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May 13, 2009



Sorry screwing up the link.

I was just Empty's and she says the CIA, knowing they were breaking the law, purposely did not brief the Democrats BUT they would want to brief the democrats so as to protect themselves hoping the Democrats wouldn't object at the briefings as insurance or something -- in response to Lindsey Graham's point of -- if the CIA knew they were breaking the law why would they run and tell the opposition party all about it?

hit and run

Well, I'm not going to publish it, but I just put Michelle's head on Halle Berry's nekkid (but the you-know-whats are covered by her hands) body.


You fucking wingnuts just don't get it.

Those brown people LIKE to be bombed by predator drones.

Those brown people LIKE having white phosphorus used on them.

Those brown women LIKE being forced to walk around in bags with eyeslits all day.

Fuck you wingnuts, you just don't understand brown people, or why they LOVE Obama.





Thomas Collins

Wait a minute. In the letter to the Brits, Obama mentions the possibility that secrets may come out in a regular judicial proceeding. Isn't that one of the arguments the Bush Administration made for special tribunals, namely, that in a regular judicial proceeding, the government may have to face the choice of allowing secrets into the public record or allowing the accused to go free? Has some of Dick Cheney's DNA, left over from an Oval Office visit, made its way into Obama? :-))

Thomas Collins

And now we find out that the Obama Administration may be weighing indefinite detention of some of the Gitmo residents in the US (see LUN). I eagerly await the Move On and Code Pink pickets at the new facility.

A sterling question from ABC: If Pelosi’s telling the truth when she claims that the CIA didn’t inform her about Abu Zubaydah’s waterboarding in September 2002, why isn’t she raising holy hell about it? That’s a serious omission on their part vis-a-vis a member of the House intel committee, and one that’s causing her no small amount of grief right now as Speaker. And yet, per her spokesman, she “is making no accusation against the CIA.” Why so shy, Nan? Get angry!

via Hotair


In case anyone missed Iowahawk's latest, somewhat OT. But this from Shecky Ahmedinejad isn't...

Barack is almost like another son to me.

(audience: awwwww)

Yeah, another jug eared idiot with a hard-on for horsefaced women.

Not safe for much, but funny anyway.


TS--Porter Goss and who else was there and will back up the CIA--that's why she's not stomping her feet.


And dude08 earns a premium entry in trollblocker3, never to be seen again.


Of course, to make a serious military tribunal, one would have to ignore Boumedienne which voided the MCA, which relied on ex parte Quirin and Eisentrager, which in turn relied on ex parte Milligan and Merryman; than again these promises do come with expiration dates don't they.


Dude08=potty mouth little brat.

Top, we all know the answer. And so does the O man.

Even that pseud Jon Stewart is going after her. She is sooo done.

Charlie (Colorado)

Fuck you wingnuts, you just don't understand brown people, or why they LOVE Obama.

Sigh. Satire on these things is hard, Dude. It's almost impossible to sound sufficiently crazier than the real trolls here to be funny.


Here's a tingle for ya narciso:

“The question is who actually will write the Palin book,” Matthews continued. “The only politician I know who can write is Barack

HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA :) :) :) :)

Chris Matthews scoffs at Sarah Palin book


Nobody is making much of The O's reference to the alignment of the stars, but I think it is a tell.

I suspect he has someone on his team that is into astrology. It kinda makes sense about his timetable for all of his big plans to be accomplished quickly - before those "aligned" stars (or planets, actually) move on as they are wont to do?

About Pelosi - I would say she is having a bad alignment - let's hope it is really, really bad and she is about to be toppled from her high perch of self-importance!!


Obama doesn't get to decide the fate of the photos. They are exhibits for the Prosecution
and SCOTUS will decide their relevance (with Justice Kennedy's swing vote)

The Bushites shall know the meaning of
Kirkegaards' "Fear and Trembling" in both this life, and the next.

Justice will prevail !!!!


CC, that was an interesting word choice given his Nancy Reagan diss that was actually a Hillary diss, but you know what I mean....


"his timetable for all of his big plans to be accomplished quickly"

You mean his 'Unified Field' theory merging electromagnetism and light 'wavicles'?

Thank god we have a literate and visionary President, and not the other guy....

Captain Hate

douche08 has to be a parody poster; my naturally optimistic outlook refuses to believe somebody is that stupid.


"Chris Matthews scoffs at Sarah Palin book'

How dare he mock such an admirable collaboration with a ghost writer.

He's insulting our Sacred Cow.....


Didn't anybody tip him off that Ayers was the author, for one of the books, sarc, keep laughing tingleboy. On a somewhat related note, from deep in my younger TV
watching past, Morgan Brittany formerly of Dallas, admitted on Hannity that she's a fan of Jack Bauer's interrogation techniques


I previewed to make sure that link worked. What is up with typepad? I have never had so many problems but Old slobbering Chrissy isn't worth linking to anyways.

I do hope we can make Palin's book number one for many weeks on the NY slimes list (if it's still around then) :)


Howl fest alert!!!

From Sully,

OBAMA, Neo-Con in Chief!

From extending and deepening the war in Afghanistan, to suppressing evidence of rampant and widespread abuse and torture of prisoners under Bush, to thuggishly threatening the British with intelligence cut-off if they reveal the brutal torture inflicted on Binyam Mohamed, Obama now has new cheer-leaders: Bill Kristol, Michael Goldfarb and Max Boot.

Danube of Thought

I think Dudewhatever is onto something:

"Those brown people LIKE to be bombed by predator drones.

"Those brown people LIKE having white phosphorus used on them."

The One is giving them just what they like. Soon he'll crack the 50% barrier if he keeps it up.


And Sully just noticed cause the O Man stiffed the gays--right?

Danube of Thought

"Obama doesn't get to decide the fate of the photos."

Of course he does. He can decide it by the issuance of a single executive order, which I would be happy to draft for him overnight, at a tiny fraction of my normal hourly rate.

We can explain this to Cleo, but we can't understand it for him.

Captain Hate

And Sully just noticed cause the O Man stiffed the gays--right?

Leaving aside that your choice of words brings Larry Sinclair to mind, it's a dangerous proposition speculating on Thully's mental processes.


Allow me to resort to my favorite mantra on politicians ...

Listen, I'm a politician which means I'm a cheat and a liar, and when I'm not kissing babies I'm stealing their lollipops. But it also means I keep my options open.


Heokstra on Greta now


Hoekstra is reporting onLeon's stonewall.

Get em

One man wants to shine the light, and the other wants to keep secrets.

LOL, which side is telling the truth?


Obama can override Leon's classification if he wants to.


Beckel, on Hannity's panel tonight, says he wishes Cheney would just retire and be quiet.

Hm, if former VPs are supposed to exit the public arena after they leave office, presumably Beckel should be saying the same about Gore? Oddly enough, I don't believe I have ever heard him say any such thing. Imagine that.


"Chris Matthews scoffs at Sarah Palin book'

How dare he mock such an admirable collaboration with a ghost writer.

His mockery (and yours) would be more effective had he any facts in evidence that there will actually be a ghostwriter.

If Matthews thinks that Obama's the only politician who can write, I would be interested to hear him discuss which other politicians he's read, so we know what his basis for comparison is.


"Nobody is making much of The O's reference to the alignment of the stars, but I think it is a tell."

Well, we know from his first presser from the "Office of the President Elect" that he's familiar with Nancy Reagan.


Cleo forgot about the idiot who paid someone else to write about a village.


“Bottom Line: Last week proved no different than the last 4: railroad carloads were down more than 20%. Week 17 saw a year-over-year volume shortfall of 21.6% - which is slightly worse than the 20.4% drop in Week 16.

• The weakness is broad based - whether it be industrial, bulk or consumer related - every segment has shown precipitous declines in each passing week. Worse, we are one-third of the way through the second quarter and volumes are well below even the substantial declines seen in the first quarter (recall that 1Q09 industry carloads were down more than 16% year-over-year).

• The railroad carload data are telling a very different story about the economy than one might surmise by looking at the S&P 500. Our concern is that the carload data are ahead of the curve; the light at the end of the tunnel that seems to be boosting stock prices may just be an oncoming freight train.

• Volumes: All commodity types posted steep declines during Week 17. Specifically, we saw sharp drops in metallic ores and minerals (-52.6%), motor vehicles and equipment (-37.6%), non-metallic minerals (-26.4%) chemicals (-21.6%), coal (-18.0%) and intermodal (-17.0%).” (source: Credit Suisse)

As you can see, the type of rail activity that should be accompanying any improvement in economic activity is nowhere to be found. In fact, Credit Suisse indicates economic growth is stuck in reverse. Back before the Great Crash and Great Depression, legend has it that Jesse Livermore and his forward–looking peers used rail car loadings to detect shifts in agricultural and industrial activity.

One Big Ass Mistake America



Should we start a Geithner under the bus date poo;?


It's so wonderful to live in the era of post-partisanship ... or at least it would be.

Thomas Collins

Stephanie, your LUN is not LUNing on my computer. In case others are having this problem, I am trying a reLUN to what I think is the article.


In real important news--some smart folks have started pet airways so you can actually get your pets from one place to another without going thru the airlines crazy restrictions.


Now that is smart.


Help me out folks, I don't see how Obama puts the genie back in the bottle over this EIT CIA program and the seperate military detainee abuse photos.

He was unbothered by the arguments regarding the release of the OLC memos, has indicated that he wants to release a CIA IG report, his slimy AG was non-committal regarding cooperation with the Spanish Inquisitor, and the cherry on top has been conflating the seperate military detainee abuse photos.

I don't see how the Justice Department does an about face on the photos and appeals the ruling and it would be getting too much dirt on Obama's hands for him to sign an executive order.

Seems that he has gotten the worst possible outcome-he has fired up his rabid lefty base for more revenge, really has only slowed down the process for releasing the material, and he looks even more weak on national security issues (and unconcerned about the safety of the men and women in the intelligence and military communities).

But it has been useful for him to move his economic agenda forward?


And to go with the post, on the trip to state, the rail line on one of the side roads had rail cars for 5 MILES that were empty and idled. 30-50 miles from the ports of Brunswick, Savannah, and Jacksonville... and there was an off load lot 6 miles from Brunswick that was at least 100 acres or more with cars offloaded and no where to go and filled to 95% capacity.

O's bus ran over the cat, but Wall Street hasn't noticed... yet. Flat cats don't bounce.


For me either... just dayum...

here ya go...



Great post Steph!

I love NE Ga. Brunswick is so fun. They have one of the best antique stores there.


I heart antique stores and Barbara Jean's for crab cakes and pumpkin corn bread.


Maybe Matthews should read some Lincoln sometime.....or Teddy Roosevelt, or even U.S. Grant. Heck, even Gingrich writes better than Obama. And Churchill was the European master.


Gibbs says the previous admin didn't cover all their bases in keeping the photos suppressed. But O has found a compelling argument to save the day...in court.


someone needs to fund video advertising that shows what the dems said then and what they say now. The lies are spectacular, and people might actually put one and one together and get two.

Posted by: matt | May 13, 2009 at 03:20 PM

If the Republicans were smart, they would start preparing the battle space now.

Run "campaign" commercials every night on the most popular shows.

Keep them fresh, and recycle the most effective ones.

Closing line:

"Democrat Barack Obama, Democrat Harry Reid, Democrat Nancy Pelosi -- leading the country to ruin."


But O has found a compelling argument to save the day...in court.

Plus "neo-con" que les "neo-cons"

Too rich.

Strawman Cometh

"the hottest First Lady in the history of these United States."

dibs on Laura


When FDR was returning from a European summit
he was conveyed by convoy and his departure from Japan was apparently hectic as he forgot his Scottish terrier, Fallah, several hours into the voyage. he turned the convoy around to retrieve his pet and Republicans went mad with delight at this terrible waste of taxpayer dollars. They went on a campaign to drive a wedge between FDR and his adoring public. " Can you inmagine? He turned the fleet around for a DOG!" they whined.

The public response?

"Oh, he loves his dog!!"

That's the unfortunate position the Republican Party finds themselves in today.

They want to change the name of the Democratic Party to The Democrat Socialist Party.

Nyuk! Nyuk! Nyuk!

The Stooges wax envious, from the grave.


Has some of Dick Cheney's DNA, left over from an Oval Office visit, made its way into Obama? :-))

They're related, don't forget.


The truth can now be told. Obama is the Cheney's Trojan Horse. With no sons in his family, Cheney ghost wrote those books for Obama , engaged Axelrod to be the brains of the campaign and is now in position to pull the strings on his cousin.




Seems to be a major shift in public perception of the parties.


Don't miss Hillary's gushing love for her fundraising fraudster. Even if you're tired of reading, go check it out for the picture of Hillary.



So does Gibbs statement that O has a compelling new argument mean O thinks he is a better lawyer than Holder?


Another thing Beckel said on Hannity tonight, multiple times, with emphasis: "waterboarding is ILLEGAL!"

Has it actually been ruled such? When? Does that mean our SERE training procedures are illegal?

rhymin' simon

High Plains Drifter. Who is John Galt?
Gran Torino.What is the last Car standing?
The Enforcer. Who is Rahm Emanuel?
Escape from Alcatraz. What Nancy Pelosi thought she was being briefed on?
In the Line of Fire. Who are Nancy Pelosi and John Murtha?
Million Dollar Baby. Who is Michelle Obama?

Do I have to spin again or can I solve the puzzle? No you a fired.

This has been a Kings World production and I am not sure we understood the Art of the Deal unless you went to see the Donald at the Learning Annex teaching you how to be a millionaire.

Cute we have the Donald with nine lives having gone through countless reorganizations purchasing the wrong beauty pagaent , the one not in Atlantic City and creating buzz by having Paris Hilton get tea bagged by Miss California. Recall the Donald's simmering feud with Rosie O'Donell and lo and behold her gay brother is on the cover of the NY Times for voting for gay amttiage in NY. Runs in the family I guess.

But do you not love that The Iowa Supremes and legislature's in Maine. New Hampshire et al have been adopting gay marriage against the will of the people as evidenced by the vote on Proposition 8.

There will come a time when the silent majority will not stand idly by while the vocal minority assaults the moral fabric of society. Obama may feel that African Americans are owed reparations for having endured slavery but on the other hand Lincoln and the Republicans were willing to lay there lives on the line to stop slavery. The silent majority has been too complacent or have not been pushed in the corner to say enough already.


bad, you will love this picture:


Danube of Thought

From the New York Times (no kidding):

"WASHINGTON — Congressional Democrats are voicing growing unease over the Obama administration’s national security policies, including the seemingly open-ended commitment in Afghanistan and the nettlesome question of what to do with prisoners held at Guantánamo Bay, Cuba."

Danube of Thought

Could Gibbs's (and Obama's) "telling argument" be the Executive Order that Andrew McCarthy has raised?


I'd bet money on DoT. Those two clowns have no chance on their own. OTOH Gibbs did reference "the courts."

rhymin' simon


Hey Dookie hows it going?

They have justed stationed me in Afghanistan because POTUS wants to show he ain't a 98 pound weakling and he got no damned exit strategy. He is going to get us all killed here. How is it going stateside?

Gee wiz I thought I was going to re-enlist since there ain't no jobs unless I go to Johnstown, PA. I heard there were some jobs in Victorville , CA tearing down some houses. ain't getting my $13/week because I'm on umnemployment.

I think that it was rope a dope and change rather than hope and change


This read at Digby's in an hysterical diatribe pissed about the photo's not being released:

I have to say that between the CIA threatening to let the country be attacked if they are punished for torture and the military threatening not to investigate war crimes if they are made public, I'm beginning to have some doubts about the honor, integrity and commitment to the rule of law by a large swathe of the American government. Perhaps someone should look into that.

Wha??? The CIA threatened this? Anyone know of a citation of the CIA "threatening to let the country be attacked if they are punished for torture"? I no big fan of the CIA but I do not recall theis at all or think they would do so.

and "the military threatening not to investigate war crimes if they are made public"

it's clearly the opposite of this neurotic statement, they have already investigated and prosecuted crimes (and these are just the leftover unpublished photos of that) so there is no reason to reveal them for "crime" purposes

Political reporters suck this dopey crap up you know.

Rick Ballard


The boxcars are just waiting to be loaded with SoLunar Windmills. We've finally increased the assembly hours sufficiently to meet UAW approved criteria and our most recent tests show a very marked reduction of time required between service calls. It looks like every windmill will mean a full time job for a service technician in perpetuity. It's just a perfect fit for the "sustainable" economy.


Ok Ann, I got Medea. but who is the creepy Ted Bundy looking guy in the Palestinian scarf?


LOL Rick... with the amount of rain/clouds we've had this spring you'll need to add a grist mill and greenhouses to get the wheat for dinner and dinner will be on sunny days at 6... rest of the week,

Son, you're on your own...


The LUN thingy is not working for me.

Anyone else having this problem?


Don't give Obama too much credit...he's only half-way through his 360 on the issue.




My guess, the CIA or DOD has evidence that Obaama does not want released.

A copy of the tape the LAT had of him at Rashid Khalidi's going away party, screaming anti-American and anti-Semitic remarks could be one possibility.

Tape of Obama with known jihadis either in a Mosque in NYC during his time at Columbia, or in his trip to Pakistan during that period.

Imagine the fall-out if Obama was pictured with say, Osama bin Laden, hanging out like pals and fondling AK-47s? Even something "minor" aka Obama praying in a Mosque with oh, I dunno, a pal of the Blind Sheik, Omar Abdel Rahman, would be explosive and could decimate Dems completely.

Imagine a Dem President with video next to a known terrorist praying in a Mosque after he and the Media denied he's a Muslim (or a terrorist)?

It would not be just Obama going down.


The photos will come out whether Obama opposes the ruling or not. It is better to come clean rather than attempting to cover it up. The cover-up will only amplify any repercussions. Some folks never ever learn.


I see this site is back to its old policy of filtering out the posts of anybody but the extreme right. Excellent. As I have said soooo many times (but I have not posted in a while) dig-in righties. We are counting on it!


"Those brown people LIKE to be bombed by predator drones.

Those brown people LIKE having white phosphorus used on them.

Those brown women LIKE being forced to walk around in bags with eyeslits all day.

Fuck you wingnuts, you just don't understand brown people, or why they LOVE Obama."

Of course they do,that is why they made all those small anonymous donations to make Obama president.


Sam,But nonetheless,there you are.
BTW,Lefties don't get filtered out,they get broken on the wheel.



I've posted it before but it's worth posting again:

In China, since the beginning of the year, they have;

1) signed a 300 million dollar deal with GM to build a natural gas pipeline east to west across the country.

2) signed a 25 Billion Dollar deal with the Russians to build a petroleum pipeline from Russia to supply petroleum

3) watched as Westinghouse poured concrete for the most advanced Nuclear Power Facility in the world, which, with the other 4 Nuke Power Plants Westinghouse is scheduled to begin there in 2009, will bring the number of Nuclear Power Stations in China currently under construction by years end to 28 or 29, I forget which.

4) completed the new 'state of the art' International Airport with Dual Runways at Guanjo (Canton), after last year having completed the new (number 3) Runway and the worlds largest Passenger terminal at Beijing, and also the new runway (number 3) at their almost brand new New Shanghai International Airport with high speed Bullet Train connections.

I have provided links to all these projects before and can do so again, and this does not include their hydro-electric projects nor their large numbers of modern wind turbines surrounding the new Shanghai Airport.

I lay this out here to contrast the seriousness of the Chinese addressing their energy and economic future, and the unseriousness of America addressing ours. 'Nuff said.


I caught a segment of Rush today which was a soundbite of Joe Biden telling students that he and Barry O were personally going to guaranty that their college fees would be completely paid for. My question is why?

Biden we all know, lied about his college education and academic accomplishments to win an election.

Obama refuses to let anyone see his college transcripts, and to get elected he even lied about whether he was a Constitutional Law Professor.

And their new colleague, Dem Senator Mark Begich from Alaska, didn't even have to lie about college, because he never went. He only had to sit back and let the media and the Government lie about his opponent in order to get elected.

So since the college education part really isn't that important but the lying about it is, why not just go ahead and teach the kids how to lie, and save the taxpayers a s#!&load of money for unnecessary tuition?

Higher education problem solved:)

Thomas Collins

Daddy, do you know anything about Deadhorse Camp at Prudhoe Bay?

Wasty Deep

I see Sam is up to his old tricks of blaming moderation for the vagaries of typepad. So, dig in, lefties, your paranoia will haunt you to the end.

Hasty Weep

Whiskey, it amazes me that Obama believes he can keep his past a secret. There are just too many things that he is being meta coy about. I've little doubt that there are a number of things being held for the ideal moment to reveal. Right now is a tough time to hit him, but let this mess he is making simmer a little, and the time will come.


Obama may simply be delaying the photo release until after his speech in Egypt.

I also wonder if perhaps some generals threatened to resigned if the photos were released.

The photos were taken by the guards themselves, and include photos of the guards engaging in sex acts with each other, hardly something Rummy would order. (I wonder if those will ever be released though - privacy issues you know.)


No Sir TC, never heard of it.

Did this quick google link, but don't know of anyone who has ever visited the place. Take plenty of mosquito repellant is my guess.

Thomas Collins

One of my children may be working there this summer, daddy. I will pass along your advice about mosquito repellant.


Let's hope that when our Dear Leader gets tired of reading Muscle glutes' blog, he reads Iowahawk at LUN.

Totally OT, and I apologize for always being OT, I am having just a delicious cup of coffee this morning-- Community Coffee whole bean decaf mixed with Paradise Roasters microlot Columbian, with a little chicory thrown in the Bodum; and a drop of two per cent milk.


When they were building the pipeline, I had a case up there and traveled the length of the Prudhoe Bay operation. Deadhorse camp rings a bell but it was so long ago I could be mistaken.

The entire scene was like something out of Star Wars and old Gold Rush tales combined.


Mosquito repellent and some warm clothes,TC. I was there in late June and the temperature was in the 30's.Amd pack snack stuff--Unless they're working for an oil company, they have to pay outrageous prices to buy anything outside of the company run operations.


Daddy, you are so right about China. And let's just add that China has 200 cities with over one million people.

People have not a clue of what's going on there.

By the way, isn't the bullet train cool.


Go read Denninger at the Market Ticker


The bottom line here is that there is essentially no protection for the taxpayer to any material degree nor any recourse against the trustees with regards to the taxpayer funds committed to AIG.

Specifically, I quote: "The Federal Reserve decided we should pay 100 cents on the dollar", but Mr. Issa nailed the truth on this in a followup - they could have purchased those contracts for far less in the open market at the time.

The bottom line is that the testimony was that The Fed decided to settle the contracts in a non-economic manner that resulted in screwing the taxpayer by transferring more than $100 billion dollars of taxpayer money out to these banks when the cash value at the time was FAR LESS.

Now that's pretty good thuggery - literally grab $100 billion of taxpayer money to intentionally overpay for bets that were already, in the case of Goldman Sachs, covered!

The video can be seen here; the entire thing is well worth the time, but if you don't have nearly 4 hours, the most important portions start around 2:28 into the hearing, where Marcy Kaptur gets Liddy to admit that The Federal Reserve took all responsibility for settling the CDS contracts held by AIG.

Folks, there is corruption here of Soviet proportions. The govt needs TOTALLY cleaned out. The entire bureaucracy. ALL OF IT.


Yes, but how does one do that, when the most "Soviet" faction has been entrenched
further into the system. So we got stuck with the full cost of those CDS, and they're still loosing money. As to China, they can run factories as long as we're buying stuff, but the credit window is being closed, well what's the likelyhood
of that. Their thinking longterm and we aren't, unless the longterm in a Japanese style "Lost Decade". I vacilate whether this crew is stupid or vicious, I don't attribute any positive viewpoint toward
them. Someone, on Ace's blog, I think suggested what is going on with crippling
our defenses, cap n trade, punishing any
body thinking of exploring for energy is
a variant on the Morgenthau plan to
'pastorize' Germany after WW2. That seems
a crazy motivation, but what is the point of this otherwise


Sully is in full throttle over the GAYS LUN

He says Obama is a hypocrite, and that He will soon be forced to leave the US because he is HIV positive.

Next on the jukebox, BB King, The Thrill is Gone.


I'm starting to settle on stupid AND vicious, but that's just me.


BTW, Po. any opinion on your governor,
Nixon, trying to read some exception into Stimulus bill's energy conservation funds; where the words don't indicate that would apply. Also falling into the Republicans
'they thirst for death' Inglis and Flake, propose their own carbon tax, now where
did Cheney put that shotgun? What is wrong with these people? how can they conceivably call themselves fiscal conservatives, if they are willing to collapse our entire energy infrastructure


Po, there is a million dollars to be made for the financial genius who can produce a documentary, made in terms average people can understand, tracing TARP money through the bowels of our financial system and into the Swiss bank accounts of certain Billionaires.

We're living in a Kleptocracy.


Someone, on another site, mentioned how releasing the photos, now, would impact on obama's big egypt speech. Self-service is more in keeping with how obama makes decisions. Want to bet he releases the photos after his excellent adventure in egypt?


Ah, that president, he's such a kidder... He put this little joke in his Arizona State commencement speach because they decided not to give him an honorary degree:

"President Crowe and the Board of Regents will soon learn all about being audited by the IRS."

Such a funny guy.

Rick Ballard

Last weeks "green shoot" unemployment report got stomped back into the cold mud today. I don't quite understand why reporting on this focuses on initial claims rather than the increase in the total count. The actual point of interest would seem to be the difference between the two. That difference (in this case 635K-202K=433K) provides more information as to whether there has been a "turn" than either number by itself.


Thanks for providing that list again. I would note that even China's perpetually optimistic central planning liars are hinting that things aren't quite as rosy as their prevarications in February and March had suggested. BAC is very lucky to have been allowed to sell out a portion of its "long term" position in China Construction Bank. It's a shame that it couldn't dump the whole investment. It's going to take a major hit as CCB's loan portfolio goes sour.


Years ago I had care of a child with severe problems. One day, after committing another error in judgment, he asked me if anyone knew of his "error". I realized then he did not know the difference between right and wrong only the difference between getting caught and getting away with it....that child is now in jail. Obama has the same mindset.



Hey, if Sullivan is over his Obama crush, he might actually get interesting again. (His post WAS heartfelt and well argued, whatever you think of his position.) If it just turns promptly in to curdled Obama hatred, though, it will just be the SOS with different names.


It looks like the scales have been lifted from George Will's eyes. This is the final line from his item in the WaPo today:

The administration's central activity -- the political allocation of wealth and opportunity -- is not merely susceptible to corruption, it is corruption.


BTW, does anybody really thinks these detainee pics, won't get out and be leaked to Hersh, or Amy Goodman, or the ACLU, I know they're all in the same Venn diagram.
They care more about the cause than the candidate, yes even the One can be thrown under the bus, when needs must. So he's going to Cairo, probably visit Al Azhar, the Vatican of Salafism where Sheik Rahman
got his training. Maybe he can stop by the
Citadel, where the"Evil blind Santa" also spent a time, along with Syed Qutb. I mean if we're going to be honest about things.

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