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May 22, 2009



I saw that..What do you suppose that's all about? Does Ogilvie Mather see a resurgence in patriotism? Or did a grownup look at that carp?

Rick Ballard

happyfeet made a very pertinent comment re this matter at Protein Wisdom:

It’s interesting to look at a partial list of these Ogilvy people’s clients what are in America what have products someone could choose to either buy or not buy if they didn’t want to buy them.

Allstate, American Express, Brown Shoe, Cisco Systems, Gillette, Kraft Foods, Lenovo Group, Mattel, Nestle, Six Flags, Sony Playstation, Starwood, TD Ameritrade, Unilever (Dove, Hellmann’s, Ponds, Q Tips, Ragu, Slim-Fast, Suave, Wish-Bone), Yahoo!

I think I'll email customer relations at a few of those clients with a short message and a link. I wonder why they do business with anti-American scum?



Can we advertise the tea party manifesto, or are we waiting for something? (Or did I miss it, which is more likely)

Charlie (Colorado)

Clarice, I just read the followups at Red State. It appears that the ads were produced "prospectively" — ie, without a contract or History Channel's approval — in Johannesburg, and "somehow" submitted to the CLIOs, and "somehow" won award even though, as they had never been aired, they didn't qualify for submittal. The HC is sending out cease&desist orders all over, and I'd bet the CLIO folks were first on the list.

Rick Ballard


Are you referring to the points which you highlighted from the Contract With America as a manifesto? I can pop a quick post to that effect and provide a link.


Speaking of Rewriting history, for reasons passing understanding, I was at the local library, and I was glancing through David Sanger's The Inheritance, which was a
subject of a thread, sometimes back. Well the part that wasn't covered rather extensively in the NIE; was the extent of the development of the Iranian nuclear program, the role of their AQ Khan, a fellow named Fakrizadeh, and Project 111. One wonder why that was left out of the news accounts; three guesses and the first two don't count. I guess one shouldn't be surprised by anything nowadays


Ogilvy & Mather seems to admit that they were created within one of their shops, but said they were never commercially produced which should have disqualified them from CLIO submission.

Clearly somebody at Ogilvy & Mather suckered the CLIO folks and I'd say both were willing participants.


I bet that nobody at Ogilvy & Mather or CLIO gets "fired" over this clearly successful attempt to sucker the CLIO folks into awarding an unqualified submission.


CLIO should impose a sanction on O & M and O& M should take disciplinary action against those who tricked CLIO.


I've never seen these ads, but I believe that I've detected a leftward shift in their programming of late: several anti-Christian shows, repeated attempts to work Islam as a positive force in the world alongside Judeo-Christian traditions, as well as some junk science spots promoting global warming. This ad controversy appears to be more of the same by the people that run this channel.


O.K. he was mentioned is some places, including RBO in January, but with nowhere the level of import assigned to say Rush Limbaugh or Dick Cheney, you know the 'real enemy'


You may be right trent but I don't tink the Channel was involved in this.



Jack is Back!

I would have expected this from Discovery channel since it is a NYT subsidiary. I always thought History channel was pretty legit and fair with their assessments and subject matter documentation. Even MTV wouldn't stoop this low.


You know what makes this doubly upsetting, is that the founder, worked in British Intelligence during WW2, no way would he have approved of this travesty. In the LUN, a saying of his, which sums up much of what
we're dealing with today:


the leftist cockroaches are coming out into the sunlight now.



White House officials deny that they felt any pressure from Cheney’s prior attacks to give a speech like the one he delivered on Thursday, but they did concede that Obama’s stance has been distorted in the debate over terrorism.

Congressional Democrats, however, tell a different story. Aides to top Senate and House Democrats say congressional leaders dragged the White House into delivering a speech Obama was reluctant to give, pleading directly with White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel. They warned of the revolt that finally materialized Wednesday when a solid Democratic majority in the Senate was stampeded into a landslide 90-6 vote against the president on funding the closure of Gitmo.

O my goodness...trouble in paradise.

Internal polling must suck all around.



To Clio:

I have read about how you were scammed with the Anti-American Ogilvy pseudo-ads.

Accuracy is paramount if future advertising is to retain credibility. Please make a powerful statement on the front page of your website opposing propaganda as advertising.

One shred of truth is not enough; great truths are not enough. Providing an accurate map of the world around us is the purpose of rhetoric and the foundation for society. Anything else is uncivil.


Sorry for previous post. Wrong thread. I've moved to the "National Security" thread.


Are you referring to the points which you highlighted from the Contract With America as a manifesto? I can pop a quick post to that effect and provide a link.

I don't think everyone knows that we now have a place to talk about the tea party manifesto - at Flares (lun) and I wanted to let them know.


Jane, We need to get more people over there. How can we do it?

Since this thread is titled "Rewriting History", I thought I should mention that ne does not have to worry about them rewriting history in Ill. Since Gov. Blago was forced out over campaign contributions, Gov. Quinn has taken up the challenge.

"But representatives from two trade associations told The Associated Press that Quinn's campaign contacted them offering "face time." In one case, political director Holly Copeland acknowledged the need for political contributions but did not mention a specific amount. In another, she said the campaign's "goal" for the meeting was $15,000."


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