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June 24, 2009


Jack is Back!

Does this mean there is a strong secular section ( I love alliterations) in Iran that doesn't kiss their carpet 5 times a day and ignores the Mullahs at prayer time? I wonder what that sector of the overall population is and whether it is the same as here - mostly urban, young and professional?

hit and run

Oh for the love of carp, will http://www.weeklystandard.com/weblogs/TWSFP/2009/06/kristol_the_spirit_of_thomas_j_1.asp>O get credit for this???!?!?!?!?!?

The Washington Times reports:

The White House has rescinded the invitations to Iranian diplomats to attend July 4 celebrations at U.S. embassies around the world.

White House press secretary Robert Gibbs said nobody from Iran RSVPed to come, and at this point, the invitations are no longer valid.

"Given the events of the past many days, those invitations will no longer be extended," Mr. Gibbs said.

MayBee put it best when she said (and I paraphrase in a futile attempt to recreate her brilliance, which was delivered on twitter): "Obama is making the US to be like the junior highschooler who hangs at the cool kid's locker hoping to get some attention" -- well, now we know, when the cool kid pays no attention to the dweeb standing by his locker, the dweeb runs off and tells all his friends, "well, see, I'm not inviting him to my party."

The US is the cool kid -- except when the POTUS makes us into the dweeb looking for acceptance and adoration from our sworn enemies.

Uh, they won't adore us and won't accept us...duh, otherwise they wouldn't be sworn enemies. Properly chastened, Obama runs away.

He should not have to run away, he should never have been hanging at Iran's locker in the first place.

Hot Dog Diplomacy? Grovel Like A Dog Looking For Scraps Diplomacy is more like it.


You know I've been following the whole Moussavi matter on my blog, trying to diversify a bit. and as I pointed out
in an earlier post, there does seem to be
an undue haste to put a 'black hat' on him
to dismiss his candidacy; the Bob Baer and "Ace" Lyons revelation, Now interestingly according to Con Coughlin, one of his allies, Mohzen Rezai, emeritus Pasdaran chair seems more tied to the MOIS
founding. The late Mehdi Hashemi, (related
to Cyrus) seems to have been the liason to Hezbollah, also tied to the Iran Contra scandal, as was Ayatollah Montazeri, so there are a lot of grey hats out there,

Boom, Boom, Pow.

Not to mention Beirut, n.

hit and run

OK, and as much as I greatly respect Jules Crittendon and his work, I think he http://www.julescrittenden.com/2009/06/22/hot-dog-diplomacy/>missed the boat here.

Not that I am ever against showing a bunch of smoking women in American flag bikinis, but...if we want a smoking woman to help promote "hot dog diplomacy", maybe we should consider the ">http://adventuresofabeautyqueen.files.wordpress.com/2009/05/55f8e22d-30bd-4e9b-9d5d-5f3cf0abfb21.jpg>"hot" woman the Obama administration considered a .">http://www.politico.com/news/stories/0509/22563.html>"dog".

Oh well, if I ran the world and all that...


Obama - "The ideology of loving your enemies and hating George Bush".


As you've probably noticed, Peter, Melanie Phillips is onto the global warming scam, too. All the great skeptical reporters are Canadian or British, and the best climate skeptic books are now coming from Australia, see Ian Plimer's 'Heaven and Earth' among two or three other quite fresh ones.


From Batchelor at the RBO site. I put this on the old Iran thread, but it is important so I double posted it.

Because what follows is not anything but rough news. I have received confirmation from best source that the crackdown Wednesday 24 in Tehran was total and thorough. I was warned last news cycle that the web had been penetrated. That no Twitter or Facebook or email was trustworthy, that the regime had command of the sites and IP proxies. This makes all information impossible to confirm. This caveat is critical.

they weren't going to come anyway because the weenies weren't halal.



Maybe,but the EU is going ahead with the insane emissions scheme.Of course only Britain will obey the rules and the Prune Minister Gordo will bankrupt us - further.

Cheshire Sunspots.

Yeah, P, they're talking about 5,000 pounds a year in energy costs there, triple what it is now, and there are people choosing to pay the heating bill instead of buying food already. There is a breaking point; how much must we endure first, though.


How does an average family pay 5,000 pounds a year energy cost and survive?


"How does an average family pay 5,000 pounds a year energy cost and survive?"

Well,the public sector doesn't bear the depredations of the the economics of Brownistan,so were are going to have to prey on them.


I read the other day that Iranians honor the dead with a big memorial service 40 days after the death. That would make July 30 the day for Neda.

A smart American strategy would involve ferrying in weapons and, to be fair, roadside bombs in the meantime. After all, we do have significant forces on two of their borders.



Thank you for that very valuable link to Crittendon. Essential reading:)

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