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June 07, 2009



Fabulous Narciso. How many people are aware of just how close Castro's ties are to our enemies in the Middle East? Do we think he just sits there surrounded by sugar plantations waiting for the next hurricane?

Well,if you relied on the analysis of apologists like Fulton Armstrong and his star employee Ana Montes, you'd get that impression...

Old Lurker

Rick, Bernanke is in an interesting tough spot of his own damn making. His term is up in January and he wants to stay. But Obama wants to exert the sort of political control that must never happen at the Fed.

The vigilantes awoke with a start when he crossed the line by involving the Fed in their socialist shenanigans, ruining/threatening his own rep at the time by being less independent and protective of the currency than is expected of the Fed. His attempt last week to talk tough about the deficits was even too little too late as his remarks seemed coordinated with WaPo and others whose real agenda is even more tax increases. If you poke sticks at the vigilantes, they will swallow your arm.

If he sells (or has sold) his soul to the looters, he will lose both arms.

Old Lurker

Wow. Ten year treasury at 3.81 at 945AM.


Great articles at AT - but which one is narciso?

And when will the annoying italics go away?


Boy I bet PUK is still in his cups! Even the Welch threw out the dirty socialists. I believe that is the first election since 1918 that Labour did not win there. A sea change. Labour in some places finishs 5TH!!!

Can we fast forward to 2010?


narciso, I look forward to that next article.


The question is can Obama's damage be reversed even if 2010 is a good year for Conservatives in the US?


Posted by: verner | June 08, 2009 at 06:32 AM

Did you know that Arafat and others went to Cuba to train in terroristic warfare? The Algerian that chased the French out of Algiers was one of the others. Cubas ties to terrorists of the Islamic persuasion is not unknown to our media. They choose to ignore it, for political reasons one would assume.


Bravo clarice, verner, and narciso. I couldn't keep all those details straight.

And it looks like Obama is using some CAC accounting methods to announce accelerated "stimulus" spending. My back of the envelope deficit calculation of 2.5 Trillion might just happen after all (most high end estimates put it at 2.2 T).


" .. They choose to ignore it ..."

I'd argue that they choose to hide it, not just ignore it ... for the same political reasons you think, Clarice.


Sorry, sue and Clarice. Mixed up my references.



No problem. You can confuse me with Clarice anytime. Did you know she was really Angelina Jolie? ::grin::


It was encapsulated in a letter to the editor, Jane, a good deal of the piece, overlapped with Clarice's backgrounder, one wonders was Myers, one of Belen Montes
professors at John Hopkins, Verner, you'd be surprised how far back this network goes. Since I didn't have the published record that Belen Montes had, I guess the DIA didn't give me a second look, but my undergraduate work did focus on what we could call area studies, Latin American,
African,(dejavu with a vengeance nowadays) as well as American Government and their relationships. Even in the graduate program, I managed to do a little work on Argentina, under the guise of a paper on international economics. Some of the events that Clarice was around like the subject of the Church Committee inquiries.American covert operation, from the beginning, I wrote papers on. as well as a paper on drug policy which had some tidbits, M. Simon, master antiprohibitionist activist, wasn't aware about.


"My back of the envelope deficit calculation of 2.5 Trillion might just happen after all (most high end estimates put it at 2.2 T)."

What happens if tax receipts keep dropping? I didn't think it cold go over 2.5 trillion(which, BTW, is a DEFICIT larger than Bush's last budget) but, maybe he can pull it off.

Old Lurker

fdcol: "even if 2010 is a good year for Conservatives in the US?"

Can't beat somebody with nobody.


Jane: Narciso is in the Blog section at AT - a letter to the editor that was excerpted.


OL, true. Whose gonna step up to the plate?

At least in FL, it looks like Rubio will challenge Crist for Martinez's Senate seat.


We need a set of reporters to cover the reporters! A TMZ for "journalists". The MSM is lazy, and they just print up talking points issued by leftist organizations, or the Dems. (I repeat myself). These reporters seem to be either best friends, neighbors, husbands/wives,... of their sources. The Dana Priest/ Goodfellow marriage, the Walter Pincus article written in Feb. 2007 which was just a report by Sen. Levin (D-Mich.), rather than the ACTUAL report by the Pentagon Inspector General.


Pravda on the Potomac.


Can't beat somebody with nobody.

Speaking of which, what is with these idiots?

Sarah Palin in, then out, back in -and now again out of fundraising dinner

Palin’s staff had even been sent an agenda with the governor’s speaking slot included.

But then a finance official with the NRSC called Palin aide Meg Stapleton Saturday night to say that Sessions didn’t want Palin to speak.

Recounting the conversation Sunday, Stapleton said she told the NRSC staffer: “Why, at a time when we’re trying to build the party, would you pull a move like that on somebody who earlier in the day just attracted 20,000 people?”

Answer: So as not to upstage Newt Gingrich, as if he has a future in electoral politics.


Mention of Jeremiah Wright's multiple decades Cuba connection here, including a 1984 visit along with Jesse Jackson. I think this was about the time Alinskyite Obama became entranced with Wright, who in a speech this week called him "his son".


The challenge is on, fdcol, and the NRSC got on the wrong side of it, Crist is the Southern fried Specter, "slouching toward
Washington" he's for cap n trade, most parts of the national health care plan, ambivalent on offshore drilling.

AS to the next piece; here's an excerpt from the source material, I read the original in the El Nuevo Herald, but it didn't come to prominence until after September 11th:

The old relationships continued for years. On May 15, 2001, Fidel Castro arrived in Syria with the published purpose of strengthening ties with old allies in the Middle East. He was greeted by President Assad at Damascus airport. The subsequent conversations between the leaders included promises of future mutual support.

On May 7, 2001, the New York Times published an article which quoted Fidel Castro as saying that, “Iran and Cuba together can bring America to its knees.” The article stated that Castro had visited Iran, Syria, and Libya, all of which Washington had designated as sponsors of terrorism. On May 10, 2001, Reuters reports indicate that Fidel Castro told Iranians during his visit to Tehran University on the previous day that, “the imperialist king is destined to fall soon.” Agence France Press documented these reports that were later published by other news agencies. The Cuban government now denies the statements were made and has instructed its foreign agents of influence to deny the Castro quotes. Agence France Press stands by its reporting.(pg 25)

So by these lights, they should haveinvaded Havana, not Kandahar and Baghdad. So Bolton was onto even more than he knew.



All the deficit talk from 03-07 obsecured the fact that the deficit numbers were improving. In 2007 it was 165 billion and even with the financial meltdown in 2008 the deficit came in at 455 billion, most of that being the first round of TARP. The 09 budget was a disaster because the Dems made sure most of it was left undone, funding government with continuing resolutions, so a Democrat administration would sign off on their spending priorities. 09 and 10 budgets are an unfolding disaster and sometime soon, maybe even right about this next Treasury auction if it is bad enough, the Administration is going to have to come up with serious budget cuts and tax increases.


narciso, I share your sentiments on Crist and the NRSC. LOL


Correction; pg 15, of the "HISTORICAL ASSESSMENTOF TERRORIST ACTIVITY AND NARCOTIC TRAFFICKING BY THE REPUBLIC OF CUBA" So Cuba ends up being the "Kevin Bacon in this scenario.

Old Lurker

What Ext said at 1101....



Leave it up to the NRSC to put up a bunch of Dem-lite with a thick coating of DC insider just when the mood of the country is shifting. I also wish that Gov. Palin had better political advisors esepically if she is planning on winning a second term as Alaska's governor and then running her own presidential race in 2012. That situation with the NRSC, and really all the dealings she's had with the DC establishment, have come across as amateurish from both sides.


Actually Rich, there was never aconfirmation
on CPAC, yet the ACU kept the promise open. there was a mixup with the NRSC/NRCC dinner, but seeing their track record I'd say they were most at fault. She notified the NRA about her daughter's graduation, yet they held out until the week before,
to tell their membership, they ended up with Romney and McCain, and a short blurb
in the Boston Herald. I thought we might have to look for the convention, on the side of milk cartons, frankly.

So getting back to the subject at hand, one sees why Fulton Armstrong, seemed to be running defense for all these clowns, and he's slated to be the NSC director for Latin America


I should withdrawl my 11:31. Drudge has it flagged up-"I told you so"-on Fox with Hannity tonight.

Ouch. Don't know if it is just some red meat to boost ratings, but I'll be watching.

Old Lurker

Your 1131 was right on, Rich...leave it alone.

Dem-lites and retreaded has-beens will not get us to the Promised Land.

Where oh where is the Newt of 1991-2 prepping for 94?


Here's a taste from the Drudge slug:

PALIN: That’s how I feel! I feel like… and I think that more and more constituents are going to open their eyes now and open their ears to hear what is really going on and realize ok… Maybe we didn’t have a good way of expressing that, or articulating that message of ‘here is what America could potentially become if we grow government to such a degree that we cannot pay for it and we have to borrow money from other countries, some countries that don’t necessarily like America.

And this many months into the new administration, quite disappointed, quite frustrated with not seeing those actions to rein in spending, slow down the growth of government. Instead Sean it is the complete opposite. It’s expanding at such a large degree that if Americans aren’t paying attention, unfortunately our country could evolve into something that we do not even recognize.

And she does say, "Told Ya So"



I should revise and extend my remarks. Gov. Palin's political staff doesn't seem to fully understand (though they probably do now) that the DC establishment would like to kneecap her and the DC establishment will go out of their way to embarrass her and air out the amateruishness to the media. They don't care as long as they have a place at the trough. The McCain campaign obviously didn't deploy her right and are still smarting from the loss, but she has to differentiate herself from that campaign and reintroduce herself to the state level GOP organizations around the country.

She has credibility on Western state issues-like land use and federal ownership-that can translate to public policy (take for instance the Interior department pulling the leases from Togass) and a serious criticism of capricious federal government can be made. That criticism can then be shared in places like the Northeast on serious issues that effect them, like the AMT, but also making sure Dodd gets dirtied up and his sweetheart loan deals and Irish cottage exposed and linked as part of the problem because he likes to raise taxes.

Danube of Thought

Congrats to our three stars--a hell of a lot of talent comint out of this wonderful little spot.

I wish we could generate more of a drumbeat on the subject of the 2008 budget--it is most definitely NOT George Bush's budget. He never signed it, and it was created entirely by the Democratic congress, including you-know-who. Just one more in the long list of little falsehoods that go right past a credulous media.


She has credibility on Western state issues-like land use and federal ownership-that can translate to public policy

I wonder if she could even get traction in California. Not just because of the fiscal trainwreck there, but if I'm not mistaken they also have Federalism issues related to water, among other things. Of course it doesn't help that Ahnold is a R(INO).



Or the fact that there is at least 10 billion barrels of oil, if not more, sitting tapped and capped not far from Danube of Thought. I like that CA idea as well, but I know nothing about CA state politics except that the CA GOP seems about as bad as the DC establishment.


Blevins can resume anonymous blogging any time he sees fit.

Publius, who chose to engage in Ad hom. attacks, not so much.

Thomas Jackson

Why the outrage about the outing of an idiot who was braying from the ivory tower? As goes AJ so goes Willis.


"but she has to differentiate herself from that campaign and reintroduce herself to the state level GOP organizations around the country. "

Absolutely. Sarah talking the McCain talking points may not have been all that convincing. Sarah talking Sarah is a damn good show.

And, anyway, what is so controversial about her views, in the first place? Why would the mainstream of the Republican party run from her? Are they more scared of the Dim's and criticism by the media than they are faithful to their own platforms? If you look at Sarah Palin's actual policy positions, I fail to see anything that should be anywhere out of the conservative mainstream, and she even comes up pretty moderate on social issues. Is it just that she's the "outsider" from Alaska? Is the insider DC club, regardless of party, that exclusive?


And, Oh yeah, she consistently draws wwaaayyyyy bigger crowds than anybody else in the Republican party.

Hyman Roth

Whelan and Publius/Blevins were discussing the Sotomayor nomination (as they had previously discussed the Koh nomination), and in the course of evaluating Sotomayor's qualifications, Publius writes:

[Ed Whelan is] “essentially a legal hitman” who “pores over [a nominee’s] record, finds some trivial fact that, when distorted and taken totally out of context, makes that person look like some sort of extremist.”

And in posting that publicly, Publius/Blevins made himself fair game. Sorry, jerk. Next time refrain from ad hominem attacks.


Some further examples from the Hannity interview:

On where President Obama is taking the economy:
"A lot of this is wrapped in good rhetoric but we're not seeing those actions. And this many months into the new administration, quite disappointed, quite frustrated with not seeing those actions to rein in spending, slow down the growth of government. Instead Sean, it is the complete opposite. It's expanding at such a large degree that if Americans aren't paying attention, unfortunately our country could evolve into something that we do not even recognize. Certainly that is so far from what the founders of our country had in mind for us."

On government spending/General Motors:
"America is digging a deeper hole - and how are we paying for this government largesse? We're borrowing. We're borrowing from China and when you consider that now we own sixty percent of General Motors - or the U.S. government does. But who is the U.S. government becoming more indebted to? It's China. So that leads you to have to ask - who is really going to own our car industry in America?"

On whether or not she misses being in the "spotlight" since the end of the campaign:
"I love my time in Alaska. At the same time though I crave, if not my voice, other voices out there being bold, being strong letting Americans know that those that are concerned about the growth of government and about national security issues, they're not alone. There are others who are empathizing and more than empathizing are wanting to take action to make sure that economically and physically that our homeland is safe and secure

The rumors coming from Greg Sargent, is that Sessions, is acting like Mortimer Duke
from Trading Places, 'turn those machines back on" trying to get her reinvited, for a third time. They had their chance, they blew it, she said more in 5 minutes, without
hyperbole, than Newt says in half an hour.


I can't wait for yet another appeal from the NRSC


A blast from the past

EPIC Forum 2002


Aw jeez...the whole thing was there in preview. That's from the 2002 EPIC Forum.


June 8, 10:39 PM

My Apologies to Publius [Ed Whelan]

On reflection, I now realize that, completely apart from any debate over our respective rights and completely apart from our competing views on the merits of pseudonymous blogging, I have been uncharitable in my conduct towards the blogger who has used the pseudonym Publius. Earlier this evening, I sent him an e-mail setting forth my apology for my uncharitable conduct. As I stated in that e-mail, I realize that, unfortunately, it is impossible for me to undo my ill-considered disclosure of his identity. For that reason, I recognize that Publius may understandably regard my apology as inadequate.


Powerline tke the opposite view of so many here:

Leveling the Playing Field

"Ed's decision to expose Professor Blevins has generated a considerable amount of discussion on the internet. My view is that "publius." having elected to debate Ed, has no complaint. For in a debate between a blogger who identifies himself and one who doesn't, the anonymous blogger has an unfair advantage -- he is not constrained by the full range of consequences normally associated with being exposed as dishonest, sloppy, or unintelligent. The same is true if there is no debate and the anonymous blogger simply goes after someone like Ed. Therefore, once Blevins took Ed on, it was not improper for Ed to place Blevins under the normal constraints.

Now that Ed has removed Blevins' cover, he will have an incentive to produce better work on the internet. Whether he is capable of producing such work remains to be seen.

JOHN adds: Anonymity is the curse of the internet, and the principal reason for the dismally low level of discourse that generally prevails online. Which is why we have absolutely banned anonymous comments from our experimental comment system. In my opinion, the idea that a goofball like Blevins has some sort of "right" to smear Whelan anonymously, without taking responsibility for his assaults, is ridiculous. Be a man, for God's sake. Or, for that matter, a woman--you don't see Michelle Malkin, say, scurrying out from under a rock to issue anonymous attacks. If you can't muster the gumption to say who the hell you are and stand behind your words, my view is: get lost. You have nothing to contribute."

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