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May 21, 2009



I heard NYT reporter "ANDREW" on NPR a few days ago promoting his shameless book. He kept calling wife, and serial bankruptist "Patty" "The love of my life."

Andy and Patty are SO symptomatic of what's wrong with the left elite. Andy had not a care for the future of the kids he had with the previous wife, married the new kitty cat and bought an over $500,000 house that he KNEW he could not afford, and blamed the BANK for lending him the money. And now he's written a sob sister book about it.

The REAL problem with this country? Fifty Two percent of the American people are now Andys and Pattys, and they all voted for the socialist "wealth redistributor" in chief who has promised to pay their mortgages and credit card debt with OUR money.

I hate them soooo much.

BB Key

The best line in former VP Richard B. Cheyney 's speech today was his calling out of the New Yoek Times.


I hope Tim Geithner makes Andrew and his equally brilliant wife pay income tax on the value of the free advertising and promotion the book is recieving from the Times.

For the children...


I know a similar couple here in California. He runs a high end car dealership and she stays home. They are on their 2nd BK in 7 years.

All the while, they were maxing out credit cards and bills, with no intention of paying off their debt. It was their conscious decision to rip off the system.I believe in karma, so we'll see.

Rick Ballard

Brava for McArdle. She actually did some excellent investigative work and turned out a very good Joe Friday piece. I hope she continues in this vein.

Thank God the Senate acted to save all the poor Andrew's and Patty's yesterday. Every deadbeat in America should be breathing easier, knowing that the President and his entire party are willing to play Robbing Hood so that deadbeats from sea to sea they might evade the consequences of their decisions.

It's a shame that Andrew and Patty couldn't have waited just a few months longer for Ogabe to ride up on his trusty unicorn and save the day.


Rick, it's the ONLY decent bit of reporting I've seen out of the Atlantic in a while.

Rick Ballard


I only read the piece because it's the subject. Both the Atlantic and McArdle aren't even on my D list. It was a pleasant surprise to find actual facts knitted into a coherent and reasonably objective piece.

Andrew and Patty deserve each other and the Times is a very fitting place for a deadbeat such as Andrew to be found ("work" just wouldn't fit). If either Andrew or Patty bothered to register to vote and then did so, I'm pretty sure that we know for whom they voted - Robbing Hood on his unicorn could be their only choice.

Fresh Air

McCardle isn't so bad. She has somewhat of a clue about behavioral economics and financial incentives. But the Atlantic is dead to me, too. I will go to prominent links to McCardle, but that's it. I don't stay to browse the left wing turds floating in the bowl over there.

hit and run

Anyone else see a small but noticeable parallel between typepad and Obama.

Fcuk things up so much that when even the most basic forms of competency reveal themselves, the people are grateful.

hey look complex basic html commands work again!

  • http://ecx.images-amazon.com/images/I/51YWDY4D79L._SL500_AA240_.jpg>Yay!

  • ::sigh::

    Danube of Thought

    Great news: "NEW YORK - Standard & Poor's on Thursday cut its rating on the New York Times Co (NYT.N) deeper into junk status, citing rising leverage in the midst of a newspaper industry slump. A drop in ad revenue aggravated by the long U.S. recession will likely lead to a spike in leverage at the Times by 2010, S&P said in a statement."

    hit and run

    Standard & Poor's on Thursday cut its rating on the New York Times Co (NYT.N) deeper into junk status

    How deep is that, about 5 1/2 feet under?


    Hit, They're going to try and go NPR on us! They're already talking about non-profit status for newspapers in congress. LOL

    Then it truly will be the American Pravda.

    hit and run

    They're going to try and go NPR on us!

    It's a mixture between Uncle Remus and Stephen King.

    "Don't throw me into that pet cemetery!"

    Rick Ballard


    I put Pigovians right next to Keynesians in my seating chart. The slide down the razor blade from descriptive to prescriptive economics just isn't worth the ticket.

    Let'em play Monopoly.

    Fresh Air


    I agree completely with the intent. But I don't think, other than a couple of national papers, there will be a great outpouring for garden-variety local and regional papers. Left to fend for themselves, they will die. Also, this idea cuts both ways, as the formal abdication of the "impartial" stance by taking, say, Soros money, will open up the lanes for a conservative counterweight. AT all events, it can't be any worse in the future than it is now. That much is for sure.



    I don't dig the Pigovians either. McArdle was better when she was Jane Galt (I think she used to see herself as a Dagny Taggart type, and she certainly has the looks for it). Now she seems too preoccupied with her social status among the cocktail party set.

    Strangely enough my usually sensible dad has sympathies toward some of Mankiw's Pigovian prescriptions. And my mom, a moderate Dem, loves McArdle.

    hit and run

    Is anyone else seeing a really screwed up previous thread?

    Well, fvck me.

    All I did was put some html spaces in a comment along with a (pseudo) check mark (it was really a square root sign, but what the hell) to simulate a vote by Obama (present, that is).

    But it looks like I screwed it up by doing so?

    Blame me if typepad goes into cardiac arrest.

    I've opened a new window to see, and that thread still looks messed up.


    If it still works for you, I would appreciate knowing that -- I mean, how would I sleep tonight knowing I screwed up a thread irreperably.

    Besides drinking myself into passing out, that is...but still..


    Yep, Hit - you killed that thread!

    How are you at Administrations - can you help us out there too????

    hit and run

    Yep, Hit - you killed that thread!

    How are you at Administrations - can you help us out there too????

    Hey, though, go to page 2 of that thread!

    It's alive!

    Well, I won't sleep with Obama, if that's what you're getting at. ::grin::


    Hit's alive! Hit's alive!

    It's twooo!


    Everything looks fine to me...well, until I got to the remark of sleeping with Obama and I hurled.


    Making the NYT free won't make it worth reading.

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