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June 21, 2009



Much as I'd like to believe the study, the article doesn't indicate whether it controlled for sociological/economic factors. Also, BMI is not considered very reliable--professional athletes can have above normal BMIs, for example.


Thanks TM for this valuable Science Post.

I have been a proponent of this life extension method while in Japan for many years now. Sapporo is good for the process, but Yebisu really seems to tag on the years, plus its 100 Yen less expensive per pint.

Not to be outdone though, P'UK's scientists have also been hot on the cutting edge of research in today's papers. Determined to find out how long Gryfalcon's in Greenland have been nesting in the same nests, researchers from Oxford have taken core samples from 2 meter deep piles of falcon guano and subjected it to rigid analysis. Conclusion: Gryfalcon's have been pooping in this exact same nest for ">http://news.bbc.co.uk/earth/hi/earth_news/newsid_8103000/8103872.stm"> 2,500 years. Though now that their eyrie nests have been disturbed by humans, if the Gryfalcon's don't return, the story says that Global Warming will be the culprit.


I did get a chuckle that the first ad at the end of the Japanese study article was for discounts on diet pills...


Coolest June weather since before Arizona became a state in 1917.

Thursday, however, was the 14th consecutive day to stay below 100 degrees. That's the longest stretch of its kind in any June since 1913.


Second Coolest June weather since Arizona became a state in Feb 1912.

Thursday, however, was the 14th consecutive day to stay below 100 degrees. That's the longest stretch of its kind in any June since 1913.


I think if you diet and exercise a lot to stay slim, you just feel like you're living longer because it's so tedious.

Jack is Back!

Jim Fixx was skinny from all that running - jogging and look what it got him. And wasn't there a recent rash of super models or wannabe super models dying of effects of anorexia? The other thing I have come to understand in reading about diet, exercise and health is that a lot of this is genetic and hereditary. We just had a situation in my hometown where a 50 year old fit, non-smoker, male died from an aneurysm just like his father did at 50! He never went to the MD's to have his arteries and heart checked to see if he had inherited the same condition. Go figure!


Hey Clarice, Here's a great slate piece (LUN) about St. Izzy...

I'm in Memphis for a big family wedding. Hot as blazes. My nieces and nephews had a lemonade stand yesterday and made $200 for St. Judes.


Jim Fixx's dad died in his forties; he had genetic coronary problems. Running added a few years to Jim's life, Jack

Cecil Turner

The finding that slightly overweight people live longer is hardly new or controversial:

For instance, among African-American women and men, the lowest mortality rates occur among those with a BMI of 27; among European Americans, the lowest mortality rates occur among those with a BMI of 24 to 25 (Durazo-Arvizu et al., 1998)
In fact, though the results are usually grouped to show the dangers of a high BMI, a low BMI is also bad (and rapid weight loss can be very bad), and those lowest mortality points are at the high end of normal to "overweight".


verner--Stone was complicated but the Slate article is flawed.
The author says "And his spirited assaults on capitalism didn't stop him from living the good life in Manhattan"

He didn't live in Manhattan. He lived in D.C> across the street from me. He did not live lavishly, but even his children remarked on how he liked to have good things.


Clarice-"I think if you diet and exercise a lot to stay slim, you just feel like you're living longer because it's so tedious."

Wisdom for the ages!


I think if you diet and exercise a lot to stay slim, you just feel like you're living longer because it's so tedious.

SBW beat me to the punch. That's hysterical Clarice.


Clarice, from what you've said, I would imagine that he would be appalled by the St. Izzy stuff.

And why don't they ever mention his wife? She was an important member of his team, and they hardly acknowledge her.


Remember the great Julia who lived a long and wonderful life:"The more butter the better."

Izzy was a funny, interesting guy..His wife, in retrospect, was equally interesting. As I'm sure I've said, she was from a wealthy Philadelphia family and very close to her mother, the wife of firebrand lawyer (and womanizer) Leonard Boudin and the mother of Kathy (weatherman) and a very conservative judge.

Izzy and Esther has three children, a daughter who's a feminist poet married to the co-inventor of Interferon ("What is she always so angry about?"Esther asked me one day."Her husband won the Nobel prize for her."), a law professor at USC and a member of Concerned Scientists.


Esther was very close to her mother who dies young--but I meant "very close to her SISTER, the wife of...."


This passage, much like any encomium to the Myers, just burns me up, for obvious reasons:

Most readers shared Stone's long-held views about the dangers of domestic fascism and the evils of American imperialism. But his relentless criticism of the Vietnam War, as well as his enchantment with a new crop of left-wing dictators like Fidel Castro, made him a hero to many young protesters in the 1960s. Through it all, Stone stuck to his core beliefs while the world changed around him.

If your beliefs ended up being tragically ill informed and wrong, what is the good of
celebrating them. I should note that Mr. Guttenplat's previous effort was an account of the David Irving trial, who didn'tdeserve
government censure, but full condemnation based on the falsity of the statements.


neo, we've had unusually cool weather in the Detroit area this year, too. (So far June seems to be having highs about 10 degrees below normal), but that didn't prevent the Freep from publishing yesterday an "OMG!! OMG!! OMG!!" article *showing* that Michigan will be 10 degrees warmer in 2100.

Of course, they were relying on that piece of crap released from the US Govt a few days ago.


Yes that's why you have to use critical thinking and not believe everything you read because the experts or opinion makers can be wrong. Remember when margarine was all the rage? Now we know it was the worst thing.

One thing we need to remember is that the experts don't know as much as they act like they do. From what I've read, I would say we are just beginning now to learn anything real about the human body, and only now really getting any knowledge on the cells and DNA and the processes behind them.

The experts are still, even today, flying blind for most of that. Same with global warming. And the origin of life. And what makes up the universe. So don't believe it when people tell you the experts have it all figured out. The more you read up on it, the more you realize they don't.


My theory on the weight issue is that through the centuries, most people had a thin body type, and that's what we are programmed to believe is beautiful and healthy. However, with all the exercise these thin humans in the past got, they probably also ate a large amount of calories, and this became the ideal amount of calories for humans to eat.

So today, healthly humans are still probably programmed to eat a certain larger amount of calories. However, in the past that larger calorie combined with greater exercise still meant you were thin, like Michael Phelps, but in modern times without execise, it means you will end up chubby. But chubby is still probably the healthiest weight without exercise. It is just not as aestically pleasing to the human eye because we are not used to it.

The likely solution is not to eat less calories, because that will end up in your body taking in less than the amount it is programmed for, but according to studies, the solution is to moderately exercise for over three hours a day. But who has the time for that? Besides, I don't know if the exercise will actually make you healthier, it will just make you more attractive.


By the way, I meant to say through the millenia, or thorugh the eons above, not just centuries.


--Thursday, however, was the 14th consecutive day to stay below 100 degrees. That's the longest stretch of its kind in any June since 1913.--

Here in CA it was in the nineties a day or two back in May, otherwise the weather has been perfect; 70s-80s with an occasional T-storm in the mountains. Ordinarily we would have been at or over 100 a few times already.
Only problem is, hasn't been hot enough to get the solar heaters working on the pool yet.


Invite some toddlers in for a swim, ignatz..works for me.

John Thacker

A BMI of 18.5 is pretty darn skinny, though. Anorexic level skinniness is not healthy, sure. Partially this points out that the line for "overweight" has been shifted.


"--Thursday, however, was the 14th consecutive day to stay below 100 degrees. That's the longest stretch of its kind in any June since 1913.--"

Ignatz's link above to Global Cooling leapt to mind today when I heard over the local Top of the Hour Radio News that June is ">http://www.slashfood.com/2008/06/05/june-is-national-iced-tea-month/"> National Iced Tea Month. All those cool days in a row makes me certain that June is the wrong month for Iced Tea, it should instead be July.

But then it struck me that ">http://www.idfa.org/facts/icmonth/page1.cfm"> July is National Ice Cream Month.

Well, what with Obama yesterday doing all that Ice Cream eating while Iranian Students get butchered, how about we get Congress to do a Bipartisan effort to swap the 2. Make June National Ice Cream Month and July National Iced Tea Month. Sure some hard liners will want to keep July Ice Creamy since Ronald Reagan instigated July as National Ice Cream Month back in the 80's, but that's why Obama and the Left will be eager to go along with it as a hopey/changey thing, and this'll let McCain and Megan tag team the "My Friends, we need to make July The Month we Celebrate Iced Tea..."

It'll also keep the House and Senate and President so absorbed they may not be able to do any more grossly stupid and Un-Constitutional power grabs for a couple weeks, and who can be unhappy with that.

Ice Cream, then Iced Tea---Change we can all live with. I'm for that.

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