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June 03, 2009



I suppose that Obama will assign Gitmo to the "Ministry of Love"

Jack is Back!

He is building an army of strawmen, this time in the middle east. How can one man straddle so many different positions at the same time? I think every leader of these different entities - Syria, Egypt, Jordan, Saud, Lebanon, Iran, Iraq and Israel - are all going to sit back, listen, pretend to understand and then figure out that this guy is weak, naive, inexperienced and totally out of (his) their league. Then the proverbial s**t will hit the fan and the fan will blow toward DC.


FDR at Yalta with a few burst blood vessels in his brain had more going for him than this doofus, but what the hey, Brian Williams asked him what he ate for breakfast today, so no worries.


So exactly when is "Hate Week" ?

Danube of Thought

“Stop saying one thing behind closed doors and saying something else publicly.”

There he goes again--imposing our values on the rest of the world. (Or are they his values? Or not?)


“Stop saying one thing behind closed doors and saying something else publicly.”

Oh, he did not say that. Surely, he didn't say that. Mr. clinging to their guns and religion did not say that.


We can apparently impose our solutions only on Israel..for our (and their) enemies--not so much.

Jim Glass

A key part of his message, he said, will be: “Stop saying one thing behind closed doors and saying something else publicly.”

Well, *that* new insight is sure to impress! (No doubt Obama will cite the open honest candor of Chicago, er, American politics as an example to follow.)

He then explained: “There are a lot of Arab countries more concerned about Iran developing a nuclear weapon than the ‘threat’ from Israel, but won’t admit it.”

Combined news agencies, next week:

"Arab leaders today issued a joint statement saying:'To our peoples: You know all that 'hostility' we've had towards Israel and the 'threat' it poses to us, over all these many years? Well, we were never serious about that, you know, behind closed doors. President Obama pointed this out to us, and he was right! So now we are being candid about it. We admit it! Thank you President Obama for instructing us about honesty in politics.'"

And thank you, Tom Friedman. But for your tough grilling of the President, without which ...


Why does the purported Drezner site take me to that yutz Taylor March instead?


Either name the countries beyond Israel, President Obama, or stop whining. Whining is unbecoming to a President - no other President has whined about the state of affairs between Nations in the Middle East, and whining does you zero good with them, with Americans, and only the Leftist press likes to hear it... you don't need a Goebbels when you got the MSM to adore you...

So buck up, Mr. Presidente! Name the names, say them, be up front about it, call them out... or STFU. That is your job. You volunteered for it. The actors in the Middle East play more sides than you can count... they are good at that. Call them on the game directly, per Nation, per leader and tell of their dissembling... or live with the state of affairs as every other President has. Period. Washington had problems with the Middle East. He didn't fix it. Neither did Jefferson. Or Wilson... he made it worse. FDR was no winner there, either. They did not whine. They did their jobs. You asked for it, President Obamaramadingdong. Ditch being the lazy slacker, it wins you no street cred. Not on the South Side. Not the West side. Not Europe. Not Asia. Not the Middle East.

I didn't vote for you.

I still expect you to do your job. This whining ain't it.


Yes by all means empower the Saudis and the Egyptians and even the Algerians to get the bomb; the first two comprise the first and middle levels of AQ; the last fought a bloody insurgency sgainst the FIS, which will work out great


Within 24 hours BHO has announced that:
1. the US is the world's largest multim nation
2. Iranians are cordially invited to July 4 festivities at US embassies -- BYO fireworks and
3. Iran deserves nuclear power.

Our dear leader is treating the Presidency like it is a series of campaign events where he wows the crowds with his pronouncements and snippets of false wisdom and basks in their adulation. This is like a bad espisode of West Wing.


muslim nation. Don't want to offend the multims.


Thank you. I was highly offended there for a minute, LindaK.

Original MikeS

I'm concerned about the issue of repatriation.

I worry that if the Israelis acquiesce to Obama's demands on the settlements, the Arabs won't have any incentive to repatriate the practicing Jews who were ejected from Arab countries.

Another concern I have regards the Israelis negotiating with Obama. How can they trust him to abide by any agreements he might make? Not only has he failed to keep any of his campaign promises, but he has made it clear that he would be willing to abrogate international treaties (NAFTA for example) if they become inconvenient.


When Obama finds out Yassar Arafat died a multimillionaire in a hospital in Paris, it is totally going to blow his mind. It's like he was a fraud and a hypocrite or something, but nobody knew! I mean, the BBC reporter never would have teared up if she'd known that, right? Both the Muslim World and the Christian World would have totally ignored him.

I hope he points that out in his speech tomorrow, cause it will be a real game-changer.


I have a feeling this will be a lot like his 'race' speech, full of thoughts he's pretty sure nobody has ever vocalized before, but in reality the kind of thing people talk about with their neighbors or coworkers every day.

I just hope he doesn't apologize too much for all the bad things we've done.

Patrick R. Sullivan

I'm with Jim Glass (as usual). Why didn't Friedman ask Obama something like, 'So, Mr President, you're going to give a speech in (say) Egypt, in front of a map of the Middle East. You're going to point out to the audience just how tiny Israel is compared to the vast Arab lands surrounding it--many of which have large deposits of petroleum under them?'

'You're going to address the discrepancy in population between Israel and the hundreds of millions of Arabs surrounding them?'

'You're going to ask them how Israel could possibly be the source of the Arab's dysfunction?'

'Yeah, sure you are.'


I also get the feeling it's the opportunity to make speeches like this that motivated Obama to run for President.

I think he likes having people listen to him on a grand stage. I think that's the only part of his job he's really interested in.

Frau Jedöns

I hate to think that we "ain't seen nothin' yet." How much more can we stand?
BTW did anyone else note that in saying goodbye to the president, Brian William bowed his head in European style to honor our Community Organizer in Chief? At least Brain did not go down on one leg as BO did in reverence for the Saudi king. Not yet...

Fresh Air


It's not West Wing, it's Being There: The Sequel, starring Chauncey Hussein Gardner as president, with Shecky Greene as vice president.


Zero has thoughts and Drezner has deeper thoughts. Boy, the bucket really had to drop a long way to reach that level. But, I guess the fact that both of them are actually thinking is something be glad about.


I think that's the only part of his job he's really interested in.

I'm pretty sure he likes the perks too.

hit and run

Original MikeS:
Not only has he failed to keep any of his campaign promises

Bullsh!t! He just fulfilled a campaign promise by taking Mrs. O to dinner and a show in NYC.

What bigger promise could he keep?


Good point, Jane.

Fresh Air

And another thing...

What's all this crap about "the Israelis need to get off this path they're on." They already gave the Arabs some land, and just to make things plain as to who owned what, they put a fence around it. There's your state. You don't like it? Tough. These idiots can't even pick up the garbage in Gaza, and the Israelis are supposed to pretend the writhing hordes of illiterate and unemployed on the other side of the border are like some kind of Swiss diaspora, who, once equipped with benches and a few tools, will soon be cranking out great timepieces by the thousands.

It's times like these, when, in the great question of whether Zero is Evil or merely Stupid, you realize you should never count out Stupid.

As soon as it becomes unprofitable for Hamas and its followers to keep sending rockets into Israel and acting helpless, something will happen. Until then, you can put up as many shiny new road signs and labels on the World Atlas and it won't make a damn bit of difference.

Danube of thought

When will people grow sick of this guy's act? I'm just amazed at the willful acceptance of this quackery...


I remember the days when alQaeda supposedly hated us because of our behind closed door stance of supporting semi-dictators like Mubarek while talking about freedom.

I wonder if Obama is going to expose our own shocking duplicity tomorrow as he stands in Mubarek's country. Maybe he'll just stop talking about freedom.

Original MikeS

He just fulfilled a campaign promise by taking Mrs. O to dinner and a show in NYC.

Oh, that's right! My bad. He also got the girls a puppy. What the hell was I thinking?


That was the old story, Ironically he's going to a country that has been under a state of emergency for 28 years now, since the Sadat assasination; which dragged in the likes of Zawahiri, although officials in the Government like Abu Haf al Masri
a policeman and Col. Mohammed Makkawi, Seyf al Adel, would eventually join the ranks of AQ.


Since we've moved from the Queen Post I'll stick this">">this new Times story here, showing that another prominent Brit Minister has just bailed and Gordon Brown is on life support. Hopefully you get some sane replacements P'UK. It'd be nice to have at least one sensible Government in the English Speaking World.


Doesn't anyone but I look at TM's cites?

As I said the "Drezner" cite takes you to Marsh--Here's the Drezner cite for real:>Drezner

Original MikeS

We are so lucky to have a leader with the courage to apologize for all the evil we've been doing in the world. Doesn't it just make you feel like everyone is going to like us soon?


I do, clarice, but you had already said it went to Taylor Marsh.


The shorter Obama.

"We need your oil,we need your money.What can we do to Israel that will please you?"

Amused Bystander

Here is the best short analysis of it all I've seen in a week or two.




Just put that to the music of the Petshop Boyd and it'll be a hit.


Oh, he did not say that. Surely, he didn't say that. Mr. clinging to their guns and religion did not say that.

Hilarious, Sue.

I'll add that our POTUS doesn't necessarily have a talent for fairly representing his opponents' points of view.
Perhaps all of his so called people behind closed doors are yet more strawmen.


Gee, Tommy, perhaps the reason they say one thing and do another is that they are sitting on top of Islamist powder kegs and the divide between rich and poor is so incredible that everyone else hates the Gulf Arabs and are being bought off in one way shape or form. Or that Mubarak runs one of the most corrupt, repressive governments in the world but is our ally, so it's okay to keep the lid on the Brotherhood and give lip service to peace with Israel. Or how about those wacky Sudanese, intellectually no different than the Mahdi 150 years ago? Can't we all just get along?

And the hell of it is, Tommy, I read a lot of this in your own damn books.

Original MikeS

I'll add that our POTUS doesn't necessarily have a talent for fairly representing his opponents' points of view.

"There are those on the other side who say, we should just enslave all the Hispanics, slap all the children, and kick all the puppies..."


Good stuff, AB.

--When will people grow sick of this guy's act?--

The marching morons receiving goodies from him in this country will never even know it's an act.
However the cutthroats and legitimate leaders alike from across the various ponds already know what a poser he is and are licking their chops and scared to death, respectively already.

Of course all good politicians and poker players know you NEVER say the same thing in public that you do behind closed doors, so the bandits will never admit they're busting the wheels off his little red wagon nor will our allies admit that he has just betrayed another one of them in public, but both will be happenning just the same.

The worst thing is, it is just this kind of faux-sophisticated, provincial, peacenik boob who tends to get himself in a bind and then half the world is blown up trying to get out of it.

Danube of Thought

I've never thought it made sense for anybody to apologize for something someone else did. It's cheap, easy, self-serving and dishonorable. And Bill Clinton and Barack Obama are the masters of it.

Thomas Collins

I'm glad I'm enjoying Shreveport, because this latest Obama comment has put me over the edge. Even total bozos understand that a necessary (albeit not sufficient) condition to successful diplomacy is to say one thing behind closed doors and another in public. My only hope is that Obama recognizes this and thinks that this BSing serves some useful purpose. But I doubt it.

On another topic, I did drive near Vicksburg, Porchlight, but unfortunately I wasn't able to visit the National Military Park.

Bete Obama, Fils Ubarf.

Yeah, DoT, what subjects for Moliere both of them would make. Even worse, and a related thing, is apologizing for something which needs no apology, the left having made shameful so many things for which to be proud. And Ignatz, I agree, this deluded tyro is about to make an epic mistake. Gawd halp use awl, wi ar stuk in Murika wid 10en tousan Idiockies in som sharg.


Next time, TC, I'm sure you'll make it. Glad you're enjoying Shreveport. While you're there, my husband recommends an old school diner called Murrell's - a favorite of his family's when he was growing up.

In other Civil War battlefield news, Mr. Porchlight's band played a Ronald McDonald House benefit this past weekend on a beautiful farm in Sharpsburg, MD. The property was part of the extended Antietam battlefield, and the gracious host gave "a box of lead" to the band, to be divided up amongst them. We are now the proud owners of a lead rifle bullet, about which I know nothing.

Loni Anderson was also at the show and shook the hands of everyone in the band. That made almost as big an impression as the box of lead.

Amused Bystander

Of course, The Won is just a front man in all of this.


Typepad ate my response to TC about Vickburg. Suffice it to say, it was brilliant. The short of it was if you love history, you have to go there.

Parking Lot


((undermining Egypt's aging, authoritarian but secular President Hosni Mubarak,))

I am wondering if a component part of 0's program is disenfranchising anyone over 50. snubbing the queen, 31 year old in charge of GM etc. etc. aka hubris discounting wisdom of the elders.


That seems extraordinary "stupid and futile gesture, and he's just the one to do it"


“Stop saying one thing behind closed doors and saying something else publicly.”

Did O just empower the silent majority?


If Obama messes around in the Mediterranean the EU will screw him up.
BTW Are you sure he is playing the Great Game or is he one the other side?


He's playing Crazy 8s and the world is playing poker...just wait til he shows his "winning" hand and gets schooled on the difference between a child's game and an adult one...

Rick Ballard

The trip has all the import of his evening in NY with Snookie Wookie. Keep the focus off the Dance of the Zombies and the fact that Citi was delisted as well as GM.

I wonder what's in store after his empty handed return? Juggling? A unicycle spin around the WH? Dwarf tossing in the Rose Garden?

Remember the shocking stories about corporate tax payments having fallen by 30+% in Q1? Q2 is running at -40+% (YoY v '08). Personal withholding and individual taxes (self-employed) are also running significantly lower than Q1.

Better keep runnin' Bammy, there's something mean and ugly behind you and it's gaining.

Soylent Red

Imagine my surprise today when I found out the U.S. was a Muslim nation. And here all this time I thought that was what I was working to prevent. So naturally I took a long lunch, then strolled back in to the shop and declared, "Well boys...we're too late. Might as well pack up our desks and call the realtor."

WRT Vicksburg...take the Antebellum house tour. If my schedule ever clears out I want to do the bi-annual dinner tour (I forget the name) where you dress in your favorite Civil War attire and go from house to house.

BTW...I saw the most beautiful woman I have ever seen in my life right across the river at a junk store called Crazy Bob's in Tallulah, LA. Crazy Bob's is worth a look if you're the neighborhood. Lots of, erm, peculiar religious icons for sale their. I'll bet the selection of gaudy Obamamania items is unbelievable.


What's all this crap about "the Israelis need to get off this path they're on."

That's called "not imposing a solution."


A key part of his message, he said, will be: “Stop saying one thing behind closed doors and saying something else publicly.”

I guess what he's telling us that his administration will not engage in the time-honored practice of back-channel diplomacy, and that the most we can hope for in terms of getting actual results is his own front-and-center silver-tongued charm with foreign leaders.

Heaven help us.

Jim Miller

Off topic, but here's something I have been wondering about: The economy is in bad shape, right? Which means we, or at least some of us, will have to sacrifice for a bit.

Now, can anyone name a single thing that either Barack or Michelle has sacrificed, or even promised to sacrifice?


He's playing Crazy 8s and the world is playing poker...just wait til he shows his "winning" hand and gets schooled on the difference between a child's game and an adult one...

Yeah. It'd be nice to have a president who was ready for big-boy pants.


They cluelessly sacrifice their dignity daily, but I don't think that is what you had in mind. Besides, that's not a voluntary sacrifice... more of a reversion to type.

Captain Hate

3. Iran deserves nuclear power.

This is great: A bunch of 6th century rock worshipers are to be trusted with this technology but we aren't; just like we can't dig for oil here but the Iranians can.

Maybe a really deep thinker like Brian Williams can make sense of that.


"Now, can anyone name a single thing that either Barack or Michelle has sacrificed"

Pakistan civilians?

Rick Ballard

I wonder if "say one thing behind closed doors" is referring to Bibi telling him to stuff it? Could be. Prime Minister Netanyahu is an actual leader, he would have no problem telling Buck Zero - Progressive Hero exactly where to get off.

Captain Hate

Buck Zero - Progressive Hero

I'm attempting to stay optimistic in these trying times; maybe the nation can unite behind finding entertaining alt.names for Tan Caligula.

Jim Ryan

Daniel Pipes today, A Rapid and Harsh Turn Against Israel.

Rick Ballard


His motto is "to Insolvency - and beyond".


Barack "You're paying" Obama

Soylent Red

Pakistan civilians?

Dammit. I was going to say "The State of Israel...soon".

Captain Hate

Reparations of some sorts



Apologies for going OT, but what with all this apologizing going on I was wondering if Obama had yet apologized to the Russians. I don't believe that he has and if he hasn't I'm worried that he might need to apologize to the Russians for not apologizing to the Russians while apologizing to everybody else. So I punched up google and entered "Obama apologizes to" and left the rest blank.
Instantly the block below "Google" was filled with these options:

-Obama apologizes to Special Olympics
-Obama apologizes to Iran
-Obama apologizes to Muslims
-Obama apologizes to Europe
-Obama apologizes to Nancy Reagan
-Obama apologizes to Germany
-Obama apologizes to Arabs
-Obama apologizes to Limbaugh
-Obama apologizes to Middle East
-Obama apologizes to Queen

But no Russia. Hmmm. I thought he had apologized to Latin America, so I googled "Obama apologizes to Latin America" and sure enough, there it was:
-Obama apologizes to Latin America, just above
-Obama apologizes to Las Vegas

So maybe he had apologized to Russia and my initial "Google" search just didn't have room to include it.
A new late night mission now lay before me! Who has our President not apologized to?

Being logical about this I started with letter A (ie) "Obama apologizes to A", figuring I'd go through the alphabet. That didn't work well, because it linked immediately to:

-Obama apologizes for America's arrogance, and
-Obama goes to France to call America arrogant

Shoot. So back to the drawing board. This time I tried not simply a letter, and instead decided to start with an "A" country. For starters I entered "Obama apologizes to America" and instantly got 10 plus pages of;

-Obama apologizes For America, or
-Obama apologizes to Germany for America or
-Obama apologizes for America's Runaway Capitalism

Crud. This was going nowhere fast. So then I figured I'd just have to do this the hard way, entering each country or racial/sexual/socio-economic group as it sprang to mind and watching what came up:

-Obama apologizes to Pakistan
-Obama apologizes to Afghanistan
-Obama apologizes to Feinstein

Stein, 'stan, what's the difference I thought...

-Obama apologizes to Muslim Women for pics snub
-Obama apologizes for pushing Race Stories
-Obama apologizes to Spain

Ughh, that was taking forever. So instead I figured I'd maybe beat the system by seeing who demanded an Obama apology. In the Google blank box I entered "Demands Obama Apology". Instantly 10 plus pages worth:

-Muslim woman demands Obama apology
-Tutu demands Obama apology
-Ahmahdinejad demands Obama apology
-Nevada Governor demands Obama apology
-Lou Dobbs demands Obama apology
-Muslim Brotherhood demands Obama apology
-Mexico demands Obama apology
-North Korea demands Obama apology
-McCain demands Obama apology

What, no Castro? Oh, there it was;
-Castro demands Gitmo, not an apology.
And as for McCain, apparently he got an Obama apology, but only for the undemanded
- McCain's tortured arms can't use a computer comment, not for the demanded;
-"Palin's a pig wearing lipstick comment."

Well, that's better than most. In the "apologized to Obama" category is;

-Bob Kerrey apologizes to Obama
-Hillary Clinton apologizes to Obama
-Mike Huckabee apologizes to Obama
-John McCain apologizes to Obama
-Jesse Jackson apologizes to Obama
-JOM women apologize to Obama (just joking:)

Gad, who hasn't apologized to Obama?

-Ted Kennedy didn't apologize for his Osama/Obama mix-up, but
-Chris Matthews did apologize for his Osama/Obama mix-up
-Joe Lieberman wouldn't apologize to Tom Brokaw for Obama attacks, while
- Tom Brokaw pressed Joe Lieberman to apologize for Obama attacks

And best of all,

-Mitt Romney won't apologize to Obama for criticizing Obama for apologizing.

So don't worry Russia. What with all that apologizing going on, I don't think Obama's forgotten you guys, I just don't think he's found the time yet to squeeze your's in. And since you guys were our sworn enemies for 50 years, I'm positive you'll get one before he starts doling them out to any of our traditional allies.


Captain Hate

Most impressive, daddy!

Here's something a little less so: In a gesture, Mr. Obama conceded at the beginning of his remarks that tension "has been fed by colonialism that denied rights and opportunities to many Muslims, and a Cold War in which Muslim-majority countries were often treated as proxies without regard to their own aspirations."

"And I consider it part of my responsibility as president of the United States to fight against negative stereotypes of Islam wherever they appear," he said.

Where in the Constitution did that scholar find that? That's the ticket: Colonialism is the only impediment to the aspirations of the Caliphate being realized.

Aides said the schedule also would afford Mr. Obama time to talk to Egyptian journalists and young people.

The campaign continues.....

tea anyone

It may be faster and easier to list who/what the O man has NOT apologized to/for.

Just sayin'.....


Well, Considering that he's stripping Elmendorf of their fighter complement,
cut back the number of GBI and their
bases, sent his lackey Begich, yes that
chipmunk cheeked fool, to complain about
lack of progress on the AGIA line, we know
who he'll never apologize to. Or has no need or desire to apologize to him,


OK, this is a little OT, but here is a paragraph from a story on Air France 447 that I found on Drudge:

"A Spanish newspaper said a transatlantic airline pilot reported seeing a bright flash of white light at the same time the Air France flight disappeared.

"Suddenly we saw in the distance a strong, intense flash of white light that took a downward, vertical trajectory and disappeared in six seconds," the pilot of an Air Comet flight from Lima to Madrid told his company, the El Mundo newspaper reported. "We did not hear any communication on any emergency or air to air frequency either before or after this event."

A spokesman for Madrid-based airline Air Comet was not immediately available to confirm the El Mundo article, which cited a report the pilot submitted to his company."

Now excuse me. I know that they have indicated that the weather "might" have been bad (and I would assume that they would have the radar to prove it) But planes fly through bad weather every day.

And I've also read that stated that the closest lightening strike was 150 miles away.

I don't know how they can claim that it wasn't a bomb. How could they prove that yet?

And why would no one claim responsibility? How about because this was a trial run, and next time they'll bring down 8 or 9 on the same day.


I don't know how they can claim that it wasn't a bomb. How could they prove that yet?

The one little blurb I read said they though the fuel slick on the ocean wasn't consistent with a bomb. Although, a bomb in a pressurized compartment, designed to breach it, wouldn't necessarily set the fuel ablaze. It wouldn't take a very big bomb to compromise an airliner.


"Much has been made of the fact that an African-American with the name Barack Hussein Obama could be elected President.

Isn't it interesting we couldn't use that name before the election?


Did anyone else catch that speech?

My head is still spinning.


Jane I'm avoiding Ibama's speech. I already knew what he was going to say before he said it.

Just assume the worst with him and you'll never be disappointed.


Two novels, John Weisman's Direct Action, and more recently Emily Benedek's Red Sea, both reference this type of incident; the later is based on a Houston reporter's investigations.


Po, assuming that it was a bomb, you're right, it probably would have been a small one.

And I don't see that all the fuel would have necessarily caught on fire. Especially if the plane broke into pieces.


What a sad day for our country. And for Israel. I hope the American Jews that voted for this man are proud of themselves today.


And for Israel. I hope the American Jews that voted for this man are proud of themselves today.


I thought of that too, and just shook my head.


They won't even know, Sue and Jane. Most of them are in blue cities and read only blue press which will never make clear what he's doing.
I never quite understood until know what people meant by "ignorance is bliss". When you really see what Ibama is doing, it makes you angry. Better to just ride the tide in blissful ignorance.



Two things always astonish me in not being mentioned when discussing Islam and its miltancy;
1) That there were at least 25 offensive Jihad's during the lifetime of the Prophet

2) That unlike the other 2 peoples of the Book (Jews and Christians) only the Muslims still have an identifiable enemy still extant on this planet that their sacred text explicitly cites in multiple texts as enemies, as enemies worth fighting against, and if you die in fighting those enemies you will be rewarded with an afterlife in Paradise. Those enemies, as explicitly mentioned many times in the Koran, are Jews, Christian, Pagans, Infidels, and Unbelievers. The other 2 Book peoples have no similar extant enemies, and therefore no Scriptural instructions in the sacred text to murder any peoples for any rewards whatever in the afterlife.

To put it another way. If I was Pol Pot with a penchant for mass murder, and I converted to a Fundamentalist form of Judaism, adherence to the sacred Jewish Text would not identify an identifiable enemy for me, nor encourage me to to fight them, nor reward me for dying while fighting them

Ditto If Pol Pot converted to Christianity.

But if Pol Pot converted to Islam, Katy bar the door.

To miss that, to not see that and acknowledge that as a fundamental difference of massive consequence in this modern world is an incomprehensible blindness. Why the Larry King's of the world don't see that astonishes me. I can only attribute it to cowardice, stupidity or ignorance.

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