history of the Republic. morons.


And the "Bush's fault" will really hit its stride once everybody figures out 0bama has lead us down a road of ruin. It will be at that point that Bush made such a mess and 0bama didn't get there soon enough to save it. The Bush blame will never go away, it will be used conveniently throughout the Administration to keep the sunlight off of their own destructive initiatives.

Mike Huggins

Toby Harndon of the Daily Telegraph has another great Blog post about Joe Biden letting slip just how clueless the O's guys are about Gitmo:
“Out of the loop” Joe Biden says decision to shut Guantanamo was “like opening Pandora’s Box”

Read it and weep.

Mike Huggins

Sorry, Tony. "Harnden"

Mike Huggins

Yeesh - must get medication right.
Sorry, "Toby" "Harnden"


Isn't that wonderful? Smooches, Toby--


Toby had some good stuff on the Gordon Brown debacle IIRC. He is not a Zero fan.


"The Bush blame will never go away, it will be used conveniently throughout the Administration to keep the sunlight off of their own destructive initiatives."

The creatures of Obamadom are already beating this drum on the blogs. It looks like they know they have a turkey and are getting insurance for his failures.
Heartening really,shows there isn't much confidence in Obama.


From the Toby Harnden link.

"There's a bit of a hysteria about, well, my God, these guys are so dangerous. Go to some maximum security cells if you want to know some dangerous people. Matter of fact, it might be an awakening to them."

Hasn't Joe heard of Habeus Corpus? What are you going to charge them with?

BTW Obama is going to Vegas to support Reid who is tanking.


And there Obama stands, bravely holding his flanks against straw men on all sides.

I promise to make no jokes about any Obama's flanks.


Technically, Mike, I first linked the Harnden comments on Biden, his was the crew that rose at the Telegraph after Fitz sacked
Conrad Black. He seems kind of a 'wet Tory'
and there is a touch of an irony as he spread every rumor on the other ticket's running mate; but the bloom seems to be slowly off the rose.

In the LUN, 'helpful' tips from Alcee Hastings, the once impeached judge and congressional candidate, who would have been the chair of the House Intelligence Committee.

Patrick R. Sullivan

Read Jay Cost:

Tom Maguire pwns this claim:

'Obama characterizes the national debate as having divided us into two poles - the left believes that almost no national security issue takes precedence over transparency and the right has a view that can be summed as "Anything Goes".

Really? "Anything goes"? Did he actually read the OLC enhanced interrogation memos, which made it clear that lots of things wouldn't go?'



Obamius at the Bridge (apologies to Thomas Babington Macaulay)

Barack Obama of Hyde Park
By the "Prog" Gods he swore
That the great house of FDR
Should suffer wrong no more.
By the "Prog" Gods he swore it,
And named a trysting day,
And bade his Obamatons ride forth,
East and west and south and north,
To summon his array.


East and west and south and north
The Obamatons ride fast,
And tower and town and cottage
Have heard the trumpet’s blast.
Shame on the false Progressive
Who lingers in his home,
When Cheney of Wyoming
Is on the march for "Rome."

I started it...you finish it! ;)


Patrick, the name of that article is "Obama Needs a New Speechwriter."

YES YES A thousand times YES. BOTH Obamas need new speechwriters.

Historians will not be kind with the self-preoccupation screaming out from the speeches of the current POTUS and FLOTUS.

And congratulations, TM, for the kudos from Jay Cost.


Perhaps we should move some of the Islamoterrorists to San Quentin or Joliet and they can experience American hospitality with a 6'3" transvestite who calls them "honey".


Well, there are two bloggers I highly respect--TM and Jay Cost and I'm glad to see Jay agrees with me on TM.

Of course, suggesting O is conflicted and talking out of both sides of his mouth is kinda like shooting sharks in a small barrel, but never let it be said that I deprived TM of his moment in the sun..("You know my problem is I'm too good," as my dear late mother- in- law used to say of herself.)


MarkJ: I like it!

Matt: I like your idea too!

Oh, Lord, I have that most odious of afflictions - ODS - a very serious case of it!

(oh, and kudos the JOMer who named it odious ODS - sorry, can't remember which of our geniuses it was :()


Cost believes someone is engaged in "haughty, hypocritical moralizing" and "shopworn sermonizing."


PaulL beat me to it! The Jay Cost phrase "shopworn sermonizing" pretty much sums it up for me.

After his "get everyone's attention, even the opposition" speech at the 2004 convention, he has never ever uttered anything new. Only "shopworn" clap trap. But, then he sat in a church for 20 years, with a Pastor that spewed "shopworn" harangues of hate and lameness.

Lame. Obama is lame. Without the media, he would have crashed and burned long ago. That is why, severely afflicted with ODS as I am, I can only look to the real evil that has thrust this phony upon our once great nation - the equally lame, liberal media.


"Let me be blunt there are no easy or neat answers here."

Yep. If just one terrorist that you release is involved in a man-made disaster, your career is over.

Looks like there's no way around that little predicament. Sorry.

And in the bigger picture: If there is an Islamist-made disaster in the US while you are President, your career is over.

Danube of Thought

There was a bit more of it today--while signing the credit card nonsense, he admonished us all that consumers must behave more responsibly.

On Tuesday the voters in CA gave him a hint about who needs to behave more responsibly, but he hasn't got it yet.


The Left and thenotorious MSNBS are scrambling today because their boy took a wupping at the hands of Dick Cheney. Lawrence O'Donnell is fairly apoplectic on Hardball because O bama failed to be a closer or provide any solutions and managed to elevate Cheney's status in the process. A win -win for Cheney.

Dave Christensen

Keep America Safe
Keep Gitmo Open
Close the White House

Terry Gain

Obama doesn't want the debate to begin.

Obama’s Defense Secretary calls Gitmo a state of the art facility that must be closed because of the taint. These prisoners are going to be moved from this facility, where they enjoy wonderful weather and a diet better than 99% of the world’s population, into a brutal maximum security prison within the United States where they will be cut off from daylight and fed slop.

They believe this public relations problem ( which they created and which could be solved with a comptetent explanation as to who is at Gitmo and why) will go poof once the prisoners are out of sight.

In fact the taint will get worse when the “human rights” groups report on the brutal conditions in maximum security prisons.

Within two years Obama’s treatment of these prisoners will be compared unfavorably with the treatment afforded them by Bush

Jim Ryan

But you know what we're saying with our Gitmo and waterboarding? That when psychopathic murdering Americans go abroad and blow up markets, fight from churches in irregular garb, and cut people's heads off, go ahead and shove water up their noses for a few minutes. That's what we're telling the world! Or go ahead and put them in prison. Who can be comfortable with that? I can't sleep nights worrying about it.

Melinda Romanoff

"psychopathic murdering Americans"

Could you define this for me, I'm not too bright.


Jim, very good!


One problem that the President or any of his media cheerleaders hasn't addressed is the recruitment tool they are handing the terrorists. Once ensconced in any of our penitentaries, the Gitmo prisoners will soon be turning our own criminals into Muslims eager to spread savagery and brutality across our homeland.


Oh, Lord, I have that most odious of afflictions - ODS - a very serious case of it!

Me too, centralcal. Me too.

Melinda Romanoff

dinner. Fool's Chicken.

Terry Gain

ODS. I was the first to confess to this enlightenment.


Last night on the 3 am Mike Galligher show guest Oliver North said that not only was he Waterboarded during SERE Training back in 1965, he later became a SERE School Instructor and personally Waterboarded hundred's of US military flyers himself. Cool. I did not know that, but if that was you Colonel North pouring water up my nose 30 years back, thanks:) Wonder why no reporter intent on finding out about Waterboarding ever asked him about the specifics of the procedure?


Dennis Miller had a fun segment today suggesting that we get some of the baddest ass inmates from Maximum Security prisons in the US, and ship them to Gitmo for a couple weeks worth of cellmate sharing time. Then in a month or so say we're closing Gitmo and you're off to American prison-cells with your new best buddies. He joked they'd be gripping on to the hallal kitchen table-legs begging to stay in Gitmo as our troops tried to drag them onto the transport planes.


If you afford non-uniformed combatants--i.e. terrorists--the full protections extended by the Geneva Covention to uniformed soldiers, and/or the full constitutional rights of accused criminals under U.S. law, you do not in any way make the world safer for U.S. soldiers. You simply remove any incentive for barbarians to conform to the norms of the civilized. While it seems doubtful that the anticipation of humane treatment by their captors is something that plays a significant role in the decision of a terrorist to adopt terrorist tactics, it is no more dubious than the proposition that a terrorist will treat a captured soldier humanely under any circumstances. Treat an enemy soldier as a soldier; treat a terrorist as a terrorist. Why is this so hard to understand?

Melinda Romanoff


I don't get to see his stuff enough. Thanks.

I asked elsewhere (and why are you up so early?) are you still going "ballistic" at work?

Just curious.


OT saw the new Camaro today. What an ugly piece of crap. I won't be buying a new car any time soon, but if someone gave me a new Camaro, I would put it on e bay immediately.

Terry Gain

Treat an enemy soldier as a soldier; treat a terrorist as a terrorist. Why is this so hard to understand?

Easy for you to say. Unless you're a leftist


“who think that America’s safety and success require us to walk away from the sacred principles enshrined in this building.”

Those sacred principles he refers to were enshrined for us...Americans. Not prisoners of a war but American citizens only. I realize the court has ruled otherwise but the court was wrong!

The preamble to that sacred document begins, "We the people of the United States" Not..."We the people of the whole freakin world no matter where your from or what your intentions are"

He uses our constitutional guarantees to protect our enemy...Our president gives aid to our enemy!


"Perhaps we should move some of the Islamoterrorists to San Quentin or Joliet and they can experience American hospitality with a 6'3" transvestite who calls them "honey".

You some kind of liberal? They would be lining up to go.



Since Obama's had a bad week, anyone want to bet which Conservative pundit is first on board this weekend to try to bail him out? Let's examine the field.

Sully and Gergen are good bets, probably 2-1 odds, but that's not saying much as either is as predictable as 2 chunks going down the toilet. Off the top I'd give the edge to the lugubrious Gergen, as I believe from his location he is closer to the Equator this weekend than Sully, and the Coriolis Effect swirls left in the Southern Hemisphere, thereby giving him a slight rotational edge.

Brook's of the Times I'd put at 4-1. He's had his head up O's rectum plenty lately, so observant players of the field might imagine now would be his time to waffle back towards a Conservative viewpoint for a breather. But because Obama has truly come off as a maroon since yesterday, especially with dissing the schoolkids and Biden nattering on about Obama's tone-deaf version of "Can't Gitmo-Satisfaction", it's exactly in such straits, with a big Patriotic Holiday weekend coming up, that Flag-draped, pseudo-Conservative Brown-Nosing really pays big dividends. So for those reasons, I think Brooks will be the premier "go-to" Round Table arse-kisser this weekend. 4-1 currently, yet trending 3-1. Get your bets in quick.

Noonan and Frum are longer shots, 7-1 and 9-1 in my view, but fan's of the Pegster can still hope. Frum's prediction that Bristol Palin will be left alone by the media for 3 years has proved exceptionally stupid, so fear of further embarrassment might encourage him to run a lackluster race, though it ought to be mentioned that plenty of money has been blown previously by betting on Frum's intellgence.

Bill Kristol seems to have had a massive dose of common sense of late, so he's a 20-1 long shot, but stranger things have happened.

And then of course we could always give a guest column in the Times or WaPo to Republican stalwart Colin Powell, or better yet, John McCain, at 3-1 odds, though I am uncertain if God's gift to Maverick's qualifies as a legitimate entry in The Conservative Punditry Butt-licking Races. And brave Dick Armitage's penchant to only appear on Al Jazirah TV I believes disqualifies him. Judges, can I have a ruling?

And they're off....!!!


Daddy, that is a great idea. Some really nasty Aryan nation types with no front teeth, covered in jailhouse tatoos and with biceps like tree trunks would be my choice.

Al Qaeda b***hes.

Do you suppose we have 250 of those floating around the federal prison system?


If only Gergen and/or Sully stand up for O this weekend, you can tell the earth has shifted under his feet. And I think it has.


"Can't Gitmo-Satisfaction"

Awesome, daddy.


Sullivan is two obvious a choice, Gergen is slightly less toxic, but that's not saying much. Brooks already wrote the column, stigmatizing waterboarding, basing it on the IG report. Frum turned into a solid squish around the time of the Vanity Fair interview, and his wife already works for the Huffington Post, so it's neck and neck. McCain brings up the rear with not only torture but Spanish inquisition torture, he's hopeless. Peg is talking up Audie Murphy, so there might be some degree of sanity, but not much. In the LUN, members of the GOP are lending the Huffington Post, legitimacy, including Cantor's press secretary. What's next after epic fail.



Voting in Mumbai...
Did their candidate lose?
(click to enlarge)



Voting in Mumbai.
Did their candidate lose?
(click to enlarge)


Apologies for the double post.


Has there been a president who has bad mouthed a previous president like obama has?

I have never seen a president do it.

He is not a leader. Hell I have not seen leaders in the private sector do it


He threw his own grandma under the bus, why shouldn't he denigrate his predecessor?


"My personal choices for the site(s) of these projected facilities are Chicago, San Francisco, and Las Vegas"

"Perhaps we should move some of the Islamoterrorists to San Quentin or Joliet"

I say, Lincoln Bedroom.

Captain Hate

Hell I have not seen leaders in the private sector do it

Leaders in the private sector don't do it, even the sharks are smart enough not to do it. Obumbler isn't a leader nor is he smart.

hit and run

"Can't Gitmo-Satisfaction"

Far be it from me to disagree with Elliott. That is awesome...


Meanwhile back in reality:

Tom Ridge says Cheney is full of shit and they love Obama at the Naval Academy graduation.

Including fistbumps!


"Tom Ridge says Cheney is full of"

Thus proving the opposite.

"and they love Obama at the Naval Academy graduation."

They're young yet. There's still time.


daddy, That is really clever!

"Can't Gitmo-Satisfaction" , you have to send that to RUSH.

Tom Ridge told us to go buy duct tape and plastic.

hit and run

Ridge also expressed disappointment in President Obama's characterization of the Bush administration.

Including fistbumps!


We'll take the lobbyist for Albania's word under advisement. It does beg the question, what were the sources for homeland securiyu
,in the dozen alerts, in the period where Ridge held the office. So when Obama called the surge, a failure even if it succeeded,
because it would validate Bush's judgement
and said we were 'airraiding innocent villagers' in Pakistan, that was just campaign rhetoric.


"Can't Gitmo-Satisfaction"

Yeah, I'm actually pretty proud of that one, and did it while completely sober:) Was thinking about Obama's bad "Gitmo mojo", or "Gitmojo", and it popped into my head. Don't know how to e-mail Rush, but that would be fun to hear from his music guy. If anyone knows how to pass it on please feel free.

Melinda R,

I can't even remember what I was going ballistic over at work so thankfully it must not have been much. And I think last night's slumber party and associated noise from 6 of my daughters favorite 12 year old girlfriends, fresh off their last day of school, is probably what had me up at odd hours today.



You Sir, sound like a great handicapper! I think we need a JOM day at the track.


And as for Obama at the Naval Academy:

I have no idea if the Cadet's were spontaneously cheering or were ordered to cheer or were just cheering gleefully at finally having graduated after 4 years of a very demanding Naval Academy experience. I suspect the latter, but so far I can't find any decent stories or videos of the thing, so until I do I will dismiss hearsay and reserve judgement.

I was not an Academy Grad, but I do know that applying and getting selected to the Academy is a long process, and in general it takes a certain type of career oriented, far-sighted individual that you won't generally bump into at your average Liberal Arts School. Each of those Cadets will also have been individuals who elected to attend the Academy during a time of warfare and under the Administration of President Bush. It is my view that individuals do not generally devote themselves to a rigorous 4 year regimen of education at the US Military Academies, which will entail a years long post graduation Military Commitment, when they dislike or disagree with both The Commander in Chief and the Wars he has currently involved the Nation in during their entire period of applying, acceptance and education. That may seem sensible to our News Media, as none of them ever served in the military, and they seem to be able, at a moments notice, to conveniently forget that the wartime draft during VietNam was not universally popular among American kids of college age, but oh well.

All that being said, I will therefore take with large grains of salt reports that the Cadets were all loving Obama's speech, especially if the speech involved dissing of the ongoing war and the actions of the previous Administration. It reminds me somewhat of MSM written stories on airline crashes; guaranteed to be wrong, wrong, and wrong on 90 percent of their factual info at first report. And since Obama was strongly protested against and sharply heckled at last weeks Notre Dame Graduation Ceremonies, where the students were relatively free to holler out any negative opinions, how the heck could Cadets, who are not free to holler out any negative opinions at The Commander In Chief, be reported as ravingly enthusiastic for the guy who snidely just dissed the Former Commander In Chief and his War effort that has kept this Nation safe for the previous 7 and 1/2 years?

I certainly do not know myself, but probably any observed exuberance was natural human glee at having finally graduated from 4 Years at The Naval Academy. Any News Media present may have imagined they were witnessing spontaneous eruptions of glee from the Cadets at hearing snide remarks about Bush, but thats because thats what our News Media members feel at the time they hear it; tingles up the leg etc. But when they try to tell me that thats what sent the Graduating Cadets into spontaneous gleeful eruptions of hat tossing well, consider the source.


But when they try to tell me that thats what sent the Graduating Cadets into spontaneous gleeful eruptions of hat tossing well, consider the source.

Yes, I still remember the incident, and maybe there are more like this, where the AP reported that a pro-Bush crowd had booed when Bush wished ex-president Clinton well following Clinton's heart surgery. Then video surfaced to prove that report totally false.

Still, your first instinct is probably right--graduates will cheer just about anything in the heat of the moment.

Melinda Romanoff


aeronautically ballistic, as in 41,000 elevation.

That's what I was curious about.

No biggie, but have your ears stopped ringing yet?

Bill in AZ

I was lucky enough to be able to attend the Air Force Academy graduation last year when President Bush gave the commencement. Now THERE was genuine, spontaneous, loud applause, fist bumps, chest bumps, pecks on the cheek, even though the graduates were instructed in no uncertain terms that there would be none of that. Compare that to the tepid, polite response Chairman Zero received. Oh, wait, you can't, because the media suppressed both for the normal bias reasons.


Obama isn't above it all; he's not there. He knows he's killing Koreans and whoever else and Dick is the only one left who will say we're still a country and you can do treaties and shit.

Obama just wanted the job, cash and unlimited crack usage. He's just going to sit there and snort it until his four years are up.

Nancy, if you still feel guilty over the Plame cult torturer thing; most people haven't tried the whip thing and no one's like real busy or anything......

Obama's informant dad was game.


I love the t-shirt from Mumbai: "ALL POWER TO nobody else but THE PEOPLE." redundancy in the pursuit of liberty is no vice?



I hate 41,000. That's nose bleed territory. And any higher and one of us has to wear an Oxygen Mask 100 percent of the time. If I was screaming about being filed at extra high altitudes then that makes sense. I'm a fan of 35,000 and below, the lower the better. Less radiation, easier on the aircrafts pressurization systems, and from my personally experience as a former distance runner, way easier on the body. If I used to do a California to Virginia crossing and back at 29,000 or so, I found I had much better wind and legs the next day for a good run, whereas if I was doing the same run at 37,000 and up, I had much less endurance. I'm sure it has to do with pressure altitudes of @3,000 in the first instance as opposed to @6,000 in the other. But now that my knees and lower back are shot I don't notice it near as much, yet I still take offense when they try to save miniscule amounts of gas by filing us at nosebleed territory rather than at more user friendly altitudes. Anyhow, I've got a couple weeks off so I'll see if I can slowly pull the body and body clock back toward Western Hemisphere circadian rhythms.

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