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May 07, 2009



The torturing swine....


Poor Kiefer, like so many "celebs" who have everything in the world they could possibly want, has had a struggle with the booze and drugs deamons for years.

Fame? Keep it.


Messenger bag messenger bag messenger bag--NOT HANDBAG!


Wasn' the designer shopping for a new nose anyway? Now Jack's insurance company can pay. It's a total win/win.

That messenger bag looks like what my son uses for school. hmmm


Who head butts?

Tom Maguire

messenger bag--NOT HANDBAG!

TOTAL handbag. And it goes well with his Capri pants...

Strawman Cometh

Too bad Jack wasn't on the scene when Scarlett Johansson was groped on the red carpet by a card carrying queer. lun


Is it just me, or is Keifer trying to work his way out of his contract, by getting arrested


Garafalo broke him, narciso.


Totally over the top giving a woofter a Liverpool kiss, a slapped wrist would have sufficed.

Thomas Collins

Brings back fond memories of the late, great professional wrestler Bobo Brazil, whose signature move was a head butt called the Coco Butt. See LUN.


Speaking of butt heads, get a load of the "120% dedicated to everything she does" FLOTUS. LUN

She needs to get a better speechwriter.


Well--here's the deal:

McCollough was trying to make some moves on Sutherland and was trying to get Brooke Shields out of the way.

Yeah--that's it.


Brooke Shields denies McCollough did anything to her. She says they are friends, he often designs clothes for her, and she has no idea why Sutherland came to her "rescue".

Between this and Tom Cruise's decision to use her as his anti-psychiatry punching bad, she must wonder how her karma got so off kilter.


we need to head butt the left more often.


Tom--It's a "functional, nonchalant bag" like this one:
"The latest and most exciting bag off the Hermes Fall runway is the Jypsière bag (aka the Birkin messenger) designed by Jean Paul Gaultier. He was seen wearing the androgynous shoulder bag down the runway following his Fall ‘08 show for Hermes.

The bag is fashioned after a hunting satchel in which Gaultier describes as “a functional, nonchalant bag slung across the shoulder, combined with the iconic details of the Hermes bags”.


punching bad

oh my... lil freudian slip, Maybee? But why? I've stopped sneaking around with Tapper....



"Brooke Shields denies McCollough did anything to her. She says they are friends, he often designs clothes for her, and she has no idea why Sutherland came to her "rescue".

Hmmm - designs clothes for her (see LUN) - like this?

Hmmm - has no idea why Sutherland came to her rescue (see LUN) - from this?


Oh, and Maybee - I think more than her "karma" is "off kilter." Maybe she needs a new full length mirror?

Soylent Red

Head butt is a total over-representation.

Jack Bauer did all that damage by brushing his fatty earlobe against the ponce.Lightly

hit and run

Speaking of wild and crazy bar fights...hey, Soylent, it's . . . May.


That hat is the problem. Eesh.

ha ha ha ha ha, bad.


Hi, HIT!!

Soylent Red

Yeah yeah hit... I know.

They have me out on the road quite a bit here, doing good things for the Army. A week at a time out hither and yon. And here I thought I would learn winemaking.

I am hoping for the last week in May to get down to Fayette-nam. Sooner rather than later I'll get up to DC. Definitely planning on doing that for Independence Day.

Here I build you guys all up and then don't produce. I'm such a tease.


yeth you are,you naughty naughty boy..(We have a giant fiesta at chez Feldman on the 4th--if you plan on coming let me know and we'll set a place for you.)

JM Hanes


LOL! Did you check out the fashion fright night blog that photo came from? You'd think there would be no shortage of mirrors in the circuit circle.

hit & soylent in the same thread! Good times!

Soylent Red


Deal me in. Invite lots of good looking salsa partners for me.


JMH: I most certainly did check out gofugyourself - so much to laugh about! - so many to laugh at!

Now I know where to go when I need a good healthy laugh.

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