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May 03, 2009


Melinda Romanoff

And would Fannie or Freddie be enough, or just a start?

Early day in the AM.

Say Hi to Clarice for me.


JM Hanes

Pretty strong stuff, isn't it Melinda? It occurs to me to wonder if it was Lauria's source at Perella who substituted "press corps" for uglier (alleged) facts -- which certainly make far more sense, but admittedly might be wishful thinking! Something clearly made Perella change course -- their work for the government (Treasury?) would make them an obvious weak link. From what I understand here, Team Obama apparently didn't need to subvert the Lauria group, just make sure they're defending a very small slice of pie. It leaves me wondering what the Perella slice was worth -- although I'm sure someone has already mentioned the numbers. Here's hoping there are just enough loose lips to sink some big ships.


Just to add to our fears:

401(k)s Hit by Withdrawal Freezes


Tom, you have no justification posting this. The Bush-Paulson-Bernanke-McCain-Cantor bailouts and various behind the scense machinations were the beginning of the illegal behaviour. Furthermore they compromised the ability of conservatives to set a line against this kind of government intervention. The simple thing is that there is no effective, strong opposition to the Obama actions since the Republicans compromised the issue.

You, Kim, Charlie, others like that...are part of the problem.


"Somebody explain this one, please." -GMax

It's simple. Goldmans should have gone under because of their derivative bets with AIG. The taxpayers bailed them out. Money was transferred from the general population, including red state middle class...and went to Goldman. This was done in the name of "stopping the crisis" mand was started by Bush and Paulson and backed up by RINOs like Kim, Tom, etc.


Cleo, were you actually alive at the time of Reagan's election? If so, were you actually NOT under the influence of drugs long enough to actually see what occurred? You couldn't have been if you don't understand what a great president Reagan was.

I lived through the '70s, and it was no picnic. My dad lost almost everything he had when fuel oil costs quadrupled in the early '70s. I was in high school when Carter was elected, and the GOP was about as far out in the wilderness then as it is now. I also lived through the world of the late '70s oil crisis, the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan, the Iranian hostage crisis, and the aborted rescue fiasco (I was actually in the Navy for the last two, but not on active duty at the time). Jimmy Carter was as bad a president as Bill Clinton was, but unlike Clinton he didn't have the charisma to get away with incompetence. He also didn't have a Republican Congress to balance the budget and make him look good. Carter sucked.

Reagan transformed everything. He made Americans feel good about being American again. He got the tax boot off our necks (too bad he couldn't get the Congress to cut spending as it had agreed to -- even though tax revenues after the cuts were MUCH higher, spending outpaced revenues). He rebuilt the military, and let me tell you the Soviets could have owned us in the late '70s and early '80s. His policy of confrontation is what caused the contradiction that was the USSR to fail.

Reagan was a great president. Bush I was a good man, but not a good president. He should never have gone along with the Dem Congress and raised taxes... they cajoled him into it and then beat him to death with it. Clinton was a horrible president who lucked out by being in office during a mostly calm and unchallenging period... and the Republican Congress and its balanced budget, welfare reform, and capital gains cut gave Clinton an economy he could undeservedly claim credit for.

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