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June 18, 2009


Duele donde?

Simpatico al H&R y clarice.

hit and run

Yeah...Hillary, I feel your pain. ::bites lip::


Do you think someone pushed her, thinking the dinner this week at Albright's with former SOS, was actually a plan-a-coup-?
Really, his peeps are into heavy-duty lying and covering up their illegalities 5 months in--or was there one of Bill's girls in the area?


Yes,Hit,you could let her join your Dangerous Tools Club.


Was she dazed, confused, and out of it?


LOL, bad!!!

Sadly, I have actually missed Bill Clinton the last couple of months. Who knew America could be in far worse hands?


Meanwhile ...

"The whole Iranian nation are united... on (the) inalienable right of (having a) nuclear weapon"

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