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June 23, 2009


Rick Ballard


I don't recall the Iranians engaging in "billing for bullets" before. It's a Chicom tactic used to complement their "kill the chicken to scare the monkey" state terrorism. It should work fairly well in Iran. Aside from the sliver of the population which provides the sample bias necessary to impute western ideals to a population which is quite capable of filling the streets of Tehran with mobs screaming "Death to the Great Satan" tomorrow, the general peasantry of both countries share many characteristics which make them amenable to totalitarian rule.


Obama was right, though. It does require a nuanced response. Except his initial response was a slap in the face to anyone concerned with human rights.

He lectured the Iranian government in Cairo, and they responded in an expected fashion: "Stay out of our affairs".

Nationalism is very strong in Iran and crosses political factions. While Ahmedinejad may be reprehensible to the moderates, he is still their president. Their liberals are far more conservative than our conservatives. Progress would be women not being beaten for wearing stylish jeans or watching whatever the ME equivalent of MTV is.

We do need to reiterate our support for human rights, but we must also reinforce the message of self determination. Obama's brand of realpolitik is nowhere near Kissinger's devious level, and he blew it on the first hole, as the golfers would say.


Obama was right, though. It does require a nuanced response. Except his initial response was a slap in the face to anyone concerned with human rights.

He lectured the Iranian government in Cairo, and they responded in an expected fashion: "Stay out of our affairs".

Nationalism is very strong in Iran and crosses political factions. While Ahmedinejad may be reprehensible to the moderates, he is still their president. Their liberals are far more conservative than our conservatives. Progress would be women not being beaten for wearing stylish jeans or watching whatever the ME equivalent of MTV is.

We do need to reiterate our support for human rights, but we must also reinforce the message of self determination. Obama's brand of realpolitik is nowhere near Kissinger's devious level, and he blew it on the first hole, as the golfers would say.



I think you got an Instalaunch for your early comment.

GMax, I'm jealous. Pure and simple.


--Shorter Chaco--

Shorter cleo....oh sorry.
Pricks don't get any shorter than cleo.

Danube of Thought

"Think things would be looking any better (for the US) in Persia?"

Hard to say. We do know to a certaintly that as president, McCain would have been an immediate, ringing and forceful voice of support for the demonstrators, and would have condemned the government unequivocally. One can never be sure of either the short- or long-term effect of such support, but the effect of the absence of it is obvious to all.

Most folks are calling it Iran these days.



It's possible the WH didn't know the question ahead of time. I'm not sure why I should believe them (or Pitney) on that score, however. Either way, Obama's people knew he'd only take a limited number of questions on Iran and handpicking one of the reporters was the best effort they could make to control those questions.

Another thing - how did they know Pitney wouldn't reveal before the presser that he'd been handpicked? Did they ask him not to say anything? Their confidence on this suggests they've been down this road before. If no one calls them on it, they will probably continue, and next time someone might agree to a planted question. It's a bad precedent.


Never let it be said, that I would obscure any contrary evidence, about Mousavi's C.V. in the LUN. However. Bob Baer seems to forget that people read his first book, and in it, he ties the operation to Feridoun Nezhi Neshad, who was one of contacts in Iran Contra, and was later responsible for one of the bombings in Buenos Aires. Or the fact that his revisionist novel "Blow the House Down" ties KSM to Iran, not AQ.

Rob Crawford

Please .. will somebody tell Mr. Obama that there isn't a chance in hell that there will be a second "stimulus" after the "world class" screwup of a "stimulus" that Congress already passed.

On the other hand, maybe people won't buy into the "government spending is stimulus" BS and we'll try something novel, like letting people keep the money they earn.


Why should we give the benefit of the doubt on whether it was a planted question or not? It was obviously choreographed. Has that happened in the past, say, with Bush? Was Bush able to choreograph press conference questions? Whoever this Pitney used to be, he's now Jeff Gannon to me, and I expect to see pics of his gay escort ads by tomorrow.

Frau Roggenbrot

The WSJ interactive of Iran's govt. (JMHanes' link at 5:52) reminds me of what I remember about Uncle George's Open Society: an oligarchy of elites with the real power coupled with a limited democracy to deceive the voters about their power.

Rob Crawford

an oligarchy of elites with the real power coupled with a limited democracy to deceive the voters about their power.

You mean a typical Democrat-run city machine?

Melinda Romanoff


Thanks for the earlier link. That was, by far the most superior mock ever handed down.

I really needed that.

Especially after a DWYPLH day.


This might look weird but I have to admit I am also a little suspicious of the death of Neda. It seems odd that she steps out of the car for a second and she is just standing there in a crowd and apparently is targeted and shot right through the chest long distance. But most deaths were because of beatings. Or lots of shooting, not just one bullet. Where was her fiance in all of this? I'm wondering if some one might not use the cover of a crowd as an excuse to kill his girlfriend if say he doesn't approve of her demonstrating. Just wondering.


Yeah, it would have been cool for Bush to have phoned Fox News ahead of time to set up a nice question on Iraq. After all, they did the best reporting on Iraq.

White House solicited question on Iran from writer

Imagine the sense of misplaced confidence in the White House these days?

Ralph L

I heard part of the presser. A reporter mentioned someone's complaint about Obamacare and then asked, "Why are they wrong?"


I thought that Jeff Stein story, seemed suspiciously convenient, so doing a little googling I got this bit from John Weisman, who portrayed a dysfunctional CIA in 2003,
as real as Ishmael Jones, non fiction account:

On October 25, the chief of naval
intelligence notified Lyons of an intercept of a message between Tehran and Damascus that had been made on or about September 26, 1983. The message had been sent from MOIS [the Iranian Ministry of Information and Security] to the Iranian ambassador in Syria, Ali Akbar Mohtashemi….The message directed the ambassador to contact Hussein Musawi, the leader of the terrorist group Islamic Amal, and to instruct [Musawi to] have his group instigate attacks against the multinational coalition in Lebanon, and to take a spectacular action against the United States Marines."

This is infuriating because one, there is no doubt what the target would have been quite obvious, but the chain of command seems to go from the MOIS to the Iranian ambassador, onward.


"Mr. President... (Oh how I love saying that. May I say it again?)

Mr. PRESident...

After your seminal Cairo speech to the Muslim world, women whom you've so astutely recognized have the universal right to wear the hijab are taking to the streets in Iran, some unable to survive the experience.

Your effectiveness, sir... Well, who could deny that it has no bounds?

Well done, sir. Well done. And thank you for giving me the opportunity to extoll the wonders of your leadership.

Thank you again."


From the presser today:

If the Iranian government seeks the respect of the international community,

Where to start?

A. you don't seek respect, you earn it through your actions (that includes speaking out if that is the only action available).

B. Maybe the Iranians aren't seeking respect from the rest of the world but want the rest of the world to seek respect from them?

C. "Seeking" respect implies a hierarchical need for approval from those who are in a superior position to give it. Is Obama inferring that we are the superior and they the inferior in this relationship? Does he not realize this rhetoric is an insult to them?

D. You aren't a leader if you are looking to others for approval as they become the leaders and you but a servant to their needs.

His formula is nothing more than "do what I want, bitch, and I'll respect you in the morning."

Foreign policy based on "The Playa's Guide to Relationships."


From Drudge:

FLASH: CITIGROUP intends to raise salaries by up to 50%; Effort to halt exodus of top traders, bankers... Developing...

Wonder what coulda caused that????

Thomas Collins

Looks as if Al-Ahram thinks Obama and his world honcho pals are coddling the Iranians. see LUN (via MEMRI).


This was probably the LAST chance to encoursge the Iranians to overthrow the mullahs themselves before Israel is forced to go it alone to stop the mullahs' nuke development.

As most sane and rational people already know, the mullahs reflexively blame the US and the West for all of their problems, regardless of whether or not those claims are based on reality.

Obama's weak performance will be considered a collosal strategic failure on a par with that of Jimmy Carter in 1979.


"the notion circulating in the White House that Obama's Cairo speech triggered the Iranian uprising."

That would imply Obama is strongly in favor of the Iranian uprising. But what do we see? President "Real Possum" Obama slow off the mark to express any support at all for the protesters. When he finally gets around to it, his support for them is tepid at best.

Obama's own post-uprising performance itself is the best evidence available against the notion that his pre-uprising speech deserves the slightest credit for the uprising.


If anyone responds to Sylvia's ravings on this thread, be warned. My pistolas are loaded and my aim is excellent tonight.


Greta's having Dick Cavett on tonight in a few minutes.

I know you wouldn't forgive me if I failed to let you know of this must-see TV.


I knew that would be controversial Clarice. But murder of women, especially wives and girlfriends, is a constant throughout the world. And especially in a male dominated culture as a means of punishing women who disobey. Feel free to not respond. But I had to ask the question.


Now we know what stayed Owebama's mouth...

He's been bitch-slapped and is still offering some nookie.

He's not a Playa, he's done been played.



http://th02.deviantart.net/fs39/300W/f/2008/349/1/5/Maria_Pistolas_by_GENZOMAN.jpg>Postola packin' mama

Melinda Romanoff


Owebama plays craps and doesn't know who the patsy is.

Now who's arrogant?

Axelrod's and Rahm's advice doesn't play well outside of the borders, so it seems.

Go figure.

Thanks Stephanie, that was a pleasant reminder of things past.

Melinda Romanoff


to question someone's death as "convenient" is beyond poor taste, and creeps into DU "conspiracy" realm. Think about that.


He sent the Nowrouz message, which legitimated the regime, they launched the Saajal. He sent another message, they stole the election and started beating up
protesters. This refusal to cancel the 4th of July get together, after the death of Neda, was yet another message, What will it take for him to get it, rhetorical question
I know.


Maybe if they criticize Americorps..Just a suggestion

Melinda Romanoff


He "gets" it alright, the mullahs just don't seem to understand his nuance and nowness. He knows what's good for them as well, they just don't know it yet. He can still pull this out and look best by everyone.

Just you wait. He KNOWS best.


I don't understand the logic behind Obama, and the talking heads who agree with his handling of the Iran situation, claiming that it's necessary to take a cautious approach so as not to give the mullahs a reason to blame the U.S. for the uprisings.

Are they really not aware that the mullahs have been blaming us all along? Can anyone possibly be so naive as to think that a measured approach will prevent the mullahs from using the U.S. as a scapegoat and punching bag?



What happened to that old liberal mantra of "dissent is the highest form of patriotism"?

Pretentious American liberals felt heroic "speaking truth to power" over the "stolen" US elections of 2000 and 2004, but they apparently want Iranians to shut up and stop highlighting Obama's Carter-esque weakness and naivete.


Melinda, meet Clarice, who has been known to keep charged pistolas on hand and fire them without hesitation.

JM Hanes

Pitney’s outstanding reporting on Iran has been the best on the web, bar none. It's precisely the kind of journalism we’ve been begging for, so folks should make sure they read him before kissing him off.

I’m sure the White House has been following his updates along with everyone else. I’m sure they also know that Pitney kept a bleg at the top of his column all of yesterday soliciting potential questions from Iranians inside Iran — the same folks are taking serious risks to contribute info and video to his blog at all hours of the night and day.

Why wouldn’t the White House want to put him on the call list? Why wouldn’t they want to make sure that he had a spot in the room? If anybody deserved it, he did. The President’s lame response to his question should remove all doubt about whether Pitney was asked to submit it in advance, and it's not like Obama tried pretend that Pitney was a random choice. The President almost always calls on a WH Press reporter from each of the major networks, which is not exactly random either.

I’m no fan of the usual HuffPo drivel, but there are a lot of folks out there who are beginning to sound like the lefties who dismiss anything that comes from the Weekly Standard out of hand.


Melinda, I was discussing a work problem with a consultant today. He described an employee as someone who pitches without catching.

Illuminating. It is not worth talking to someone who pitches without catching.



This was the time to go for broke, and do whatever was necessary to encourage the Iranians to overthrow the mullahs themselves.

Had this occurred, we wouldn't have needed to worry too much about the mullahs retaliating in Iraq and elsewhere.

They would have been out of power and possibly dead.

Thomas Collins

His Transcendence's letter writing diplomacy doesn't appear to be too effective. He wrote a letter to Medvedev offering to scrap European missile defense if Dmitri would help in shutting down Iran's nuclear program. Now he writes a please pretty please letter to Khamenei (see Stephanie's LUN above). I wonder what types of messages he is emailing Medvedev and Khamenei on his Blackberry.

I don't think we should criticize His Transcendence's smoking habits. More inhaling of tobacco may not improve his strategic judgment, but it can't make things worse, and maybe if he keeps lighting up he won't have as much time for letter writing!

Melinda Romanoff


I am more familiar with "dem dere" pistolas, than you might imagine. I'm just trying to keep from getting "thwacked".

As a side exercise, since you like to use only three initials, try using only three on my name. Just as an exercise, of course.

Not that anyone from Chicago would try to be sneaky or anything...



Neda's boyfriend is on record as trying to talk her out of going to the rally but failing to convince her. But otherwise it doesn't sound like he'd want to kill her for going.

Melinda Romanoff

Where wasn't I "catching??!?

Sorry, typepad snuck all that stuff in there while I was typing.


Niters. I am handing the pistolas to sbw --he knows what to do with them.

BB Key

Barbara Slavin via Stephanie:

Mr.Fiddle meet Mr.Bow

Who is playing who?


I'll do whatever you consider the most courteous - Mel, Rom, M_R, Melinda. You name it.


Sorry, clarice, I've got a 5:30 wake-up call. [Tossing the loaded pistolas to the next available non-troll.]

Melinda Romanoff

Sorry, I was referring to a change I was forced to make due to work, back in the first week of April. No offense intended, and I hope you don't think I'm being a wise guy.

Mel is fine, and fits me as well.

And I still don't want to be "thwacked".

JM Hanes

sylvia never met a conspiracy theory she couldn't embrace, but she's gotten a couple of them right. She was one of the first folks ringing alarm bells over Obama's hinky fundraising with a gazillion, undocumented, donors under $200, for example. As I recall, folks virtually ignored her when she first raised that issue here. Months later, those same abuses were practically taken as a given.


I wonder what types of messages he is emailing Medvedev and Khamenei on his Blackberry.

TheOne: Call me, K???!?!?!?!

TheOne: Call me, k??????!?!?!?

TheOne: Did you get my msg????!!?!?!?

TheOne: Hellooooo, R U There???????????????

TheOne: Call me, plzzzzzzz!!!!!!!

TheOne: R U mad @ me, call me, k????!?!?!


--[Tossing the loaded pistolas to the next available non-troll.]--

Got 'em. Now where is sylvia hiding?


SBW, Fox just reported tha IBAMA's approval has slipped to 45% among independants--seems they finally realized that he was too far left. HaHaHa

Rick Ballard


This is what a real attempt to throw out the ayatollahs looked like. Note the number of hangings in the aftermath.

This time the ayatollahs have been very gentle in their public response. They have adopted the Chicom tactics of taking lots of pictures of demonstrators and I'm sure they have terabytes of twitter storage to peruse at their leisure. I don't anticipate as many public hangings because I believe that the islamofascists understand the effectiveness of the Chicoms adoption of the desaparecidos tactic.

The final death toll could go much higher than the death toll in the early '80's but I doubt we'll be hearing about it.


Next will be a sternly worded letter, to the protesters, probably.


--As I recall, folks virtually ignored her when she first raised that issue here.--

JM, let me weave you a little yarn about a boy. A boy who cried wolf.
Wolf, meet sylvia.

Thomas Collins

LOLOL, Stephanie! Instead of counting sheep tonight, I am going to put myself to sleep by imagining Obama's email messages to Medvedev, Putin, Khamenei, Chavez and Pyongyang Kim!

Good night all!

Melinda Romanoff


I really hope you're wrong, but am fearing you're right.


I think I ticked off sbw as well, he was trying to explain the pistolas to me. I'm not licensed for that yet, that's why I left them in the air. (Nice catch, by the way.)

Early alarm, night all.

Oh, and if he drops in, I gotta call Po tomorrow, just to warn him. Daddy will get one in a few days, when I can shake my schedule clean enough.

Again, night all.

Melinda Romanoff

Speaking of Po...

Talk to you tomorrow, if that's ok?



No Nico, has earned his place, at the front row, as the only one there who is an
aggregator of data on Iran, which is why the answer was so dissapointing. What's the other people's excuse, for not citing the CBO report as a rebuttal to any claims the stimulus was working. Where was the debate about government institutions crowding out
private ones. Tapper was good, Garrett provoked the right nostril flair, even Todd
caused the right level of anomie.


Does Obama feel that the US voting system is secure enough to avoid anything like that ?

He hopes not.

Rick Ballard

Jeez, Narciso, citing the CBO would have involved stuff like addition and subtraction. You sure have very high expectations for journos.

PS - The March CBO tax collection estimate appears to be high by about $180 billion with one quarter now remaining in the fiscal year.


Whoa--missed Ms.Romanoff....wanted to ask what's on the Bose lately..standards or something new?

And what will the climate vote friday mean to the markets?

loved the pistol-packing mama pic, clarice!


I'm wondering if some one might not use the cover of a crowd as an excuse to kill his girlfriend if say he doesn't approve of her demonstrating

Good grief -- Sylvia................


Dana Millbank is highly critical of the Obama show, comparing it to a preprogrammed statist event and dragging in the ABC travesty.

He also notes that late in the "news conference" a reporter from Politico tried to ask questions about Afghanistan and Iraq, and Obama walked away.

We are seeing 1984 unfold before our eyes.


Bet it bounces three times and falls short...





Last night Greta had on video of her stint tossing the first pitch at a recent Mets game. Obama's got some stiff competition.


What a day!

Obama doesn't care about the people of Iran or our soldiers fighting for our country. (Thanks DoT for that letter.) He still wants to share a hot dog on Independence Day with the people responsible for the evil. I do believe that "Hot Dog Diplomacy" has stuck in the minds of the people watching this and that is good.

I also watched the Michelle "call to serve our czar masters" video and I started yelling at her almost from the start. Both of them are utterly shameless and offensive grifters. If you go to serve.gov it lists many commie Vista organizations and no mention of good old American Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, Church orgs, etc. It appears to be a bunch of renamed ACORN organizations.

Then I read about her speech on volunteering to a sold out crowd in S.F. today: Obama shared a hope “to make service a habit of citizenship.” It was just another campaign money laundering job. Read about the donations.
And this:

“This, more than anything, is the key point I want to make today — that this new administration doesn’t view service as separate from our national priorities, or just in addition to our national priorities. We have an administration that understands that service is the key to achieving our national priorities,” Obama told the lively audience. “This administration believes that the only way to build that new foundation for our economy is to establish a new role for service in the country.”

This is just like the garden. Take money from the American people to start a new serve.gov program that gives to a government program already paid for by American tax payers and oh yes, it will be mandatory. (No charities allowed,no volchers for schools that are working)

How many unaccountable czars will we have by the year end? How many people fired for doing their job? How many people will be sued by the Federal Government? (ACORN wistleblower) How many private companies will be taken over by the government? How many trillions in debt?

Sorry, for ranting. I am just Sick.Of.It!

Two grifters. One scrawny arse smoking, argula, feminine ice cream loving, hot dog eating, pathetic bowler and a mule arse, five guy cheeseburger, steak loving, badly dressed bull dog. Maybe we should call her "Hamburger Helper" I will save this part for Captain Hate tomorrow. :) Might even add to it!

JM Hanes

Who better to weave me a little yarn than our very own Paul Bunyan?


O has stiff competition from the local t-ball team!

He's not gonna come close to Bush's prowess on the mound - he always threw a strike... how's the press gonna play it when it bounces dead and three feet to the left of the plate?

Frankly, I'm surprised he's got the guts to walk out there and invite the comparisons to Bush...

JM Hanes

What Ann said!

JM Hanes


No matter how bad Obama is, I'm not sure he could be worse than John Kerry on the mound -- although I could be wrong, never having seen Kerry try to bowl.

Jim Rhoads a/k/a vjnjagvet

No Nico, has earned his place, at the front row, as the only one there who is an aggregator of data on Iran, which is why the answer was so dissapointing.

Kudos. Narc. It seems that Nico may know more about what is going on in Iran than the White House. And he is getting the intelligence entirely on the internet. Wassup with that? If this is right, it shows a woefully inept performance dealing with a a nuclear wannabe which is an implacable foe of the US, Israel and the now-independent Iraq.


Caroline Glick, puts it as succintly as it can be done on the foreign policy question.
AS for everything else, the pace of change and/or stupidity seems endless,


Any claim that the Cairo speech actually gave rise to today's uprising in Iran could do with a bit of fact checking. According to a Huffpo article on the Cairo speech, it was not telecast in Iran and the mullahs went so far as to jam sattelite feeds so that it couldn't be seen within the borders. Kind of brakes the chain of causation I think.



narciso, thanks for the Glick link, that was a great article.

I was watching some of the video of today's presser, during which True Possum was practicing his strong statements, such as: "When a woman gets shot on the street, that's a problem."

A problem. A PROBLEM?

How about, when a government murders its own citizens, that goes way beyond "a problem."

Soylent Eeyore

Whatever Obama says, and whenever he says it aside, the fact remains that he will never do what has to be done to make sure an Iranian reform movement is successful.

We should have had pipelines for money, weapons and organization in place and flowing a long time ago. Yet even now, knowing that there is a large number of people in the country who simply need a little assistance to get it done, do you really think Obama is going to be the guy to get such pipelines started? Nope, he's committed to trying to safely wheedle and cajole rather than take a stand. Like we couldn't have seen that coming from a guy who has spent his whole life conning what he wants out of people.

Moreover, with hot dog diplomacy and the latest Washington Times scuttle about letters to Khamenei from Dear Leader, he is overtly sending a signal to reformists that he is playing both sides of the fence. Who would trust their life to a guy who can't seem to commit one way or another?

Obama's only good for talk, and unfortunately, if this movement doesn't regain some of its own momentum with Friday's strike, there's going to be a lot of disappointed dissidents in the near future. And by disappointed, I mean rounded up and executed. Sort of makes developing human intelligence sources and local allies more difficult, what with them being dead or not trusting that you'll have their backs.

I really want this to play out well, and I admit to being wrongly skeptical at first. Unfortunately, this too little, too late approach Obama has taken has, I think, tilted things in favor of those who have the guns.

I hope the Iranians prove me wrong.


Thanks, GW.
I keep asking various WH correspondents if they know anything about how well the "unprecedented" technical outreach of the Cairo speech went over.
There were supposed to be translations available in several languages. On top of that, people were encouraged to text their comments into the WH upon viewing it.
I can only imagine, having heard nothing about it after the fact, the response was not entirely impressive.


PD, A problem? (I love your recent comments, by the way)

Just a reminder , here is Obama's statement in Cairo:

"The U.S. government has gone to court to protect the right of women and girls to wear the hijab, and to punish those who would deny it." President Barack Hussein Obama

He didn't go on to include, problems of stoning, rape, elections, voting rights, pay, murder, equality, or the rights of women not to wear it or to punish those who would deny those rights.

Soylent, We all hope the Iranians prove us wrong. Don't you go eeyore on us. I am depressed enough.


"I'm persuaded there are a lot of interesting stories that ought to be told,"

Who said it?

And who fears it?



Came across my Iranian friend today and he is most concerned about his parents still in Tehran. He said his sister and children have gotten out of the country and are in London. Her husband remains in Iran.
He asked for prayers for his family and I told him they were already on my list.
One of the nicest fellows you could ever meet. My heart aches for him.

Thomas Collins

Good morning from the financial district of Boston! See LUN for Jonah Goldberg's take on the quick failure of Obama's Iran policy.


I just wonder how the Secret Service is going to handle searching the mullahs in case they brought their own fireworks. Muslims won't put up with bomb-sniffing dogs....


For those keeping score:

Sarah Palin is now 15 for 15, having had another Ethics">http://www.adn.com/news/government/story/841192.html">Ethics Complaint Dismissed today.
This one involves serial complainer and local nutcase Andree Mcleod. She filed the complaint 4 months ago, yet submitted no evidence. Now that the board dismissed the charge, she complains that they didn't look at the evidence she failed to submit.

If this doesn't result in a change in the Law to something like loser pays, I swear I'm running for office.

Captain Hate

No matter how bad Obama is, I'm not sure he could be worse than John Kerry on the mound

Some of those 2004 clips of Lurch throwing the football with Silky were pure metro comedy gold. I'll say it again: Get me on the basketball court with Il Douche and I'll teabag him.


I know Rick, I have impossibly highstandards
about what to expect from journalists and public officials. I had forgotten since the time I had read Bakhash and Taheri, how violent that consolidation phase. akin to the Baathist coups and countercoups from 63-67, had been. One recalls that the People's
Mujahadeen rose from ranks like the students
today, and may yet have to rise again. The advantage of having someone like Moussavi in charge, is sadly 'he knows where the bodies are buried, since he buried a fair number of them' in recent light, he seems more like a Andropov or going further back
a Stolypin figure. That's possibly one metaphor too far.

There's a reason for why what should of happened didn't. Soylent, The recalcitrant old guard at the Company, which had been at bay with Goss is back in charge, Kappes in particular who's history with Iranian exile movements is checkered to say the least. It was very much the Colby era on stilts. The 2007 Iran NIE was so woefully incorrect, specially after having read Sanger's account
of how far and Fekrazedeh's work had been able to proceed, on projects 110 and 111.
back at the


I was reminded by a link from don Surber's blog, that there was someone to whom the now seemingly stillborn results can be credited almost 6 years ago, in the LUN:

Captain Hate

LUN for an editorial on today's WSJ regarding the pro-Iranian regime's list of enablers. WTF has happened with Turkey, who used to be the most dependably western-oriented state in the area, being in with the usual suspects playing nice-nice with those thugs? Or is this a result of the Iraqi war empowering the Kurds, in which case the Turks were never the friends of freedom anyway and it's best they get smoked out as early as possible. I'm sure Il Douche will get in front of this ::rolleyes::


Did not 'the One' first say, "robust debate"? Then a day (?) later, "ferment in Iran"? And yesterday, bringing out the single shot air rifle, used the word "condemn"? Which of these are we to truly believe? These delayed reactions are a pattern with him, and, I think, calculated to focus attention on 'Him'. Why? Two reasons. He wants adulation. And poll numbers. The vapourous dunderheads in the press breathe in 'Ooooo, He said condemn', the opposite responses to Reagan saying, "Evil empire". They are Pavlovian droolers. (Confirmation bias?) And reason two, 'the One', "Like all men, desires power."


I don't know who "Nico" is, and I didn't see the news conference, but from the comments here I'm sure he's been doing great work on Iran.

Isn't it just a little bit incongruous, though, that Huffington Post is being linked and praised at JOM? Is it only the editorial board who are moonbats now? The president calls on them second at an important press conference, in a choreographed move no less, so what's next? The Daily Kos White House correspondent? An Obama infomercial on ABC News? Oh wait...

I guess I'll just have to miss out on Nico. Huffington Post doesn't get any hits from me.


It's Toscani, Extraneus, you know Segal's character from Above the Law (sarc). now Pitney, has become the go to guy because of the twitter feeds on the subject. Actually they should have turned that part of the press conference over to him, because Obama's answers were thin gruel. And you know how I hate to admit this, seeing how the Huff Po acted last fall, and much of the last 5 years, in large part trying to suppress all the action that led up to this event.

hit and run

Captain Hate:
I'll say it again: Get me on the basketball court with Il Douche and I'll teabag him.

Like in his response to the Iran protests, in basketball, Obama simply cannot rise to the occasion*:

Obama Can't Jump

*I did no p-shopping to adjust his vertical here. That's his honest-to-goodness ups, 1 1/2".


" ... Obama simply cannot rise to the occasion ..."

Well, with Michelle, who can blame him? LOL

The Ace

I loved this:

Bush's critics still have to get their snark in to maintain their liberal creds,

Then, captain stupid, right on cue:
chuckle> Next yer gonna tell us that Reagan brought down the Wall.

Again, parodying leftists idiots is no longer possible.


stephanie, that was a great satire on the Obama message to the mullahs.

Cecil Turner

I don't know who "Nico" is, and I didn't see the news conference, but from the comments here I'm sure he's been doing great work on Iran.

I read through it, and it's good in the sense that he has multiple contacts in Iran (assuming it's all legit). It's also relatively good coverage of events (with the same assumption). The parts I read were not, however, a ringing defense of the Iranian public's right to a fair election, or the last word in calling the Mullahs on their despotic, terrorist-sponsoring, illegitimate and criminal regime. (That sort of rhetoric being reserved, naturally, for GOP politicians in close national races.)

Moreover, a quick google shows his self-admitted motivation for entering journalism began with "opposition research on conservatives and conservative ideas, policies and figures." ISTM every possible complaint the left had over Jeff Gannon applies to this guy in spades. And if we're trying to find bloggers to expand coverage of issues of national interest, this is the one of the last guys that should be added (to the already ridiculously biased WH press corps). In fact, if we wanted to create a political propaganda corps, it's hard to see how we'd do it much differently. Other than that . . .


" Huffington Post doesn't get any hits from me."

I feel the same way. Why are we adding an air of legitimacy to a site that is nothing but a propaganda outlet for the farthest left of the leftists?

There is no way that a writer wanting to send a serious message could not have found a more suitable outlet.

Parking Lot

((There is no way that a writer wanting to send a serious message could not have found a more suitable outlet.))

and with this high profile publicity, Huffpo's traffic will spike, gaining tons of new readers, which will make the WH very happy


Giving the WH a pass on this coordinated question only means we're going to get more choreography in the future. We're getting an entire infomercial's worth tonight, for goodness sake.

Speaking of WH choreography, here's Kurtz's gushing review of the Rahm ballet:

WaPo: Emanuel's Mastery Of Reading Reporters


Hot Air is reporting(via the Wash Times)that the President sent the Mullahs a letter in May (and actually thought it would work) which explains why he hasn't sided with the protesters.



Milbank notes in the WaPo today, there was a second choreographed question at the presser, too.

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