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June 26, 2009



Thanks, Sue.


I just got home from work so haven't had much chance to catch up with C-SPAN, but here's a great comment from HotAir:



Mousey McWaxman tried to cut him off, Boehner smacked him down about “we are debating this for 5 hours, the most important bill in 100 years of the house”

and the best:

“Mr Waxman, you have had the last 30 years of your life to get this bill together. I’m just wondering why you added 300 pages last night at 3:09am”


battleoflepanto1571 on June 26, 2009 at 5:55 PM


Boehner is apparently going to read all 300 pages of the amendment. Go, man, go!

Paul in NJ

"...honest environmentalists are profoundly disappointed in the bill's fundamental flaws." I wouldn't call Greenpeace 'honest,' but they're against it because it "sets emission reduction targets far lower than science demands, then undermines even those targets with massive offsets."


In short, it doesn't require us to huddle in dark, dank caves.

Dave in OC


I hate to rain on your rant but as you probably know Waxman is always a shoe-in for the crowd in West LA, Hollywood, and Santa Monica (not sure if OJ land is in the 30th but it is close). Typical California gerrymandered story: I live in the 42nd which is over 40 miles from end to end and encompasses parts of Orange, LA, and San Bernardino counties. In its present configuration it always votes R (ignore 2000 and back as it was a different configuration then). So what am I going to do, call up Gary Miller and tell him to vote against crap and tax? He's already against it. What can I do, call up Dianne (I closed off most of the desert from you evil motorcycle riders HAHA) Feinstein? Or call the stupidest senator of the bunch, ol' caught doing the nasty in the SF Supers closet Babs Boxer? (I believe she had the night watchman fired.) It is very disheartening. Okay now my rants done too.

Captain Hate

.honest environmentalists

I think they're so conditioned to writing this tripe that it wouldn't trigger a lie detector.

It's not a lie if you really believe it. George Costanza



As you said, Boehner is AWESOME!!!


These have been donated as wind tunnels for turbine testing.

Captain Hate

Jaysus PUK; I just ate!!! That ugly just bubbles forth from within.


Dave in OC, I feel your pain. My congressman is hack Gary Ackerman, who does whatever Pelosi tells him to do, and my two Senators are Upchuck Schumer and "Principles of an alley cat" Gillenbrandt.


The ugliest man on earth is upset because there is no order in the house.


I had to change the channel. I'd rather watch Jacko than Pelosi.


Say goodbye to domestic refineries.

Big Oil’s Answer to Carbon Law May Be Fuel Imports

June 26 (Bloomberg) -- America’s biggest oil companies will probably cope with U.S. carbon legislation by closing fuel plants, cutting capital spending and increasing imports.

Under the Waxman-Markey climate bill that may be voted on today by the U.S. House, refiners would have to buy allowances for carbon dioxide spewed from their plants and from vehicles when motorists burn their fuel. Imports would need permits only for the latter, which ConocoPhillips Chief Executive Officer Jim Mulva said would create a competitive imbalance.

“It will lead to the opportunity for foreign sources to bring in transportation fuels at a lower cost, which will have an adverse impact to our industry, potential shutdown of refineries and investment and, ultimately, employment,” Mulva said in a June 16 interview in Detroit. Houston-based ConocoPhillips has the second-largest U.S. refining capacity.

The same amount of gasoline that would have $1 in carbon costs imposed if it were domestic would have 10 cents less added if it were imported, according to energy consulting firm Wood Mackenzie in Houston.

Contrary to President Barack Obama’s goal of reducing dependence on overseas energy suppliers, the bill would incent U.S. refiners to import more fuel, said Clayton Mahaffey, an analyst at RedChip Cos. in Maitland, Florida.

“They’ll be searching the globe for refined products that don’t carry the same level of carbon costs,” said Mahaffey, a former Exxon Corp. refinery manager.


About 2 million barrels of daily U.S. refining capacity will shut down because carbon costs will be several times the operating profits for some plants, Ihne said. That’s equivalent to 12 percent of the nation’s fuel-making capacity.

Jones, the API economist, said there could be as much as 3 million barrels of idled processing capacity.



There should be a law against pulling someone in from rehab in order to pass a bill.


There should be a law against pulling someone in from rehab in order to pass a bill.

There should be a law about someone in rehab being elected to the house.

There should be a law that someone so sick he can't serve should be replaced.

(Okay that's both Kennedy's - who is next?)

Dave in OC


I guess I am therefore a little bit better off as at least my congressman is a solid R. Back before redistricting I was happy I was in Chris Cox's district; after the Wall Street meltdown not so much...

If I was in the old district I would have John Campbell, a former car dealer and very fiscally conservative R.


They're answering the phones in Boehner's office. (202) 225-4000 I just called and offered encouragement and high fives. Light up his phone! He deserves our praise today.


(Okay that's both Kennedy's - who is next?)

Someone who is too ugly to be seen in public.
Someone with galloping botox poisoning,


The Waxman Bill, Insanity Rules.

Rick Ballard


Thanks for the link. It ties in well with portions of the Spanish report cited a couple of days ago. Spain's steel producers are moving plants with some alacrity in response to Zapatero's idiocy.

NOTE: The use of "commie front" is recommended when referring to "green" whatever organizations. We can skip the watermelon euphemism now.


Okay I called Boehner's office and thanked him.

Can someone please call Richard Neal and tell him he works for me.

200 - 185 and counting


Who the hell are the republicans voting for this?

Captain Hate

Someone who's been impeached for bribery


Not mine. Rep. Hall usually votes the way I want him to. Whether by design or accident, Kim doesn't even know.


209/198. This damned stupidity is going to pass.


Seven Re=pubic cans have voted yea so far


Un freakin believable


We are so screwed. 220/203. 15 NV left.


I'm sorry. I forgot to change my NV #s. 5 left. 219/210


Who are the 7 scumbag Republicans that voted to move us back to the stone age?


219/212, 3 NVs.

Fresh Air

Eight sons of bitches turncoated this country. I want their names! We will hound them out of office.


Those 8 republicans just screwed us royally.

Captain Hate

Nice job of keeping the troops in line, Rodney King Steele.

BB Key

Which is worse the 8N or the 3NV, afterall the Dems got Patrick Kennedy out of rehab to vote?


Via Malkin at Tweet:
GOP turncoats: Bono Mack; Castle Kirk Lance LoBiondo McHugh Reichert Smith(NJ) #capandtrade


http://clerk.house.gov/evs/2009/roll477.xml>Roll Call

Danube of Thought

Inhofe says this thing is DOA in the Senate.


QCS, that's the spanish version of the proper curse word in this occassion, Kirk, think we'll have to keep Burris in there longer. Mack, there always has to be someone from S. Florida to screw it up, Chris Smith, how can you be prolife and be for this abortion, there's no other way to describe it


This is just sickening


I hope so DoT..O really hope so..

Rick Ballard


That's Cantor's job, not Steele's. I'd suggest a study of "Aye" votes by Dems in energy producing states to match that which is being done of Reps.

I wonder how Byrd and Rockefeller intend to straddle this one in the Senate. Or Casey and Spector.

I would concur with Inhofe regarding passage in the Senate - it isn't going to conference.


Via a commenter at Hot Air. Makes a lot of sense.

Bono Mack - California, riverside Castle - Delaware, only one Kirk - Illinois, northern Chicago Lance - New Jersey, suburbs/rural in north Lobiondo - New Jersey, Atlantic City & south jersey McHugh - New York, upstate, resigning to be ARMY SECRETARY Reichert - Washington, eastern Seattle suburbs Smith(NJ) - New Jersey, Trenton


Every dang one is from some bleeding heart “blue state” or “blue” area with a bunch of nerdy urban white people that feel guilty that polar bears are drowning. Having a primary defeat of them will mean NOTHING.

Old Lurker

Man I'm tired of having my pessimism confirmed.


Sue: You are absolutely right about Bono Mack. She will be praised to the heaven's by her constituents in Riverside, CA - the kind that carry the cloth "I Love My Planet Earth" shopping bags when they go to Whole Foods.


Man I'm tired of having my pessimism confirmed.

My sentiment exactly.


Wasn't McCain for cap-n-tax too? Why does Inhofe think the senate will squash this?

Danube of Thought

I believe Inhofe thinks there will be a number of Dems who won't go along.

Meanwhile, this is from the Washington Post and yes, I blame Bush:

"The Obama administration, fearing a battle with Congress that could stall plans to close the U.S. prison at Guantanamo Bay, is drafting an executive order that would reassert presidential authority to incarcerate terrorism suspects indefinitely, according to three senior government officials with knowledge of White House deliberations.

"Such an order would embrace claims by former president George W. Bush that certain people can be detained without trial for long periods under the laws of war."

Danube of Thought

Here's Inhofe:

"'It doesn’t matter,' he declared flatly, 'because we’ll kill it in the Senate anyway.'

"Asked if he was confident that would be the case, Oklahoma’s senior senator said he was 'absolutely certain.' He noted that it would take 60 votes to break an anticipated Republican filibuster over cap and trade and predicted the most the Democrats can muster is about 34.

"He said all the hubbub in the House was over Pelosi’s desire to attend a conference in Copenhagen and be able to stand up and say, 'Oh, we’ve passed this out of the House and we’re going to lead the way in America but it’s not going to pass the Senate.”


I am not as confident as Inhofe. I have become Eyeore of late.


I made calls through out the day while watching the circus on the House floor. BOEHNER's smack down of Waxman and his reading of the 300 pg amendment changes were the highlights for me.

Interestingly, I got through to Chris Smith's office and was treated the worst; by the aide that answered his phone. He said the congressmen was reading the bill and had not decided. When I questioned how he could decide and vote yes, if he hadn't read the bill. I was asked for my name, address and phone number... and it was not in a polite way.

Oh, well, the higher the Richter the more devastating the tsunami.

The mirror of Blue Dog Dems, those eight, who probably voted their constituency. Violet Warthog Republicans.

I think I've never heard so loud, the quiet message in a cloud.

I've never seen a Violet Warthog
I hope I never hug one.
But I can tell you. Kill that Goat,
The blood is now upon your vote.

JM Hanes

Three of the Republican ayes come from New Jersey -- so what kind of payoff to NJ do you suppose it took to suborn those votes?

Old Lurker



Chris @5:53

Interesting link and thank you for passing it along--I will be studying it.

GS was not the only dirty one in this play--GE's Immelt was for it up to his eyeballs. He was on Charlie Rose last evening and my take on the conversation was that GE really needs the money it will get from the government.

JM Hanes

I don't think the 2 Republicans who didn't vote at all should get a pass either: John Sullivan (OK) and, of all people, Jeff Flake (AZ)!

Gimme a short 'L'.

It's ultimately a loser for GE, too, and the longer their charade goes on the bigger the splat at the end. Speculators worldwide have already taken a very cleansing bath at the hands of the increasing skeptical bent of capital to the idea of funding this fraud. GE would be wise to start backpedaling, unless La Brea belabors its pediments.

Oh, ho, O.

The issue of the sonic pollution of windmills will come to the fore whenever they are within sensing, notice I didn't just say hearing, distance of people. The true costs of wind usually outweigh the benefits. Why do you think we quit using wind in the first place?


From a commenter at Ace's..."Today we are all Californians." There is more but man those boys sure can cuss over there. It is sheer poetry in cussing.


This is just another over-reach. If it passes the Senate, it should be pretty easy to explain to voters that they're paying for a superstition, foisted on us by shamen like Waxman and Algore. (I'd recommend dressing them up in photo-shopped witch-doctor costumes. Waxman would look particulary good in such garb.)

If this Washington Post poll is to be believed, there's a specific cross-over point at which people don't agree to be fleeced by these fraudulent scumbags.


This can only get worse of voters realize the earth has been cooling while CO2 has been rising, and that the shamen are claiming that "global warming" is just taking a vacation. Of course, it takes education, which is the biggest challenge.

I'd say Mrs. Palin is particularly well situated to start banging this drum, especially if gas prices keep rising in the middle of a recession.

At the very least, 0bama's claim that your taxes aren't going up one cent if your income is under $250K/yr is clearly a lie.

Captain Hate

That's Cantor's job, not Steele's.

I understand that but Steele is exhibiting no leadership that I can see anywhere as far as promoting Republicans. Sorry but he came in claiming that things were gonna change and, if anything, they've only gotten worse. Anytime I hear him he sounds borderline illiterate; I realize that describes Carville and Begala but I hold Repubs to higher standards. Other than Boehner occasionally, the only Repubs that make me hopeful are Palin and the Cheneys; and the party is still full of backbiting snipers at Sarah who should reap some negative consequences for that.

JM Hanes

I thought it would interesting to compare Michelle Malkin's list of potential defectors to Mark Levin's list as posted over at Ace's place. Levin missed McHugh, Reichert and Smith. Malkin had 'em all.



Forget global warming,just tell them it will take food out of their children's mouths,wreck their standard of living and cost them money and jobs.Amazing how this chimes with ordinary people.

Soylent Red

Having a primary defeat of them will mean NOTHING.

Fuck 'em. It will mean they are unemployed, and they can ponder why it came to pass.

Rick Ballard


I find Steele to border on incompetent (and he spends a lot of time across the border). If he does not sit down with Inhofe and work out a coherent statement contra Air Taxes prior to the Senate taking up the bill then I will urge people to contact the RNC requesting his resignation or firing.

Inhofe has a reasonable handle on the scientific fraud being perpetuated and might be able to lead Steele through TSD Draft Rebuttal to the EPA farce to the point where Steele could sound coherent.

If not - over the side with him.

JM Hanes

I have to agree w. Captain H. on Steele, who is a major disappointment. He should have been out there selling the Republicans' "all of the above" energy plan and their alternative stimulus package every damn day. The Congressmen have all they can do to try to find out exactly what kind of legislation is going to get dumped on them next. I don't know how Steele is doing on the fundraising end, but if your message isn't out there, you might as well flush your gazillions down the tube.

Whether Palin could be an effective messenger is more than a little unclear. What is clear, however, is that on the most catastrophic bill to hit the Hill -- and in her one indisputable sphere of expertise -- she's been nowhere to be found, except responding to an offensive Dave Letterman crack. She's got a media access advantage over every other Republican in the country except possibly Dick Cheney, and as far as I'm concerned she's blown the leadership test big time.


Well, with the full newly gained knowledge of how utterly stupid my fellow Americans are and how easily distracted they are by siny objects it really is getting harder and harder for me not to want to truly exploit them. They are begging to be demagogued into penury.



We can skip the watermelon euphemism now.
Heh! No green,no more.
Hope the congresscritters are prepared for the wrath of their constituents when they find out what this idiocy is costing them.
HeritageFoundation has a breakdown by congressional district.

June 25, 2009 Waxman-Markey Global Warming Bill: Economic Impact by Congressional District by Karen Campbell, Ph.D. and David Kreutzer, Ph.D.

Heritage is not alone in its assessment. The National Black Chamber of Commerce[2] and the Brookings Institution[3] also project huge job losses. Proponents of a national energy tax will quickly point to a recent Congressional Budget Office memo[4] and Environmental Protection Agency[5] analysis suggesting low per family costs. Those estimates are grossly inaccurate, as both the CBO memo and the EPA's analysis contain flaws too serious for use as measures of the economic impact of the Waxman-Markey bill.

While national numbers are startling, many Members of Congress may be tempted to assume that their congressional districts will not be affected because they "cut a deal" or they have an incomplete view of how the American economy functions. Thus, it is crucially important that the Members making decisions, and the people affected by those decisions, understand how their congressional districts will be impacted by Waxman-Markey, or any type of national energy tax.
The table below lays out six congressional district specific data points:

Scroll down for the table(PDF)


The defecton is remarkable, and less defensible than a one would have been on the sim bill......I'm truly disappointed that I heard no arguments on the outdated science Dems are still using

Old Lurker

"What is clear, however, is that on the most catastrophic bill to hit the Hill -- and in her one indisputable sphere of expertise -- she's been nowhere to be found, except responding to an offensive Dave Letterman crack."

Exactly. Thank you for saying that, JMH.

Ditto the above on Steel.


She's got a media access advantage over every other Republican in the country except possibly Dick Cheney, and as far as I'm concerned she's blown the leadership test big time.

I agree with that. I just don't know that she doesn't have a strategy to lay low for the time being, let things play out, and decide exactly when and how to strike, because she surely knows she can strike whenever she wants to.

Speaking of Sarah, my guess is that she declines running for re-election and decides to go out on the road for Republican congressional candidates in 2010 instead. She can draw the crowds, hopefully influence some races, and make a lot of friends and allies with such a plan.

Old Lurker


Captain Hate

The Congressmen have all they can do to try to find out exactly what kind of legislation is going to get dumped on them next.

This can't be accentuated too much; how can you vote on a bill that hasn't been read? Or better yet, how can you vote on a bill to be filled in later? I don't have cable but can somebody tell me how Boehner's reading of the amendment was shut down because there's no way he should've been able to make it through 200 pages.

Between Obumbler's screwing up the Iran situation and this travesty, the Repubs have numerous points to get across to fellow citizens, whether or not the MSM is along for the ride or not. The July 4th tea parties are extremely timely.

I disagree somewhat with JMH on Palin flunking the leadership test; when you have imbeciles like Letterman and Kerry taking shots at her at every opportunity, it's hard to stay above the fray, particularly when large segments of your own party are chortling between sips of lobster bisque at the country clubs. I think by addressing the troops she doesn't hurt herself at all but she has to soon adopt a Reagan strategy of addressing issues and suggesting alternatives; and she should have a hell of an opportunity for that.


I didn't realize it was Sarah's job to single handedly defeat Democrat bills in the House.

Captain Hate

I meant 300 pages obviously


This is from a local interview she gave the week before the trip to the lower 48, where she touted the pipeline agreement, she did seem resigned to the prospect of it's passage:

Michael Dukes: "Shouldn't we also be fighting the installation of Cap and Trade prior to having to face those boundaries?"

Governor Palin: "Yeah, and I'm not a defeatist. I'm not saying that Alaska's little voice will not be heard in the debate, but I am saying we have to be pragmatic. We have to be realistic about it, and if this is what is coming from this new administration especially, we have got to be ready for that and we have to do our part to remedy the problems that I believe Cap and Trade are going to cause."

Captain Hate

If he does not sit down with Inhofe and work out a coherent statement contra Air Taxes prior to the Senate taking up the bill

This would be a good acid test; if he succeeds on this then there's hope and if not we're so goddamned screwed that he'll be an afterthought anyway. I hope Inhofe knows wtf he's doing.


--Sorry but he came in claiming that things were gonna change and, if anything, they've only gotten worse.--

I'm so often wrong, let me take a little credit when I do actually get something right.
I did say Steele was going to be a waste from the start.
How come I'm only right on the bad stuff?



Boehner made all of your points about voting on a bill without reading it and the outrage of adding 300 pages of changes at 3:09 am on the day they vote. He was not shut down and continued to go through the 300 pages point by point of heinous legislation they were trying to cram down our throats. He ended with a call for F.R.E.E.D.O.M.

He was allowed as much time as he wanted because there is a rule for the minority leader that lets him/her speak as long as they want. Played nostrildamus (Waxman) like a fiddle.

(Didn't preview, please forgive like my last post.) :)


Going from people who are inadvertently abetting treason, to those actively supporting it, another update on those peripatetic Myers clan, in the Journal


I'm not sure I recall a party leader setting the Congressional agenda..I thought they mostly dealt with fundraising/organizational structure/ etc.


Fuck 'em. It will mean they are unemployed, and they can ponder why it came to pass.

Step #2: Find a way to rescind their pensions.


Didn't mean to suggest I think Sarah is blowing it, btw. I don't. I think she has a plan.

She's survived numerous trials by ordeal.  Time to install a jury.

That's a very forward looking statement by Palin. She's sharpening the sword for 2010 and 2012. She's gonna feel the duty.

Rick Ballard


I don't want Steele to set any agendas, I just want him to be able to articulate a coherent rationale in opposition to Air Taxes. Inhofe has the capability to spend a few hours with crayon and butcher paper to bring Steele and a few other of our illustrious numbskulls in the Senate to the point where they can rattle off a few talking points.

The science is by no means "settled" and the CBO economic "analysis" is risible.

It is a political appointment,Archbishop Swampy is Tony Bliar's prelate. A good little lefty.
Nah, Tony crossed the Tiber and left Swampy behind...

A study in contrasts.

Governor Palin: "I'm not a defeatist."

A couple of people here: "We are so screwed."


Don't mean to be snarky (right now) but it does seem more than a little hypocritical to complain about having a cult following back when, then complain about not acting like a cult leader now.

Sometimes (like Iraq) you need to find out what works before wasting blood and treasure for show.


I'm just dumbfounded this needed an
explanation to defeat it, I shouldn't be, but I am., We are made of carbon, we exhale it, practically every chemical of industrial
process releases it, consequently the price of everything that involves carbon will skyrocket, and we have no viable
alternatives. Feels like we're giving ourself that cocktail of demerol and oxycontin, for no good reason,


Why don't we draft the statement for Steele and suggest Inhofe present it to him.
We knoe it better than Steele or his staff do and Inhofe has a lot of work to do.

We should break it into two parts--
(a) The science--no global warming; or, at a minimum, insufficient evidence that there is; and nothing in this act will substantially change the situation if we are wrong
(b) the real costs..not only out of pocket and lost jobs, but lost opportunities. With all this money being sucked up on nonsense there will be none left to develop promising new technologies.

Stuff like that.

Haul kim back to work on (a); Rick, Rich and Cathy on (b)

With, of course, the invaluable help of the other bright ones here and perhaps jmh's editing and drafting skills.
It would beat moaning and gnashing and rending one's garments.


What is clear, however, is that on the most catastrophic bill to hit the Hill -- and in her one indisputable sphere of expertise -- she's been nowhere to be found, except responding to an offensive Dave Letterman crack. She's got a media access advantage over every other Republican in the country except possibly Dick Cheney, and as far as I'm concerned she's blown the leadership test big time.

Oh, Please.

Sarah Palin was all over the airwaves a week ago touting her pipeline deal, and how that was going to bring energy into the lower 48. Anybody with a brain knows where she stands on this. When is the last time you recall a governor injecting themselves into House or Senate deliberations?

That's what I thought.

Danube of Thought

What is the full name and URL of "Ace's place?"


Oh-and a special section on CO2 and how idiotic it is to consider this something we can or should control the emissions of.


It should be noted that the graph above on cost to household is completely bogus. This bill will cost you multiple times that much just on electricity alone.


American Thinker has two pieces that should be read by JOM. The one I agree with is here: Sarah Palin: Revenge of the Vagina (Monologues)
I had no idea that Glenn Close was such a rude piece of work.

Anyways, you can find the other. They both make you think. (Imagine that...AT makes you think :)) ::winking at you Clarice::



In the short term we are. We've got 219 people who should be tarred-and-feathered. An atrocity such as this should have never even come up. Even when environmentalism was in full flower in 1998, not a single Senator voted for the Kyoto Treaty. Now we have something that isn't even a complete bill (since it is revenue raising, would what Frank did even be Constitutional) and it is *maybe* a dead letter in the Senate. F'n madness.

Rick Ballard

Ace of Spades HQ

It's on the left sidebar under "Newsmakers Right" (that's way up above the "Price for Republican Party 2006 MidTerm Election Control")



Ace of Spades HQ-vulgarity is a lifestyle.


Seems I'm slow again.

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