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June 08, 2009



Wasn't there an incident a few years ago involving a donkey or a mule, whose explosion aroused the ire of PETA creeps (who had never shown so much concern about the human victims)? Or am I embellishing this a bit?


How, one wonders, is a horse booby-trapped?

The Trojans had a thing or two to say about that.

I confess I'm unable to come up with the first part of the joke, but others no doubt will succeed.


Do you mean to say the Palis have already run out of women and children?


I do recall a Milt Bearden interview, yes the one who didn't know about Osama Bin Laden, and helped spread the 'wag the dog'
claim, to protect his Sudanese clients, talk about the Mujahadeen coming up with a 'donkey bomb' so there's precedent for this.


The first thing I thought of when reading this story was the movie "Patton" which had two horse/mule piques. The first was when Patton shot two mules for holding up his troop movement and the second, when Germans used horse drawn carts to carry their wounded which invoked a Napoleonic vision of French troops carrying the wound back from Russia.


Since we're guessing, I've heard it:
"A Palestinian, a Wahabist, Andrew Sullivan and a cow walk into a bar
blew out her rectum."

Jim Miller

jimmyk - Yes, I wrote a brief post about that in 2003. (Unfortunately the link no longer works, but you can probably Google and find the story.)

Newkirk may have made this kind of protest more than once.


what? no sheep were available?

Thomas Esmond Knox

A measured response to Obama's speech in Cairo.


what? no sheep were available?

They were all--ahem--spoken for, if you know what I mean...



I guess it would be a step up from using mentally-challenged women as the AQ cowards did in Baghdad for a short time.


Little Johnny, telling a story in class: The car hit him right in the ass! Teacher: Rectum johnny, rectum. Johnny: Wrecked em hell! Dam near killed em.


larry's got it -- only I heard it in 1970 and Johnny was telling about his brother's return from Nam because he was wounded.


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