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May 13, 2009



Meanwhile Wilkerson says somebody needs to tell Cheney to "go home and shut up" and mocks his 5 Nam deferments, while Jesse Ventura says he could get Cheney to confess to the Sharon tate murders!

Good times.


Plus now, we have the Astrologer in Chief telling us the "stars are aligned."

Pehaps he doesn't know that all astral alignments are not positive - some are quite negative?


Speaking of dang fool idiots, Kathleen Parker, how far has that brain slug traveled.

Danube of Thought

Remember when Jesse said you haven't really hunted until you've hunted man? Then it turned out he had never actually done any such thing.


From Gretawire:

Per Jim Angle:

Fox has learned that the CIA has turned down the request of Pete Hoekstra, ranking Republican on the House Intelligence committee, for the agency to declassify the “notes to file” from the CIA officers who briefed members of congress on the enhanced interrogation program. The agency told the House Intell Committee that the documents “remain highly compartmented and classified.” Hoekstra told Fox that “this decision is unbelievable — that, even with all the exposure this program has gotten, these documents would not be released.”

Welcome to the DC tug-o-war or ..

"madman theory of the presidency/speaker" vs "madman theory of the intelligence community"


Hmmm. The leaks makes me wonder somehow if Obama is not liking Pelosi so much anymore, maybe he thinks she's a hindrance, so maybe he's backing them. I'm not sure if that's good or bad, I don't like Pelosi, however I don't know if she's as much as a socialist as O.

And whatver happened to the NYC plane explanation? Hasn't it been more than a week?


You know the only thing Repubs have to do is come up with more health care plans other than tax credits for people who don't make enough money to pay much in taxes anyway. That's it. I can't believe they are not taking the initiative away from the Dems. Even a scaled down, stepped, plan would be better than nothing. We will have to keep watching Dem shenanigans because they will keep winning until the Repubs get their act together.


"Pehaps he doesn't know that all astral alignments are not positive - some are quite negative?"

For the Republican Party, Mercury is in permanent retrograde.


Indeed, in a May 10, 2005 news release, Pelosi declared, "There is no Social Security crisis. We all agree that there is a problem down the road that we should address before it becomes a bigger problem,” she said.


LUN is a really fun piece by the guy at Legal Insurrection who apparently is cross posting at Hot Air on the democrats dilemma.

I see Cleo is back - perhaps he can tell us the democrat strategy for getting out of this one.


"And whatver happened to the NYC plane explanation? Hasn't it been more than a week?"

The plane was trying to escape to Cuba and claim asylum.


"perhaps he can tell us the democrat strategy for getting out of this one."

'getting us out of this mess created by the Reagan Revolution (the original 'One')'

Fixed yer context.


"For the Republican Party, Mercury is in permanent retrograde."

And your head is in Uranus Septic.


I don't mean to say I told you so, but.....


The classifier in chief could trump the CIA of course/


Well Obama now opposes the release of the Photos, and declares THE ABUSERS HAVE BEEN PUNISHED.

Not to Human Rights First--mission accomplished. Now that Posner is entrenched at State, time to roll up the tent and move along.


Alright, Camille Paglia has really lost the thread. Maybe it's a one off, maybe he's just trying to keep her bonafides at Salon,
to focus of Feherty and practically ignore
Sykes and as Fraters Libertas pointed out,
Franken some time ago. To really ignore Cheney's message about the dangerous changes
in security policy, with a flip reference to "Seven Days in May"

Dorothy Jane

Re Camille - I read the comments the last few articles - she was pretty beat up by fellow libs - she needed to churn one out for the team...to proove her bonafides...

The Ace

'getting us out of this mess created by the Reagan Revolution

Hysterical. Note you couldn't possibly explain or defend that comically ignorant assertion.

Anyway, I guess this is "getting us out of" well, something:

The Federal Aviation Administration, after reviewing concerns about a project at a regional airport named after Rep. John P. Murtha (D-Pa.), has decided to go forward with plans to use $800,000 in stimulus funds to repave the airport's alternate runway.

Don't worry cleown, you don't have an answer.


For the Republican Party Cleo, Mercury is in permanent retrograde.

And your head is in Uranus "yer" anus Septic.

I feel much better with those little amendments.


You don't understand, the next time Sasha and Malia hijack Air Force 1, they need an emergency runway to land in western Pa. in case they are attacked by the racists Murtha says are rife in that area.


Kathleen Parker joins Andrew Sullivan in the surrealistic "I am an Obamabot and a conservative club".


I'm proud that ex-wrestler Jesse Ventura is the intellectual leader of my party.

He's exactly the sort of person we need leading the charge on criticisms of torture and war crimes: "And I'll just tell you this: Until you've hunted man, you haven't hunted yet"

Between his previous admissions and my previous admission about the thrills we get slaughtering foreigners, the American public will soon know exactly what we Democrats really believe.


you really are a clown, cleo. Was that another Journo-List meme of the day?

hit and run

Obama reverses on the release of the detainee photos . . . http://blogs.abcnews.com/politicalpunch/2009/05/president-oba-5.html>ACLU and terrorists hardest hit:

"The reversal is another indication of a continuance of the Bush administration policies under the Obama administration," ACLU attorney Amrit Singh told ABC News. "President Obama's promise of accountability is meaningless, this is inconsistent with his promise of transparency, it violates the government's commitment to the court. People need to examine these abusive photographs, but also the government officials need to be held accountable."

I take no pleasure in the ACLU's pain upon finding out that Obama is a liar and that their love for him goes wholly unrequited.

Heh, kidding. Of course I take pleasure in it. I'm a sadistic rethuglican afterall.

Rich Berger

I don't think Camille has to prove her bona fides to liberals. Many of them hate her because she is an independent thinker. I think she has always been a leftist and since Obama is implemented policies she agrees with, she is getting tired of the criticism.


"And I'll just tell you this: Until you've hunted man, you haven't hunted yet"

Sounds like something Rahm would say while brandishing a steak knife.


"He's exactly the sort of person we need leading the charge on criticisms of torture and war crimes: "And I'll just tell you this: Until you've hunted man, you haven't hunted yet"

Odd,I suddenly have this feeling of deja vu. It's almost as if I had read that somewhere before,very recently.

The Ace

By the way, it's funny to watch cleown try and denigrate the most popular president in modern memory while embracing failed economic ideas no less, and bring up waterboarding, which is much more popular than the party it supports, at every turn.


Hit, credit where credit is due. The decision to release the photos was stupid and I give him credit for stepping back and reconsidering.

I think he's displaying considerable talent at the two step.


Why doesn't anyone ever mention Biden's 5 deferments?


Jane, Ptof Jacobson is always a good read.


I'm wondering who's the genius who came up with the four airplanes flying over the copy on the Politico site. It appears to be related to a Boeing ad, but wow does it ever provide instant context for the Dem's truly craven behavior.


Or...Clinton's Draft Letter!


I love Jacobson's conclusion and I can say that would be a wonderful result to my way of thinking:
[quote]So Jane Harman is the Democrats big hope? The same Jane Harman who Nancy Pelosi refused to allow to become Chair of the House Intelligence Committee, despite Harman’s seniority? The same Jane Harman who Democrats tried to throw under the bus on the now-dropped AIPAC prosecutions by leaking that Harman was wiretapped talking to a possible “Israeli agent”? That Jane Harman? The only person who did object to waterboarding is expected to run interference for Democrats who went along to get along and who have treated her so poorly in the past several years?
What will Democrats do if they find that other Democrats were morally if not legally culpable in waterboarding? Do the Democrats have an exit strategy?
Here’s my prediction of what will happen if Democrats push the investigation to the bitter end causing damage to national security, a political death match with the CIA, and Democrat-on-Democrat finger pointing:
Stenny Hoyer, Speaker; Jane Harman, Majority Leader; Nancy Pelosi, Chair of the House sub-committee on fresh water fisheries; Republicans, unexpected gains in 2010 mid-term elections.
The Democrats wished hard for an investigation into waterboarding and other interrogation methods. They may have wished too hard, because they are about to get what they wished for, with no way out.[/quote]


Rick Ballard

"Sounds like something Rahm would say while brandishing a steak knife ballet slippers."


Gotta keep'em in character.


"Why doesn't anyone ever mention Biden's 5 deferments?"

The Vietcong tried to draft Biden?


Gotta keep'em in character.


How about brandishing a steak knife while wearing ballet slippers? My lefty female co-workers would swoon. He is a man of contrasts, that Rahm!


Rahm Emanuelle.


Rahm Emanuelle.


No, no, no,

You guys are all missing it. Andrew Sullivan just found out that in an alternate universe Winston Churchill said ludicrous Air Force 1 Fly-by's at 1,000 feet over Manhattan were morally no big deal, so he passed that news on to Obama, who just notified the Press Corps so discussion is over.

Next up, Winston Churchill's moral opinion on Wanda Sykes Rush Limbaugh Joke.


Gosh, PUK, all those dancers have really lovely upper arms..I guess the brilliant Sally Quinn would call them mothers.

Crew v1.0

Congress is upset that the CIA is leaking in order to harm a politician (or two, or three hundred of them) and make him/her/them look foolish and ridiculous

Pointing out how deliciously ironic this is, after the running sore that was CIA's not-very-covert war on Bush and Congress's giddy delight in that episode, is like shooting fish in a barrel.

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